Sunday, August 28, 2016

God Is Not Dead 2

        Last night two of our grandchildren were spending the night so we rented "God Is Not Dead 2," which none of us had seen.  It was an excellent movie!  The kids enjoyed it as much as we did and we all came away with a renewed sense of needing to be able to give a reason for our faith and to not back down from what we believe no matter what the circumstances.  It was a very inspiring movie! We highly recommend it!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Breitbart News

      I have been using Breitbart as my 'go to' sight for a conservative perspective on the news for several years now, but usually when I mention the website in conversation most people have never heard of them.  That is beginning to change and I'm so glad!  Now that Donald Trump has hired Stephen Bannon, Breitbart's longtime chairman as his campaign chief, the sight is becoming much more well known.  Kudos to them!
      Here is an interesting article on their rise as a major player in the upcoming election.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Healing Seminar

       I am excited that a group of us are going to start meeting next week at our house on Thursday evenings to watch Ken Fish's "Basic Healing Seminar" and then begin to practice what we are learning.  I expect we will watch his "Intermedieate Healing Seminar" when this one is finished (about 8 weeks) because Ken is so practical, motivating, and balanced in his teaching that I'm sure most--if not all-- who complete the "Basic" won't want to stop.
       I have been particularly interested in healing for many years and have had some incredible experiences with ministries who practice the gifts of the Spirit, but the past few years I have not had the opportunity to fellowship with others who also are interested.  That's why I'm excited about this group!
       If you live nearby and this interests you, please join us.  Call or email me for more information.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Thomas Jefferson Quote

      Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and several other politicians should take a look at the integrity of  Thomas Jefferson.

"Give up money, give up fame, give up science, give the earth itself and all it contains rather than do an immoral act. And never suppose that in any possible situation, or under any circumstances, it is best for you to do a dishonorable thing, however slightly so it may appear to you." —Thomas Jefferson (1785)

Saturday, August 20, 2016


The Ministries of Francis Frangipane

Goliath Had a Brother
(En EspaƱol)

Here's the scene: You are in a battle against sickness, oppression or some similar struggle. You seek God, and in some way the grace of God touches your life. Your victory may have come through a word or prayer or some other encouragement, but you absolutely know the Lord has delivered you. Using the five smooth stones of divine grace, you defeated your Goliath.

But then, a few weeks or months or perhaps years later, all the old symptoms suddenly return with a vengeance. If you were struggling with an illness, it manifests worse than ever; if your battle was regarding a relationship or a particular sin, it seems as though all progress has been lost. You are back to square one.

Have you ever been there? These negative experiences can drain the faith from your heart. You lose the anticipation and power of faith, and a spiritual paralysis immobilizes your soul. You may still attend church, but your faith is unresponsive. When others testify of deliverance, you worry secretly that they, too, will "lose their healing."

For many, the result is one of faith-shaking disillusionment. Scripture says, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick" (Prov. 13:12). This "heartsickness" is a spiritual disease that can cripple your walk with God. Remember, faith is the substance of the things you hope for; if you lose hope, your faith becomes hollow. How can you trust God when it seems as though He let you down? You wonder: "Did I lose my breakthrough, or was I only deceiving myself and never really had it?"

Dear one, it is very possible that what you are experiencing is not a loss of God's blessing but an entirely new spiritual battle. This new war is a very clever and effective deception that Satan uses to try and worm his way back into the lives of those delivered by God.

I had been praying about this very thing, this recurring battle, when the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart: "Goliath had a brother." I was immediately reminded of David's war against the Philistine giant. We all know that David became a great hero by trusting God and defeating Goliath. 
However, things changed as we see in 2 Samuel 21:
"Now when the Philistines were at war again with Israel, David went down and his servants with him; and as they fought against the Philistines, David became weary. Then Ishbi-benob, who was among the descendants of the giant . . . intended to kill David. But Abishai the son of Zeruiah helped him, and struck the Philistine and killed him" (2 Samuel 21:15–17).

Years after David conquered Goliath as a lad, after he became king he had to face other giants. In fact, 1 Chronicles 20:5 reveals that at least one of those warring against David was "the brother of Goliath," and four were his children (2 Sam. 21:22). We can imagine that these giants, being Goliath's kin, looked like Goliath, boasted like him, dressed like him and probably even smelled like him. The Scripture says that while fighting one of the descendants of Goliath, "David became weary" (2 Sam. 21:15). The Bible is silent as to what might have been going through the king's mind as he battled these giants. Perhaps he wondered, "I thought I killed Goliath. What is he doing back?" But Goliath had not come back; he was dead! David was actually fighting the giant's kin. It just looked like the same battle!

Likewise, you also have had many successful victories. Just because the current giant you are facing looks like one you defeated in the past, do not accept the lie that you never really won the first battle! By the strength of God's grace, you trusted the Almighty and conquered your Goliath. The first giant is dead. Satan is masquerading as your former enemy so he can slip past your shield of faith and thus regain entrance into your life. Resist him. Do not accept the lie that you were never delivered. Stand in faith. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world (1 John 5:4).

The living God who helped you conquer Goliath will empower you to overcome his brother as well.

Father, I come to You as Your servant. Like David, I have become weary with fighting an enemy I thought I had defeated. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, however, I expose the lie that this is the same foe I previously conquered. In Jesus' name, I rebuke the enemy. I ask You, Lord, to send angels to strengthen me supernaturally, just as angels often strengthened Jesus. In the name of the Lord, Amen.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to Grow in Faith by Allison Bown

This was an encouraging word from Allison Bown posted on Brilliant Perspectives:

How to Grow in Faith.

By Allison Bown
“I wish I had more faith.” It’s a statement I hear often in conversations with people who are looking for more in their relationship with God. Sometimes it comes with a bit of a sigh or sense of recommitment to try harder. And my response?5
“Please don’t.”
Please don’t depend on wishing or trying harder. It puts the weight of having faith all on your shoulders—and our shoulders weren’t created for that. Trying to have more faith turns a partnership with God that was made to be shared and light into a one man show where we bear all of the responsibility.

Instead, faith is our response to God’s ability, not our own.

Faith is a natural outcome of knowing who He really is, not a goal to be attained. Think of a child that’s willing to be tossed in the air by a good Dad. They don’t study the physics of it all or ask for the father’s previous tossed-to-drop ratio. Their faith is in who is about to throw them into the unknown, an outcome of a lifetime relationship that says, “I can trust my Dad.”
Faith is relational, not informational—it works through love, not intellect or effort12 (Galatians 5:6). We live our way into greater faith. It’s the process of knowing by experience the loving, faithful, peaceful, powerful nature of the One that we’re believing in. From that place, we’ll gladly relinquish our hold on the outcomes of our lives and know that we’re in a safe place (2 Timothy 1:12).

Our faith rises when we’re thankful because thanksgiving is an act of receiving.10

Faith is accelerated in an atmosphere of thanksgiving. We’re saying, “I believe this promise is mine. I believe You’re really like this God.6 Thank you for such a gift.” When I’m filled with gratitude for His provision, then I’m agreeing with Him that it really does belong to me—and I’ll take it. You can’t write a thank you note for a present you refused to receive.
So make a divine exchange in your thinking about faith and be free from the weight of trying to have more of it. Instead, cultivate an internal atmosphere of thanksgiving and bask in the affection of the God who adores you.5 Faith will naturally rise in that environment and your confidence in the Lord who promises to catch you always will become your greatest reality on earth—-which just happens to be how it exists in heaven too.
— Allison Bown,  from her book Joyful Intentionality which you can purchase here.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Meditative Journey by Graham Cooke' Team Brilliant Staff

     This meditation was sent today from Graham Cooke's ministry.  It is an excerpt from his book, The Nature of God.  At the end of the article is a link to download the entire book, if you are interested.

A Meditative Journey

God does not live in a box; He has no predetermined flight plan, no processes set in stone, as to how He upgrades His relationships with His children. His love for us is completely unique and individual. However, we have learned from the Bible that there are things that God is attracted to; things He loves to be a part of. With that in mind, these 5 steps can serve as a guide to help you upgrade your perspective of God for the next season of your life.
1. Thanksgiving
We enter His gates with thanksgiving…what are you thankful for? What has God given you? What gifts has He lavished upon you? Take some time and offer Him a heartfelt psalm of thanksgiving, focusing on the blessings He has given you.
If your current circumstances are difficult or hard, what can you be thankful for in terms of God’s heart toward you? That He said He “would never leave nor forsake you” is worthy of thanks alone.
2. Worship
Adore God. Magnify His name. Tell Him of His wondrous deeds. Praise Him for His great majesty. If thanksgiving opens His gates, then worship opens His heart. Don’t rush…just worship Him, in spirit and in truth.
To magnify has two meanings. Firstly to see something bigger than it is in actual size. Secondly to see something as big as it really is. We tend to magnify our problems and not the Lord. See Him as big as He is.
3. Stillness
It is in stillness and peace that God begins to speak. Remember, His voice wasn’t in the whirlwind or the thunder, it was still and quiet. Be still and know that He is God. Rest there. Live there. Connect with the Almighty there. Still the clamoring in your thoughts. We all have a background conversation in our minds that either feeds our fears or lifts our spirits. Stillness promotes a God consciousness.
4. See Him as your Prince of Peace
Embrace God as your Prince of Peace, draw on His restful nature to sustain you. As troubles rise in your heart, ask the Prince of Peace to soothe you. He is your refuge, your strong tower. If it helps, picture a strong tower, ruled by God. Live in it.
5. See Him as your Man of War
God is also your protector; paradoxically, He is gentle as a Lamb, and fierce as a Lion. He is your shield, your sword, your strength. Let Him fight your battles for you…don’t take matters into your own hands. Allow Him to be fully God in your life—the provider of peace, and the protector of your life.
-an excerpt from The Nature of God

There are 5 more steps in this process of upgrading your perspective that you can check out and reflect on in The Nature of GodDownload a copy today.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Passion Translation by Brian Simmons

     Are you familiar with the Passion Translation?  It is an entirely new way of seeing some of the verses included in the New Testament & Psalms.  Brian Simmons has been working on translating Psalms, Proverbs, Song Of Solomon and the New Testament for the past several years and expects to be finished in 2017.  He then will begin on the rest of the Old Testament.
      I receive a bi-weekly email from his ministry.  This week's email included a link to this wonderful talk he gave at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  Here is the link if you would like to watch it:

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Really Happened To Those Close To The Clintons?

Check this out:

       I am posting this for those of you who only get your news from the extremely biased mainstream media.  If you can read the above linked article without having doubts about the Clintons you might ask yourself if you, too, might be biased.
      What other person(s) have so many--I think the count is 100 now--unexplained deaths of those close to them?

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Farmer Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

These guys (Peterson Farm Bros) are so creative!  Their YouTube videos are not only lots of fun but help 'city folk' to see how much work it is to be a farmer.
      If you like this one, they have several more videos on YouTube.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Redneck Pool Party

        We had a great time at the Redneck Pool Party Saturday evening at Linn Park even though we had a few 'hiccups' in our plans.  The weather was perfect--sunny and in the 80's.
        We had decided to build 2 pools this year and did some extra planning to ensure they were constructed well.  Last year we started with the straw bales in a rectangle but when the water was added the bales began shifting to a circle. (see post here).  We may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but we did realize it would be good to begin with a circle.  Unfortunately, the ground is not entirely level anywhere in the Park.  We chose places that were as level as possible and placed the first row of bales on edge in a 30 foot circle.  It seemed good to put straps on this row, then add the second row of bales and cover them with the Visqueen layer.
We then placed the straps on the second row over the Visqueen (this is where we made a mistake.  We should have either placed the straps directly on the straw, or over the tarp so we could see them) and then draped the tarp over the whole structure.  We have decided we won't use Visqueen next year because the tarp, which we were able to save to use again, was heavy enough to hold water without it.

  The Fire Department used their trucks to fill the pool.  Unfortunately, when they pulled the water out of the hydrant it was a brown murky color.  We added pool chlorine to combat any germs but the water stayed brown. (Fortunately, that didn't seem to deter the kids.)
     The pool was filled to near the top of the second ring and we were just congratulating ourselves on building such a cool pool when the top strap slid up the Visqueen and off the row of bales.

Water began trickling over the edge and quickly became a flood, knocking the second row of bales off and washing bales out into the street.   Needless to say we were a little disheartened! 

But we rallied and decided to make the pool only one bale high but larger in diameter and use it for a toddler pool.  It was a great hit!

We didn't fill the other pool with as much water so eventually when the kids continued to climb on the top row that row collapsed and created our very own redneck waterfall.  The kids loved it!  They took turns sitting in the cascading water.

Since we had acres of tarp from the corn pile at Littlejohn Grain we also cut a strip 9 feet by 85 foot long and used it for a slip n slide.  That may have been the biggest hit of the Party!  There was always a line of 10 - 15 kids waiting to go down.

Of course, the Pinaqua made with kitchen trash bags filled with water, was popular again this year and the little kids loved the bounce house.

A new addition this year that was also very popular was the Redneck Hot Tub.  It seemed to be occupied with several bathers most of the time!

Water gun tube fights were great fun!

And some didn't need anything but water left over from the 'pool flood' to have a good time.

Even though it was a lot of work, when the day was over and we saw how much fun everyone had we determined to do it again next year.  I'm sure we can get the 'pool building' figured out if we just keep working on it.  :o)

It was difficult to end the party.  Some had to have "one more time" before reluctantly getting out so we could dismantle the pools.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Dutch Sheets: What Should Christians Consider When Deciding Whom To Vote For?


July 28, 2016 Posted by Dutch Sheets Ministries 
America is in a fight for her destiny. Our upcoming presidential election is about more than which personality or political party we prefer. And many are struggling with whom to vote for in the upcoming election. A well-known Christian author has written a well-circulated blog suggesting Christians shouldn’t vote for Donald Trump. His reasons center around the poor witness and example of Christianity he believes Trump has demonstrated, and his fears that this might continue, should he be elected. (As you may know, Trump professes to be a Christian.)
Others, even major Republican leaders, have also refused to support Trump on the basis of “principle.” Many good and sincere people are struggling to decide where they stand on this important decision. Though we cannot, as a non-profit ministry, endorse a candidate, I do have some thoughts that may help as you think and pray about your choice for President.
1) Firstly, like the aforementioned Christian author, I passionately desire to have a God-honoring, Christian President; and obviously, I too would prefer one that exemplifies Christian principles.
2) I, also, have been appalled by some of Trump’s rude, mean-spirited, and even vicious attacks on others; I’ve also been disappointed at times by the pride I’ve seen in him.
3) I am as suspicious as anyone when the timing of a person’s “conversion” to Christ occurs when it is conveniently needed, whether it be prior to an election or when going before a judge; and I, too, am always looking for the fruit such a conversion should begin to manifest.
4) I do not agree with all of Trump’s positions.
But here’s where I differ with some Christians: whether or not a person speaks kindly, would provide an appropriate Christian witness or, frankly, even professes to be a believer—though, again, this would always be my preference—are not my primary litmus tests for presidential candidates or important positions of national leadership. I’m glad General George Patton helped save the world during World War II, foul mouth and all.
Like all of us, I’ve known many individuals I would thoroughly trust in leadership or government who did not profess to be a Christian. And, on the other hand, I’ve known many professing Christians whom I would NEVER trust to govern. (The names Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama come to mind!)
I fear that sometimes we Christians insert the same religious mindset into elections that has divided the church for centuries: if one’s theologies and religious standards don’t agree with ours, we refuse to walk or work together. It seems as though many Christians have the mistaken belief that partnering or working with someone means we agree with and support everything they believe. How absurd…and how costly.
As an example, millions of Christians in the last presidential election refused to vote for Governor Romney because he was a Mormon. Their Christian principles, ideals and theology simply wouldn’t permit it. And what did those well-meaning, “principled” decisions give us? To name just a few:
• Another liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, legislating-from-the-bench Supreme Court Justice (and don’t forget they serve for life)
• The prolonging of Obamacare
• The reversing of 6000 years of biblical marriage
• The further weakening of our military
• The emboldening and empowering of radical Islamist terrorism, including ISIS
• Through the leadership of an unhealed and divisive President, racial division that has set us back 40 years
• The accruing of more national debt than all past president’s COMBINED
We Christians need to take another look at the principles we allow to guide us at the polls! We’ve “principled” ourselves into irrelevance and, ironically, a national loss of biblical principles. We must remember we are not electing a religious leader. And we will always be electing a flawed person to lead a flawed people. Unfortunately, the perfect candidate doesn’t exist. 
When voting, consider not just the candidate, but also the issues we face. Which candidate is going to make the decisions that are best for the whole nation? And whose policies more closely align with the Word of God? Here is my suggested list of the ideals we should allow to steer us when we vote (not including the obvious intangibles of intellect, wisdom, etc.):
1) God-honoring. Does this person at least profess to believe in and honor God?
2) The sanctity of life. Where does this candidate stand on abortion?
3) The Supreme Court. What type of judges will this person appoint? At least 2 (and perhaps up to 5!) Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by the next President, which will tip the balance of power FOR DECADES. Life, morality, family, religious freedom, the Constitution and our very destiny as a nation are at stake. Reining in a renegade Supreme Court is of the utmost urgency. 
4) Family. Where does this individual stand on marriage and the family unit?
5) America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Does this candidate recognize, honor, and want to perpetuate this?
6) Our military. In light of the tenuous state of affairs around the world, would this individual build our military or cut it and make us weaker? 
7) Limited government. Does this person believe government, higher taxes, and state-run programs are the solution to most problems; OR do they believe government should always be the last resort…and should be decreased in size?
It is absolutely critical—indeed, in my opinion it is a sacred responsibility—that all Christians vote in this election, and that we vote for the person who most fulfills these qualifications. Remember that no one is perfect and that we are NOT endorsing everything about the person for whom we vote. But never again should we lose by default, giving further control of our nation to those with whom we disagree most and who stand in opposition to God.
Copyright © 2016 Dutch Sheets Ministries, All rights reserved.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Who Am I Working For Right Now, Jesus, Or The Devil?

     Last night we were visiting with a friend who was recovering from open heart surgery.  His daughter, who had recently moved to California to be part of Bethel Church, was there to help him for a few days.  She was telling us how much they loved it in Redding and how wonderful Bethel School was for their boys.  She said the school was instilling in them such a desire to follow the Lord that when their children were misbehaving they only needed to ask them, "Who are you working for right now?  Jesus?  Or the devil?"  She said they would stop immediately when they realized what they were doing.
    That seems like a fitting question to ask ourselves in every area of our lives, doesn't it?  When we have a decision to make, when we are thinking unkind thoughts, holding grudges, spending our money unwisely, or saying hurtful things, maybe we would have less regrets if we first ask ourselves, "Who am I working for right now? Jesus? or the devil?"

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dale Gentry's Prayer Today from the Breakout Prayer Network

Faith Declarations-Wednesday by Dale Gentry

Good Wednesday morning everybody! Let's Pray America!

"Father God..............may we as Christians know and understand that we have entered into a new season of spiritual warfare in this nation with the expansion of the Islam religion.....................accompanied by the Muslim population in America who are playing the victim card as a result of Donald Trump's response to a Muslim man who spoke at the 
DNC..............fueling responses from the liberal left on the Republican nominee who is now being bombarded in every direction from the liberal media who are determined to elect a person from a party that would not even include You in their platform four years ago............may we as believers pause and consider the consequences of electing a person who represents that party............may we know its high time to lift our voices in prayer as well as lifting up our voices concerning the dangers that the church faces in the near future if the media succeeds in electing their nominee..............a press who once appeared to adore Donald Trump has now turned on him with a vengeance...............attempting to not only discredit him but the party which he represents...........the party who stands for the life of an unborn child, traditional marriage, the nomination of a conservative Supreme Court judge and with pastors to not be harassed or silenced in their pulpit................may we not be deceived into thinking that we as Christians will not be marginalized come November if we remain neutral............may we pray fervently concerning this next presidential election and passionately for a major revival in every major town and city in this Jesus name we pray...........amen." 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Prager: Did #NeverTrumpers Hear Hillary Clinton's Frightening Speech? by Dennis Prager

I very much appreciate Dennis Prager's wisdom and intelligence.  He discusses some startling facts in this article about what America will look like if Hillary Clinton is elected President.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Dick Morris Corrects the Record on Hillary Clinton

      Since I posted the article What We Know About Donald Trump, I thought I might as well add this one from The Patriot Post which I found enlightening.  As usual, we only were given part of the story of Hillary Clinton's life.  The disturbing parts were carefully omitted.  Dick Morris, who knows the Clintons well, has given us "the rest of the story."  

Dick Morris Corrects the Record on Hillary Clinton

Dick Morris is a nationally recognized political campaign adviser, analyst and author. He was the senior political adviser to Bill Clinton before and after his occupation of the White House. He was campaign manager of Clinton's 1996 re-election, and the architect of his successful "triangulation" rhetorical ruse. Clinton's communications director George Stephanopoulos said of Morris, "No single person had more power over [Bill Clinton]."
This week, in a message entitled "What Bill Left Out, Morris corrected the record regarding Clinton's glowing remarks about Hillary Clinton, her personal attributes and professional achievements. Morris's insights into the Clintons are priceless.
What follows is a transcript of Morris's comments:
"Bill Clinton talked at length about Hillary's idealistic work in college and law school, but he omits that she was defending the Black Panthers who killed security guards; they were on trial in New Haven. She monitored the trial while she was in law school to find evidence that could be grounds for reversal in the event they were convicted.
"That summer she went to work for the True-Haft (SP) law firm in CA, headed by True Haft who is the head of the CA Communist Party and that's when she got involved with Saul Alinsky, who became something of a mentor for the rest of her life.
"Then Bill says that she went off to Massachusetts and he went to Arkansas, and eventually Hillary followed her heart to join him in Arkansas. He omits that she went to work for the Watergate Committee and was fired from that job for taking home evidence and hiding documents that they needed in the impeachment inquiry. Then she took the DC Bar exam and flunked it, she went to Arkansas because that is the only bar exam she could pass.
"He talked about how in the 1970's she took all kinds of pro-bono cases to defend women and children. In her memoirs, she cites one which was a custody case and that's it. In fact, in 1975 she represented a guy accused of raping a 14-year-old girl and got him off by claiming the girl had had fantasies of sex with an older man. In 1980 she gave an interview about it and she joked that she knew the guy was guilty but got him off anyway.
"Then Bill discusses Hillary's legal career at the Rose Law firm. He doesn't mention that she made partner when he was elected governor and was only hired when he got elected as attorney general.
"He makes as if it was a public service job — it wasn't. Her main job was to get state business, and she got tens-of-millions of dollars of state business, then hid her participation and the fees by taking an extra share of non-state business to compensate for the fees on state business that she brought in. Her other job was to call the state banking commissioner any time one of her banks got into trouble to get them off.
"Bill speaks at length how Hillary was a mother, juggling career and family, taking Chelsea to soccer games and stuff — that's non-sense. Hillary was a mother but Chelsea in the Arkansas governor's mansion had a staff of nannies and agents to drive her around and people to be with her, and Hillary didn't have to bother with any of that. All of that was paid for by the state.
"He says she became the warrior in chief over the family finances and that was true, and the result is she learned how to steal.
"She accepted a $100,000 bribe from the poultry industry in return for Bill going easy on regulating them, despite new standards. Jim Blair, the poultry lobbyist, gave her $1,000 to invest in the Futures Market and lined up seven to eight other investors and their winnings were all deposited into Hillary's account. She made $100,000 in a year and she was out. That essentially was a bribe.
"[She did] a phony real-estate deal for Jim McDougal and the Madison Bank to deceive the federal regulators by pretending someone else was buying the property. She was called before a grand jury in 1995 about that but, conveniently, the billing records were lost, couldn't be found and there wasn't proof that she worked on it.
"Bill talks about her work on the health care task force but doesn't say the reason it didn't pass was the task force was discredited because the meetings were all held in secret. A federal judge forced them open and fined the task force several hundred thousand dollars because of their secrecy.
"He says that after the health care bill failed in 1994, Hillary went to work on adopting each piece of it piecemeal — mainly health insurance for children.
"That is completely the opposite of the truth. The fact is when that bill failed, I called Hillary and I suggested that she support a proposal by Republican Bob Dole that we cover children, and she said, 'We can't just cover one part of this. You have to change everything or change nothing.' Then in 1997 when I repeated that advice to Bill Clinton, we worked together to pass the Children's Health Insurance Program. I found a lot of the money for that in the tobacco settlement that my friend Dick Scruggs was negotiating.
"Then Bill extols her record in the U.S. Senate. In fact, she did practically nothing. There were seven or eight bills that she introduced that passed; almost all of were symbolic — renaming a courthouse, congratulating a high school team on winning the championship. There was only one vaguely substantive bill, and that had a lot of co-sponsors of whom Hillary was just one.
"Then he goes to her record in the State Department and manages to tell that story without mentioning the word Benghazi, without mentioning her secret emails, without mentioning he was getting tens of millions — $220 million in speaking fees in return for favorable actions by the State Department.
"Also totally lacking in the speech was anything about the war on terror — terror is a word you don't hear at the Democratic Convention.
"Bill says that Hillary passed tough sanctions on Iran for their nuclear program. The opposite is true.
"Every time a tough sanction bill was introduced by Senators Menendez or Kirk, Hillary would send Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman to Capital Hill to testify against it and urge it not to pass, and it was over Hillary's objections that those sanctions were put into place.
"[Liberal columnist] Maureen Dowd called the speech by Bill Clinton "air brushed."
"It was a hell of a lot more than that — it was fiction.
(Also see Morris's comments after Clinton's DNC acceptance speech. "It's strategy and message will be interdicted by reality at every turn. ... She basically has no message. ... Her entire campaign is, 'I'm a woman and I am running against Donald Trump. ... She bean her speech by saying let's compromise and work together. Is there any woman in the world less likely to compromise?")

Quote from Jeff Utsch's column today on The Daily Rant

I have never been excited about Donald Trump as a candidate for President but when the choices have come down to him or Hillary Clinton, there is no choice.  Hillary is an evil corrupt person who should be in jail.

Jeff Utsch in his column, "Democratic base and Republic Establishment run awry: But Republican choice offers hope" on The Daily Rant (which you can read in it's entirety here) says it well in his conclusion,

"Where does this leave us?

The majority of the people in the Democrat Party, with the help of their establishment and with eyes wide open, put Hillary where she is. They should be ashamed of themselves and recognize the corrupt state of their own party, though, of course, they won’t.
Those who did not understand that the Democrat Party is corrupt have no excuses now. 
The Establishment in the Republican Party put Trump where he is by their inaction and cowardly approach to doing what the people sent them to do. 
Neither candidate may be ideal, but in comparison one should be in jail and the other still has at least a chance of doing good things for our nation."