Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wisdom from John G. Lake

       The transmission from the spirit of the thought of God through the soul is a continuous process.  The transmission of the power of God from the spirit through the soul and into the body is a continuous process.  And the real fact of sickness, the real fact of sickness is simply that somehow a portion of our body loses its correspondence with the rest of our being and is not receiving naturally and normally that sufficient measure of the life of God that other portions of the body are receiving.
The intelligent Christian has long since learned that if a portion of his body is not receiving the due measure of life from God that another portion is receiving, it is because there is not being directed to the afflicted portion of the body the due measure of the Spirit that it ought to receive, and that it is the privilege by the Spirit to take the life of God and direct it to any portion of his body that he so chooses.
The climax of such thought is not simply the mere condition of physical healing.  It is more.  Of necessity there must come a condition of health, not healing.

John G. Lake   Physicalized Christianity 11-21-1915   ( page 195)