Wednesday, November 30, 2022

So Amazing!

   I have never heard this but isn’t it amazing?  No wonder a mother knows her child and loves him/her even before he/she is born and always thereafter.  God is so creative and all-knowing!! 


"During pregnancy, some baby cells migrate into the mother's bloodstream and then return to the child. It's called "mother-fetal microchimerism".

For 41 weeks, the cells mix and circulate back and forth, and, after the baby is born, many of these cells remain in the mother’s body, leaving a permanent imprint in the tissues, bones, brain and skin of the baby to mother, and they often remain there for decades.
Every other child a mother has will leave a similar imprint on her body.
Even if a pregnancy doesn’t end, or if you have an abortion, these cells still migrate into the bloodstream.

Research has shown that if a mother’s heart is injured, fetal cells will rush to the injury site, and transform into different types of cells that specialize in repairing the heart.

The child helps the mother repair, while the mother builds the child.

This is often the reason why some diseases fade away during pregnancy.

It's amazing how the mother's body protects the baby at all costs, and the baby protects and rebuilds the mother in return, so they can safely develop and survive.

Let's think about pregnancy cravings for a moment. What did the mother need, that the child make her wish?

The studies also showed the presence of fetal cells in her mother's brain 18 years after birth.
How wonderful is this? "

From an article by Nargis Kizalbash

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Dr. Lee Merritt & Karen Kingston - It's All Parasites: Cancer, Vaccines, Remedies

 Everyone needs to watch this video.  After watching do your research.  It seems to make much sense and is very convincing that we need to be taking anti-parasitical meds to rid our bodies of accumulated parasites, including those artificially created ones in Covid and injected through the "jab."  

Now to discover where to get Ivermectin, and Hydrochloroquine!  Chlorine dioxide is available online, or you can make your own.  My biggest concern is dosage.  Dr. Merritt is talking of taking the meds in cycles to kill the hatching parasites.  How much?  How often?  All at once?  Throughout the day?  I would be glad to hear your comments if you know anything about this.

Dr. Lee Merritt & Karen Kingston - It's All Parasites: Cancer, Vaccines, Remedies (Video)

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Lara Logan Joins Diamond and Silk to Discuss It All

 This is an excellent video/intervies with Lara Logan.  She is a fearless journalist who has been through much but continues to get her research to the public even though there are many who try to stop her.

If you are concerned about Child Sex Trafficking I'm sure you will want to watch it.

Lara Logan joins Diamond and Silk to discuss it all.