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Who Will Restore the Weak Back to Health and Honor? Steve Porter

        This word posted today on the Elijah List is exactly what I believe the Lord has been saying to me for a long time. Who is helping these who have been broken and don't know their worth in His eyes?  I feel such compassion for those who don't know where to turn.  It is the reason I have been reading and attempting to put into practice by praying for others what I have read about unforgiveness, rejection, soul ties, generational curses, inner healing, deliverance, etc. Jesus already paid the price for all of us be set free from the hurts of the past.  But who will help us know this and appropriate it?  Most of the church is failing in this respect but I believe God is calling us back into preaching "the good news" of the kingdom.  Those who don't are not preaching the whole gospel.
       I know God has a plan and destiny for each one of us but unless we are set free from the lies and chains the devil has bound us with we aren't free to step into God's will for us.  I, for one, don't want to miss the opportunity to "be Jesus" to those He brings into my life.

"They cause the naked to lodge without clothing, that they have no covering in the cold." (Job 24:7)
May I share with you a burden that's heavy upon my heart? There are many children of God who are naked—stripped of their nobility. They wear nothing but the shame of calamity, and they wander from place to place seeking refuge, but find none. 
The winds blow, the rain beats down upon them, and the thunder pronounces their doom. Their eyes are vacant—their cold, distant stares see nothing but more of the heartache that brought them to this awful place of anguish. They have become injured in the fight, too weak to go on. Whether their tragedy was caused by any fault of their own or inflicted by others, they still have no place to rest or recover. Who will restore these weak ones back to health and honor? 
Recovery Greatly Needed for the Wounded Ones
There is a desperate need for a recovery room for these wounded warriors! A place of healing, salvation, and unconditional love. In this special place of refuge, restoration and healing occurs, freedom takes place, and ugly scars are transformed into baby-soft skin by His power. 
It should grieve our hearts when these wounded ones are turned away from churches with nowhere to escape the cold. Papa's heart is grieved that so many places are preoccupied with their own agendas and vision, that there is no one to care for or listen to the broken ones. Many have become insulated and apathetic, so that they can no longer feel the pain and heartache of those who need them most. The Lord is calling the Church to be like a spiritual intensive care unit where all His children can find refuge, specialized care and recovery. He will send His dying, broken, repentant souls into such a Church! 
"As you wait and hold still, I will do a deep work in you."
The Lord is pouring His compassion and mercy into the hearts of those who are open to receive all of His children, holy and unholy alike. We live in a desperate time, where intensive care is needed more than at any other time in history. Because satan knows his time is short, he is bombarding the earth with temptation and snares. He seduces God's children with all forms of ungodly temptations, and he mocks them for their weakness when they fall. Many have been wounded in the fight, yet those fallen warriors are desperate to come home and find healing and freedom. 
The Lord's deepest desire is to usher these precious ones in and equip them with the tools to stand as mighty warriors and defeat the enemy on our home court. Father has already won this battle, but He needs us to stand with Him to bring it about (see Exodus 14:4). 
For those who have fallen into the depths of sin or suffering, we must provide a safe place of refuge, a spiritual care unit. So many today say this is NOT the job of the Church, but I plead with you not to harden your hearts or fail to show true compassion and mercy to those who repent and seek restoration, and to be refreshed. What if it were you or someone in your close family who was devastated beyond words and you needed a place to go and heal? 
Jesus, the Great Physician
Jesus is the Great Physician, and it is He who performs spiritual surgeries. Our job is to gently nurse the weak back to health by leading them in prayers of repentance before God, after which they will see a mighty display of His power. The awful sting of death and the curse will be shattered and exchanged for life everlasting. The sin and malignancy that plague the soul will fall away, and healing will occur by His Blood. (Photo via Wikimedia)
When desperate, fallen warriors are in the recovery room, they are not to be left alone. Never abandon them to heal on their own; embrace them, fill them with hope and encouragement from the Word, reassuring them that you will not leave them until they have fully recovered. 
When the Lord spoke of the ministry of the Church, to feed the hungry and visit those in prison, He mentioned clothing the naked (Matt. 25:36). If He places that much emphasis on physical needs, how much more should we clothe and minister to those whose spirits have been shamefully exposed? Tenderly clothe the wounded with love, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Enfold the naked in a blanket of God's tender care and keep them warm under a comforter of forgiveness and support. 
These desperate ones are on my heart right now. They need "spiritual medics" filled with compassion to come to them with words of healing and hope. They need gentle, intensive ministry. In the Old Testament, there were whole cities, called cities of refuge, where the needy could go to recover. Let the Church be a city of refuge where recovery, healing, and restoration take place, nurturing back to health every wounded warrior regardless of how his wounds came about. 
Pour Out Mercy and Forgiveness
I know one person cannot help everyone; this is truly impossible as only Jesus can help everyone, but if all of us try to reach someone who is hurting by even a kind word, a simple prayer, a loving embrace, or intensive care, we will see the most powerful representation of Jesus the world has ever seen! 
The Lord has called the Church to be a Bethesda: a place where the hurting can come and find healing, a place where the worst of the worst can receive mercy and forgiveness. If they can't come to church to find help, where can they go? When you as His people, feed the hungry, heal the wounded and love the lost, you are doing His will. So step out and let Him use you now!
Psalm 103:1-5, MSG: 
"O my soul, bless GOD. From head to toe, I'll bless His holy name! O my soul, bless GOD, don't forget a single blessing! He forgives your sins—every one. He heals your diseases—every one. He redeems you from Hell—saves your life! He crowns you with love and mercy—a paradise crown. He wraps you in goodness—beauty eternal. He renews your youth—you're always young in His presence."
Prophetic Word to the Wounded: My Healing is Here for You!
"Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD." (Psalm 27:14)
"For those who have fallen into the depths of sin or suffering, we must provide a safe place of refuge, a spiritual care unit."
"My precious child, you may say, 'Calamity of heart, you cry! All is lost and my heart is weak and broken. If you could peel the skin back to expose everything underneath, the world would plainly see the damage afflicting my soul.' 
"Right now, My Word to you is alive and powerful if you will respond to it. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. This word has quickening power—you are to "Wait on Me..." 
"Yes, wait on Me. Hold your wounded heart out to Me and I will strengthen you. As you hold still and allow My Spirit to calm your fears and worries I will pour over you healing oil. Be of good courage, for I am gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love. I will show Myself faithful and powerful in mending your heart—only come and wait on Me to touch you. Be still and know that I am God!" (See Psalm 46:10.)
"Do not rush this process. Let rivers of living water flow over the scarred places of your heart, until I fill your heart with My tender love that heals and restores as nothing else can.
"When I begin to blow My healing breath upon your heart, you will feel like you are coming alive and will be tempted to run back out to the battlefield prematurely. Hold steady and refuse to budge from that secret place of waiting until I give you the signal. Then you will be a mighty warrior—ready, eager and empowered to win!
"As you wait and hold still, I will do a deep work in you. Like a skilled surgeon who cuts away the infected parts, I will cut away all anger, bitterness, resentment, and carnal works of the flesh. I will remove every harmful thing from within your soul while cleansing you with healing waters." (Photo via Pixabay)
"And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart so you more closely reflect the heart of your heavenly Daddy."(See Ezekiel 36:26.)
"The healing process is critical, so let Me stress again, do not rush Me. Only wait and watch your Great Physician and Healer restore you to perfect health. You will become My masterpiece! I am not through with you, so stay put, and patiently wait for My healing water to saturate and restore you. My water will purify you and set you apart for Myself, giving you a heart of flesh for a heart of stone, so you can work in unity with Me. Together, we can change the world!" (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Steve Porter
Refuge Ministries


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"Prophetic Signs: Justify Wins, Volcanoes Erupt & Israel Turns 70" by Johnny Enlow

Here is another interesting and encouraging word from Johnny Enlow that was posted on The Elijah List today.

Signs from the Kentucky Derby
God continues to prophesy to us through every way possible, and now again through the last Kentucky Derby impressively won by Justify. Three years ago, when American Pharaoh was winning in what would be the Triple Crown of racing, I shared how it represented an incoming president of the United States, who would rule among the nations as a Pharaoh of sorts, but specifically as the Pharaoh of Joseph's day, who had Josephs promoted. Now again, we have a Kentucky Derby so stacked with numbers and names of prophetic significance, that the message almost doesn't require deciphering.
The headlines tell us that in the 144th running of the Churchill Downs race, that a #7 horse named Justify, ridden by a jockey named Michael Smith, won the wettest and muddiest derby on record by 2 and a half lengths over #6, Good Magic. Rounded off to the nearest second, his winning time was 2 minutes and 4 seconds. Much was made of breaking the 136-year "curse of Apollo" by winning, though never having raced as a juvenile. A key part of the story is how Promises Fulfilled led the initial charge out of the gate, but it soon became the Justify story. 
There is literally so much Kingdom activity and displacement taking place that these times have to be considered among the most divinely orchestrated and destiny-charged ever. We are presently in a world extreme makeover reality that is unprecedented in its scope and scale. These are revolutionary days of wholesale transformation, and creation itself is uniquely stirred and responsive to all that is taking place. 
Ring of Fire and Earthquakes
"His story is always bigger than ours, but as we cooperate with His justice, our personal promises do find fulfillment."
The Pacific Ring of Fire is unusually active, and I counted 33 active volcanoes in one day. The Hawaii Kilauea has just been upgraded to its highest level red alert for what could be a massive eruption. A volcano in Indonesia has shot up 3 miles in the air, coating ash on nearby villages. Japan just announced another eruption of a volcano. Papua New Guinea recently had a 7.5 earthquake, which is its worst in a century.
Additionally, there is shaking all around the Ring of Fire, with underground tectonic activity all over. Even Yellowstone has just had its largest geyser erupt for the 5th time in recent weeks, baffling observers as it is not part of the actual Ring of Fire, but listed as a "hot spot". Something from the earth's core can no longer be suppressed, and it is speaking into our day when justice can no longer be suppressed as well.

Part of the Prophetic "Code" for the Kentucky Derby:

144: Connects us to the 144,000 of the book of Revelation, which simultaneously speaks of Israel as well as the Church, as it speaks of those "sealed" (justified).
Churchill Downs: This is about the Church being in a public place as Salt and Light, and no longer just in the 4 walls of a building. The courage of Winston Churchill to stand against evil is also to be noted here.
Horse #7: many things. A connection to the 7 mountains where we must be visibly carrying God's love- which looks like Justice. 7 spirits of God are what we ride on and 7 is the ultimate perfect divine number.
Justify:  The word means "vindicate" and it clearly speaks into the matter of Justice, which is God's theme for the moment. The #metoo phenomenon, the Justice League movie, are evidences of a societal agreement.
Michael Smith: The winning jockey let everyone know immediately that he is a follower of Jesus Christ. Michael means "who is like God" and it is he who is the great archangel who watches over Israel. The word Smithmeans "to treat metal by heating, hammering and forging." There is no doubt that the nations of the world are presently experiencing Israel as the anvil upon which their destiny is being forged. Zech. 12:3 is particularly relevant to this, "I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples and all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces."(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)
This has been so evident in this week when Jerusalem has had the double celebrations of Israel's 70th anniversary and the world news of the United States moving its embassy to Jerusalem, and the various reactive backlashes both far and near. One cannot talk about Justice without talking about Israel and the ongoing world injustice of Israel being blamed for defending themselves against those who would destroy it. The media has been huge in this injustice.
Wettest/Muddiest: We are experiencing this as a present dynamic. Justice is raining down from Heaven and it is a wonderful thing, yet is also making for a very muddy track as we are observing "mud-slinging" going on all over. Interesting how it was widely noted that jockey Mike Smiths' silks were virtually unaffected by the muddy race. It is a muddy track, but we must press on.
Good Magic #6: I previously covered the Fountain of Youth race where Promises Fulfilled defeated Good Magic, and so we see again this horse coming in second. 6 is the number of flesh or human effort and all fleshly efforts in conjunction with the occult/magic are no longer able to triumph in the big races. Promises are being fulfilled and Justify is winning big.
Promises Fulfilled: Though it is a season of Promises Fulfilled, the bigger story is greater than that. God being vindicated/justified is the much bigger story. His story is always bigger than ours, but as we cooperate with His justice, our personal promises do find fulfillment. Find your place in His story and your story gets accelerated.
"We are presently in a world extreme makeover reality that is unprecedented in its scope and scale."
2 Minutes, 4 Seconds: In February, I gave a word on how Feb. 24, 2018 everything changed. That day was a big day with apostolic intercessors in DC, and also the day my daughter Justice had her golden birthday, meaning she turned 24 on the 24th. The numbers 2 and 4 are here again. There are 24 elders around the throne. I previously shared Acts 2:2-4 when "tongues of fire" suddenly ignited the New Testament Church. 
Is. 2:2-4 was also highlighted as happening now. We can add Ps. 2:2-4 about the nations raging against the Lord and His beloved (Israel and also the Church), and how "He who sits in the Heaven shall laugh...and hold in derision" those who oppose Him. Psalm 24 is clearly to be highlighted as well, and it starts with, "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" and ends with "Lift up your heads the King of Glory is coming in." Don't be distracted from this reality in the midst of a muddy track.
Apollo's Curse: The word Apollo means "destroyer". It is the same root word as Apollyon, which also means "destroyer". In our 7-mountain template we identify him as the demonic principality of the mountain of media and he destroys through his propagation of bad and fake news. As Justify wins that curse gets broken. No mission field is in more need of understanding and attention as this one. 
A Jesus Justice Revolution
I recently spoke at a conference called SALT held at Angelus Temple here in Los Angeles, and it was as powerful an event as we had anticipated. The event actually was taking place the day of the Kentucky Derby race. The day before, I released a word that a "Jesus Justice Revolution" had begun. This has nothing to do with hanging on to offenses and revenge, but everything to do with Jesus coming in to make a way for previously hindered love to triumph. It will clear up many unjust situations, but it is about love prevailing. 
The morning of the race my friend Jona Toledo spoke at the conference on the theme of justice. Part of his message had to do with how his young son with the middle name of Justice had just hit a grand slam and performed an unassisted triple play in the same game, which is an ultimate rarity. God is speaking through our kids' names. Justice is being healed. Justice is being empowered. Justice is arising and shining and now ready to showcase itself in cases and places that have not seen it before. 
In my prophetic word from February I stated, "Waves and repercussions of what Heaven released on earth will only increase in the following days, but February 24 was the catalytic day for it."
How to Cooperate
In short, read again my above note on Psalm 24: The earth is the Lord's and He is coming in. Furthermore, let your heart be secured that even in the midst of happenings, sometimes hard to decipher and discern, that the Kingdom is pressing in, in accelerated fashion—and it is all tending toward good. Seek to cooperate through how you pray in agreement with His justice and how you interact with society. This is the Kingdom age and it is going to release an extended era of renaissance—in the knowledge of God. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


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I saw this on the Truth About Cancer website and loved it!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

One of the Main Reasons Why I Dislike Raccoons

What a busy time!

Last week I powerwashed the screened porch, deck, front porch and the furniture we use in those places.

On Saturday Martinsville On The Move had 2 tables at the Master Gardener's Plant Sale. (Thanks to our gardens and plants donated by interested members of the community, we took over 225 plants to sell and made $420 to use to buy plants for Linn Park.)

On Monday, Sue & I worked at the Park to weed the gardens and cut back the roses which nearly died in the strange winter we had.  We also planted several plants left over from the  Plant Sale.

On Tuesday, I worked at weeding my own gardens.

On Wednesday, Norma & I took our friend Donna to the airport in Indianapolis and shopped for plants for the Linn Gardens and my own and then I came home to plant some of them.

On Thursday, I trimmed around all the trees, including the lane and around all the lawn with my wonderful DR Trimmer/Mower.  I love that little machine!!  I have an app on my phone that said I walked 8.8 miles/20,769 steps.  Did I mention I was exhausted?!!

Yesterday, Jenny came over to help me clean because I was behind and am having a college graduation party for our grandson this afternoon.

I was so pleased to get all my pots planted last night!  Everything looked so beautiful.   I found these great "drop in" flower arrangements at Walmart--already growing with 3 or 4 varieties of plants.  Just what I needed--no decisions to make about what would look nice together, no waiting for them to get established.

And then I woke up early this morning to this:

This happens every year as soon as I get the posts planted.  So irritating!!  I'm sure it isn't difficult for you to imagine why I dislike raccoons with a passion!!

The mess is cleaned up.  Hopefully, the plants will recover.   In an attempt to get rid of my frustration I am posting photos on my blog.  I don't know why that helps, but it has.  😀

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Packing Cubes

I am beginning to think about our planned trip to Greece this summer.

 A few years ago a friend introduced me to packing cubes.  Have you ever used them?  If not, you must give them a try.  I have found them extremely helpful in keeping my clothes organized and more wrinkle-free since I am not forever digging in the bottom of my suitcase for something I want to wear on a particular day.  I pack my long sleeved shirts in one, the sleeveless or short-sleeved in one, underwear in one, and depending on the room I have left my pants/jeans in one.  Sometimes I lay the jeans flat in the bottom of the suitcase and then use a packing cube for capris or shorts.  This is so helpful because I can then lift out the cubes individually, opening only those that contain the type of clothing I am looking for.

Today I was reading  this review of packing cubes so thought I would include it in case you are looking to buy some.  I don't have any of these mentioned but thought it was a helpful article.  I recently purchased these and believe they will work well for my intended purposes.  I have been unable to find the set I already had for sale again.  And since I convinced Country Guy to try them on our last trip and he now wants more.

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"7 Signs of a Spirit of Poverty" Jamie Rohrbaugh,

I found this article by Jamie Rohrbaugh filled with wisdom and truth.  Thought you might enjoy it, also.

I've been very burdened lately for God's people, specifically in the area of finances. I see so many precious people being tricked by a spirit of poverty – a demonic force that wants to rob God's sons and daughters of blessing and provision. And beloveds, it's time to kick the spirit of poverty to the curb.
Being poor is NEVER from the Lord. God's Word tells us that God is our good, good Father who will bless us abundantly if we obey Him. That's why we must learn how to identify a poverty spirit: so we can get rid of it if we've embraced it.
If you don't know that you've let the enemy deceive you in this area, you won't know that you need to get free...and you won't see the change you desire to see in your life.
So let's look at 7 signs of a spirit of poverty. Before we start, know this: if you see any of these in yourself, don't get under condemnation about it. Just repent for any sin in your life in this area. Speak out loud that you renounce agreement with the spirit of poverty. Speak out loud that you receive and embrace God's abundance and prosperity instead. Command that spirit of poverty to leave you in Jesus' name, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you where that was, and to teach you the truth of His Word about His desire to bless and provide for you. OK? Here are the seven signs...
Sign #1 of a Spirit of Poverty: Chronic, Long-Term Lack and Expectation Thereof
"God tends to bless people who obey Him; who do good works; who give generously; and who make wise decisions."
Lots of people have been through slim times financially for brief periods. However, if you're stuck in a chronic, long-term pattern of lack, odds are good that a spirit of poverty (or even of limitation) may be oppressing you.
The very first step to the process of getting out of chronic lack is building your faith for more. (Additional steps in this process are outlined below.) If you have been in lack a long time, it tends to get you down. If that's you, stretch your faith and dig deeply into prayer over God's promises to bless you. As you transform your mindset through God's Word, the enemy won't be able to tempt you or rob you of your faith for reward and provision.
Sign #2 of a Spirit of Poverty: Thinking You Have to Give Your Work Away
Before I entered full-time ministry, I spent nearly 15 years in the corporate world in a Fortune 500 company. While there, I learned that work has value. Nobody goes to work from 8 AM to 5 PM every day because they want to work for free. We want to be paid, and we want to be paid more.
Yet, as Christians, we often think that we should give our work away. The result of this deception is that you give your work away, and are therefore not earning the income with which God is trying so hard to bless you. You're working so hard blessing people, ministering to people, and providing for others for free. If you feel that you are not allowed to charge for your work, then you are saying that the anointing and skills the Holy Spirit has placed on your life are worth nothing. That is an insult to the Holy Spirit.
So whether you're a work-at-home mom, a CEO, an artist, a preacher, or anything else, your work has value. Don't feel that you have to give your work away.
Sign #3 of a Spirit of Poverty: Refusing to Pay Others for Their Labor
1 Timothy 5:18 says: "For the Scripture says, 'You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain,' and, 'The laborer is worthy of his wages.'"
A person who works deserves to be compensated for it. Therefore, if you have someone work for you, be prepared to pay them. Honor God's Word enough to pay people. They might not expect to be paid, but that doesn't negate the truth of God's Word. When we have somebody work for us, they are worthy of their hire.
If you won't honor and pay others for their work, God can't bless you the way He wants to either. However, if you DO honor others and give them their due, God can do the same for you. In a nutshell, the enemy doesn't want you to pay others because he doesn't want YOU to be paid. Fight back and pay people their due.(Photo via Pixabay)
Sign #4 of a Spirit of Poverty: Not Tithing or Offering to the Lord
Everything in Heaven and earth belongs to God. We need to specifically recognize this in the area of finance: all the money belongs to God. And He asks us for a minimum of 10% in the Old Testament (Malachi 3:8-12). For those of you who prefer the New Testament standard to the Old Testament one, the New Testament standard is selling everything:
"Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need."(Acts 2:44-45)
When we refuse to tithe and offer to the Lord, we are yielding to the lies of the enemy which state that the money actually belongs to us. But, the money doesn't belong to us, and we have no right to steal it. We are merely stewards. And when we steward God's money well, He can and will bless us. However, the spirit of poverty tells you that we don't have to tithe and offer – all because it doesn't want us to be blessed or have the devourer (the devil) rebuked off our lives.
Not tithing and giving offerings is choosing to believe a trick from the devil. If you want to be blessed, punch that spirit of poverty to the curb. Tithe and give to the Lord, no matter what.
Sign #5 of a Poverty Spirit: Resenting the Wealthy
If you resent the wealthy, you have a poverty spirit. If, on the other hand, you're happy for the wealthy, God can bless you. God tends to bless people who obey Him, who do good works, who give generously, and who make wise decisions. People like that often develop some measure of wealth, whether over a few years or over a lifetime.
If you hold hatred or resentment toward wealthy people, that exposes an inner belief in your heart that says, "Wealth is bad. Wealth is offensive to me." And if you believe wealth is bad, you can't receive wealth from the Lord yourself.
Sign #6 of the Spirit of Poverty: A Habit of Making Poor Financial Decisions
"As you transform your mindset through God's Word, the enemy won't be able to tempt you or rob you of your faith for reward and provision."
If you have a habit of making poor financial decisions, you could be under the influence of a poverty spirit. Spending more than you earn, wasting money, gambling, and going into debt are all signs of poverty thinking which needs to be transformed by the Word of God. All of these decisions will keep you poor.
The best way I've found to fix this? Educate yourself. Dave Ramsey has some great financial resource books. In order to get ahead financially, you have to educate yourself. The enemy doesn't want you to study and show yourself approved unto God. The enemy doesn't want you to understand how tithing and blessing are connected. The enemy doesn't want you to understand how sowing and reaping work in personal finance...all because the enemy wants you to be and stay poor. But if you will make a point to learn as much as you can about money, everything can change!
Sign #7 of a Spirit of Poverty: Criticizing Someone for Spending Money They Have
"That money was wasted on that nice ____. It should have been given to the Kingdom."
"I don't think that church should have built that (giant metal cross, new building, etc.) on their property. What a waste of money."
"Well, they just travel all the time. They probably spend all their money traveling."
Do any of these sound familiar? EVERY time, without fail, that I have ever heard someone making critical comments like this, the following two things have been true: 
The person making the comment has been in poverty with a long and unfortunate history of not thriving. The party that made the purchase did so with money they had to spend, and they felt released by God to do it. This is a sign of the spirit of poverty because it is the sin of judgment. Criticizing someone for spending money they have is a judgment of their motives. It's not a judgment of their financial status; it's judging that their hearts weren't right when they made the purchase. Statements like the ones above actually say, "This person's priorities aren't right because they didn't do what I think they should do, and I'm making the decision that they weren't right with God."
We SHOULD absolutely discern good from evil, yes. But if someone isn't in sin, and is just using their money in a way that you disapprove of and you're in the habit of criticizing them, please stop! If you aren't sure whether or not you do this, ask a trusted friend. Ask a spouse. Ask someone who will tell you the truth. (Photo via Pixabay)
So what do you do if you see any of these signs of the poverty spirit in yourself? Here are several things I'd encourage you to do: 
• Pray. Ask the Lord to show you any sin in your own heart. Repent of anything which He convicts you. Ask the Lord to show you any thought patterns you have that are too low or too base. Ask Him to show you any ways in which you have come into agreement with the poverty spirit. 
• Ask Him to show you any hindrances in your heart that keep you from receiving Papa God's abundant blessing. Educate yourself about how money works in today's economy. Educate yourself from the pages of Scripture about how money works in God's Kingdom economy. 
Then begin to aggressively follow God's plan for your finances:
• Seek Him in prayer.
• Pray about your finances and pray for wisdom.
• Follow God's instructions as written in His Word.
• Ask Him to help you build your faith for His abundance and total shalom – the Hebrew word meaning "nothing missing, nothing broken."
If you will do this consistently over time, I believe you will see change in your finances as you align your thoughts about money with God's Word. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Jamie Rohrbaugh
From His Presence

Saturday, April 21, 2018

So True!! Kris Koback Quote

Kris Koback quote:  “We defend our president with guns, we defend our courtrooms with guns, we defend our banks with guns, we defend our celebrities in Hollywood with guns, but we defend our children with a sign that reads ‘This is a gun-free zone,'” Kobach said. “How well is that working?”

Friday, April 20, 2018

Bates Vision Method and Using EFT in Christian Counseling

I am still having a problem with double vision therefore I have been looking for solutions. Of course, many are praying for me, but I have also been encouraged to seek help from the medical community.   Because of suggestions from others I am working with an optometrist who specializes in binocular vision.   She sees me weekly to do eye exercises and then has me work on some during the week at home.  I have also been going to a chiropractor because I was told there are trigger points in your neck that can cause vision problems.  So far I haven't seen any results but I continue to expect single vision to return so I continue to do the exercises and seek other help. All prayer is definitely appreciated!

As I was researching eye exercises I recently found information on the Bates Vision Method which claims that through relaxation of the body and eye muscles you can reclaim much vision loss and in many cases get rid of glasses.  Here is an article on Dr. Mercola's website explaining it.  I may try this.  After all I'm doing eye exercises already so why not add a few more!

 In one of the articles on this method I also found a reference to EFT (Emotional Freedom Training).  After some research and watching several videos by Gary Craig, the founder, on YouTube I decided to see if there was any information on linking it to Christian healing methods.  I found a great article on the Communion With God website explaining it and discussing how to integrate it as a tool in Christian counseling.  Here is a link to the article.   Something else to try! There are no harmful side effects so what could it hurt?

Even though I continue to have double vision, I expect to have perfect eyesight soon. I believe I have some lessons to learn and some things to discover before it happens.  Please pray for patience.  😀 In the meantime I have learned about several things of which I knew nothing previously--so already good has come from this situation.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

"California, Revolution, and the Angel of Innovation" Johnny Enlow,

    As any of you who read my blog know, I admire and respect Johnny Enlow and the words he brings for the body of Christ. Today's post on the Elijah List is no exception. This word is exciting, encouraging and challenging. Will you be one who continues to expect the next move of God to come the way it came in the past, or are you going to expect and allow God to move in new ways?
     I, for one, choose the latter.
     Help me, Lord, to put aside the old and embrace the new!

I believe this May, a revolution comes of full age for the state of California and it is going to affect everybody, everywhere. California is the world's catalytic leader for most everything, and has further more become the catalyst for culture itself. It is both an enigmatic and magnetic state that much of the nation has a simultaneous love/hate relationship with. There are unhinged, unbalanced policies, requirements and taxes that are "head scratchers" almost everywhere, yet it is the number one destination for dreamers from all over. 
This dynamic allows it to have almost 1/8 of the total United States population (over 40 million) and to be an economic global powerhouse all on its own terms. Not only is it a Promised Land of sorts for dreamers here and from nations south of the border, but it is a top destination for millionaires from China, as well as other Asian nations. In actuality, there is a significant number of people from almost every nation on the planet. Whatever California's faults are, it is still the most welcoming state in the union (to some that IS its fault). California is wacky, wonderful, irritating, and exhilarating all at once.
California: God's View
"Many are trying to jumpstart old expressions of revival and holiness, but what I sense is coming is decidedly not that but something altogether new."
In 2012, while pastoring with my wife in Atlanta, Georgia, the Lord spoke to me about His heart for California, and out of that we moved to California, where we have been based for the last 5 years. What He spoke to me was this: 
"California has been minimized and diminished. It has been prophesied into the sea. It has been railed against. My Holy Spirit broods over that state, and I am not done with California. It has been the head of society for over 100 years, and it will still continue to be that. The 7 mountains of California release realities that not only affect the whole nation, but they set a standard for the whole worldWhat starts in California goes global. I am now going to radically affect the 7 mountains of California and as a product of that the seven mountains of the world will be affected. 
"I want you to move to California and I want you to speak and prophesy that everywhere. Cast down every prophetic word of judgment against California and encourage and walk beside those that are on those 7 mountains. The enemy wants the Church to abandon California and to prophesy her demise so that the mantles and anointings I intended for California would be distorted and counterfeited." 
God then walked me through California's history of the last 100 plus years and the catalytic nature of everything that happens here on the 7 mountains. California is a Promised Land and it has in macro form a most uncanny resemblance to natural Israel. This, I am sure, is part of a mystery yet to be revealed. California's topography and agriculture also have an uncanny resemblance to Israel's. As a center of innovation and cutting-edge advances, it has again a matching dynamic with Israel. 
Furthermore, California is a major destination for Jews—and the Los Angeles area alone has an estimated 1 million who call the city home. While California is famous for "Hollywood" and "Silicon Valley" (Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Ebay, Amazon, etc.), many of the key people in both of those industries are Jewish. They are also at the tops of the other 7 mountains of society as they live out their Abrahamic commission to prosper. (Photo via Pixabay)
Additionally, they are wired to know that their call is to do something that makes things better for the world. To our shame as the Church, while we have been doctrinally-inspired to tell the world things are worse and worse and are going to soon be cataclysmically so, these descendants of Abraham who mostly don't know Jesus, have been those primarily responsible for making things better for others through their inventions and innovations. They, while not yet reconciled to their Messiah, are doing more to be "salt and light" than those who should be passionately doing that. 
We, the Church, have taken great advantage of the advanced tools of technology/social media that they have made available, yet we ourselves have been perhaps the least innovative people on the planet. Christians have typically been so heavenly/rapture-minded that we have been primarily absent from the tech/innovation advances. This is all going to change now.
The Angel of Innovation
As I was praying into an upcoming conference I will be speaking at in Los Angeles, I saw a great angel of innovation presiding over these meetings. This angel has been around, but is being released at another level, coinciding with the 70th birthday of Israel—which is in May. 
There is once again interplay between happenings in Israel and California. The event is called SALT (May 3-5), and will be held at the famous Angelus Temple where Aimee Semple McPherson ministered for years. She was particularly known for her creativity and the innovative ways she thought and did everything. Most of her new ways of presenting the Gospel were met with boisterous criticism by the general church leaders of that day, but she became a household name that was greater than that of any Hollywood star of her day (reportedly greater than that of the President himself). She was a top draw, even for Hollywood elites, because of her creative and exciting presence and power-filled meetings that were unlike anything others had seen at church or ministry. 
Aimee shocked the religious Christian world by boldly taking all aspects of the Gospel, including the healing power of God, into the mainstream world. She pioneered the usage of radio as a vehicle to reach the masses; she had the first mega church in America—and it was designed to reach the masses. She was the first to use the arts to share the Gospel, often using elaborate productions from the platform to do her preaching. While most of the Church was trying to practice "be ye separate from the world," Aimee was in touch with Jesus' words: "You are the salt of the earth."
By declaring we are the salt, Jesus commissioned us to live lives that are so filled with His love, power, and creative innovation that we literally preserve society, not allowing the world's culture to rot. 
During the Great Depression, Aimee outdid the government in feeding the poor of Los Angeles, and she had a tremendous heart of justice with multiple ministries that facilitated that. Though she did not do things perfectly, in spirit she might have been 100 years ahead of most Christians. I believe Aimee had a 7 mountain reformation mentality and understanding along with a rare freedom from religion that allowed her to love unconditionally. The Holy Spirit was clearly with her, as she was also known for the miraculous being her every-day reality. 
What she did from the stage of Angelus Temple is now going to go to the stages of the 7 mountains (media, economy, education, government, family, arts, religion) as this angel of innovation is going to be key in activating the salt within us that we were meant to be.
Salting the World with the New 
"The enemy wants the Church to abandon California and to prophesy her demise so that the mantles and anointings I intended for California would be distorted and counterfeited."
Something is going to be released at this SALT conference that is going to unleash Christian innovation as never before. I believe it is out of honor to Aimee Semple McPherson that God is choosing her original staging area as a release point for something unprecedented. We are going to cease being the one-trick-pony—the over-reactive, expectant of judgment, fear mongers that we have tended to be. We are going to stop salting societal wounds and realize that salt is a healing, curing, and preserving element when it's used the way God intended, sourced in love.
Many are trying to jumpstart old expressions of revival and holiness, but what I sense is coming is decidedly not that but something altogether new. The young will probably have to showcase this next expression as we older ones are almost terminally inclined to seek yesterday's version of revival and holiness. Many are sensing the wave of the new coming in, but with it some are trying to reboot what was yesterday's expression of a move of God, based often on yesterday's assumptions of it being "the very last days." 
Rather than belaboring that or further expounding upon that, let me just say a revolution is about to be unleashed and I believe it will start in California. It will be called many things, but ultimately it will be about the people of God shifting into innovation at every level.
Just as businesses become irrelevant if they don't innovate, so too will those who stick to the old script of how God moves and become irrelevant in societal reformation. He is calling us to showcase His Kingdom in the 9 to 5 world by evidencing that we actually have a living relationship with the Creator of the universe. He has solutions, upgrades, and new ways of doing things for everything. Mining can be done a new way. The homeless can be taken care of in a new way. School can be taught in a better way. Energy can be plentiful, free, and non- polluting. There ARE cures for AIDS, cancer, blindness, quadriplegics, Alzheimers and more.
The plight of inner cities can be solved. The penal system can actually be rehabilitated. Elections can happen transparently and fairly. Sex-trade and the pornography epidemic can be completely interrupted. Cars can be upgraded where accidents are rare. The FBI, the FDA, and the IRS can all be reformed and upgraded. Housing can be beautiful and affordable. Poverty can essentially be eliminated. Science can prove God is who He says He is. And so on and so on.
We have assumed that most of these above plights can only be fixed by traditional repentance and revival. However, what is lacking is the innovative solutions sourced in love from those who are called by His name to bring a better way that becomes the new standard bearer. Germs, for example, didn't cease being problems through more prayer, holiness, or revival. Someone discovering how germs thrive and how to kill them is what became the game-changer. (Photo via Pixabay)
Practical honesty is not currently increasing in society because more people are going to church or the like. Practical honesty is increasing because cameras and surveillance technology are bringing another level of undeniable accountability. Even pastors are having to resign now because electronic trails are confirming their misdeeds.
Yes, we also need church meetings done in innovative ways—but it is the Church in society (the Ekklesia) every day that needs to be the greatest evidence of us being the SALT. The baptism of fire that is present and upcoming on the Church is to burn up the religious boxes we have mainly camped in. We are going to learn that the things we love to sing about our God are the very expressions of Him He wants us to become in society. We sing song after song of how He radically, unconditionally loves us, forgives us, restores us, gives us another chance, is kind, is generous, is graceful, etc. None of our songs are about how pleased we are that He points out our sin or how He holds us accountable, yet somehow we think that is a valuable role for US as it relates to the world. Aren't you glad that is all going to change?!
California Overhaul
California is now going to go into total overhaul-mode. Intruders, impostors, and ingrates are going to lose positions of power and influence, especially on the mountain of government, making opportunities for those with hearts to truly serve. California will cease being an orphan state, bereft of identity and ignorant of her assignment. Out of that will come unending ripples of grace and benevolence to the nations. Christians as well are going to cease operating as orphans, bereft of identity and ignorant of our assignment. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What Kind of Information Does Google and Facebook Have on You? by Dr. Mercola

If you are at all concerned about your privacy you may want to read this eye-opening article by Dr. Mercola.  I have posted the beginning of the article below.  To continue reading click on the link.

By Dr. Mercola
Google and Facebook are two of the largest and clearest monopolies in the world, and between them, the harvesting of your personal information goes far beyond what most people realize was even possible.

I have recently removed Google Search from this website and replaced with a search engine without the privacy concerns, but has similar capabilities.   The search bar at the top of the website is the most used and essential feature for you to research the many thousands of pages I've published over the last 20 years.
Google catches every single thing you do online if you’re using a Google-based feature, and Facebook has a record of everything you’ve ever said or “liked.” All of this data is being used to build very powerful personality profiles that are sold for profit and used in a variety of different ways. As previously reported by Gawker:1
“Every word of every email sent through Gmail and every click made on a Chrome browser is watched by the company. ‘We don’t need you to type at all,’ [Google co-founder Eric] Schmidt once said. ‘We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.’”

Facebook Sells Your User Data, and It Can Be Used Against You

According to CNN Money,2 98 percent of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising, totaling $39.9 billion last year alone. The company is now facing a firestorm after The New York Times and British media outlets reported Cambridge Analytica used “improperly gleaned” data from 87 million Facebook users to influence American voters.3
This is not the first time political parties have utilized facebook data without your knowledge, and it won't be the last.   Political  parties will continue to fight about who used what data to manipulate voters in the least worst way.   What is important to understand is that you and your network of friends are being heavily watched and this data is sold with the intent to manipulate your actions.

This manipulation is not just about politics, it's making YOU the product.  The intimate details about you, your family and friends are being sold because it is valuable to entities that want to influence you.

In the video above, Cambridge Analytica data scientist Christopher Wylie, who blew the whistle on his employer, revealing the company built “a system that could profile individual U.S. voters in order to target them with personalized political advertisements” during the presidential campaign. As noted by CNN:
“If the Cambridge Analytica scandal leads to tougher data protection regulations — as some policymakers are demanding — or puts people off sharing as much about themselves online, that could hurt Facebook's revenue, and that of all social media platforms.”
It’s important to realize that Google is also the world’s greatest artificial intelligence (AI) company, having purchased Deep Mind for $400 million several years ago. Deep Mind now employs over 700 AI researchers, the largest collection anywhere in the world. 
They are responsible for defeating the human Go champion in 2017, which far exceeds the complexity of defeating a human chess champion. With this level of AI, it is not hard for them to sort through all your data with their deep learning algorithms to detect patterns that can be exploited for profit.

What Kind of Data Does Facebook and Google Really Have on You?

In a March 30 article for The Guardian,4 Dylan Curran takes a deep dive into the data harvesting going on between Facebook and Google, and for anyone concerned about their privacy, the results are disconcerting to say the least. Here’s a summary list of the kind of information these two corporations collect, track and store on each and every single user:
Extremely detailed location tracking
If you have a Google-enabled device on your person that has location tracking turned on, it will store the exact details of where you are at any given moment, and this data accumulates from the first day you started using Google on the device. To review the details of your own data, see this Google Maps Timeline link.5
Complete search histories on all devices
Google keeps tabs on everything you’ve ever searched for, on any device, including search histories you’ve deleted from an individual device. To check your own search data, see Google’s MyActivity page.6
Personalized advertisement profile
Based on your data profile — location, gender, age, work and private interests, relationship status, income, health concerns, future plans and so on — Google creates personalized advertisements that might interest you. Have you ever done a search for a particular product or service and suddenly found yourself flooded with ads for that precise thing? That’s your data profile at work. To see your personalized ad profile, see Google’s Ads Settings.7
App usage
Do you use apps and extensions? If so, Google knows which ones you’re using, how often, when, where and with whom you’re interacting when you do. To see your app usage data, check out Google’s Security Permission Settings.8
YouTube history
Much can be gleaned from the types of videos you’re interested in, and Google keeps tabs on every single one you’ve ever searched for, watched and commented on. To review your own data, see your Youtube Feed History page.
Facebook interactions
Like Google, Facebook records, tracks and stores every single thing you do on Facebook: Every post, comment, “like,” private message and file ever sent and received, contacts, friends lists, login locations, stickers and more. Even the recurrent use of certain words is noted and can become valuable currency for advertisers. 
When Curran downloaded all of the information Facebook has stored on him, he ended up with a 600MG file, or roughly 400,000 word documents. For individuals who start using Facebook at a young age, the lifetime data harvest could be inconceivably large. To view and download your Facebook data, see Facebook’s Download Your Info page.10 
Clandestine microphone access
Disturbingly, both Facebook and Google have the ability to access your microphone without your knowledge. If you suddenly find yourself on the receiving end of ads for products or services you just spoke about out loud, chances are one or more apps are linked into your microphone and are eavesdropping. Below is a video by Safer Tech describing how to disable the microphone on your device to prevent Facebook and Google apps from listening in.11

Clandestine webcam access
Your built-in webcam on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer can also be accessed by various apps. To learn more about app permissions, see “How to Master Your App Permissions So You Don’t Get Hacked — The Full Guide,” by Heimdal Security.12
As noted in this article, “For a long time, app permissions were something the regular PC user had no idea about. When installing new software on a computer, we were never asked if application X could access our web camera, our list of contacts, etc. … App permissions may seem like a nuisance, but the better you know how they work, the safer you can keep your data.”
Event tracking
By tracking your Google calendar entries, combined with your location data, Google knows what events you’ve attended, when and for how long.
Your fitness routine
If you use Google Fit, all the details about your fitness routine and workouts, down to how many steps you’ve taken on any given day, are recorded and stored. 
A lifetime of photographic evidence
Twenty years ago, photos were a private matter, reminisced over in photo albums and displayed around the home. Today, people’s lives are on public display online, and Google captures it all. When combined with facial recognition software and other technological identification applications, including metadata detailing the time and place of each snap, your photos are a treasure trove of private information. 
A lifetime of emails
Google also has every single email you’ve ever sent, received and deleted.  
Deleted files and information
You probably delete files and information every now and then for the sake of safety, right? You might decide to delete that list of passwords from your phone, for example, in case you lose it or it gets hacked. Well, Google still has all of that information. 
As noted by Curran, showing a screen shot of his downloaded Google data, “This is my Google Drive, which includes files I explicitly deleted, including my resume, my monthly budget and all the code, files and websites I’ve ever made, and even my PGP private key, which I deleted, that I use to encrypt emails.” 
If you’ve done it or researched it, Google and Facebook have a record of it 
Like Facebook, Google allows you to download a copy of the data they have stored on you. Curran’s personal data cache from Google was 5.5GB big, equal to about 3 million word documents. Essentially, your Google account contains a detailed diary of everything you’ve ever done or planned to do, and where you were when you did it. To download your own Google cache, see Google’s Takeout page.13

How Is Your Personal Information Being Used?

Google has “your bookmarks, emails, contacts, your Google Drive files … your YouTube videos, the photos you’ve taken on your phone, the businesses you’ve bought from, the products you’ve bought through Google … data from your calendar, your Google Hangout sessions, your location history, the music you listen to, the Google books you’ve purchased, the Google groups you’re in, the websites you’ve created, the phones you’ve owned, the pages you’ve shared, how many steps you walk in a day,” Curran writes, noting his own data cache included:14
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