Sunday, July 14, 2019

Destructive Raccoons

This is what I woke up to this morning.  I despise raccoons!!  Anyone who thinks they are cute should live in the woods with them a few days.  They have dug holes in my mulch, dug up plants, destroyed plant containers and wash their food in the cat's water every night so it is a bowl of mud each morning!  Disgusting!

Between them destroying everything they can find and the deer eating all the buds off my day lilies and the leaves of my hydrangeas and hosta, gardening is not much fun anymore.  With all this and the addition of nonstop rain this year which has encouraged weeds it has been quite discouraging!

I can't seem to give up though because I love all the beauty!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

"Here is the Key to Overcome Spiritual Warfare" Darren Canning, Ontario, Canada

This excellent article by Darren Canning was posted on the Elijah List today.  It reminds us our battle is not with flesh and blood.  We are always at war but seldom remember who we are fighting when we are in the throes of battle.  I highlighted the paragraph that particularly spoke to me today.

I have noticed, what I believe to be, an unfortunate occurrence in the Church: there are many Christians who are weak and need maturing in the Body of Christ. Many of the Believers that I meet have been in the Church for many years and instead of being people who are moving along in their faith, praying for others, they are still looking for others to pray for them.
Now, I am not saying that a sign of weakness is having people pray for you because I have people pray for me everyday, but I believe that we need to be mature in Christ and become more effective in the ministry. We must become mature sons and daughters who work the harvest field for Christ. We must be more outwardly focused than inwardly focused.
I think that many Christians just don't understand spiritual warfare. Many Christians get tied up in human debate. Some even want to fight people with their fists! There is so much of that in the world today. (The political fights that are occurring in the world around us are particularly nauseating.) People speak against each other as if they aren't people at all. There is no respect for one another.
If you have a negative attitude toward others and this is constant, then I would argue that you are not doing well spiritually. Every time you look at someone you know and you think they are the enemy, you are not assessing the battle correctly. Our warfare is spiritual and we must begin to handle it differently. (Photo via Unsplash)
We war in the spirit by doing what God calls us to do. If it is to love someone who is hard to love then that's warfare. If it is to host strangers even when it is uncomfortable then that's warfare. If it is to prophesy but that makes you uncomfortable then again, this is warfare! If it is to worship and sing in the face of your depression and anxiety then this is your warfare. If it is to sit with the humble when you would rather sit with the well-known, that can be warfare too. We must pick up our cross and follow Christ. We must lay down our lives and respond in the opposite spirit than what others are responding in.
Despite All These Things, Victory is Ours
There are times when you will step out in faith but all Hell breaks loose. Perhaps someone might get sick, your car may break down, your dog might get hurt, or your money might disappear. I have seen all of these things happen. But if you will do what is in your heart to do anyway, there will be breakthrough. You will conquer in the name of Jesus.
I think many Christians do not realize that there is a war occurring in the spirit realm. When you spend half your time getting upset about the difficulties you face and the people that are causing them, instead of facing those problems, then you aren't doing well in the war.
I don't know what you are facing but I do know it is real. I have been through many battles. Some I do well in and some I don't do so well. I just keep seeking the Lord. I ask Him to mold me into His image. I want His Spirit to be so strong inside of me that my responses are godly. I am not always godly, but there is grace. His grace will help us to come to a new place in the spirit. Pray that He will help you to overcome this world as Jesus has overcome this world. He will if you ask Him.
After Everything, Stand
Stand up today and declare victory in Jesus. You shall be fine but you have to stand. As Paul said in Ephesians, "Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand" (Eph. 6:13).
We just have to continue to stand and be faithful with the knowledge we have and God will do the rest. He will make a way for you when you don't know what to do. Are you struggling with human relationships? Are the people around you so difficult that you don't know what to do? God still knows what to do. Pray and ask Him for a way out. He will make a way. That is the way He is. Every time I pray to Him He makes a way.
Are you struggling with your finances? Is it so bad that you worry about tomorrow?  Ask Jesus to help you and He will make a way for you. I have gone through everything you can imagine financially but not only has God broken open the path for me, but He has also blessed my life abundantly. We must war in the face of lack and believe that God is going to bless us, even when it doesn't look like it. Ask Him for a strategy and don't give up. Your breakthrough will come. (Photo via Pixabay)
Are you worried about a loved one who seems to be dying or who seems to be far away from Jesus? Then ask the Lord to give you a vision. Ask Him to speak His word deep into your heart. He will speak and your problems will seem a lot smaller. As we seek Him, then we shall find Him, but we must seek Him with our entire hearts.
This World Doesn't Hold God Down
This is really the key to warfare: It is intimacy with the Father. It is asking Him for His perspective on all your circumstances. As you seek Him you will overcome, because there is nothing that He hasn't overcome. This world doesn't hold our God down. There is nothing a person can face that God can't make right. He is the healer, deliverer, provider, nurturer, overcomer, and warrior. He will war on your behalf. You don't have to fight for yourself. You just have to believe and stand.
God is good and His mercy endures forever. Trust Him today and your battles will seem small. Goliath was a giant, but David didn't war with him by his own strength. He overcame Goliath by the word of the Lord and the Lord guided the stone straight into Goliath's head. Your giants may seem invincible, but nothing is stronger than our God.
We live in a time when the world seems stronger and more empathetic than the Church toward people in our world. We are called bigots for our lack of compassion toward people who live differently than ourselves. It seems that the Word of God is under attack like never before, but our God is stronger and He will change things. Things will shift in the seasons ahead. The world is not as strong as our God. At some point they will bend with the wind. Just trust and watch what God will do. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Darren Canning
Darren Canning Ministries


Thursday, July 4, 2019

"Keep Your Eyes on the Sky This 4th of July!"Hank Kunneman, Omaha, NE

Notice the dates of these prophetic words that were recently sent through the Elijah List.  Amazing, isn't it?

"Keep Your Eyes on the Sky This 4th of July!"Hank Kunneman, Omaha, NE
Prophecy: March 3, 2019
I see the 4th of July. Something is happening this 4th of July. Heaven is about to come down on this 4th of July. There is a major shift coming this 4th of July! A convergence of Heaven touching this nation.
"The sound has touched the heart as I have spoken of your president," says the Lord. "And it is a sound in his heart to bring an honor to this nation, but to also bring an honor to the God of this nation. Therefore, watch your 4th of July. There shall be a gathering; there shall be a call this 4th of July, 'Come and gather.' Do not think this is a small, insignificant thing for with the call to gather, it is part of My plan to unite this nation." (Photo via Unsplash)

Prophecy: May 26, 2019
Your nation is being set free; therefore, in the summer of light, watch what is declassified. Watch what comes to the light. And when you see your fireworks, this is a sign of spiritual forces being broken, being thrown from their lofty place. It shall, for a season, create chaos, and this will seem like your summer, but do not look at the chaos! Do not look at the heat by way of the natural and heat of violence. Keep your eyes upon the sky! Look to the sign of the light and what breaks forth in your expression this 4th of July.
Hank Kunneman
One Voice Ministries


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dr. Dobson's July Newsletter

If you are confused and disappointed in the information coming from politicians and the news media, you may find Dr. James Dobson's July Newsletter describing his visit to the border helpful.

Dr. Dobson's July Newsletter

Dr. Dobsons July 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,Several weeks ago, I was invited by White House staff to visit our southern border at McAllen, Texas, where federal agents are struggling to deal with a massive influx of poor and destitute human beings. They come in never-ending waves. Please believe me when I tell you that the media and leftist politicians have not been truthful about what is going on there. It is a human tragedy.

I promised the exhausted U.S. Custom and Border Patrol agents that I would go home and tell as many people as possible what I had seen "up close and personal." Today, I am attempting to fulfill that commitment.

Approximately 5,500 people show up every day in districts organized along our southern U.S. border. McAllen is the site of only one of them, but it is the busiest and most besieged. The "refugees" arrive exhausted and ragged from walking hundreds of miles. Among them are large numbers of children, many of whom are unaccompanied by a caring adult. Last year, 382,000 aliens were apprehended for illegally crossing into this country and almost 100,000 of them were minors. Some of the kids have been abused along the way. Many of them carry lice, scabies or other diseases. Currently, the facility I visited is experiencing a flu epidemic, and there are no additional beds on which to lie. Some of the women have been raped. More than 70 people of all ages are sent to local hospitals daily along the southern border. Doctors and medical staff are overwhelmed by their patient load. Remember that word, "overwhelmed." It describes every aspect of the effort to deal with the situation there.

The most heart-wrenching experience occurred during our tour of the holding area. It is a huge gym-like building consisting of dozens of fenced-in areas. Each one is crowded with detainees standing or sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on benches. They stared out at us with plaintive eyes.

I noticed that almost none of them were talking to each other. The children looked traumatized and frightened. Tears flooded my eyes as I stood before them. They had no toys or dolls, except for a few items bought by compassionate border patrol agents. One tiny little girl clutched something that resembled a doll bought for her by an agent. There are few provisions made to accommodate the children. The week before we were there, a delegation of agents went to meet with members of Congress, and begged them for additional money to buy Pampers, toothbrushes, and other necessities. They were turned down flat. These meager supplies have to be purchased with the border patrol budget, which is stretched to the limit.

I then walked up to a fenced area holding many skinny young men. 

Continue reading here.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Monday, June 24, 2019

Pork Tenderloin Casserole

We had extra pork tenderloins thawed that we didn't use in the concessions stand for the Saturday night, event at the Linn Park so I was looking for a new recipe in which to use them.  I found a recipe that sounded pretty good and changed it a little.  It was really excellent so I will add it to my Recipes page, also!

Pork Tenderloin Casserole
  • 1/4 c. vegetable oil
  • 4 tenderized pork tenderloin
  • 1/4 c. all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese

  • Several (6 or more) potatoes, thinly sliced
  • 2 medium onions, sliced
  • 1 can beef broth
  • Salt & pepper to taste

  1. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Coat the pork chops with flour, and place in the skillet. Salt and pepper the tenderloin.  Brown about 4 minutes on each side.
  2. Place browned tenderloin in a 9x13 pan.  Lightly saute the onion in the remaining oil.   Remove and place on top of tenderloins.  Add a couple of tablespoons of flour to the drippings in the pan.  Stir to make a paste and add the beef broth.  Place sliced potatoes on top of tenderloin and onions. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and pepper.   Pour thickened beef broth over all.  Cover tightly with foil.  Cook in oven at 300 degrees for 2 hours, or 350 degrees for 1 hour. (Or can be cooked on the stovetop in the skillet used for browning.  Cover and simmer 40 minutes until potatoes are tender.)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

"What it Means to Experience 20/20 Vision in Your Gathering"Mark Virkler, Orlando, FL

    This is an excellent article on small groups by Mark Virkler.  I would love to be in a group like he describes!  Is there anyone living nearby, who would like to try creating one with us?

"What it Means to Experience 20/20 Vision in Your Gathering" Mark Virkler, Orlando, FL

When I established home groups in my church in the 1980s we took two years and worked our way through the Bible. Today, 40 years later, people from those home groups tell us that those two years were where they gained their foundational knowledge of Scripture. They read 15 chapters a week, examined Scriptures diligently to answer reflective questions, and journaled to hear what God was speaking to them through this section of Scripture. Our home meetings were times of sharing insights and revelations of what God had spoken to each of us. We also prayed for needs that were presented by the group members. We cast out demons, healed the sick and prophesied over one another.

I still hunger to be part of such a group. Close relationships are knit, love and compassion felt, revelation shared and personal needs met through prayer and helping one another in very practical ways.

What Home Groups Should Look Like
Paul tells us what these groups should look like: "...When you assemble, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification" (1 Corinthians 14:26).

We all know that the one who prepares the lesson is the one who learns the most. Since every member is required to come with something they are prepared to share, everyone grows at an exponential rate! Everyone seeks God for a revelation to share. We don't come expecting a lecture, or as people offering things off-the-cuff. We come expecting a "Spirit-led and Spirit-anointed Body" ministry, where everyone participates and everyone receives.

Spirit-anointed teaching is where we practice truth together. When I taught at Buffalo School of the Bible, I designed my classes this way. Students were required to come to class with something to share, and that included me, as the instructor.

Here are some key definitions to help move us forward with this kind of training:
• Spirit-anointed teacher: The teacher must have a living relationship with the subject at hand (i.e. a love, passion and mastery of the area), and invite his students into that relationship as full partners, to experience their own living relationship with the subject.
• Spirit-anointed teaching: "To teach is to create a space where revelation knowledge is experienced and practiced."

What Should We Experience in These Gatherings?
1. Companionship – A compassionate touch (Matthew 14:14).
2. Hearts burning as He opens the Scriptures to us (Luke 24:32).
3. Inner healing as Jesus walks through painful memories (Luke 22:54-62; John 21:15-17).
4. Dreams interpreted so we receive God's counsel and wisdom (Psalm 16:7).
6. Deliverance and freedom as demons are cast out (Mark 16:17).
7. Miracles and healing as we pray for one another (1 Corinthians 12:28).
8. The nine-fold expression of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:7-11).

As a result, the fire of God grows in our hearts and we experience increased personal freedom. The opportunity to practice the exercise of the gifts of the Spirit in this safe setting results in increased boldness to step forward and minister by the Spirit in public settings.

Revival Through God's Revelation
God has used home groups to spread revival. China's house churches have grown the Church from 1 million to 60 million in recent years.

I believe that instead of focusing so much on addressing sin, the focus of a "Spirit Life Circle" (home group) should be on receiving of revelation from God (Ephesians 1:17-18). When His light comes in, sin and darkness flee as a natural byproduct, without us ever having to focus on it. Biblically speaking, our focus is to be on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-2). There is no command to fix our eyes on our sin. We become a reflection of what/whom we focus on. So we choose to focus on JESUS, and become a reflection of Him!

Dr. Mark Virkler
President, Christian Leadership University (CLU)
Communion With God Ministries

Website: |

Monday, June 17, 2019

"Who is About to Change the World?" Ryan Bruss,

I say "yes!"  I want to be one of these.  (Possted today on the Elijah List.)

"Who is About to Change the World?" Ryan Bruss, Charlotte, North Carolina

A Fearless, Hungry Remnant of Laid-Down Lovers
There is a remnant of Christians today who are hungry and desperate for God, willing to lay down their DAILY lives for Jesus. They are living free from offense and staying connected to Him 24/7. They want to serve. They want to love as Jesus has loved them. They have such a desire to live pure and holy before God and are not bound up in the rhetoric of legalism.

They have been broken and restored; wounded and healed. They have lived in the valley of the shadow of death for years, but now they have had an encounter with God. And instead of staying on the mountain, they travel back to the valley to help those who are dying there, as they once were. They don't care about ministry titles, ministry names or networking to build their ministry.

These people that I am talking about love to pray, love to worship, love to spend ordinary moments with Jesus. They are givers and not takers. They are determined and not demanding.

A Joy That Cannot Be Shaken
They are the ones who have overcome sadness, sorrow and grief and have an internal joy that cannot be shaken. This group of people has exchanged beauty for ashes. They look at their internal (and external) reflection and they no longer see pain, shame, condemnation, rejection, depression and the like – they see the love of the Father.

They are dangerous, fearless, bold and confident in the face of adversity. These are the ones who have discerned that their current struggles and afflictions – whatever those may be – are but for a moment, and are working for them a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

These people love the lost, the hurting, the dying and the broken. Why? Because they have been there and met the Savior, the Healer, the Deliver and the love of the Father. 

They would rather take personal communion with Jesus than have everyone in the room like them, understand them and appreciate them.

These are the ones who are giving when no one is looking. These are the people who are saying, "Here I am, send me." They laugh at trials and temptations and find the joy of the Lord in even the little things. These are warriors and not wimps. They are fierce and not faithless. They are passionate, they are dreamers, they are visionaries.

Living in Divine Order
They live in divine order: God, family and THEN ministry. They are hard workers in the spirit. These are the ones who are living for eternal rewards and honestly don't care what you think about them. They are free from judging – they leave that to God – they would rather love. You can't control or manipulate them, and they will love you anyway.

They open the Bible and hear the voice of God and it challenges and changes them. They walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. They desperately want the fruit of the Spirit and the fruit that remains. They are watchful discerners of what is taking place around them. Like the sons of Issachar, they are learning to discern the times and seasons.

They have learned the secrets of King David; they are warriors and lovers. They do not have the words "pretenders," "fakes" and "hypocrites" in their vocabulary. They are just as real on Sunday morning as they are on Friday night.

They get their peace, joy and comfort from the Holy Spirit, and not by escaping into alcohol, television, pornography, hiding or any other temporary pleasure.

Where Will You Find This Remnant?
Where will you find this remnant? Sitting with the homeless, dining with the elite, standing in front of abortion clinics, building orphanages, preaching in Latvia, dancing in California, building businesses, starting churches, raising families, loving the seemingly unlovable, giving up sleep, praying through the night, fasting their meals, breaking bread, letting go of the world and embracing a Jesus-centered lifestyle. Like supernatural special agents, they will infiltrate every part of society but refuse to be recognized.

They live to please Jesus and to love Him with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength, keeping the first commandment in first place. These are the ones who are about to change the world!

Ryan Bruss
Revive International

Saturday, June 15, 2019

On Their Mark | Robert Madu

This is one of the best talks I have ever heard.  So true!  And so needed!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Seven Benefits of Jesus' Shed Blood by James Goll

This is an excerpt from James Goll's article, "7 Benefits of the Blood of Jesus," posted on The Elijah List.  It is a great reminder of all that we have because of Jesus shedding His blood for us.  You can read the entire article here.
...Seven Benefits of Jesus' Shed Blood
In Christ's Blood, we receive life that death cannot conquer. Jesus has established a new covenant through His Blood, and He intercedes on our behalf to enable us to enter more fully into His Blood covenant with us (see Romans 8:34).
Once again, the number seven comes into play as Jesus' Blood accomplishes at least seven distinct benefits to complete our salvation:
1. Forgiveness. You and I have been forgiven through the Blood that Jesus shed when He gave up His life. "...[W]ithout shedding of blood there is no forgiveness" (Hebrews 9:22 NASB). (Photo via James Goll)
2. Cleansing. Our consciences have been washed by the Blood of Christ Jesus because we have truly been purified from all sin (see Hebrews 9:14).
3. Redemption. Forgiven and cleansed, we find that we have been redeemed from the clutches of the powers of darkness. "In Him we have redemption through His Blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace" (Ephesians 1:7 NIV).
4. Justification. It is one thing to believe that you are forgiven, cleansed, and redeemed, but it is another to believe that it is just as if you had never sinned in the first place. "For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him" (2 Corinthians 5:21). When I am justified, it is "just-as-if-I'd" never sinned. I am righteous.
5. Sanctification. Now we can take it one step further and declare that we have been set apart for a holy calling – sanctified. Each Believer is a special vessel set apart for God. Only Jesus' Blood can make this possible. Because of Him, we can walk on the straight and narrow way (see Matthew 7:14).
6. Peace. Because of Jesus' Blood, we can have perfect peace. There will still be plenty of battles to fight, but the outcome has been determined on Calvary: "It was through what His Son did that God cleared a path for everything to come to Him – all things in Heaven and on Earth – for Christ's death on the Cross has made peace with God for all by His Blood" (Colossians 1:20 TLB).
7. Access to the throne. Jesus' Blood has made possible your complete reconciliation with the holy Father in Heaven. Now, covered as you are in the Blood of Christ, you are like the high priest who was invited to enter the Most Holy Place – without being struck dead. You can enter the most holy throne room of Heaven with perfect impunity: "And so, dear brothers, now we may walk right into the very Holy of Holies, where God is, because of the Blood of Jesus" (Hebrews 10:19 TLB).
In your own life, how have you testified to what the Blood of Jesus Christ has accomplished? How have you spoken of it (out loud) and declared with joy the benefits He has won for you? Even when you proclaim it within the privacy of your prayer closet, the enemy gets blinded with the glory of Heaven!
All praise, honor, and worship to the Lamb of God for what He has done on the Cross! The Blood of Christ avails for you and for me! Let's each declare with thanksgiving what the Blood of the Lamb has accomplished for each of us! 
Declaring the Power of Jesus' Blood!
Dr. James W. Goll
God Encounters Ministries


Monday, June 3, 2019

A Glorious Night of Worship

What a glorious night of worship we had last night at Linn Park!  The Martinsville Harvest Vineyard Worship Team opened the evening.  Their rendition of "Ain't No Grave" was amazing!

Carolyn Yoder and VWorship Team from the Sullivan Vineyard then led us in many wonderful songs, including our theme song for Elevate Praise, "Raise A Hallelujah."  They ended the evening with a short medley of hymns.  The evening was perfect!  Perfect weather, perfect atmosphere, perfect music!  I had been anticipating this night since the inception of Elevate Praise in February, and I certainly wasn't disappointed.  It was fabulous!  I asked if they would come back.  They said they would like to.  How blessed we are!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

'A New Kind Of Leader' by Mario Murillo

This is an excellent, thought-provoking article by Mario Murillo that was published on Global Prophetic Voice.  Where is God calling you?

'A New Kind Of Leader' Mario Murillo

May 29, 2019
Please Share-

In the next few years, you will see social media virtually ban all preaching. Not only that, but there will be a concerted effort to marginalize the church in ways you never imagined. Does that mean that Bible-based Christianity is over in America? Absolutely not! You watch: God will come out of nowhere to meet this threat.

Remember I told you this…a new kind of Christian leader will soon appear. They will not fit any present mold. They will be the catalysts. They will usher in the next great awakening.

A few of them will be in pulpits. More of them will be in politics, business, science, law, entertainment, music, or a thousand other fields of endeavor.  They will not introduce subjects—they will introduce eras.

No one will be able to buy them off or get them to change the subject. They will operate on a disquieting plane of holiness and consecration. I believe A. W. Tozer was describing them when he said, “They serve God and mankind from motives too high to be understood by the rank and file of religious retainers who today shuttle in and out of the sanctuary.”
Today they suffer. Their agony is what happens when worlds collide. They see their destiny. It’s big and dangerous. A part of them glories in the potential to know God intimately and represent Him bravely. They see themselves rebuking kings, tyrants, and warmongers. They see themselves commanding the transfer of the wealth of the wicked into the control of the righteous. (Is. 60:5)

 God is warring to save America. You must find your assignment in that war. But how can we know our assignment?

The secret to finding your assignment is your heart. God speaks to the heart and then the heart must control the mind. Today, many spirit-filled believers are unwittingly involved in New Age practices. They relate to God as if He were some kind of ‘force’ rather than a Person.

They think that audacity and confidence will unlock gifts, authority, and direction. They speak of “activating gifts” as if there was a formula to supernatural manifestations. My friend, it comes through brokenness, not arrogance. The ‘force’ is a farce.

The gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit always come through relationship. Sorry, but Christianity has always been, and always will be, family owned and operated. So then how can we know our assignment?

Your assignment in the Army of God is your individual expression and extension of Christ’s destruction of the works of the devil. You are a destroyer of the works of the devil. God will give you a way to do it that is unique to you.

Until that gets through to you—until you admit and agree to those terms—God will remain silent about your assignment.

Because the situation today in America is an impossible one, only one kind of person will make a difference now. They must be armed with divine certainty. They must own an unshakable, bone-deep conviction that they have been chosen for this task.

Without this, we have zero hope of removing the bloody talons of Satan from the throat of our nation. Without it, we are doomed to another embarrassing misfire, pawned off as revival.
Next, you must face the fact that very few believers are supposed to be teachers, preachers, or pastors (see James 3:1). For too long, we have listened to the voice of God through a filter. In the past, whenever God has moved someone to serve Him, we have assumed it meant ‘ministry.’

This assumption of ministry has sent many Christians to Bible College who didn’t belong there. Worse yet, it has filled pulpits with people who should have never been ordained. This reminds me of why President Woodrow Wilson once said, “One of the proofs of the divinity of the Gospel is the preaching it has survived.”

This filtered view of service is one big reason the church lost influence in our nation. God tried to send people into education, law, medicine, business, art, media, and yes, even politics−but instead, we herded them into “Christian service.”

You see it in the Bible. You see it in the stories of heroes of faith throughout history who altered the course of their generation. At the dawn of their mission, God infused them with incontestable certainty. 

This certainty plays a critical role in their survival. Think of it like the escape velocity of a rocket. Escape velocity is one of the biggest challenges of space travel. In order for a rocket to break free of the Earth’s gravitational force it must reach a speed of seven miles per second. That’s 25,000 miles per hour!

Evil convulses at the approach of a new vessel of God. Hell instantly puts chosen ones on a hit list. The child of God must be blasted by divine certainty into a trajectory that will escape the pull of devils, the seduction of fame, withering criticism, and the dark night of the soul that comes to all who are called of God.

From his death bed, John Wesley wrote his last letter to William Wilberforce to encourage him as he fought in Parliament to abolish slavery in England. In this letter, Wesley confirms the urgency of divine certainty: “Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be against you?  Are all of them together stronger than God? O be not weary of well doing! Go on, in the name of God and in the power of his might…”

Understand this child of God! The same Spirit that is awakening a passion and direction in you is doing the same thing to millions more. Soon an army will emerge that will invade every area of our culture.

Today it is sporadic fire, here and there, but soon the prophetic core of God will obey and embrace their assignment. They will come together in a chorus of victory that will be unlike anything we have ever seen.

Never forget, Christianity will survive without America−but America will not survive without Christianity.
Mario MUrillo

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Novice Advertising

    I've been working on advertising for the next Elevate Praise event even though I've had no training in this area--only experience from attempting to promote our "Gatherings In The Park" these past few years.
     I spend much time trying to design eye-catching posters to hang and banners to install at Linn Park that can easily be read from a distance. Then there are the press releases to send to newspapers and letters to churches asking them to help us by promoting the event from the pulpit, plus the email announcement to those on the list I have.  It almost time to start over for another event by the time I get one promoted! Here is the latest poster in case you live within driving distance and can come to the night of worship.
     Carolyn Yoder is one of my favorite worship leaders so I feel really blessed and excited she has agreed to lead this evening.

    Since I used this format when creating the Brand New Day posters (see blog post here) I decided to keep it and change the colors and relevant information for each event.  Hopefully, it will become recognizable.

Monday, May 13, 2019

7 Ways to Stand for Rebellious Children - Kenneth Copeland Ministries

     A new friend sent me a link to this great article.  If you have rebellious children or grandchildren, or know someone who does I thought you might find it as helpful as I did.

7 Ways to Stand for Rebellious Children

May 8, 2019
7 Ways to Stand for Rebellious Children

Are you the parent of a rebellious child? There is hope. Find out how you can stand for a rebellious or prodigal child and finally see the miracle you’ve been praying for.

No one ever said parenting was easy. When you first bring your babies home from the hospital, there is so much hope and possibility for who they will become and what kind of lives they’ll lead. It doesn’t take long to realize that raising great kids is not automatic—it’s a lot of work! And you’ll have to contend for them every step of the way.
Whether their children are young or grown, many parents face the unexpected situation of dealing with a rebellious child or even a prodigal. The disappointment is stinging and the road often lonely. It can be difficult to even know where to start. First, we’ll begin with the basics.
What is rebellion?
A stubborn or rebellious spirit is one that rejects truth, challenges authority, and refuses to take personal responsibility for attitudes or actions. Further, a rebellious spirit is one that often, but not always, begins to turn away from God. Rick Rennerexplains that the word witchcraft comes from the Greek word pharmakeia, which refers to “the flesh’s attempts to avoid being confronted and changed.”
It’s important to understand that not all rebellious children are necessarily prodigals. Nonetheless, even the smallest hint of rebellion in the home must be dealt with immediately. Rolling the eyes, becoming angry when asked to take out the trash, or balking at the household rules will all open the door to a greater severity of rebellion down the line.
Perhaps your situation is much worse—stealing, lying, violence, drugs or alcohol abuse. Maybe your child is so far away from God, you can’t even see the possibility of his or her return. Know this: There is hope for your child. You are not powerless. You can see the miracle you’ve been praying for with these seven ways to stand for rebellious children.

1. Put Feelings Aside

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” –Romans 8:14 (KJV)

You’re hurt. You’re disappointed, shocked—even angry. You blame them. You blame yourself. You don’t know where to turn or what to do. When a child is rebellious, it is frustrating. When they’re extremely rebellious, it can feel downright devastating. 
Here’s where you have to be careful. The devil preys on feelings—any feelings. You don’t even have to swing the door wide open—all he needs you to do is crack it open just a tiny bit—and he’s in. He’ll have you doubting your ability to parent, questioning the moment-by-moment well-being of your child, and plummeting into deep despair. The game plan? Don’t even give him the chance.
Put all feelings aside and focus on the TRUTH. Don’t be led by thoughts or emotions—be led by the Spirit in everything you say and do regarding your child.

2. Give Them Room

“‘Your children will come back to you from the distant land of the enemy. There is hope for your future,’ says the Lord. ‘Your children will come again to their own land.’” –Jeremiah 31:16-17 

Mothers and fathers, take God’s Word for it. Receive Jeremiah 31:16-17 for yourself. Stop weeping for your children and start believing the Word. That’s the only thing that will bring them around. If necessary, go to your kids and ask their forgiveness for neglecting them. 
Many times, rebellious children feel lost, insecure and angry, and are trying to discover their true identity. Give them room. The closer you push in, the more they will tend to back away from you. That doesn’t mean you stop being involved in their lives; it means you focus on encouraging and blessing them, rather than criticizing, condemning or pushing them to have a relationship with God. 
Continue to set proper boundaries in your home or with their behavior toward you, depending on their ages. And don’t stop there. Take every opportunity to minister love to your children. 

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Friday, May 10, 2019

"What God Showed Me Over the Next 5 Years" Rebecca Greenwood

I love to read prophetic words given by those who have submitted their words to trusted overseers.  This word from Rebecca Greenwood posted on The Elijah List today, is very encouraging for us as a nation in the next 5 years.

In my intercession time on April 23rd, the Lord brought a clear vision of the United States of America. Over the following week I had been in intercession concerning the vision, and on the morning of the National Day of Prayer, May 2, I felt the Lord prompting me to share what He revealed in order for the Church and the intercessors to pray in agreement. After submitting the word to trusted friends and prophetic voices, I was encouraged to share this vision publicly, as I strongly believe this word is an invitation for intercession.
In this vision, I saw Jesus standing above a large map of the nation. He was intentionally highlighting specific regions throughout the nation by positioning Himself above the regions that He began to speak to me about. He was maneuvering throughout the land with the intent of highlighting these regions and speaking His purposes for what He continued to call "The five-year period of grace and awakening."
Northern U.S. – Unlocking of Covenants
Initially, I saw Jesus in the northern region of the United States, and I heard Him say, "There will be an unlocking of original covenants in the land that will cause the nation to shift into righteous covenant. As this unlocking occurs it will pave a way throughout 2019, leading into 2020, and 4 years following 2020 for continued and increased righteous governance in the White House that will lead this land. This government will continue to decree righteousness through alignments with key nations, standing for life of the unborn, the supporting of Israel and the belief in Christian values and prayer."
Abortion Legislation
He then brought the focus to abortion and said, "Abortion will continue to be dealt with state by state, region by region; a grassroots movement of states that will stand for righteousness. This is just the beginning."
He further revealed that as we begin to advance from now through to 2024 and going into 2025, there will be 28 states that will shift abortion legislation to righteousness in which an unborn child will no longer be considered a fetus, but a human life. Legislation will begin to shift in these 28 states to the stance that abortion is murder and illegal once the heartbeat is heard in the mother's womb. In many of these 28 states I could even see a newer wave of legislation being written. The language within this new legislation will be "Life begins at the moment of conception."
The East Coast – Oil and Fire Awakening
As the vision continued, Jesus made His way to the East Coast where He said, "There is an oil and fire awakening and movement of My Spirit that is coming to the East Coast."
I could see that there is an increased awakening coming all along the East Coast. I could see a fire, a spiritual fire, moving throughout specific locations. Broward County in Florida was one of the highlighted areas. The occult practices in Broward county and the surrounding regions that have been engaged in these practices, with the intent to hold back the nation from righteous and conservative values, will be exposed and dealt with. I could see the apostolic/prophetic prayer army issuing a final blow to the schemes of the enemy in that region.
As the vision continued, I could see clearly the dark hand of the deep state that had gripped the United States. But every area and region that the Lord walked into, the grip of the deep state could no longer keeps its demonic hold on our nation. I heard Him say, "Florida, you are key for this time; for such a time as this. Where the deep state has penetrated through to Broward County, the grip will be broken and there will be a new move of My Spirit that will come into Florida and cause a righteousness to rise up."
North and South Carolina, get ready for a visitation.
Georgia was highlighted, and He spoke, "Awakening is on you, even within the government. This move of awakening will have great impact in governmental state leaders."
The South – a Gateway of Authority
I then saw Jesus standing above the South. I heard the Lord say to the South and specifically to Texas, "You are a gateway of this nation and what is established in the South will reverberate across the nation all the way up to Washington DC. It is a season of being re-established as a righteous gateway for the nation. Where it has been an entry point for evil along the border, this evil is being shut off."
I then saw that sex trafficking at the border will be dealt with. The entity of Santa Muerte, that has tried to come into our nation through the borders of Texas, will be cut off because that door of evil will be shut.
The Lord is awakening the gateway authority of the South – a spiritual position of standing at the gate. In the days ahead it will no longer be a gateway of contention, but a gate-keeping authority will continue to rise up within the Church, within the prophetic, and the intercessory army. What is unfolding within the government of Texas will have an effect and impact all the way to the nation's capital in DC. (Photo via Pixabay)
The Plains States – Awakening the Father's Heart in the Land
I then saw Him move into the center of the U.S. and He spoke to the Plains States, "You will cause the heartbeat of the Father to beat again, and there will be an awakening to the heartbeat of the Father. A recognition of the Father's heart of love will be awakened from the Plains States that will have effect across the nation."
I could see the pillars of unrighteousness that have held that area in the heartland, but I could also see new strategies being birthed and implemented in order to see those pillars of unrighteousness toppled.
There is a stirring in the Dakotas which will surprise many. There is an awakening that is coming to the First Nations people in the Dakotas, a revival awakening move of the Father's heart that will begin to beat again.
The Heartland – a Season of Grace and Breakthrough
As the vision continued, I could see and was made aware of the focus of the next 5 years. It is a season of grace and breakthrough. I noticed that every region where the Lord had positioned Himself over on the map saw changes. I saw that within the next five years the dark grip of the deep state – that demonic grip of extreme agendas to condone death of the unborn and to establish socialism in our nation – lost its grip.
I was able to see that in the heartland, in the center of the U.S., there is stake of truth and righteousness that is being driven into the land by the Lord. As it was penetrating the land, it caused the heartbeat of the Father for this nation to be awakened within the people of this land. The heart of the land began to beat again in rhythm with His purposes. In the next five years, as the pillars of unrighteousness come down we will see God's Kingdom purposes established in the heartland.
The West Coast – Shakings of Awakening 
I then saw the Lord positioned above and highlighting the West Coast. He said, "I am visiting certain regions and cities of a dry and a parched land. People have said, 'Can anything good come out of San Francisco?'" And He said, "Watch what I will do in the days ahead. In these five years of grace, a spiritual birthing of awakening will occur. There is about to be a move in San Francisco that will surprise many."
I could hear and see in my spirit, San Diego and San Bernardino. There are stirrings of His Spirit in those dry and parched lands. What the enemy meant for harm will not prevail. The Lord will cause a movement, and that which was meant for evil will be turned for His good and His glory.
I could see that there were going to be shakings in the West Coast. But these shakings will not bring devastation. These shakings will cause people to awaken to the Lord. I could see that in the West Coast, it was time for righteousness to be established from their gates.
I heard the Lord say, "There is going to be a turning around even in the West Coast, in key locations. In the midst of the several shakings that are ahead, there will not be devastation or destruction, but a shaking unto awakening of truth and holiness."
Historic Movements and Exposures
I then saw Jesus back in our nation's capital. He spoke again, "During this five-year period of time, there will be historic movements that no one has expected to see. There will be historic exposures which have not been seen; exposures of corruption, and exposures of under-the-table, corrupt agreements, where deals have been made by the shaking of hands with corrupt, elite structures."
Friends, it was evident within this vision that we are in a five-year grace period of exposure of corruption and the gavel of justice, the Lord's gavel, is coming down against these corrupt structures.
The Lord stated, "Do not be surprised when you see more revealed, more shaking, more chaos because in this season, I am exposing the corruption. And it will look like chaos, but it is exposure leading to a cleansing during this five-year period of grace."
Demonic Grip of Corruption Loosed and Holiness Movement Birthed
As this vision was unfolding, everywhere the Lord walked throughout the land, the demonic grip of darkness that has tried to control and squeeze the nation in its hold, was loosed, and no longer had the power to hold the nation in its influence.
I could see a new holiness movement coming into the land, a holiness movement without compromise. Even within the Church where there has been so much compromise, even at a denominational level, there will be some who will arise within those denominations and say, "We can no longer compromise. We must stand for truth and righteousness." It will be a cry of repentance, truth and holiness, drawing a line in the sand between those who have compromised and those who will no longer compromise. (Photo via Unsplash)
In this season, there is an understanding that is coming to the Body of Christ of the true agenda of what has been occurring at the hands of corruption and perversion. Exposure, exposure, exposure will occur in the days ahead.
We are in a five-year period of grace for this nation. What we have seen unfold, even in the past three years, will not compare to what we will see unfolding in the next five years. We have seen darkness while at the same time awesome, suddenly, unexpected surprises causing a movement toward righteousness.
The Lord spoke clearly, "In the days ahead you will see many more." We are in a five-year grace period for this nation! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Rebecca Greenwood
Christian Harvest International

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