Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Church in America, Wake Up! A Sermon by Pastor Gary Hamrick. Hosted by I...

If you are one of those who says they aren't going to vote because you don't like either candidate, or if you have friends who have said that--or a pastor who is not helping his or her congregation to know how to vote, please share this.  It is fabulous!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Corruption is Being Exposed

 I would be surprised if any of you reading my blog are voting for Biden, but just in case you are I am posting a link to this article: The Biden Crime Family Come Undone which is posted on Frontpage Magazine online.

I believe President Trump has been raised up by God to "drain the swamp".  When you hear of such corruption it is no wonder they have done everything possible to get rid of him.  I am so relieved things like this are finally coming to light.  Thank you, Lord! 

PRESS RELEASE: Placebo-controlled clinical study documents that Vitamin C greatly reduces mortality in patients at life-threatening stage of COVID-19

 A press release from the Rath Foundation:

A randomized, placebo-controlled clinical intervention study in patients at advanced stages of COVID-19 has documented that high-dose vitamin C can cut the death rate almost in half compared to a control group that received the placebo.

The multi-center clinical study was coordinated by the University Hospital of Wuhan, China, the site of the outbreak of the current pandemic. It included COVID-19 patients admitted to intensive care units because of the severity of the life-threatening stage of their infections. All these severely ill patients received standard medical treatment. In addition, one study group received daily doses of 24 grams of vitamin C, given intravenously, while another group received a placebo. Administration of vitamin C resulted in cutting the death rate (mortality) in about half, compared to those patients who only received the placebo.

Patients receiving vitamin C treatment also had a significantly better oxygenation of their blood, indicating that oxygen can better diffuse across the alveolar cells of the lung to saturate the red blood cells. . .

Continue reading here.

Why are we not being told to supplement with Vitamin C as a preventative?

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Norman Vincent Peale Quote

 I, like President Trump, was influenced greatly in my early Christian days by Norman Vincent Peale.  This quote still inspires me so I wanted to post it here to remember and to pay tribute to a great man of God.

"I place this day, my life, my loved ones, my work in the Lord's hands. There is no harm in the Lord's hands, only good. Whatever happens, whatever results, if I am in the Lord's hands it is the Lord's will, and it is good."

I believe this is a declaration we would do well to speak every day.

Friday, October 16, 2020


Don't listen to the naysayers and the fake news.  God has created Donald Trump for such a time as this and he will be president for 4 more years.  Listen to Kat Kerr and be encouraged.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Patriot Post Quote on the NBA

 I love this quote from The Patriot Post in their article entitles The NBA Promotes Social Justice and China.  Some people have a gift for words!

"The vanishingly small number of Americans who still tune in on occasion do so for the same reason they always have — to see incredible athletes play a great game at its highest level. What they don't want to see is a bunch of dim-witted multimillionaires preaching to us on issues about which they're so embarrassingly ill-informed. "

How true!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Trump 2020 A Man vs. A Movement - A Must See Video

Wearing a mask is useless!

 If you are still relying on a mask to keep you safe from Covid you might want to read this article about new info released from the CDC:  

CDC: 85% of COVID patients 'always' or 'often' wore a mask

New study indicates facial coverings don't 'slow' or 'stop' the spread

Any person who knows anything about health knows that wearing a mask is the worst thing you can do when your body is trying to fight off something.  Oxygen is needed in every cell to strengthen an immune system.  Wearing a mask prevents the intake of fresh air and instead causes a person to breathe in some of the carbon dioxide that person is needing to expel.  This does not take a rocket scientist to figure out!!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide as a treatment for Covid and other Respiratory Infections

I watched an interview with Dr. Mercola and a doctor who had been using nebulized hydrogen peroxide for 25 years.  He had treated over 100 Covid patients--none of which had needed to be hospitalized--with it, so I bought the nebulizer, but wasn't sure how to dilute the peroxide to the right amount.                                        

Today Dr. Mercola's email letter included a link to an article on President Trump's treatment protocol.  In it he has an excellent little video embedded on how to nebulize hydrogen peroxide.  I tried to find it on YouTube so that I could post just the video, but it wasn't there.  I found the various treatments used for Pres. Trump mildly interesting, but was excited to find this explanation on how to do the nebulization.  Be sure to scroll down near the end of the article and watch the video.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

"The 30 Days of Esther: A Price to Be Paid in October" Lou Engle


William Wilberforce, the great Christian parliamentarian whom God used to end the slave trade in Great Britain, said this...

"There is a principle above everything that is political. And when I reflect on the command that says, 'Thou shalt do no murder,' believing the authority to be divine, how can I dare set up any reasonings of my own against it? And...when we think of eternity, and the future consequences of all human conduct, what is there in this life which should make any man contradict the principles of his own conscience, the principles of justice, the laws of religion, and of God?"

Wilberforce actually understood that if he made political decisions, including voting, that were contradictory to the biblical command "Thou shalt not kill," he would be held accountable in eternity for that decision. I believe that this coming election is not a referendum on President Trump's character, or on Joe Biden's character. I believe it is a referendum of where God's people will stand on the issue of legalized murder in America.

Remember the Name Amy Barrett!

We are in a very intense and defining moment of time in our nation's history. Two years ago, Matt Lockett, leader of the pro-life prayer movement Bound4Life, had a dream. In the dream, Vice President Pence's wife Karen was visibly disturbed and concerned about the Supreme Court. Matt, who was her bodyguard in the dream, grabbed her by the shoulders, looked her in the eyes and firmly said: "Remember the name Amy Barrett!"

This dream, which has been prayed over for two years, has come to its moment of fulfillment. President Trump's recent nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court has interrupted the conversation of the election and the whole nation. God has driven Roe v. Wade as a wedge that will not be escaped or sidelined.

Right now, if you have been reading the news, you know there is a rage against Amy Barrett and most of it centers around the potential of the Court reversing Roe v. Wade. The rage is also about Judge Barrett's Christian faith. She is Catholic and the Catholic's biblical dogma declares that "life begins at conception."

When Amy was nominated for the Seventh Court of Appeals, Senator Feinstein argued that she was biased because of her Catholic faith and could not rule justly because of that bias. The same argument is now being made this very moment. Of course, Joe Biden is Catholic. So, the issue is not whether or not one is Catholic, it is where you stand concerning the Bible and the shedding of the innocent blood of the unborn.

Psalm 75 declares that promotion comes not from the east or the west, for God raises up one and brings down another. President Trump, the most pro-life president in America's modern history, has been raised up by God, as is our conviction, to appoint judges to the courts who will reverse the encoding of the murder of the innocents. He could be America's William Wilberforce.

Now, with the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, the whole nation has been brought to a moment where God is saying, "I set before you life and death. Choose life!" (Photo of Amy Coney Barret via TheCall)

Once again, God has exalted an Esther, potentially, to the highest court in the land. If she is confirmed, Justice Barrett will inevitably face an Esther-decision, on the highest level, of whether she will save her life through political expediency, or risk everything to break the spirit of Haman off this nation, declaring, "If I die, I die." But right now, there are Haman-like conspiracies swirling in the House to delay her confirmation, concocting schemes that would derail and delay her until after the elections.

If we could pull the veil from that which is above the political drama, we would find that this is not so much a political battle as a spiritual battle. This is why we are calling on The Briefing community, and all those who are reading this, to take up the assignment that we are about to lay before you.

Let Us Not Render This Election or Confirmation to Caesar

Years ago, during the presidential primaries of 2000, a friend of mine had a dream in which he could see spiritual warfare taking place above the race between John McCain and George Bush. In the dream, he heard a voice say, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and render unto God the things that are God's." He told us the dream and we understood the message: We had rendered the political process to Caesar, but God hadn't. The fact that there was spiritual warfare over the primaries showed us that prayer and spiritual warfare actually affected the electoral process at every level.

Therefore, let us not render this election or this confirmation to Caesar. Let us war together to impact the raising up of kings and the bringing of them down according to the will of the Lord. It is the Church's call to win through spiritual battle.

The Esther Mandate

So, with this Amy Barrett/Esther drama taking place, I had a phone call the other day with several young, but influential, Christian women leaders in the nation. Unbeknownst to one another, they had all been listening online to a replay of a message I gave at Bethel's worship conference in 2017 called "Heaven Come." They were each shaken by the message and wanted to have a conversation with me about their Esther calling. Two of the women had similar dreams about the movie The Lord of the Rings involving the gates of Mordor. One of the young ladies dreamed that she was riding a white horse and was fearlessly leading thousands of other women on white horses as they were invading the gates of Mordor. Another dreamed that I was giving her an ancient golden key that would unlock the gates of Mordor.

Before this conversation, I had been praying if I was to put a nation-wide word out concerning an Esther dream I had received four years ago. As they told me their dreams, I felt the Lord speak to me strongly, "Launch the Esther Mandate word again!" That word came to me at a time when witches were mobilizing worldwide for a day in which they would unleash witchcraft and curses against President Trump. Because of that threat, I had gone to Estes Park, Colorado to seek God as to what I should do. On the third day, He gave me an epic dream, shared previously in The Briefing 011 - An Esther Movement.

In the dream, as far as I could see, women were coming from every direction to hear the book of Esther being taught. The atmosphere was electric with the spirit of revival. Women of all ages, but mostly young, teen-aged girls, kept coming, and in the dream I was given an old bible by my prayer partner. We were the only men there. Then, a woman stood up and began to teach the book of Esther. I remember so clearly as she declared, "And these two words in the book of Esther actually mean "Nazgul."

I WOKE from the dream and almost instantly knew what it meant. In the third part of the movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings, the Nazgul were the Ringwraiths; demonic-like spirits that were destroying the armies of men in a great battle. In the movie, as the human king lay dying, the Witch-king of the Nazgul was confronted by the princess, disguised behind her armor. Just as he defied her, taunting, "No man can kill me!" She pulled off her helmet, shook loose her hair, and pierced him through declaring, "I am no man!" (Photo via Flickr)

I knew the Lord was saying, "There are certain spirits that will not be defeated apart from the mass rising up of women, like Esther, who will gain authority over the demonic realm." In particular, I believe this applies to the spirits of witchcraft and the spirit of abortion, which fuels that witchcraft. In the dream I was being given an old Bible, which I believe has to do with me being called to be a Mordecai to call the Esthers to rise up and fast and pray to break that spirit of Jezebel's witchcraft.

With only a few days before the witches' gathering back in 2017, we sent out this word. It went viral and we estimated that tens of thousands of women around the world did a 3-day Esther fast to restrain that demonic assignment. Yet, the witchcraft has not ceased for four years, using political players – like Hamans – to try to thwart the ending of the decree of '73, Roe V. Wade.

The 30 Days of Esther

Now, just as the Lord was confirming the need to release this Esther word once again, my friend Chris Berglund also shared with our team a dream he just had. In the dream, the calendar for the month of October was on the wall. Then he heard a voice say, "If you pay the price for the month of October, you'll dictate the news for the next three months." I believe this is the Esther strategy from Heaven!

There is a witchcraft war over Amy Barrett's confirmation and President Trump's re-election that will continue up to the inauguration of the president on January 20th. That is three months. When I heard Chris' dream, a light went off inside of me. I recalled Esther 4:11. When Mordecai called Esther to go to the king, she replied, "I have not been invited [to come to the king] for 30 days." I knew, in my understanding, that the 30-day period of October [starting October 1st through 30th] would be like Esther's preparation to go before the King and plead for her people. 

Therefore, starting the 1st of October, we are summoning Esthers and Mordecais from all around the nation, and beyond, to daily go before the King in His heavenly courtroom. Take the Blood of His son Jesus, provided for the sins of the world, and plead this Blood that "speaks a better word" than the blood of 60 million babies.

Then, on October 31st through November 1st and 2nd, we will call a 3-day Esther Fast, daring to believe that Haman will fall and Esther will arise to rewrite Roe v. Wade.

For the next 30 days, also use the battering ram of intercession that we were given in Matt Lockett's dream. Declare it before the principalities and powers: "Remember Amy Barrett." Let us not give this confirmation or election over to Caesar. Win it, brothers and sisters, in the heavens. Let us declare, also, that President Trump is our Wilberforce to end the slave trade of abortion in America.

Note: If your heart responds to this word, please use your own spheres of friendship and influence to send it out as far and wide as you can (via email, social media, etc.). In the days of Esther, couriers carried the message all over the Empire. We need couriers once again!

Lou Engle Ministries

It's Your Funeral - Stand up now

A friend sent me a link to this.  I had never heard of Amazing Polly but she has some very good points!

If you are one of those who gets upset when they see someone not wearing a mask, you might want to look at this article.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Masks: To Wear or Not To Wear

 It is getting difficult to go out into the world without a mask, even though I have never believed they are effective.  When I try to discuss it with someone, they say, "You can find an argument for either side."  I'm looking for truth--not other opinions.  This man seems to have done his research so thought I would post the link in case, you, like me, would like the truth and to be able to support it.  As I have always believed, the evidence supports that masks are ineffective because the virus is so small.

Thursday, October 1, 2020