Monday, August 1, 2016

Quote from Jeff Utsch's column today on The Daily Rant

I have never been excited about Donald Trump as a candidate for President but when the choices have come down to him or Hillary Clinton, there is no choice.  Hillary is an evil corrupt person who should be in jail.

Jeff Utsch in his column, "Democratic base and Republic Establishment run awry: But Republican choice offers hope" on The Daily Rant (which you can read in it's entirety here) says it well in his conclusion,

"Where does this leave us?

The majority of the people in the Democrat Party, with the help of their establishment and with eyes wide open, put Hillary where she is. They should be ashamed of themselves and recognize the corrupt state of their own party, though, of course, they won’t.
Those who did not understand that the Democrat Party is corrupt have no excuses now. 
The Establishment in the Republican Party put Trump where he is by their inaction and cowardly approach to doing what the people sent them to do. 
Neither candidate may be ideal, but in comparison one should be in jail and the other still has at least a chance of doing good things for our nation."

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