Monday, December 16, 2019

"Jeffrey Epstein Prophecy: 'No One Is Getting Away with Anything'" Shawn Bolz

This just came from The Elijah List so thought I would share it to encourage you if you haven't seen it already.  I have high regards for Shawn Bolz and the integrity of his ministry.

The Jeffrey Epstein story is not over. Another story related to him is going to break that will take the focus somewhat off of his death and put it back on what happened throughout the corruption of his life.
Someone is going to be brave and share their information that will expose something huge.
God is going to bring more to the light in 2020. I heard this: "No one is getting away with anything."
This new, exposing story will put fear and then the consequences in several prominent families, including ones already linked, as well as some of his partners as more information gets exposed linking all kinds of people to this criminal underbelly.
Epstein was not the mastermind but a piece of the story. God is going to show unusual justice in the situation and there are people who will be freed who are imprisoned in this mess, crying out for help.
Shawn Bolz
Bolz Ministries

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