Friday, July 1, 2016

Plitvice National Park

We arrived at the Piltvice Hotel which sits at the entrance to the park with the same name about 5:00 yesterday. Michel and I have a huge room!  She has loved every part of this trip so I'm glad it worked out for her to go.  Kent & Parker's room is not as large but adequate. They have enjoyed being roommates.

There was time for a hike before dinner, so of course we headed to the lake. The water is so clear!  We could see all the way to the bottom with lots of trout swimming around. There are spectacular waterfalls here which we will be hiking past this morning. We'll be here till after lunch and then head to Rovinj for two nights. We've been told our hotel is on the Adriatic Sea so we are excited to get there!  This place is so beautiful though, that we will hate to leave.

Michel & I both were awake at 2:00 a.m. marveling at the wonderfully bright display of stars!  We aren't getting an abundance of sleep, but we are having amazing experiences!