Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Jalapeno Mushrooms Revised

     I made the Jalapeno Mushrooms again the other day because I still had all the ingredients, except the mushrooms.  I picked up a package of the large ones at the grocery store.  (The first time I made them I had used smaller mushrooms because that's all there were at the store that day, but the larger ones are best.) The Mushroom recipe reminded me of a recipe I found many years ago, Jalapeno Popper Spread, which when I make it someone always asks for the recipe. That recipe can be found under Appetizers in the Recipes #1 page of this blog, if you want to try it.
       Even though I thought the Mushrooms were really good, the cream cheese seemed a little over-powering so as per the Popper Spread, I added mayonnaise (about 1/4 c.) and Parmesan cheese (approx. 3 T.)  to the ingredients.  I also used canned jalapeños (about 1/4 c., I think).  This made the Mushroom recipe superb, IMHO!
       Therefore, I am revising the recipe to include these ingredients from now on.  I highly recommend this!  Just in time to try a new appetizer for the holidays!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Dr. Mercola: Lard Rated One of the Top 10 Healthiest Foods

If you are one who has bought into the idea of eating low fat by substituting processed vegetable oils for natural fats like lard because you have been told it is healthier, you might want to read this informative article.

Lard Rated One of the Top 10 Healthiest Foods

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Jalapeno Popper Mushrooms

I tried a new appetizer recipe that I found on Allrecipes. com today.  It was excellent, so thought I would share.

Jalapeno Popper Mushrooms

  • 2 slices bacon
  • cooking spray
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil, or bacon       
  •       drippings
  • 8 mushrooms, stems removed and   
  •         chopped and caps reserved
  • 1 clove garlic, minced 
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, ribs and seeds  
  •        removed, finely chopped (or 
  •        use canned)
  • 1 (3 ounce) package cream cheese, 
  •       softened
  • 3 tablespoons shredded Cheddar 
  •       cheese
  • sea salt to taste
  • ground black pepper to taste

  1. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Spray a baking dish with cooking spray.

  1. To prevent mushrooms from being soggy, remove stems and place upside down in cooking dish.  Bake 15 minutes till they release water before stuffing. 

  2. Fry bacon over medium-high heat, turning occasionally, until evenly browned and crisp, about 10 minutes. Drain the bacon slices on a paper towel-lined plate. Crumble and set aside.

  3. Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat. Stir in the chopped mushroom stems, garlic, and jalapeno; (can add a few seeds if you would like it spicier) cook and stir until the mushrooms release moisture and soften, about 10 minutes. Transfer the mushroom mixture to a bowl, and stir in the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and bacon. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon the cheese mixture generously into the reserved mushroom caps, and arrange the stuffed caps on the prepared baking dish.

  4. Bake in the preheated oven until cheese begins to brown, 15 to 20 minutes.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

"God Says: I Am About to Visit the Wilderness" Andrew Whalen, Colorado Springs, CO

With a name like "Shalom in the Wilderness" of course this prophetice word caught my eye!  And as I read it, I claimed it.  We have a house group, we are part of Elevate Praise that is taking 'church' to places other than church buildings, so I say "YES, LORD, Do it here! Do it in our home; Do it in our community! You are welcome in this place"

Launched from the Wilderness 
     On a recent "prayer drive," I heard the Holy Spirit say in my heart, "Wilderness." I thought to myself, "Oh no, God, not more wilderness." And thankfully I heard more. He said, "I am about to visit the wilderness." In that moment I had a flash of understanding that the "proverbial wilderness" is scheduled for a visitation from Heaven.
     One definitions of "wilderness" is "an empty or pathless area or region." I can speak for myself that I have had many seasons where I've felt "empty and pathless." Yet biblically, it is in this very place called wilderness, where we feel unseen, insignificant, lost in seeming darkness, confused, uncertain, and tested, that a coordinated invasion plan is sovereignly launched by Heaven into Earth.
     Many have been tempted to give up on the promises God had once spoken. The wilderness provides an environment where we often feel forgotten, and often assume that the words He gave us are forgotten too. Thankfully, God watches over His Word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12).
     I believe the last months of 2019 will mark a time of God's "performance" in the wilderness. The Scriptures say that Jesus was sent into the wilderness "full of the Holy Spirit" (Luke 4:1), but afterwards, He came out "in the power of the Holy Spirit" (Luke 4:14). His transition from the wilderness was rapid, explosive, and never slowed down until He fulfilled His mission to purchase mankind for God with His Blood (Revelation 5:9).
     Many people are about to be surprised at the sudden shift from their wilderness into a rapid fulfillment of long-awaited promises. I see many Kingdom-initiated, "cutting edge" books, messages and creative exploits that are about to launch from those who have been hidden and unknown. Hidden technologies, health breakthroughs, fashion lines, community centers, adoption financial aid programs, family value entertainment programs, and so much more are being fitted for launch. All of this is because God is going to visit the wilderness.
     I see many new emerging voices and faces coming into view. Many of those who are being launched from the wilderness will accelerate the changing wineskins. The Kingdom is going to continue to go forward, and it will require a shift from outdated traditions and forms that hinder the cause of Christ. The temptation for some in the Church will be to see the change as rebellion, but God is bringing the change, even in the midst of certain immaturity.
     Many mothers and fathers who have carried a "different spirit" in the wilderness, just like Caleb (Numbers 14:24), are about to "inherit" the privilege and responsibility of shepherding, leading and championing a younger emerging generation into never-before conquered territory. This "Caleb type" generation will share in the spoils of war.
Sent to the Wilderness 
     A few days after the Lord told me that He was going to visit the wilderness, I was given a dream. In my dream, I saw that house churches and other less "organizational" places were being invaded by the Spirit of God. I saw what I knew to be thousands of people at a time packing into one house. I recognized that the focus of these house meetings was prayer.
     In one house, I saw that thousands were waiting in line to sit in a chair and receive prayer. After each person was prayed for they would get up and say, "I have never before been touched by God like that."
     After I woke from the dream, I was led to consider the visitation of God in the wilderness by John the Baptist. In Mark 1:5, "The whole Judean countryside and all the people of Jerusalem went out to Him. Confessing their sins, they were baptized by Him in the Jordan River."
     I believe the dream of the "house churches" was both literal and symbolic. First, I believe that God is literally going to pour out His Spirit on prayer-focused house churches, and many will "go out" to find and encounter God in these lesser known places.
     Second, I believe the house churches may be symbolic for the less-conventional type places where the Church gathers. As God visits the "wilderness," I believe we are going to see barn revivals, house churches, Bible studies and prayer groups become the target of God's Spirit, and thousands will be drawn to find God in these places.
     Certainly we live in great days of transition and visitation. For those of you in the wilderness, get ready! God is about to visit the wilderness.
Andrew Whalen


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Something To Think About

I was listening to a talk by David Wagner yesterday.  He had many good and encouraging things to say but one thing he said in particular, seemed to be a Word from God especially for me.  I had been debating with myself whether to continue with the Elevate Praise events and had been asking God to show me.

David said, "Have you considered we were born with the assignment on our lives to create moments where people can encounter God?"

This quote describes what I envisioned when we began Elevate Praise--a place of encountering God as we came solely to worship Him.  I believe God answered my prayers for guidance.  We will continue meeting monthly with a greater emphasis on promotion of the events during the summer months' meetings at the Linn Park Amphitheater.  Thank you, Lord!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Great Advice!

I just read a great piece of advice from Ray Johnston. He said, "Never listen to criticism from somebody you wouldn't turn to for wisdom."

Friday, October 11, 2019

Heidi Baker's Ministry is Amazing Even the Medical Community

If you know anything about Heidi Baker you know her ministry in Mozambique is astounding.  Now even the medical community is taking notice.  Read the article below BY  posted on  GodTV

Medical Research Team Confirms Healing Ministry of Heidi Baker

Science is no longer at war with miracles

Heidi Baker, missionary and international speaker, has given her life to making the truth of Gospel tangible. Her belief that Christians can be the hands of Jesus and divinely heal has made her somewhat of a saint figure in her own country of Mozambique, and the thousands of testimonies of miracle healings have finally drawn the attention of the scientific and academic community.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Benjamin Franklin Quote

Could this be the reason for so many protests?

"This gave me occasion to observe, that when Men are employ'd they are best contented. For on the Days they work'd they were good-natur'd and chearful; and with the consciousness of having done a good Days work they spent the Evenings jollily; but on the idle Days they were mutinous and quarrelsome, finding fault with their Pork, the Bread, and in continual ill-humour." —Benjamin Franklin (1771)

Friday, September 27, 2019

Impeachment, Boomerang, Exoneration" by Hank Kunneman

Here is another word that was given previously on the Elijah List but posted again today:

"An Elijah List Exclusive: Prophecy Decoders – Impeachment, Boomerang, Exoneration"

     A formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump has been launched and we are seeing the uproar play out in the news. Rather than rushing to find out what CNN, FOX NEWS and MSNBC pundits have to say, we need to seek the prophetic perspective.  
     I've got good news for you! Prophetic voices have released insight in advance, thereby giving us clarity as to how we should pray and intercede prophetically.
Hank Kunneman declared this prophecy below on May 22, 2019 regarding Impeachment, Boomerang and Exoneration:
     "They shall say through the 90 days of summer, 'We are now ready to bring articles of impeachment.' Ha! What you seek to take out by your impeachment shall lead to your own demise and in the fall of 2020 there shall be a great fall," says the Spirit of God.
     "I speak a double meaning that you will understand when that moment arises upon this land. For there is jealousy and where there is strife, I speak to your house, to your congress—there is confusion and there is every evil work. It is written and it shall be seen if you bite and devour, you will be consumed by one another.
     "This I speak—listen to the warning that I give to you," says the Spirit of God, "stop or you shall fall. Stop or you and your party will be consumed—for you are kicking against the pricks.
     "What do I speak? You are speaking against and working against My plan! This is not a political thing, even though you may say that it is. You are working against My hand, therefore you will see your foolishness cause a boomerang upon your own party and there is an exoneration that shall come to this house and to this land."
Prophecy Decoders Analysis:
     A definition of the word "boomerang" is to "return to the originator (of a plan or action), often with negative consequences." A definition of the word "exoneration" is "the action of officially absolving someone from blame; vindication."  
     The prophetic word above seems to indicate that there is a party that will experience boomerang, and an exoneration "that shall come to this house and to this land."  
     At this critical time, we need to unite and pray for the United States of America and the leadership of our nation.  The Spirit of God has a plan for this land that surpasses politics. God's hand and His plan cannot be stopped!
News Headline:
CBS News, September 24, 2019: Pelosi launches formal Trump impeachment inquiry
Prophetic word given by:
Hank Kunneman
One Voice Ministries


"What God's Prophets Are Saying About President Trump, Impeachment and America's Future"

      I am encouraged to read prophtetic words.  Isn't that why God sends them?  Anyway, this morning when I received these from the Elijah List, I was glad. If you click on the 'continue reading' link you can read words from 4 different men, including one given in 2014.
       It is so discouraging and irritating to hear negative news everyday!  Even if you don't like President Trump (which I do) you have to admit the media and the Democrats have done everything possible to disrupt his presidency.  So here is another reminder that God is in the midst of all that is going on:

September 27, 2019
From the Desk of Steve Shultz:
Steve Shultz
     At intense times like this, where the political realm seems to be in an upheaval, these are the times when my team and I like to pull out what several of God's prophets have said.
     Today, you will read about America and her future. You will read about impeachment of Trump from what God's prophets are saying, and you will read about our spiritual posture as we stand in opposition to what the enemy is doing...and by the enemy, I am not talking about people, but about the demonic realm.
     These prophetic words are going to help you a great deal in discerning what is happening in America AND WHY YOU SHOULD BE REJOICING IN THE PROMISES OF GOD THROUGH HIS PROPHETS. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Enjoy! And thanks for forwarding this to your friends! They can subscribe here.
Order the Download
Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News
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     Prophetic Word of the Lord by Charlie Shamp released on November 27, 2018:
     I can hear the whispers of demonic powers claiming, "There will be destruction, doom, demise and depression on America," but I decree and declare, "This will never happen!"
Stillness Before the Great Wave
     "For America is not Sodom and Gomorrah," says the Lord, "but Nineveh, and she will turn to the Lord and see another awakening wave of revival sweep across the country. The enemy secretly schemed, plotted, manipulated and manufactured a plan to stop My word from coming to pass, but all of his plans will crumble to the ground, and I will show Myself strong in My people in the coming days.     
     "They have said, 'Impeachment is at hand, impeachment is our plan, impeach the man in God's hand.' They cry, 'The prophets are false, there was no tsunami wave,' but I say, 'Is there not stillness before the great wave comes ashore? Is there not silence before it breaks and crashes in? Do not the waters recede so that all that is hidden may be exposed?'     
     "Some have proclaimed, 'The prophets are wrong, those that speak that America will arise, they only tell lies to the people. They do not hear from Heaven.' They shout, 'The prophets are exposed, exposed, exposed. America will fall, it's under judgment, this is the final call.' They shout, 'America, your economy, it will crash, it will crash. The Stock Market will crash, recession will come.'     
     "But I say to America, 'You will not fall or fail! A crash, yes it will come upon you, but it will be a crash of My mercy, My redemption, My revival! My prophets prophesied My perfect plan and it will come to pass, for My prophetic word will never return to Me without accomplishing My will in the world.     
     "The prophets have spoken out of a love for the people of God, and a love for a nation founded on My name; but yes, I have exposed something in the heart. I exposed those that did not believe and did not trust in My word that it will come to pass. There are those that claim to be by My side, but in their hearts they have said that they do not need Me or the prophetic to make America great.    
     "They have said, 'All we need is a strategy and a plan,' but I say to you, it was through My prophet that I raised the man you see standing in the White House today, not your strategy, not your analytical plan. For all your plans are foolishness in My sight as you sit and ponder how to bring the nation back without Me in the center. I have heard them say that the prophetic is superstition and they need to find a better strategy to face the situation. Is My arm too short that it cannot save? Is My hand not open to heal all the wounds? I will finish what I have started... (continue reading)


Monday, September 23, 2019

So true!

"He who does not bellow out the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." —Charles Peguy (1873-1914)

Friday, September 20, 2019

The Spiritual Revival That Swept Through the Colonies Rebecca Hagelin ·

    Rebecca Hagelin (previously posted on The Patriot Post) has captured the essence of what is wrong with our country.  You can read the first part of her excellent article below and continue reading on the link following.

The Spiritual Revival That Swept Through the Colonies

Rebecca Hagelin · Sep. 19, 2019
Editor’s note: This is the second in a four-part series exploring the need for America to transform from a culture of brokenness to a culture of life.
“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”
It’s not exactly a politically correct thought, is it?
I guess it also wasn’t “PC” when Jonathan Edward’s delivered his sermon by that title before America was even a country.
The year was 1741, and Colonial culture was immersed in decadence and selfishness. God, in His mercy and unfathomable love, began drawing people to Himself across the Colonies, including inspiring Edwards to deliver a no-nonsense sermon to a congregation described as “thoughtless and vain.”
That bold sermon became a powerful force in the Great Awakening that created the moral foundation and intestinal fortitude required to launch, persevere through, and win the Revolutionary War, securing both a new nation and personal liberty.
Make no mistake: This revival was not rooted in some amorphous sense of spirituality, wherein each man determined what was “right” for himself based on desires and emotions. The revival was centered around the God of the Bible, who says who He is and commands how we should live.
Today, our culture again is suffering from thoughtless vanity as Americans increasingly reject God Almighty. Our many societal problems — from violence to rising suicide rates to abortion to drug abuse to failed families to sexual disorientation — all stem from our cultural failure to worship the one triune God, to recognize him as the Creator and ourselves as men and women created in His image.
We have forgotten that it is “He that hath made us, and not we ourselves” (Psalms 100:3).
Our churches fail to boldly proclaim the raw, beautiful, challenging, captivating Gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s immense love for us.
Our pastors too frequently deliver a candy-coated version of God’s love instead of the iron-clad love that cares enough to teach us how we must live in order to be whole.
Continue reading here.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Chemical Imbalance Myth and Antidepressant Harm by Dr. Joseph Mercola

If you, or anyone you know, is taking, or considering taking, antidepressants you will find the information presented in this article by Dr. Mercola enlightening.

The Chemical Imbalance Myth and Antidepressant Harm

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked.          September 19, 2019


  • An estimated 17.3 million American adults (7.1% of the adult population), experienced at least one major depressive episode in 2017. The highest rates are reported among those aged between 18 and 25
  • The vast majority are prescribed antidepressant drugs, despite the fact there’s virtually no evidence to suggest they provide meaningful help, and plenty of evidence showing the harms are greater than patients are being told
  • Hundreds of thousands of toddlers are also being medicated with powerful psychiatric drugs, raising serious ethical questions, along with questions about the future mental and physical health of these children
  • There’s no scientific evidence to suggest depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in your brain. A lot of the evidence suggests unhealthy living conditions are at the heart of the problem
  • Antidepressants are not beneficial in the long term and antipsychotic drugs worsen outcomes over the long term in those diagnosed with psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.
In the U.S., an estimated 17.3 million American adults (7.1% of the adult population), experienced at least one major depressive episode in 2017.1 The highest rates are reported among those aged between 18 and 25.2 However, not only is there evidence that depression is vastly overdiagnosed, but there's also evidence showing it's routinely mistreated. 

With regard to overdiagnosis, one 2013 study3 found only 38.4% of participants with clinician-identified depression actually met the DSM-4 criteria for a major depressive episode, and only 14.3% of seniors 65 and older met the criteria.

As for treatment, the vast majority are prescribed antidepressant drugs, despite the fact there's virtually no evidence to suggest they provide meaningful help, and plenty of evidence showing the harms are greater than patients are being told.
According to a 2017 study,4 1 in 6 Americans between the ages of 18 and 85 were on psychiatric drugs, most of them antidepressants, and 84.3% reported long-term use (three years or more). Out of 242 million U.S. adults, 12% were found to have filled one or more prescriptions for an antidepressant, specifically, in 2013. 
According to data5 presented by a watchdog group, hundreds of thousands of toddlers are also being medicated with powerful psychiatric drugs, raising serious ethical questions, along with questions about the future mental and physical health of these children.
Recent studies are also shedding much needed light on the addictive nature of many antidepressants, and demonstrate that the benefits of these drugs have been overblown while their side effects — including suicidal ideation — and have been downplayed and ignored for decades, placing patients at unnecessary risk.

The Chemical Imbalance Myth

One researcher responsible for raising awareness about these important mental health issues is professor Peter C. Gøtzsche, a Danish physician-researcher and outspoken critic of the drug industry (as his book, "Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare,"6 suggests).
Gøtzsche helped found the Cochrane Collaboration in 1993 and later launched the Nordic Cochrane Centre. In 2018, he was expelled by the Cochrane governing board following the publication of a scathing critique of a Cochrane review of the HPV vaccine, in which he and his coauthors pointed out several methodological flaws and conflicts of interest.
Over the past several years, Gøtzsche has published a number of scientific papers on antidepressants and media articles and a book discussing the findings. In a June 28, 2019 article,7Gøtzsche addresses "the harmful myth" about chemical imbalances — a debunked hypothesis that continues to drive the use of antidepressants to this day. He writes, in part:8
"Psychiatrists routinely tell their patients that they are ill because they have a chemical imbalance in the brain and they will receive a drug that fixes this … 
Last summer, one of my researchers and I collected information about depression from 39 popular websites in 10 countries, and we found that 29 (74%) websites attributed depression to a chemical imbalance or claimed that antidepressants could fix or correct that imbalance …
It has never been possible to show that common mental disorders start with a chemical imbalance in the brain. The studies that have claimed this are all unreliable.9
A difference in dopamine levels, for example, between patients with schizophrenia and healthy people cannot tell us anything about what started the psychosis … [I]f a lion attacks us, we get terribly frightened and produce stress hormones, but this does not prove that it was the stress hormones that made us scared. 
People with psychoses have often suffered traumatic experiences in the past, so we should see these traumas as contributing causal factors and not reduce suffering to some biochemical imbalance that, if it exists at all, is more likely to be the result of the psychosis rather than its cause.10
The myth about chemical imbalance is very harmful. It makes people believe there is something seriously wrong with them, and sometimes they are even told that it is hereditary. 
The result of this is that patients continue to take harmful drugs, year after year, perhaps even for the entirety of their lives. They fear what would happen if they stopped, particularly when the psychiatrists have told them that their situation is like patients with diabetes needing insulin." 
Real Cause of Depression Is Typically Ignored 
According to Gøtzsche, there is no known mental health issue that is caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals. In many cases, the true cause is unknown, but "very often, it is a response to unhealthy living conditions," he writes.11
He also cites the book,12 "Anxiety — The Inside Story: How Biological Psychiatry Got It Wrong," written by Dr. Niall McLaren, in which the author shows that anxiety is a major factor in and trigger of most psychiatric disorders. 
"A psychiatrist I respect highly, who only uses psychiatric drugs in rare cases … has said that most people are depressed because they live depressing lives," Gøtzsche writes. 
"No drug can help them live better lives. It has never been shown in placebo-controlled trials that a psychiatric drug can improve people's lives — e.g., help them return to work, improve their social relationships or performance at school, or prevent crime and delinquency. The drugs worsen people's lives, at least in the long run.13"
Gøtzsche rightfully points out that antipsychotic drugs create chemical imbalances; they don't fix them. As a group, they're also somewhat misnamed, as they do not address psychotic states. Rather, they are tranquilizers, rendering the patient passive. However, calming the patient down does not actually help them heal the underlying trauma that, in many cases, is what triggered the psychosis in the first place. 
As noted in one 2012 meta-analysis14 of studies looking at childhood trauma — including sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, neglect, parental death and bullying — and subsequent risk of psychosis:
"There were significant associations between adversity and psychosis across all research designs … Patients with psychosis were 2.72 times more likely to have been exposed to childhood adversity than controls … The estimated population attributable risk was 33% (16%-47%). These findings indicate that childhood adversity is strongly associated with increased risk for psychosis."

Economy of Influence in Psychiatry

A related article,15 written by investigative journalist Robert Whitaker in 2017, addresses the "economy of influence" driving the use of antidepressant drugs in psychiatric treatment — and the "social injury" that results. As noted by Whitaker, mental disorders were initially categorized according to a disease model in 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association.
"We're all familiar with the second 'economy of influence' that has exerted a corrupting influence on psychiatry — pharmaceutical money — but I believe the guild influence is really the bigger problem," he writes.
Read entire article here

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A "Hallelujah" Christmas by Cloverton HD

Elevate Praise has just booked the Cloverton Christmas Tour on December 15 in the Martinsville (IL) High School Gym.  I hope you are planning to attend.  Leanna Crawford will also be part of the Tour.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Helpful advice from R.T. Kendall

R.T. Kendall has this good advice on what should be coming out of our mouths when talking to, or about someone else.  It is an excerpt from his excellent article on "Stop Playing God," which you can read here.

One acrostic I have found helpful is built on the word "NEED.: When speaking to or about another person, ask yourself if what you are about to say will meet the person's need.
Necessary—Is it necessary to say this?
Encourage—Will this encourage the person? Will it make him or her feel better?
Edify—Will it edify? Will what you say build the person up and make him or her stronger?
Dignify—Will it dignify that person? Jesus treated other people with a sense of dignity.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Ponderings on Being Born Again

      After a discussion last night in our small group I have been thinking about being born again.

      The discussion began with someone asking how to respond to a person who says they are a Christian but because of grace--God's forgiveness--they can continue living as they did before they were saved.   Could it be the person is not really saved?  Wouldn't a person who really understands the love of God want to do everything with Him in mind, to please Him in all their actions?
      We agreed in theory this is what would happen, but we also agreed that God looks on the heart and therefore some who are doing things we are judging as not appropriate for a Christian actually have the intention and desire (but because of past hurts or other factors do not have the ability) to do what pleases God and He judges them accordingly. We decided we are not to judge but to pray for them to come to spiritual maturity.
      I began thinking about the natural birth process. These are just my ponderings.  I haven't put it all together yet.  I don't know if it even fits, I'm just thinking and sometimes I need to think out loud to know what I really believe.
       I do believe in the natural order that life begins at conception, but it must grow and mature in the womb before it is able to be born into the natural world.  When it has become a viable life--one that is able to live without the insulation and nourishment of the womb--it is born into the natural world where it still needs care to bring it to maturity.
      In the spirit could the moment we give our lives to Jesus (what we often call salvation) be compared to conception?  Could it also be in the spiritual world that we have a time of growth where we are  nourished and brought to an understanding of what it means to walk in the spirit with Jesus as Lord before we are actually ready to be born again?  Could being born again actually be what we have often called the baptism in the Spirit?
       There has been much discussion in many different circles about whether we can lose our salvation. In the natural, once we are born we can't go back to the womb, so it would seem that once we are born again, we can't go back to life before we were born again.  But if we turn away and live a life rejecting God, does that mean we were never really 'born again?'  Could it be our spiritual lives were aborted before we actually were mature enough to be born again?
      Some consider falling into sin as rejecting God.  I don't believe that is always the case.  We are weak and often do things contrary to what we believe or desire.  Obviously, we can totally turn away from God, but even then He looks at our hearts.  Often people turn away in great discouragement, not because they choose evil.  Is there also a parallel in the natural world that some people die before their time?  Could our rebellion cause us to die before we reach maturity?
     As we discussed last night, it is not our place to judge, but to pray we all come to the maturity in Christ that God desires for us.
      What do you think?  I would love to hear your ideas.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Another great quote found on The Patriot Post

Observations: "Trump has been strongly pro-life, strongly pro-American, strongly pro-Israel, strongly pro-capitalism, and he has pushed back against the freedom-robbing regulatory state. He cut taxes and he left evangelicals alone. He didn't sue the nuns. He doesn't want our guns. Voting for Trump is not 'trading Christian values for political power.' It's voting in self-defense against the radical, evangelical-hating left and hoping for the best — and getting more than expected." —Bryan Preston

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

You Can't Fix Other People, But You Can Fix Yourself

Watching this should be mandatory in schools today!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

"Daughters of God, Your New Beginning Is Here!" Lana Vawser

This is a "now" word from Lana Vawser, I believe.

Unraveling and Revealing
Recently I heard the Lord say, "Daughters of God, your new beginning is here." From this statement I sensed, strongly, the Lord's heart to encourage you, His daughters. A decree from Heaven surrounded me, declaring a new beginning over you! A shift has been decreed and a great UNRAVELLING and REVEALING is now beginning to take place.
The Lord spoke to me that this unraveling and revealing is beginning to manifest in the lives of His daughters in accelerated ways in this new era. God is unraveling the chains that have held you. God is unraveling the mindsets that have contained you. God is unraveling the oppression that has suffocated you. God is unraveling the whirlwind of despair and discouragement that have continued to keep you in a place of disorientation.
The Lord is now revealing exactly what the new beginnings look like. You are coming into fresh revelation of your identity. You are coming into greater clarity of your calling. You are coming into greater awareness of the Spirit of God operating in your life and through your life. You are coming into a season of CONFIDENCE in the voice of God and what He is speaking. No longer will you be tossed, to and fro, by confusion and the enemy "twisting" the Word of the Lord, but you are coming forth with an assurance of the Lord's voice like never before.
You NEED this confidence in hearing the voice of God because of WHERE He is going to send you. You need it for the new assignments, the new doors, and the new and adventures and ventures with Him. The Lord has to make sure that you are concreted and fortified in HIS voice alone. (Photo via Unsplash)
There has been an intense boot camp and resistance training happening for the daughters of God in many ways, where the Lord is building spiritual faith muscles in His daughters. He is building the faith muscles to push back against circumstances and what the enemy is saying and for us to stand in the Word of God alone.
The Lord is building the fortification and confidence in His voice so that the Esthers may go forth with the fire of His Word in their bellies to bring major change to cities and nations, shaping and influencing culture, and seeing the Kingdom of God extended.
You Are Writing a New Story
I heard the Lord say, "You are writing a new story." The journey is changing. One story has ended and now another begins. The Lord has so many divine surprises for you in this new era, and it is the responsibility of the daughters of God to BE READY!
It is IMPERATIVE in this hour to be praying and asking the Lord, "How can I be ready? God, what does it look like for me to be ready? Lord, make me ready." It is vital that the daughters of God are found with enough oil in their lamps (Matthew 25:1-13). The King of Glory is coming (Psalm 24:7-9), and there is a divine, significant moment upon the daughters right now of coming further into their identity, inheritance and influence.
Don't be afraid of the new story, it is a story where you will see the Lord MAKE HISTORY in your life and through your life. You will see Him move FOR YOU and THROUGH YOU in ways that are going to change how things have been and how things will be FOREVER. 
There is a lot at stake right now. It is so crucial to be in the secret place with the Lord delighting in Him, knowing Him, keeping the affections of your heart upon Him alone and following His direction.
Rewired and Required
I had a vision and I saw Jesus working on the brains of His daughters. He looked like a surgeon—the "Master Surgeon." He looked up at me smiling and said, "The time for the divine REWIRING has arrived."
The I was immediately surrounded with a strong sense that, in the lives of His daughters, the Lord is bringing to the surface the "thought patterns" and the "strongholds of the mind" that are not in line with what He says, His Word or the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16).
The Lord is bringing these mindsets to the surface in many ways, and they are coming up "one after another, after another." Do not panic or be discouraged as they arise. The Lord is bringing them up so you can repent of aligning with them, breaking your agreement with them, and asking the Holy Spirit for His truth. (Photo via Pixabay)
In this process a MAJOR rewiring is taking place. It's a rewiring that is meant to produce healing, deliverance, freedom and upgrades.
The Lord then showed me the word "REQUIRED." Again, the vision of Esther came before me and I heard the Lord say, "THEY WILL BE REQUIRED OF." You will be called upon. You will be placed in specific divine moments in this new era, set up by the hand of the Lord with your mouth FULL of the wisdom of God to speak forth to one, to one hundred, and to many—wherever the Lord sends you. But now is the time where you are being "REQUIRED OF" to take your place and move into all that He has for you. Now is the time (Esther 4:14)!
You have known deep battles of the mind and torment of the mind, but the Lord is breaking them through the deeper training that is upon you of renewing your mind, living by faith, living in a higher reality, and coming up the mountain.
Ask for God's wisdom (James 1:5) and you will be filled to the brim, overflowing with His heavenly wisdom, discernment, direction and blueprints from Heaven. The shift has arrived! Your new beginning has BEGUN. Watch the unraveling and revealing take place! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser Ministries

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Encouragement to Continue in Praise & Worship

    A few months ago we started a monthly event during the summer months at the Linn Park Amphitheater which we are calling "Elevate Praise."  I was excited and encouraged because I felt it was an inspiration from the Lord, but attendance dwindled until the last event had only about 60 people. (We have one scheduled event left on September 8).  I started to get discouraged and began talking seriously about it with the Lord.  Were we to continue?
    He has brought several encouraging words to me since then, including His perspective that one person whose heart is turned toward him in worship blesses Him, so of course He loved it when 60 people came together with the express purpose of worshipping Him!
    A few days ago I came across a video of Ruth Heflin on YouTube and then watched an interview with a woman who had been her friend.  In it, she mentioned that Ruth said, "We are to praise until the spirit of`worship comes; worship until the glory comes; and then stand in the glory."  I long for this type of worship but have rarely experienced it corporately because many churches and worship leaders equate singing a few songs/hymns with worship, not understanding they are to be a gateway into His Presence.
    Ruth's book, Glory: Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven, was mentioned in the interview so I ordered it from my favorite used book site: and began reading this excellent, inspiring book!
   Ruth says on p. 10 that "On New Year's Eve the Lord spoke to us and said, "Even now, while you are praising me, I am pouring out My Spirit in another part of the city.""  This excited me so, because it is part of the vision we have for Elevate Praise--that as we worship Jesus, those in our cities and surrounding areas will be changed.  How exciting and it certainly encourages me that we should continue!
    Then as I was reading further in the book today (pp. 110-111) an idea I had never considered was presented.  Ruth said. "You may feel that everyone else can worship better than you.  Everyone seems to be so eloquent, so articulate, while you struggle with your inhibitions.  That's not true.  Maybe they can make a better pizza than you.  They might do better on a particular job than you.  But your worship is distinctive, it is uniquely "YOU."  It touches the heart of God.  He longs to hear YOUR words of love, the expression of YOUR heart, the groaning of YOUR spirit.  Even if it comes forth in very simple utterances, even in sighs, don't compare yourself with others.  God desires YOUR worship."
   Had you ever considered this?  You are uniquely created by God to worship Him.  He has given you a unique sound that only you can produce.  How amazing!  How wonderful to be able to give something to God that only we can give!

Then another means of encouragement came today through this article which was posted on the Elijah List.
Prophetic word released on August 13, 2019:
Recently as I was in worship, the Lord began to highlight to me the season we're currently embarking upon with the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock here in America. 
As I continued to worship I heard the Lord say, "I am releasing a massive revival within the global worship movement of our time. Yes, I am hitting the reset button on worship as we've known it. I'm releasing a fresh wave of My Spirit on the global worship movement in ways you've never seen before. I'm ushering this generation into a new era where holy worship unto Me will be restored and raised up all throughout the earth.
"There are new sounds and new expressions of worship that will break out in every place of the earth. Over the next 90 days, I am inviting My Bride into a new place of worship, a new place of intimacy, a new place of glory. Yes," the Lord said, "we're coming into days of ascension."
This is where we will literally see people begin to fix their gaze on the Lord. God is inviting His people to ascend the mountain of the Lord.
An Invitation to Ascend His Mountain
I saw God inviting people, through the vehicle of worship, to the high places over cities, over regions, over nations. Yes, even over various spheres of society. The Lord says that the next 90 days are very crucial for people to turn their hearts and fix their eyes on the Lord. This worship revival that is breaking forth in the earth right now will cause a ripple effect within nations. It's coming to disrupt chaos and confusion. It's coming to dismantle the powers of darkness through the sound of laid-down worship. 
It's time for the lovers of God, those who are passionate, to rise up. There's a release of new songs that will be born out of the chambers of intimacy. It's an hour where new songs and music will be released. Yes, it's the sound of vertical worship. It's the beautiful sound upon the beautiful mountain of the Lord. The Lord says, "We will ascend Mount Zion. I'm taking My global Bride to new heights and new realms in Me."
Worship in Unconventional Locations
I began to see, in the spirit, people worshiping outside in the most unconventional locations. I saw people worshiping in large stadiums and being consumed by the weighty presence of God and the sound of pure worship. I hear the Lord saying: "Movement of worship will not be confined to the four walls." I saw worshipers being raised up on the various mountains of influence, specifically in education. (Photo via Unsplash)
The Lord says, "I'm gonna cause the secret place to be revealed in public places, where worship will begin to infiltrate schools across the world. New worship training schools will be raised up and they will receive new marching orders. A new and fresh fervency is coming upon worship schools in this hour. Pastors and leaders will begin to share about My presence and share about true worship unto Me. It will be an experience, not just a mere teaching. It will be encounters of My glory, of My fire and of My presence. 
"I am bringing My Bride into a time of experiencing My manifest presence in unprecedented ways. Yes, the Man whose eyes are filled with fire and whose voice is like the sound of many waters will go to manifest and show up in the place of worship. Wherever you build an altar to Me, I will show up," says the Lord.
Revelation 1:14"The hairs of His head were white, like white wool, like snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire."
God says, "It's time to park around the presence. I'm inviting My people all across the world to park around the ark of My glory. Families will begin to gather around the table of My presence in living rooms; people will assemble for worship at their jobs; worship will spread in schools and breakout in the streets. There is a righteous redemption that is coming, likened to Woodstock, but it's a holy movement of worship. Think it not strange that Woodstock began in Bethel, New York." (Bethel means "House of God.")
The Wedding Veil of the Bride and the Crown of His Authority
Dear friends, there is a return of holy worship that is coming back to the house of God. This revival movement in worship will unleash an uncompromising wave of purity, holiness, righteousness, healing and justice in the nations of the earth. The Lord says, "Not only am I raising up worshipers, but I am filling the earth with the songs of the Bride and the songs of the Bridegroom."
I began to see a wedding veil land on top of the Church once again, and shortly after the wedding headdress came over the head of the Church, I began to see a crown come down over the wedding veil.
The Lord says, "As My people worship in this hour, I will release the crown of My authority. I am doing away with the separation between the sound of intimate worship and the sound of warfare, for I am raising up kings and priests. I am raising up My bridal warriors. Out of the place of lovesick worship I will release My authority. I will release My revelation and, yes, I will release keys and strategies to overturn the powers of darkness."
3 Months of Increased Revelation and Visibility
The Lord says, "This will be an hour of increased revelation and visibility of My Spirit. This movement of worship will lead the way even over the next 3 months, even as you step into Rosh Hashanah.(Photo via Pixabay)
"Get ready to see a new sound come out of South America, specifically out of Colombia, out of Venezuela, and out of Brazil. Get ready to see Australia and various nations within Africa and the UK break forth in the new sound and new songs. I'm even raising up a new wave of Celtic worship. 
"There is a new dance and a new sound that is rising up out of the nations; it's gonna bring provision. Places that are in war and in danger, where people are bound in chains spiritually and naturally, will hear the sound of the Lord's protection. There is a breakthrough sound of worship."
Isaiah 60:1"Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you."
To the Songwriters, Musicians and Worship Teams
The Lord says over songwriters, musicians and worship teams, "A new day has come. Yes, it's time to write the songs, it's time to produce the new music." There's a convergence sound of generations, nations, tribes and tongues that needs to be heard.
"Get ready," says the Lord, "there is a radical uprising for burning hearts that will release holy worship unto Me that will sweep across the earth in this season, and the days and seasons to come," says the Lord. Let your worship go forth! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Torrey Marcel Harper
Global Prayer Room