Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Friends/New Experiences

    We returned Sunday from a week at Iowa CFO, a night with our daughter's family in Nebraska, and a graduation party in Omaha on Saturday, in time to prepare for guests, Lincy Geevarghese, and her cousin from Kerala, India, who arrived Monday.  (You may remember I wrote about meeting Lincy and her friends, Tanya, and Patty, last year when Dale Gentry spoke at our church.)
     Lincy has been doing an internal medicine rotation in Las Vegas this year so we hadn't seen her since August.  She called before we left for camp to say she would be in Champaign for a wedding last weekend and wondered if she could bring her cousin, Pastor Anu Thomas, who is in this country for a few weeks to meet us and spend some time with us.  Of course, we were thrilled that she wanted to come, excited to hear about her time is Las Vegas, and interested to learn about Pastor Thomas' ministry in India.
     They came for lunch yesterday and left today after lunch.  We very much enjoyed their visit, even though it was a little difficult to communicate since Pastor Thomas didn't speak English.  With the help of Lincy's translation we learned much about life in India and were invited to come see for ourselves what Anu was explaining to us.
      We took them on a tour of the grain elevator and also to look at some of the farm equipment.  The huge machinery was quite a revelation to Pastor Thomas.  He said it would take a thousand people in his country several weeks to do the work that one machine does here.
    I'm sure it would be a wonderful experience to visit him in India some day, but  I certainly wouldn't want to go without Lincy to translate.

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