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Great News From Orthomolecular News

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, May 10, 2021

Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization and COVID Resolution
Impressive Anecdotal Results

Commentary by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

(OMNS May 10, 2021) Recently I took some time off to visit family and friends in Cali, Colombia. During a trip a year and a half ago, I had met a friend of my wife who was in the early stages of what appeared to be a cold, but also possibly an early influenza. My wife said it looked like a typical case of "grippe," the Colombian term for an acute febrile respiratory infection that often proceeds to full-blown influenza. As I had already been experimenting on myself for nearly a year with the nebulization of a number of agents in various combinations for my own chronic sinus and throat problems, I had my nebulizer with me to help me deal with the many pathogens one often encounters in traveling. [1] And I also had my bottle of over-the-counter 3% hydrogen peroxide with me. 

Already convinced of the ability of nebulized hydrogen peroxide to rapidly resolve any acute upper respiratory infection, typically viral, I immediately offered our friend the use of my nebulizer. At the time she started inhaling the 3% HP mist, she was literally coughing every 10 seconds or so. After a few minutes of the nebulization, her coughing began to decrease dramatically, along with the appearance of being more relaxed and at ease. She continued the nebulization for 15 minutes or so. When I talked to her the next day, she was coughing very little and had slept exceptionally well. However, it was clear she did not have a 100% clinical resolution, so she returned for another treatment. By the following morning, she was completely well. After she told me of other family members dealing with the same respiratory virus, I decided to leave the nebulizer and bottle of HP with her when I returned to the United States.

Roughly three months after my return, the pandemic had hit, and COVID was rapidly spreading across the entire planet.

Fast forward another year, and I had the pleasure of visiting with my wife's friend again on a return trip to Colombia. The story she related was stunning! I had instructed her earlier to feel free to use HP nebulization for any cold, flu, or upper respiratory tract infection. And that's exactly what she had done. 

Over the course of this past year, she treated 20 different individuals with COVID infection. Most of these individuals were already significantly ill with their infections when they first came to her. Seven of the 20 cases had decided to be tested for COVID, and all of them tested positive. The rest had not taken a test, yet they had similar clinical profiles, and they could reliably be assumed to be dealing with COVID infections in the setting of a pandemic. Of particular note is that some of the patients had such advanced infections that severe respiratory difficulty was apparent. In a similar setting in the United States early in 2020, all of the patients having such severe shortness of breath would have been promptly intubated and given mechanically-assisted ventilation on respirator machines. 

As she already had some experience with treating colds and flu among friends and family with the HP nebulization, along with what had worked well in her own personal experience, she began all of her "COVID patients" on the following protocol of HP nebulization:

  1. Several milliliters of undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide was placed in the nebulization chamber that was connected to a tabletop air compressor/pump-style nebulization machine.
  2. Nebulization was initiated with a mask covering the nose and mouth to deliver the nebulized HP into the nose, sinuses, throat, and airways.
  3. Each nebulization was continued for a full 30 minutes. Three treatments a day were given for a full five days.

All of the patients reported significant improvement after the completion of the first 30 minutes of nebulization, including near-immediate improvement in the ease of breathing by those who had the most advanced infections. Some noted nasal and throat irritation with increased mucus production, but all declined the option to dilute the 3% solution as they expressed the desire to resolve their infections as rapidly as possible. After the first two days of nebulization (6 treatments for a total of 180 minutes) all patients felt much better, well on the path to complete resolution of their viral symptoms. At that time some opted to take a 50% dilution (1.5% HP) for the remaining 9 treatments over the last three days. At the end of 5 days, all 20 patients appeared to have achieved complete clinical cures.

Of note, very little to no vitamin or mineral supplementation was taken by this group of patients. And the few who supplemented took substantially lower doses than taken by many in the United States. For example, a typical maximal supplemental dose of vitamin C in Colombia is 500 mg, and even the cost of this makes meaningful supplementation simply not a realistic possibility for most Colombians.

Properly-administered HP nebulization overcomes this lack of supplementation access, and it is the only therapy that can resolve COVID as a monotherapy that possesses all of the following characteristics : [2,3]

  1. Rapidly acting and highly effective
  2. Readily available worldwide
  3. Available over-the-counter without a prescription, and not requiring a doctor visit
  4. Exceptionally inexpensive
  5. Easy to self-administer without the need for a clinic or hospital
  6. Functions well as a monotherapy, not requiring the administration of other drugs or treatment protocols
  7. Nevertheless, functions in synergy with other treatment protocols and never acts counter to any of them

To be clear, I have not had the opportunity to personally observe or hear about very advanced COVID cases treated with HP nebulization and nothing else. However, as described above, when a patient has had typical COVID symptoms along with steadily increasing shortness of breath, an otherwise imminent death clearly appears to be preventable with a vigorous protocol of HP nebulization most of the time. That certainly appears to be the lesson to be learned from these cases of COVID in Cali, Colombia.

This information from my friend in Cali expands even further on the data and evidence presented in my latest book, Rapid Virus Recovery, which was written to spread the word that COVID need not keep so many people around the world paralyzed in fear. It is now clear that 3% HP nebulization for 30 minutes in a total of 15 sessions over a 5-day period can effectively treat nearly all cases of COVID, regardless of how advanced the infection is when the patient is first seen

Of note, the duration of the successful nebulization sessions for the Colombian patients extended beyond the recommendations in the book. As such, these results mandate that optimal HP concentration should be 3% for most individuals, and nebulization sessions should extend past 15 minutes at a time for many individuals. Lesser concentrations and durations may well resolve COVID, but minimizing morbidity, including the horror of not being able to take a full breath, should be a primary goal as well, and it should be achieved as rapidly as possible in all such patients.

Make no doubt about it, 3% HP nebulization can rapidly eliminate the COVID pandemic worldwide if enough people find out about it and start doing it. Rapid Virus Recovery is available now, in both English or Spanish, as a free download[4] Please feel free to download it for yourself, and take a moment to pass along the link to as many friends and acquaintances as you can. 

(Dr. Thomas E. Levy is board certified in internal medicine and cardiology. He is also an attorney, admitted to the bar in Colorado and in the District of Columbia.) 

For further reading: 

1. Levy TE (2019) Reboot Your Gut: Optimizing Health and Preventing Infectious Disease. Orthomolecular Medicine News Service.

2. Levy TE (2020) COVID-19: How can I cure thee? Let me count the ways. Orthomolecular Medicine News Service.

3. Levy TE (2020) Curing Viruses with Hydrogen Peroxide: Can a simple therapy stop the pandemic? Orthomolecular Medicine News Service.

4. Levy TE (2021) Rapid Virus Recovery. Medfox Pub. Available free from:

The views presented in this article are the author's and not necessarily those of all members of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service Editorial Review Board.

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Health Experts Admit Outdoor Mask Wearing Is Ridiculous by Dr. Mercola

I know this excerpt from Dr. Mercola's article, Health Experts Admit Outdoor Mask Wearing Is Ridiculous, doesn't fit my blog format.  I'm sorry because I don't know how to fix it without retyping all of it, but you can go to the link if you can't read it here.  I think it is very important to know.  People are making themselves sick by wearing masks.  It's time to say ENOUGH!  NO MORE MASKS!

   The Problems We Ignore When Mandating Masks 

Aside from all the research demonstrating that mask wearing is an ineffective and largely pointless strategy against respiratory viruses — which I've detailed in several articles, including "More Evidence Masks Don't Work to Prevent COVID-19," "Mindless Mask Mandates Likely Do More Harm Than Good" and "Landmark Study Finds Masks Are Ineffective" — there's the issue of potential adverse effects.

This part of the equation has been roundly ignored since the very beginning, even though there are both environmental drawbacks to universal mask use and individual health hazards, including the following:12

Wearing a face mask increases breathing resistance, and since it makes both inhaling and exhaling more difficult, individuals with pre-existing medical conditions may be at risk of a medical emergency if wearing a face mask.

This includes those with shortness of breath, lung disease, panic attacks, breathing difficulties, chest pain on exertion, cardiovascular disease, fainting spells, claustrophobia, chronic bronchitis, heart problems, asthma, allergies, diabetes, seizures, high blood pressure and those with pacemakers. The impact of wearing a face mask during pregnancy is also wholly unknown. 

Face masks can reduce oxygen intake, leading to potentially hazardous oxygen deficiency (hypoxia). 

They also cause rapid accumulation of harmful carbon dioxide, which can have significant cognitive and physical impacts. Germany's first registry13,14 recording the effects mask wearing has on children, has identified 24 physical, psychological and behavioral health issues associated with wearing masks. Recorded symptoms include:

"… irritability (60%), headache (53%), difficulty concentrating (50%), less happiness (49%), reluctance to go to school/kindergarten (44%), malaise (42%), impaired learning (38%) and drowsiness or fatigue (37%)."

Of the 25,930 children included in the registry, 29.7% reported feeling short of breath, 26.4% being dizzy and 17.9% were unwilling to move or play. Hundreds more experienced "accelerated respiration, tightness in chest, weakness and short-term impairment of consciousness."

Wearing a face mask increases your body temperature and physical stress, which could result in an elevated temperature reading that is not related to infection.

All face masks can cause bacterial and fungal infections in the user as warm, moist air accumulates inside the mask. This is the perfect breeding ground for pathogens. This is why disposable medical masks were designed for short-duration, specific-task use only, after which they are supposed to be discarded. 

Medical doctors have warned that bacterial pneumonia, facial rashes, fungal infections on the face,15 "mask mouth" (symptoms of which include bad breath, tooth decay and gum inflammation) and candida mouth infections16 are all on the rise. 

A study17,18 published in the February 2021 issue of the journal Cancer Discovery also found that the presence of microbes in your lungs can worsen lung cancer pathogenesis and can contribute to advanced stage lung cancer. The same types of bacteria, primarily Veillonella, Prevotella, and Streptococcus bacteria, can also be cultivated through prolonged mask wearing.19

With extended use, medical masks will begin to break down and release chemicals that are then inhaled. Tiny microfibers are also released, which can cause health problems when inhaled. This hazard was highlighted in a performance study20 being published in the June 2021 issue of Journal of Hazardous Materials. 

Mask mandates also represent another erosion of freedom, and normalizes the false notion that people are sick unless proven healthy, and that it's acceptable to be forced to cover your face just to go about your daily life, even when you're outdoors. 

The public narrative is building prejudice against people who refuse to wear masks or get an experimental vaccine, such that some are now fearful of people who aren't masked or those who choose not to get vaccinated. With societal norms rapidly changing, and an increasingly authoritative environment emerging, it raises the question of whether or not the public will continue to blindly obey, no matter the consequences.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

So Beautiful!

 Last year I decided to see if I could grow Clematis in the container between our garage doors.  I didn't know if it would survive winter, but as you can see, it did.  This year it is absolutely beautiful!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Another Video To Help You Wake Up

 Here is another video that helps to explain much of what is going on in the world today.  I highly recommend it, also.

Navy Seal Michael Jaco & Nicholas Veniamin Discuss Trumps Victory, Covid Hoax, Vaccination Fraud!

Are You Awake Yet?

 Have you begun to see there is a diabolical plan to rule the world?  For decades we have been told this is a conspiracy theory but everyday it becomes more apparent this is what is happening.

Here is another link to a video with Clay Clark that asks many questions about what we are hearing.  I highly recommend it.

Do Not Bow to Evil, But Fight It!! - Clay Clark - SGT Report

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Amazing isn't it! Covid has cured the flu!

 Thought you would be interested to know that Covid has cured the flu!  Do you think we've been lied to?

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

India’s “Covid Crisis” Has Been Hijacked – The Mainstream Media Are Lying to You (Before Its News)

 Have you been seeing "news" in the mainstream media about the increased cases of Covid 19 in India?  If so, you might want to check out this article on Before Its News to get a different perspective:

India’s “Covid Crisis” Has Been Hijacked – The Mainstream Media Are Lying to You

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Why I Won't Be Getting the Vaccine Analysis by Christian Elliot & Dr. Bkari

 Dr. Mercola continues to post enlightening, thought-provoking articles about Covid, the jab, masks, and risks.  This one by Christian Elliot is excellent!  

I'm posting the beginning of the article.  You can continue reading in the link if you are interested.

Why I Won't Be Getting the Vaccine

Analysis by Christian Elliot

reasons not to get covid vaccine


  • Christian Elliot highlights 18 reasons why he won’t get a COVID-19 vaccine, including lingering questions and safety concerns
  • Among his reasons are the criminal past of vaccine manufacturers, no long-term safety testing or informed consent, and under-reporting of adverse reactions and death
  • There’s also the overall survival COVID survival rate of 99.74%, the bloated COVID death numbers and the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci and others at NIAID own patents in the Moderna vaccine
  • Rampant censorship and lack of scientific debate over issues like vaccine efficacy and safety trials, many cases of people developing COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated and warnings from vaccinologists, are also giving him pause

A few friends have asked my thoughts on the COVID jab(s) so I thought it was time to write an article on the topic. All my friends had not heard most of the details I shared, so I figured you might appreciate hearing some of what I told them. Knowing how contentious this issue is, part of me would rather just write about something else, but I feel like the discussion/news is so one-sided that I should speak up.

As I always strive to do, I promise to do my best to be level-headed and nonhysterical. I'm not here to pick a fight with anyone, just to walk you through some of what I've read, my lingering questions, and explain why I can't make sense of these COVID vaccines.

Three Ground Rules for Discussion

If you care to engage on this topic with me, excellent. Here are the rules. I am more than happy to correspond with you if:

  1. You are respectful and treat me the way you would want to be treated.
  2. You ask genuinely thoughtful questions about what makes sense to you.
  3. You make your points using sound logic and don't hide behind links or the word "science." In other words, make a kind, level-headed argument (links welcome), but don't just post a link and say "read the science." That's intellectually lazy.

If you do respond, and you break any of those rules, your comments will be ignored/deleted. With that out of the way, let me say this — I don't know everything, but so far no one has been able to answer the objections below. So here are the reasons I'm opting out of the COVID vaccine.

1. Vaccine Makers Are Immune From Liability

The only industry in the world that bears no liability for injuries or deaths resulting from their products are vaccine makers. First established in 1986 with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act,1 and reinforced by the PREP Act,2 vaccine makers cannot be sued, even if they are shown to be negligent.

Continue reading here.

You might also want to watch this video--an interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: 

Famous microbiologist warns that vaccine will provide you with a most excurciating death.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Report: Pfizer and Moderna COVID “Vaccines” Could Trigger Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Other Neurological Degenerative Diseases

 Another confirming article published on The Gateway Pundit that shows the vaccines are not what they are purporting them to be:

Report: Pfizer and Moderna COVID “Vaccines” Could Trigger Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Other Neurological Degenerative Diseases

Here's another:  

Influenza Vaccination Linked to Higher COVID Death Rates

Please don't take the vaccine!  The risks are far greater than the rewards!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

"The Lord Said: Do Not Dance With Confusion" Lana Vawser

 A good word from Lana Vawser posted on The Elijah List.

Recently, the Lord showed me that there are many people within the Body of Christ who have been assaulted by a very intense spirit of confusion as of late. It has caused them to feel like they have been thrown into a haze, and the clarity which the Lord has given now suddenly feels overshadowed by a strong feeling of, "Did God really say that?"

This assault was intended to hinder God's people from stepping into greater manifestations of that which He has spoken and the new assignments and ventures that are before them.

In the vision, I saw people who were in deep anguish before the Lord; they were crying out for deliverance from the weight of confusion and despair that was surrounding them. I continued to hear the words, "I just don't know anymore." Many of them were feeling so weighed down and taking on this confusion as their own.

I then heard the Lord speak to them, "This confusion is not your own. This is a spirit of witchcraft coming against you to steal the vision, to hinder the birthing, to hinder the movement and to cause such despair to come upon you that you will not move forth into the Promised Land that I have for you by taking hold of that which I have spoken."

I could feel such a strong sense in the atmosphere to STAND on that which God has spoken and be full of resolve over what He has said.

Do Not Dance with Confusion

His words surrounded me: "Do not dance with confusion."

There was such a strong encouragement from the Lord to stand on what He has said and to not entertain the confusion in any way, shape or not entertain the those who are dancing with confusion have found themselves beginning to spiral deeper and deeper into lack of clarity, discouragement and despair.

It is so important to come against this spirit of witchcraft by not only taking authority over it in the name of Jesus, but remaining in a place of praise, which pushes the enemy back and lifts the heavy fog of confusion as the Lord brings deeper confirmation and clarity.

The Lord Is Bringing His Rest & Empowerment: You Will Overcome as You Stand!

In the vision, I began to see the hand of the Lord deeply ministering to their hearts and bringing a deep rest and CONVICTION upon them with what He said.

The Lord said, "The greatest move of My Spirit that you have ever seen is going to be demonstrated in the areas where the onslaught of this confusion has come

"Don't move. Don't give in. Keep standing on what I said and do not entertain doubt or confusion. Stay ferociously focused on what I have said and put your faith in Me and My goodness, and know that I am leading your every step and My supernatural confirmation will continue to crash in and astound you. In the areas where I have spoken, there will be such a great awakening that will take place by My Spirit...such deep demonstrations of My power and the coming of My glory.

"The enemy is trying to cause you to give up and 'go to sleep' and not continue to show up and stand in faith. But know that you stand not by your own is the empowerment of My Spirit that is meeting your choice to stand, giving you the strength to stand.

"Recognize that what is hitting you is not natural, it is a spiritual force (Ephesians 6:12), and I have given you all authority to overcome. You are overcoming and will overcome as you stand on My Word and stand in faith—as you remain close to Me. I am bringing deep refreshment and rest to your heart."

You Are Crossing Over a Threshold

I then felt the love and comfort of the heart of the Father so strongly, and He spoke again:

"It won't always be like this. I know some of you need to hear this. You are so battle-weary, and there is a temptation to align with the expectation that the level of intensity of the battle will always be like this. My people, there will be trials and tribulations and battles, but you must recognize that you are crossing over a threshold into new ventures and new realms of destiny, and the battle increases dramatically at the threshold places.

"Know that I am with you, I have not left you, nor will I leave you. I am empowering you. I am comforting you. I am healing you. I am refreshing you. I am rebuilding you. I am strengthening you and I am bringing deep rest to your soul.

"Do not align your heart and your mind with the lies of the enemy that say nothing will ever will not be living in the Promised Land, enjoying the fruit of the land. Reject those lies. Come and lie down beside the still waters as I lead you and know I am restoring your soul (Psalm 23). You will not be forsaken or overtaken, but, indeed, you are moving into a time where you will see My voice and My Spirit bring wholeness and fulfillment in the Promised Land like you have never known before."

Soon You Will See

"Soon you will see. Soon you will see greater and greater glimpses of what I have been doing behind the scenes. Soon you will receive a greater understanding of what I have been doing and WHY the assault of the enemy has been so intense against you and the confusion has hit you so hard. VERY SOON you will see that it wasn't all for nothing. My glory, My presence, and My power are going to be seen in these very areas of battle, and will leave you marked forever in a new and fresh way. You will be BRANDED afresh. These areas where the enemy is hitting you so hard with confusion and despair, these are areas where you are going to be baptized afresh with the fire of My love and My presence, and you will see such a mighty move of My Spirit."

Leaving Confusion & Entering the Library of Heaven

"Confusion is not from Me, and as you praise Me and take authority over this demonic spirit of witchcraft coming against many of you, My people, you will not only see this attack fall away, but you will be ushered into encounters with the library of Heaven; for some of you it will 'be again,' and for some of you it will be for the first time. But I am going to take you to My library through encounters with Me in dreams and in visions. These places of deep encounter with Me will see you led by My Spirit to see with greater clarity what I have written in the books of Heaven, in many different areas.

"BE EXPECTANT for these encounters. Stand against the confusion by positioning your heart in expectant hunger for Me to usher you into the library of Heaven.

"The confusion has hit so hard, not only to stop you, take you out and attempt to hinder your crossover into 'Promised Lands,' but also to hinder you from this deeper place of encounter with Me in the library of Heaven. My precious people, do not be discouraged or afraid but know that the victory is yours. And as you arise, stand and take authority over the attacks of the enemy, not only will you see him defeated again, and see these attacks that have been coming against you—which have been screaming loudly but really have no bite—suddenly broken, but you will be ushered into these new and deeper places of revelation.

Get a New Journal!

"GET A NEW JOURNAL, GET A NEW JOURNAL ready to be filled with all I am going to show you in the library of Heaven. You will see this journal FILLED with new revelation of what I will release, and KEYS from My Word that are going to be a tool in your hand for this new era. This crossover you are entering into is not just a small breakthrough...this is a MONUMENTAL DESTINY SHIFT, where Heaven will invade Earth, ushering you into new realms of destiny to see My glory and majesty revealed.

"These encounters with Me in the library of Heaven are going to prepare you to host My glory and a move of My Spirit that is like nothing you have ever seen.

"Do not rush, but embrace the places of encounter and preparation with Me in the library of Heaven. For the revelation I will release will be key for you in having and walking in My wisdom and strategy to carry this move of My Spirit that is upon you."

Lana Vawser

Lana Vawser Ministries

Saturday, April 24, 2021

COVID-19 How Can I Cure Thee? Let Me Count the Ways by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

Please don't take the vaccine.  I continue to post articles, videos, etc to convince any of you who haven't taken it, to please don't do it.  (Any of you who have taken who might consider a booster please don't!) I beg you.  It really is a matter of life and death, I believe.  Do the research. If these posts have saved even one of you from taking the vaccine it will be worth the time I spend researching and posting.  Some doctors have estimated 50,000,000 people will die from vaccine related effects by 2025!  The only benefit of the vaccine is supposedly lessening of symptoms if you get Covid.  The chances of long term effects are staggering!  Why risk it when there are so many effective alternatives?

This is an excellent article on alternative medical solutions, not just to Covid but to many other illnesses.  I'm posting some of it here with the link to continue reading.  Many excellent cures/treatments are included and explained.  I would highly recommend bookmarking this for future reference.  

COVID-19 How Can I Cure Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

Reversing Chronic Inflammation

There already exist numerous natural medicines that reliably prevent, mitigate, and successfully treat COVID-19

While still unknown to most practitioners of traditional or ‘modern’ medicine, acute viral syndromes, COVID-19 included, can all be easily prevented most of the time. And when such viruses do get a foothold in the body, they are still easily eradicated if the patient is not too close to death before receiving any of a large number of treatments established to be effective.

Many doctors get attacked for promoting treatments as cures for afflictions that are traditionally considered to be incurable. Certainly, it is true that some treatments promoted as being reliable cures are either fraudulent or of only nominal benefit. However, failing to assert the validity of a true cure for a medical condition is just as detrimental to the health of an ailing patient as it is promoting a false cure.

Many doctors know of highly beneficial treatments that cure or vastly improve medical conditions that are little affected by traditional therapies. Yet, fear of license revocation for telling the truth about inexpensive and natural therapies that cannot be protected by patents keeps most health care practitioners from promoting those beneficial therapies.

Vitamin C, D, zinc, and selenium have a solid track record of anti-viral effects

Nothing is ever embraced, and seemingly not even permitted, that would take away large profits from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and even many of the doctors themselves. Whenever you are absolutely stupefied and cannot figure out why a valuable treatment is not being used, just take the time to identify, expose, and analyze the money trail that is involved with the prescription drugs and/or overall treatment protocol that would be displaced. [1] The reason for the avoidance or suppression of that therapy will then become apparent.

To be perfectly clear: The health of the patient must always be the primary concern whenever rendering medical care.

There already exist numerous ways to reliably prevent, mitigate, and even cure COVID-19, including in late-stage patients who are already ventilator-dependent. Some of the modalities have already been proven to work, although not in the classic “prospective double-blind, placebo-controlled trials” conducted on hundreds to thousands of patients. A perceptive clinician realizes that one overwhelmingly impressive case report where an agent or intervention promptly and unequivocally reverses the condition of a rapidly declining patient back to good health simply cannot be dismissed and disparaged as anecdotal and irrelevant.

Furthermore, it is the existence of such cases and unequivocally positive responses that makes it completely unethical to put other patients into placebo-controlled trials when the treatment is dramatically beneficial to most patients and harmless to all. Allowing patients in the placebo group to suffer greatly and even die under such circumstances can never be justified.

Unfortunately, even when multiple scientifically-sound clinical studies actually do get conducted and reported on inexpensive, nontoxic, and highly effective therapies, those therapies rarely get utilized clinically. Although there are many examples of such therapies, an especially noteworthy example of the suppression of good medicine is seen with vitamin C.

The continued avoidance of the use of intravenous vitamin C, especially in septic patients in the intensive unit, [2] stands out as a clear example of flagrant malpractice. Conservatively, thousands of ICU patients around the world, on a daily basis, would be saved or at least spared substantial suffering with a simple protocol utilizing intravenous vitamin C. And the morbidity and mortality of many different infections and toxin exposures outside of the ICU. . . continue reading here 

Friday, April 23, 2021


 Here is another video with some of the same concerns as the previous video.  Dr. Northrup is a well-known and highly regarded physician who has appeared on many tv shows including eight appearances on Oprah.  Because of her stance on the Covid vaccine she is now black-balled by main stream media and big pharma.  She is very concerned about the symptoms in the non-vaccinated (particularly women) who are exposed to the vaccinated.

I highly recommend this video.  She also mentions some protocols for those who have taken the vaccine to help rid their bodies of the effects.


Have you heard that some people--especially reproductive-age women--are experiencing symptoms of the Covid vaccination even though they haven't been vaccinated?  This man has some interesting theories and research on why that is happening and also data on the effects of the vaccine.  (I have not yet discovered his name because it isn't posted on the video so if you find out, please let me know in the comments.). We need to help each other become informed and also to find out the truth from all the false information floating around.

I'm passing this on to you to give you a lead into something you may not yet have heard of if you rely on the mainstream media for your news.  I thought you might want to research it.  We need to know the truth before everyone is vaccinated and the population is destroyed.  It's time to stop being sheep listening to whatever those in authority tell us.  We must seek out the truth and make decisions based on what we have discovered.  It is difficult for some to believe that the government does not have our best interest in mind when they make decisions for us but that is not the case.  There are ulterior motives involved in the laws, mandates, etc. they intend for us to follow.  There really is a plan for a global reset.  It is not a conspiracy theory.  Those who are part of the plan are being so bold as to publish it in plain sight because they are confident of its implementation.  Therfore the truth is not difficult to find anymore.  Just don't use Google as your search tool. Try Duck Duck Go or another independent.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mike Lindell's New Video "Absolute Interference"

 I highly recommend Mike Lindell's new video, "Absolute Interference."   Several experts testify to the authenticity of the evidence found that shows the 2020 election was absolutely stolen.  

If you have any doubts this is true, watch the video and then make your decision.  It is time for America to wake up.  

After you've watched it please send it to all you know.  We have got to do our part in taking our country back.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Email notification of posts

       I have been getting a message every time I post something that email notifications of postings on my blog will be discontinued in July.  Since I have no idea who has signed up to be notified by email and I don't know what all this means anyway or how to change it, I have no way to let you know that you will no longer receive notifications after July except to post the info here so you will get a notice. So that's what I'm doing.  Consider yourself notified.  😃. Sorry I'm so inept at all this cyber stuff. 😁