Thursday, October 18, 2018

Something Else to Think About in Dealing With Breast Cancer

I have been putting together a series of classes on integrated healing.  Since we are body, mind, spirit and emotions it is often necessary to heal the last three before physical healing can occur.  As I was working on Generational Sins, Diseases and Curses, I came across this amazing information in Henry Wright's book A More Excellent Way. 

"Cysts or tumors that appear in the left breast tissue seem to follow unresolved bitterness and conflict between that female and another female blood relative, such as mother, sister, aunt, grandmother.  Tumors or cuysts that appear in the right breast seem to be the result of unresolved bittrness and conflict between the female who has the tumors and another female (non-blood relative) such as a mother-in-law or a person in the workplace or a person in the church.  Although there are exemptions, this observation is holding true in over 80% of all cancer cases,  There are an increasing number of females who are being healed.  In fact, breast tumors just disappear when that woman forgives another female. "  p. 186.

This seems to me to be something to take note of and to check out.  If you, or someone you know, has breast cancer it would be good to make sure you don't have any unforgiveness or bitterness towards other women in your family or circle of friends.

What do you think?  I would love to hear if you know anyone for which this seems to be true.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

More Than Mammography: Know Your Options for Breast Cancer Testing By Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Because I continue to hear of women who say they have an annual mammogram, I decide to post part of this article on my blog.  You can read the rest of it on the website.  I also posted the link at the end of the post.

I stopped having mammograms sevral years ago after having two surgical breast biopsies, both of which were benign.  The pain, cost, inconvenience, stress and additional radiation made me realize I wasn't willing to pay that price.  It was only later I began hearing that at least 10% of breast cancers are caused by mammograms.  This and othr information certainly confirmed my decision.  Read the following and see what you think.

More Than Mammography: Know Your Options for Breast Cancer Testing

In a hurry? Click here to read the Article Summary...

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the March 2017 edition of TTAC’s Heroes Against Cancer member newsletter. The availability of the tests mentioned in this article may be limited based on your location and FDA approval.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which every year means sweeping campaigns from organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation encouraging women to practice prevention with the focus mostly on getting regular mammograms.
The focus on breast cancer this month is a wonderful opportunity for education in general, including knowing about the alternatives to mammograms for early detection.
In fact, this information is being sought after by more and more women. Statistics from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveal that close to 40% of all adults in the U.S. utilize complementary and alternative medicine – and more than likely you’re one of them.
Now the time has come to add alternative and complementary testing procedures to your cancer prevention and healing toolbox.

The Scary Truth About Mammograms

Mammograms are the go-to mode of breast cancer detection that is promoted by the established medical industry. The choice as to whether or not to get a mammogram is an individual one.
In order to make an informed decision, however, it is important to know the cold, hard facts. And the most glaring fact is that within the last year and a half, major organizations like the American Cancer Society (ACS) have changed their tune about their mammogram testing recommendations.
As of October 2015, the ACS recommends that American women get tested annually starting at 45 years of age (it was 40 previously) and that women aged 55 and older cut back to one test every two years. This change was prompted by a 2013 report published by the U.S. Preventative Task Force which recommended delaying mammograms for healthy women in order “to reduce the harms of mammography screening by nearly half.
The specifics of these harms have remained somewhat vague; the mainstream media has mostly focused on the high number of “false positives” that mammograms produce. Indeed, approximately 20% of all initial breast cancer diagnoses wind up being “false positives,” which often lead to unnecessary biopsies and even rounds of chemo and radiation – not to mention a lot of unnecessary emotional stress.
There is more to the dangers of mammograms than what is regularly being discussed, however. Mammograms expose very sensitive tissue to low-level radiation which accumulates in the body with each visit.
In fact, according to a 2006 study conducted by the University Hospital in Birmingham, U.K., “Recent radiobiological studies have provided compelling evidence that the low energy X-rays as used in mammography are approximately four times – but possibly as much as six times – more effective in causing mutational damage than higher energy X-rays.” In addition, the extreme manipulation of the breast tissue that typically happens during a mammogram may in fact cause tumors to spread.
Perhaps the most startling fact about mammograms is that in reality they do not detect breast cancer any more than a regular self-exam can.
In fact, in the most comprehensive and sweeping study on mammograms to date, researchers from the University of Toronto monitored 90,000 women over the course of 25 years. The study, which was published by the British Medical Journal in 2014 found that mortality rates from breast cancer (and from all other causes) was the same both for women who got mammograms and those who did not. It also discovered that one in five cancers “discovered” through mammograms was in reality not a health threat.
“It will make women uncomfortable, and they should be uncomfortable,” Dr. Russell P. Harris, a professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill who specializes in screenings, told the New York Times at the time, in reference to the study’s findings. “The decision to have a mammogram should not be a slam dunk.” 
No modality is going to be 100% accurate when it comes to spotting breast cancer. However, there is technology out there now which can now safely and effectively detect these cancers, sometimes years before a lump or bump appears.

7 Tests for Breast Cancer Your Doctor May Not Even Know About

#1 – Thermography 

If you’re looking for a non-invasive and safe diagnostic tool as an alternative or a complement to mammograms, then getting a thermography screening may be the right option for you. Thermography, also known as Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging (DITI), detects areas of heat in the body which can point to areas where inflammation may be occurring.
Because of this, thermography may be able to detect physiological breast cancers even when they are just the size of a pinhead.
In fact, a 2008 study published in The American Journal of Surgery found that breast thermography in particular has a 97% “sensitivity rating” for discovering malignancies, sometimes years before a visible tumor has been formed.
Thermography can be especially effective for women who have been diagnosed as having “Dense Breast Syndrome,” where mammary tissue is denser and more fibrous than normal. While thermography is covered by health insurance in many countries outside the U.S., it has yet to be covered by most American providers.
More and more alternative health clinics are offering the service at affordable prices, however, including integrative health centers, Ayurvedic centers, acupuncturists, and chiropractors.
To find a certified thermography technician in your area, I recommend contacting the American College of Clinical Thermography.

Continue reading here.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Prophecy for Retirees in This Hour: 'The Eagle Has Landed!' by Bill Yount

I like this word for those of us in the "older generation".  I don't plan to retire--but I can always use a "refiring"!    This was sent in the Charisma email newsletter today.  It is a word given by Bill Yount.

Prophecy for Retirees in This Hour: 'The Eagle Has Landed!'

I received this word in 2004, and the Lord just reminded me of it recently as I awoke with the words resounding in my ears: "The Eagle has landed!" This word has returned with great momentum and urgency as though its fullness of time has come. Let this word empower you in this season. God has so much more for us at any age. Psalm 68:28a (KJV) says, "Thy God hath commanded thy strength." God is commanding His strength into you. One translation (NLT) says, "Your God has decided you will be strong!" Remember, "too old" is not in the Bible.
Warning: The content of the following message contains very strong language that may not be suitable to those 62 years or older. Those nearing the age of "retirement" must proceed with reading at own risk. Discretion is strongly advised.
I see a divine interruption coming to the state of Florida and regions of the world that have become famous for retirement. I saw God, like an eagle, coming to this state. I saw this eagle circling around Orlando, Florida. I heard the Father saying to the angels, "We are going to Disney World!" I saw the eagle landing first upon Disney World.
I sensed the Father saying, "I am stirring up a creative, childlike faith and anointing that was similar to Walt Disney's anointing as a child. I am going to impart this anointing into the lives of older people to dream again, to invent and to create things that have not yet been seen or heard of 'witty inventions.'"
Creative Anointing Is Going to Push Back the Age Barrier
When Walt Disney was a child in grade school, his teacher asked the class to draw a picture of a flower garden. After handing in their assignments, the teacher walked back to Walt Disney's desk and said to him, "Walt, flowers don't have faces." Walt Disney responded, "Mine do!"
I sense that kind of creative anointing is beginning to come upon older men and women that is going to cause them to live longer with a childlike excitement that they have never known. This creative anointing is going to push back the age barrier of sickness, disease and infirmities, extending life to 120 years for many in the near future.
'Refiring for the Retiring'
I saw God, like an eagle, landing upon retirement centers and upon older people who have come to these places thinking they are retiring. But God says, "There's a 'refiring' coming upon the 'retiring.' This divine interruption and nest-stirring is coming upon these chosen ones, for they have great wisdom in their ages, and with their years comes understanding. I have need of them!" The fire of God is beginning to fall upon retirement centers, and their strength shall be renewed "as an eagle."
"Rocking" chairs were turning into "rocket" chairs! Even as John Glenn in his '70s was launched again into outer space, older people in this state will be launched into the harvest. Expect God to stir and shake as many are lifted off of their launching pads beginning in Florida and then beyond. I sense the Father saying, "There are some rides in the Spirit coming that you haven't been on yet."
'Fathers Live!'
I saw the initials for the state of Florida, "FL," lighting up and standing for 'Fathers Live!' —a heavenly proclamation calling forth the older men, the fathers, who have come to this state to settle down. God says, "This is not your place of rest! I am calling you to live and not die. With long life I will satisfy you and show you My salvation. I am extending to you a strong call to mentor the younger men and children in this fatherless generation. These young children and men will keep you young as you impart My wisdom and understanding into them."
I believe the Lord has chosen Florida to activate this word and to launch this proclamation internationally.
"The Eagle has landed ..." 
Bill Yount has been a member of Bridge of Life Church in Hagerstown, Maryland, for the past 40 years and is in leadership. He faithfully served in prison ministry at Mount Hope Inc. for 23 years and now travels full time, ministering in churches and Aglow circles. He is currently an adviser at large for Aglow International. Bill has authored several prophetic books. His latest book is Handfuls of Purpose. His prophetic email list is: billyountweekly.comVisit Bill's website at

Thursday, October 4, 2018

"I'm Going to Reposition and Realign this Government' Plus "Prophetic Words for the Nations" Curt Landry

An exciting word I received from The Elijah List!

NOTE: This word, given on September 28, 2018, came after Curt Landry read and prayed over a word to the House of David congregation from Lana Vawser's September 26th word posted on The Elijah List: "United States of America—The Lion of Judah is Stepping in and Breaking Delays!"
Lord, prepare our hearts for major change in our government. Lord, prepare our hearts to be able to trust You with things that we don't understand. Amen.
I heard the Lord say, "I'm going to reposition and realign this government. I'm the only One who knows the hearts of the men and women who are serving. In this season, don't speak against any of My children—right or left. For I will give salvation and a way out to each. They will either choose life or choose death. If they choose death, I will remove them from their position of authority."
"Winter is over in the spirit. Spring is here at last!"
"There are some who have been held back, as they are in the wrong position for the mantle that I am releasing now. Some have even threatened to quit and retire early. But I will visit them in the night hours with fresh anointings and fresh assignments. Just as a child is discouraged when he has special abilities and is held back by a traditional system, I have those in My government who are 'special children' who need to be raised up now. There are some who I will retire as well. They have served, and now they will be put to the side for the younger ones to rise up."
The Lord says, "Pray for Trey Gowdy. For I am releasing a fresh mantle and a new anointing, and I will move him into a very strong position because he is My servant and he has My heart."
The Lord is Changing the Sound
The Lord showed me that every place where they have had Trump rallies, those places will become places of great public revival, as in the days of Billy Graham. The Lord says, "It will start in the first strike state, in Evansville, Indiana. I am going to change the sound of the Trump rallies. There are going to be people like Dr. Troy Daily, who started the Trump rallies with prayer; but now these rallies will become evangelistic outreaches in 2020—they will go out in revival. They will become revival-driven, governmental rallies to bring the righteous together to cleanse this nation. There will not be a separation of Church and state. They will be righteous and righteous. Many will fight it, as the religious will not like it. 
"I'm changing My sound...I will send a new sound and it will be holy. There will be healing, signs and wonders, and evangelists who will actually go out before President Trump comes to speak. President Trump will take on more of a roll as an evangelist than that of a prophet, as he is doing now. I am going to soften his heart and I am going to anoint him. These rallies won't necessarily be Republican or Democrat—they will be Kingdom rallies to raise up this nation."
A Turning of Hearts and Shifting of Nations
The Lord says, "I want you to receive this now, because the atmosphere has shifted...and nothing has ever been seen like this before. Leaders, like Kim Jong-un, will come to this nation. As Malachi chapter 4:6 says that the hearts of the fathers will be turned to the sons, and the hearts of the sons to the fathers, he (Kim Jong-un) will actually receive the Lord the next time he comes to the United StatesHe will accept the Lord in the White House because of the Father's love for President Donald J. Trump to raise up his nation (North Korea). And his nation and their resources will not be squandered nor stolen by China," says the Lord. "They will become part of a new economy that the Lord is raising up.
"Don't be upset with the readjustments of the trade deals. These trade deals are from Me and not from your president. For I despise unbalanced scales—I despise bribes and tariffs. I am going to balance the sheep nations' economies so that I can pour out more on them."
The Lord says, "I will raise up new leadership in China. They will be raised up, for the Mongolians have been praying for them in deep intercession. There has been deep intercession in Taiwan. There will be a shift—that shift will come out of Taiwan. Taiwan will lead the Asia-Pacific Rim—that ring of fire. They will become an altar that will shift that region to stand and align with Israel. They will become like Tel Aviv. They will be a start-up nation and they will be equipped with power and with purpose."
The Lord says, "The nations of the earth need to see grace and they need to see compassion. The biggest test for grace and compassion over this nation will come when Iran needs our help—the help of the United States.They will need to cry out and ask us for help because there is a major earthquake coming. It will come in the area where they have their nuclear facilities. There will be a Chernobyl nuclear-type disaster, and they will cry out for help. The only nations who will help them will be the United States and Israel.(Photo via Pixabay)
"We are not to judge them, for the prayers of My saints in Iran have caused the earth to tremble. Don't underestimate what they have...for they have been underestimated. What Israel can't take care of, I can take care of easier through the shaking of this nation. The reason that I will shake it is because of the anointing that is on Cyrus. The Medo-Persian Cyrus anointing is upon Donald J. Trump. In this shifting I will give him the treasures and the hidden treasures that are in Iran. And there will be new trade deals that will be made with Saudi Arabia, because I am shifting this nation into not being so co-dependent on oil. I am shifting you into other technologies for your own good and your own health."
The Lord says, "You are going to have to be flexible in this hour. You are going to have to be flexible in this hour. Just as this past week created great anxiety and pressure for many—what was exposed, I needed to expose so that My children would cry out for help.
"I will heal the Kavanaugh family, and I will even heal Mrs. Ford. Let those who have been falsely accusing or incorrectly accusing all come into light this week. 
"I will send a new sound and it will be holy."
"The Lord loves mercy. The Lord loves grace. If the United States is to be a super power, it needs to be a super power of mercy and grace. Her strength is in her economy and in her military," the Lord says, "but don't underestimate the strength of alignment with My Word and with My covenant. For My Word and My covenant are everlasting. Don't be shortsighted," says the Lord, "for this life is but a vapor, and I am going to use this nation for the harvest of the world.
The Lion of Judah Will Rest Upon the U.S.A
"The reason that I am having you put up boundaries is to protect the righteous. For I will bring the righteous into the nation and in through the proper channels. The protection of the borders is for the order to keep the evil out. For My Word has borders and My knowledge has borders, and your country needs borders. For it is not ill-gotten, nor anti-immigration; it is anti-evil," says the Lord. 
"For I have called you to be a bright light. I have waited many years for the Lion of Judah to rest upon this nation. For My prophetess (Lana Vawser) saw correctly. There is a paw in the northeast. There is a paw in the northwest. There is a paw in the southeast, and there is a paw in the southwest. For My Lion will rest upon this nation. For I have heard the cries of the righteous.
"I will reverse Roe vs. Wade. I will reverse the removal of prayer out of schools, because I love My children more than you love your children,"says the Lord. "I will protect My children and I will raise them up in righteousness, for I have blessed this nation. I will heal your land and I will, in 2019, send My Lion of Judah into all of the native tribes in America, to visit them with the roar of the Lion of Judah that will heal them from all false identity and covenant-breaking robbery that has happened to them ever since they have been in this country." The Lord says, "I will visit them in a unique way and restore them. And that sleeping giant (the Native American people) that Dr. Billy Graham spoke about in Oklahoma City—you will see its great awakening, and it will happen in 2019."
Be Diligent—He will Exalt You in Due Season
The Lords says, "Be diligent watchmen. Be disciplined in fasting and prayer. Be humble, slow to speak, slow to anger. Listen to Me, don't worry so much about draining the swamp as you are about restructuring over the swamp. For I will put pillars in their place. I build over the swamp, so the swamp cannot touch those who walk on My pillars and My structures. For the swamp has its appointed day and appointed time, and it is not yet time for it to be removed. For I have My time and you have your time. For I always build over the top of anything that resists Me when you surrender to Me.
"Times will be tough, and battles will rage. Don't ask Me to remove pressure from My herdsmen, for they are those who will bring the lost to My house," says the Lord. "Build your houses upon the Rock. Build your houses high and lifted up, and I will exalt you in due season. Remember that your alignment is not on this earth, but from above. Trust Me. Remember, I created the flames as well as the furnace. I use darkness and light. The darkness in this hour is what I use to highlight you as My light. I will empower you with the greatest Shekinah glory and the greatest light that you have ever seen. It will even fall in the White House.
"There will be visitations. As tough as Donald J. Trump is, he will be overcome by the Holy Spirit...even on television. My fire will fall, and people will make comments that he is weak and unstable, but it will be the Holy Spirit. For I will operate in healing, power and signs and wonders through his hand. As he firmly looks into the eyes of leaders, he will release the glory of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...and I will give nations over to My Kingdom through the shaking of that hand. Lift him up. Stand in agreement. Be hopeful. For My Word says, 'Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life'(Proverbs 13:12). This is My time for the tree of life," says the Lord. "This is My window of time. Winter is over in the spirit. Spring is here at last!" (Photo via Pixabay)
Prayer: Lord, I remove all fear, hopelessness, shame and anger that was released from Hell over the United States this past week. I thank You that the righteous cannot be stopped, and I will not fear to walk in righteousness. My past is under the Blood of Jesus. I am the forgiven of the Lord. My past indiscretions have been removed by the Blood of Jesus. They have been blown by the wind of the Spirit as far as the east is from the west, and the north is from the south. I do not walk in fear of accusations, for the accuser of the brethren cannot accuse me because I am a co-heir with Christ. I am redeemed. We seal it, in Yeshua's name. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Rabbi Curt Landry
Founder, Curt Landry Ministries


Built-in Laundry Baskets

This morning when I saw the dark clothes basket was full and threw them into the washer I was again  grateful that I installed these sorting baskets in the laundry room.  I think this is one of the most helpful ideas I incorporated into our house when we built it.  I thought that if you, or anyone else you know, is building a house or remodeling a laundry or bath area, you might like to see how great they work.

I sort my laundry when I bring it to the laundry room into three baskets. One for towels, one for dark clothes and one for white clothes.  Each one holds a full load of laundry so if it is full when I open it, I throw it in the washer.  With this system I am seldom ever behind on the laundry--maybe the folding or putting away 😃--but at least the clothes are clean.

There are actually 4 baskets here. The one that is almost out of the photo I use to store clean clothes that need ironing.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Frank Laubach Suggestion

The other day as I was sorting through old notes I had taken I came across this suggestion  from Frank Laubach.   It seemed good to post it here for all of us to read and try.

Frank often used visualization to pray for others.  I remember reading several different stories of him sending loving thoughts to those he saw were downcast on buses, in meetings, etc.  He would watch as a change came over their countenance.

Have you ever read his Game With Minutes in which he attempts to see how much of each day he can fill his mind with thoughts of Jesus?  It is an excellent exercise.

Anyway,  the note I found said that Frank encouraged us to envision ourselves walking into a person's house (we know in dream interpretation that a house often represents the person) and saying,

"The Sprit of Jesus floods your mind and heart." 

 He used this as a type of intercessory prayer for individuals.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

"God is Releasing You into New Levels of Authority!" Diane Lake

Here is another encouraging word which seemed to speak directly to me.  Maybe it will to you, also.

A Good Year for Accuracy
I always look forward to the words and revelation that the start of a new year brings. We have just entered the Hebraic year of 5779, and the Hebrew letter for the number 9 is "tet." Hebrew letters convey pictures, and even looking at the Hebrew letter "tet" I can see the image of a wineskin. The Lord has shown me that 5779 will be a year flowing with new wine, and we can expect this to be a year of increased revelation and increased accuracy! I feel led to decree the good news resounding in my spirit: It's going to be a good year for accuracy in the Kingdom!
"You will suddenly have clarity as to what aspects of your destiny are right within your grasp, and what things still lie ahead."
We are also in the decade of 70, the number for which the Hebrew letter is "ayin." Seventy in Scripture can mean the end of captivity, or the number of increased authority or release into ministry (see Jeremiah 29:10; Numbers 11:16-17; Luke 10:1). As we approach the culmination of this decade, people are starting to move forward in their personal lives and callings. To these I hear the Lord saying:
"I am about to take you (move you) to another level of authority and responsibility. Some things are being given to you because you have been so faithful with what I have given you, and you are being given a lot. It will seem too much to handle at first, but I will bring others alongside to help you. It will seem, at first, more than you can carry or bear, but it will be doable. Watch for it, soon."
The word-picture for "ayin" is an eye, which I believe has meant this decade has been one of increased angelic activity, as it is the angels who watch over us. For these saints on the move, I'm also hearing:
"I am dispatching new angelic hosts to assist and protect you today. New levels of authority require new levels of angelic assistance, and that is what I am giving you today. You will see—I will show you. Do not fear. It will be soon."
It's a New Day
It could be said that a different era has begun, or that it's a new day. One aspect of this will manifest as the day of, "Nobody saw that one coming." It will be a season of expansion for those "least likely to succeed." These are the ones nobody would choose—those who've been hidden or tucked away in obscurity—and who are about to be suddenly elevated (see Isaiah 54:1-2). (Photo via Unsplash)
Many are about to see the fullness of spiritual inheritance. Psalm 16:6 (NIV) says: "The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance." In addition to the redistribution of unused anointing and assignments, new mantles have been released to the faithful—whether in whole or in part—from spiritual mothers and fathers who've gone before. I see unused or unclaimed generational and family mantles being passed on as well. The Lord is multiplying all these aspects of spiritual inheritance to bring His faithful ones unimaginable increase!
2 Chronicles 23 contains the story of Joash, who had been hidden away by Jehoiada, the priest, for six years. In the seventh year Jehoiada strengthened himself and crowned Joash, the rightful heir, as king. Remember that Joash would have been murdered if he hadn't been hidden during that time (see 22:11-12). Sometimes God hides us for our own good, so that the enemy can't take us out before it's time to inherit. It may seem as if you've been sidelined for an extended period, but I sense a seven-year cycle ending from which many are about to break forth!
Friends, if you are one of these hidden ones who have been laying hold of the promises of God, He is restoring double to you—even now! It's as if many have been stuck in a cloud of very dense, thick smoke but there is hope (see Zechariah 9:11-12). I have a feeling we're going to come out on the other side any minute—with increased revelation and clarity. You will suddenly have clarity as to what aspects of your destiny are right within your grasp, and what things still lie ahead.
The Lord has given me a great sense of anticipation. We may not fully comprehend what He's doing, but He is changing who we are. Many are coming into a new sense of identity—how they see themselves regarding their destiny. There will be those who have never before produced a book that will suddenly be published—those who have never before produced an album or single that will suddenly release music. These and many other creative arenas are about to explode with previous "unknowns" whom the Lord is about to bring out of obscurity. Do not despise the day of small beginnings... "Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit," says the Lord (see Zechariah 4:6-10).
Get Ready for Global Awakening
"It's going to be a good year for accuracy in the Kingdom!"
Something is in the air—change. We need to be ready for global awakening. I sense all creation groaning with birth pangs—a global readiness in anticipation of global awakening (Romans 8:22). We have entered a time of acceleration for harvest. The Lord has shown me that in the next three years this acceleration in harvest could result in as much as twenty percent growth within the Body of Christ.
I felt the Lord directed me to Amos 9:13, which in the New Living Translation says:
"'The time will come,' says the Lord, 'when the grain and grapes will grow faster than they can be harvested. Then the terraced vineyards on the hills of Israel will drip with sweet wine!'"
If you add the numbers from this Scripture reference, 9 and 13, the total equals 22. It's fascinating to realize that if you add three years to the year 2019 quickly approaching, you get 2022. I sense we're about to enter a three-year period of transition up to 2022 that will usher in levels of harvest as yet unseen.
So many of us have been through a season of great sifting and process, but it has not been without purpose. Those who have passed this arduous testing have graduated, much like when the youth cross over into manhood. Jeremiah 12:5 (NKJV) says, "If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses...?" He has been readying us to run with the horses—meaning, global patterns of revival spreading to become global-wide awakening. (Photo via Unsplash)
As we start this new era you need to make sure that you can see. I sense the Body of Christ being directed to be in sacrificial obedience. As we do that, we gain the strength of an army—the mighty army of Joel chapter 2, the likes of which has never been seen!
"The Lord thunders at the head of His army; His forces are beyond number, and mighty is the army that obeys His command... 'I am sending you grain, new wine and olive oil, enough to satisfy you fully; never again will I make you an object of scorn to the nations'" (vs. 11, 19 NIV). (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Diane Lake
Starfire Ministries


Friday, September 21, 2018

"Rosh Hashanah 5779 14 Day Of Deliverance" Johnny Enlow

"Rosh Hashanah 5779 14 Day Of Deliverance" Johnny Enlow
September 18, 2018 Please Share

5779 will prove to be the most transcendental year for our nation (and ultimately all the nations) in at least 100 years as God plays a great trump card demolishing the enemy’s house of cards. A year ago for Rosh Hashanah 5778 I titled the word “A New Hidden Way is Here” and we walked through that. This year the way becomes clear. The story of Israel’s departure from Egypt through the Red Sea in Exodus 14 is particularly relevant, and this year will be as historical and significant for the United States as the biblical Exodus was for Israel. The church will also experience a parallel version of what our nation walks through, though perhaps not as visibly intense. The scope and scale of shift and change cannot be overstated. We are at the threshold of the greatest breakthrough ever as a nation, but it will feel precarious at times. It is a rescue operation. It is a deliverance of the highest magnitude. 100 years of murky and distorted history will be clarified. Many memorable stories of the past century were not as reported, and much of that will be made clear in this 5779 year. We will better see how God has been progressively rescuing us, but this is now a great day of deliverance. 


There are several identification markers of the last 10 years that specifically inform us of God having stepped into history to rescue us from organized deep darkness. These markers are seen by the multiple 7’s and they speak to us of the Divine Seven-Spirited One intervening in the affairs of men to short circuit the conspirators. 

Sept. 29, 2008 (Rosh Hashanah) the Wall Street Dow Jones fell a record 777.7 and it shook the world's financial markets. An extended economic slowdown followed. Though it looks like the 777.7 was the cause of the world recession it was actually what saved the United States and the world from a deep and prolonged financial depression. Dark world economy manipulators were orchestrating a deep depression, but God intervened—in ways we will also find out about—to save us from a catastrophic, economic collapse. (I have written about some of this in my 2010 book “The 7 Mountain Mantle”)

June 23, 2016, the very unexpected Brexit vote took place that surprised the “world economists” and again threw off the sinister world manipulators. That date was “coincidentally” exactly 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks, and 7 days after the above 777.7 date. The assumed rejection of Brexit was seen as sure a thing as the United States rejecting Donald Trump for President—and again global manipulators were shocked. The Brexit vote is still being warred over, but it was orchestrated by God to create another economic wild card lever that curtails the dark world schemes. 

In the year 5777 on the Jewish calendar, a man named Donald Trump shocked these same global “elitists” by winning the United States election. He won by 77 electoral votes. Trump was 70 years old, 7 months, and 7 days on his first full day as President. What are the odds this many 7s could be coincidental? These are all signs of God’s intervention. The WHY God intervened is about to become clear, and it goes well beyond God preferring Conservatism to Liberalism or Republicans to Democrats. As the story unveils and as we fully awaken to what we were up against and what He saved us from we will see the immensity of it all. It goes way beyond simple politics, but rather into being rescued from a ring of demonic criminals with tentacles at the tops of every one of the 7 mountains of society. I saw of vision of the hand of God swipe through the tops of all the mountains, essentially clearing out the tops of media, education, government, economy, family, arts and entertainment, and religion. He is removing the world mafias and thus permitting the sons and daughters of the King to arise where they have been previously impeded from going. Even as He promised to go before the children of Israel—should they cross into their promised land—even so, today as He now sees us targeting our cities and nations. He is going ahead of us and making it possible for us to succeed in our mission.


5779 will see us experiencing another historic Exodus 14-type day. In the original story, the children of Israel left Egypt only to find themselves with the impossible predicament of the Red Sea before them and a chasing Pharaoh and army behind them. This day did not seem like a day they would fondly remember and sing of forever, though that is what happened. It more seemed like a day that would live in infamy with destruction coming either by the chasing Egyptian oppressors or the coming waves of the Red Sea. Similarly today the enemies seem daunting once you actually know about them. Today our Red Sea is like "the swamp” (in fact some scholars believe the Red Sea was more of a reedy swamp) of entrenched corruption we find ourselves facing, and Pharaoh and his forces similarly represent our history of being "the tail and not the head” chasing us down. We have been conditioned to expect good outcomes to be pulled out from under us, and breakthrough always being quite elusive. We are in another day now and it is a great day of deliverance. It will not necessarily be easy to go through, but it will be a great day of deliverance.

As we remember Exodus 14, the children of Israel were being pursued by Pharaoh and 600 chariots. The 600 represents mans best showing of organized power, as 6 is the number of man. The children of Israel had hundreds of years of some level of bondage to Egypt. The Red Sea was in between them and the open path to their Promised Land. Something had to give. Moses was instructed to raise his rod—with THAT the Red Sea would part and allow them to cross over. He did this and as Israel crossed on dry land the pursuing Egyptians could be seen bearing down. As soon as Israel was through Moses raised his rod and the Red Sea waters that formerly served the Egyptians’ purposes of control now turned on them and drowned them all (v.28). This dynamic is something we are walking through now. There are the power brokers of society who have thought the future was theirs to script according to their controlling interests. The great surprise at who actually rules has only just begun to slap them in the face as our God for His own name’s sake interjects into history. The church has slept through rapture-minded “end-times-itis” and its ensuing abandonment of the 7 Mountains mandate (being Salt and Light in society, not just in church) giving the enemy extended time to become embedded in power. God is now moving with those who are awake, knowing the greater awakening is ensuing.

Three specific phrases of Exodus 14 standout and are relevant to us today. Verse 21 speaks of a “strong east wind” that the Lord used to make the waters of the Red Sea stand up on each side as a wall. Verse 25 says of the Lord, “He took off their chariot wheels” leaving the Egyptians to conclude that God was fighting against them. Verse 30 is particularly poignant and says, “And the Lord saved Israel that day out of the hands of the Egyptians.” These three phrases speak prophetically to us today:


I see "a strong east wind" sent by God, coming through the November midterm elections. They are going to be key in ultimately unleashing a "Red Sea" wave that will position the man God has chosen to lead the United States with a supporting cast in the Congress, the Senate, and ultimately the Supreme Court. It is not that God is “Republican red” in general, it’s just that who God chose He happened to orchestrate through this party. There is great corruption in both parties and some good people in both parties. The world of politics is about to change forever in our nation, as well as everyone and everything being redefined. Because of this, some of those who are presently the most staunchly anti-Trump are going to soon discover that he has been raised to save them from oppressors who have manipulated them into believing they were for them, while keeping them essentially in bondage.


Just because many “conspiracy theorists” believe in the "deep state” does not mean that it doesn’t exist. It does exist. However, the “deep state” is much like the chariot wheels of Exodus 14. They are wheels or circles of syndicated power that run over the common people with the goals or plots of the oppressors. God is going to make them as irrelevant today as they were in the Red Sea crossing. Their own wheels got them stuck in the mud of their own Red Sea and ultimately led to their demise. 

In our 7 mountain teaching, we identify the color red with the mountain of media. The media has been complicit with the organized darkness that has threatened the freedom God has called us to. Even as Israel had an ultimate goal to be able to freely worship their God, even so, today we have been limited in our ability to worship our God in every mountain of society because of the syndicated criminal element that has been in a position of power. Much of this power has been embedded in the mountain of media, and the spiritual battle presently taking place is apparent to anyone truly open to discernment. When you operate out of a political spirit or when you process things out of a personal wound you will not properly discern, as your lens is clouded. Clear discernment will tell you God has anointed this President with a unique assignment. President Trump is serving as a Moses of sorts called to lead people out of bondage to sinister agendas. However, it is ultimately God, Himself that is pulling off these chariot wheels of sinister agendas. The corruptors and enslavers will ultimately be put under by the very media and the very “swamp” that they ruled. God is using Trump, but HE is the rescuer and HE is the great deliverer of the day. Trump will succeed in his assignment to drain the “Red Sea” swamp because he is on assignment from God and empowered by God for that assignment. Forthcoming will be the complicity of the truly “fake news” with the embedded corruption, and it will be even more clear why Trump had to point them out. There is a Great Awakening ahead, but as I have said before it might be preceded by a rude awakening for many.


Even as it was said in verse 30, “And the Lord saved Israel” so it will be realized that we too have been similarly saved and that we are the recipients of a great work of Divine Deliverance. This will be something important as we move forward. We sometimes confuse the fact that we do have a responsibility from our end to do something and use that as the proof that it is ALL up to us. Yes, as in Moses day we must obey and head for our Promised Land of the nations. Yes, Moses must lift up his rod and exercise his authority. Yes, we must respond to the parted sea before us and move quickly. We do have our part - however, it pales in comparison to the rescue operation put on by God. It is He who makes the “east wind” blow. It is He who causes the Red Sea to part. He is the One who makes it instantly dry land. It is He who removes the chariot wheels of the enemy. It is He who causes the Red Sea to cover the very ones who strategically used the Red Sea to keep us limited and in survival mode. The great deliverance we are walking through is orchestrated and executed by God. He sees us moving towards the 7 mountains of our Promised Land and He is removing the embedded darkness that thought this to be THEIR Promised Land. The evil power holders are beginning to sense God is fighting for us. It will be more than a “sense” before 5779 is over. They will experience what it is like to be in the crosshairs of His Justice. Though we wrestle not against flesh and blood, some "flesh and blood" has so partaken of the demonic that they are almost one. Related to that:


“In that same day, I will punish all those who leap over the threshold, who fill their master's house with violence and deceit.”

Those who "leap over the threshold" are associated with the worship of Dagon. Dagon was the Philistine deity who was the father of Baal. Part of what will be coming out in 5779 is the proof that many of the corrupt ones being disempowered are actual worshipers of Baal, Molech, Dagon, and Satan himself. Some of the most abominable practices imaginable will come to light and it will be initially hard to believe because it will be so evil—and so widespread among certain evil elite. Their violence and their deceit have filled this nation, even in multigenerational ways. They are now going to be punished. Some you will never hear about, but their lives will just be taken, even as Herod’s life was taken in Biblical times. If you are one of these you will be in His crosshairs in 5779.


A strategy of Satan—that works with his lack of creativity—is to essentially hijack divine symbols and numbers and use them for his purposes. He is a thief and he hopes his stealing and corrupting of these things will cause God’s people to cease to acknowledge and benefit from the good. Numbers such as 3, 7, 30, 33, 300 and the rainbow are among those good numbers and symbols. He also uses an upside down cross, a distorted star of David, butterflies, and eagles as symbols for various evil things he is involved in. It is important that we don’t allow counterfeits to cause us to toss out the real. The real is still significant in heaven, and they are not removing something in heaven just because Satan has chosen to use it. You don’t throw away real $100 bills just because counterfeit ones have been made.

 There is a full rainbow around the throne (Rev. 4) and it is going to remain there. There are 7 blazing flames of fire around the throne and they are the 7 spirits of God, Himself (Rev. 4 and 5). 7 is the most perfect and complete number of our powerful and beautiful God. All of the previously mentioned numbers and symbols will have a positive application in heaven and still should for us today. For instance, red is not originally a color of Jezebel or code color for pedophilia. It is one of God’s colors and most powerfully speaks of the blood of Jesus, which is and was the game-changer of all game-changers. A Crimson Tide of deliverance is coming in on our behalf and it will take us into a new day.


I have talked often on the theme of justice over the last year, and this focus is only increasing. It is coming in ever-increasing waves. The main thing we want to be aware of about justice is that it is not so much about God being angry with evil and evil-doers but rather about His heart towards those being abused and harmed. His anger towards the evil ones is the secondary effect of His rescuing heart towards those that are “the least of these.” The human-trafficking, sex-trafficking, pedophilia rings are a specific focus of God at this time, and worldwide webs and rings are being disrupted and will be the focus of God’s Justice in 5779. The high-level purveyors of this abuse of His kids are going to meet up with His justice. In that justice assignment a merciful option to repent will be given—though many will reject it because the evil they have enveloped themselves in is so severe and extreme. It would cause most to face life-imprisonment or worse. Some will nevertheless repent and this will be a best-case scenario, as it will allow for the salvation of their souls. God is ever merciful—even in His justice.


There are all sorts of great economic numbers for our nation at this time. Dow Jones nearing 27,000, the Wilshire 5000 over 30,000, unemployment at the lowest ever, many numbers at the best ever for blacks, Hispanics, as well as for everyone else—despite President Trump supposedly doing all sorts of economic damaging things, such as entering into trade and tariff wars. We have been blessed economically, and despite the unchartered and somewhat unnerving process we are going through it will all tend towards an even greater financial rescue.  Whatever momentary hiccups we may experience from time to time, know that the steady direction will be economic health—despite surreptitious attempts from dark agendas to harm or kill the economy. If you are a believer there is one course of action for you to take moving forward on money matters, and that is, be bold. Don’t be a hoarder and don’t be consumed with self-preservation. This is the time for the righteous to be bold as lions and to ignore fearful speculations. Of course, to the degree that you yield to Mammon (fear or greed) to that degree, you risk missing out on the economic grace available. The rewards of being a believer don’t come because you have said the sinners' prayer. The rewards come by actually being a BELIEVER. Staying generous, honoring the Lord with your first fruit, and always inquiring of the Lord. These all become important guardrails as you move forward. A great multitude of ministers of wealth are about to be formed and released for the mandate of reaching cities and nations with kingdom solutions. Why not be a part of that great adventure with God?


It should seem only logical that if we are valuing the start of a new year based on the Jewish calendar that it is in itself establishing the preeminent place that Israel holds in world and kingdom affairs. There are so many things regarding Israel that God will be working on in 5779. There are surreptitious elements within Israel’s intelligence community that are going to be exposed, and it will be an important national matter and even international matter. Exposure of corruption, especially sexual, is going to be something God is going after, while simultaneously judging the outside nations that attempt to do Israel harm. He is going to be the perfect parent to Israel during these days, both correcting and protecting—and we are to understand and cooperate with His heart towards His initial covenant people. Israel is central to God’s master storytelling of the ages and it is worth never losing sight of that. He will be ever-rescuing and delivering Israel because He who began a good work will complete it perfectly. 


The goal of every new year must always be to seek how to agree with what God is presently doing. It is the area we most repeatedly miss God. Wrong timing and in the wrong measure is how we generally mess things up. Always be inquiring of God what is NEXT on His agenda and then how passionately to go for that. As long as we are more known for what we are against than what we are for, be assured we are doing something in either wrong timing or wrong measure, or both. God is executing a great day of deliverance on our behalf, but some of what He is coming to save us from is ourselves. Sometimes our greatest oppressors are not the evil, global elite, but church-released, faulty concepts on God and on His narrative of the day. Sometimes our greatest “fake news” is coming from our own pulpits. Sometimes our “Egyptians” are within us and we sabotage ourselves from our own breakthroughs by advancing rules and religion instead of love and relationship. This year I declare your great day of deliverance for all of it. He comes to set the captives free.