Sunday, November 18, 2018

"4 Months of Accelerated Glory! It's Your Season to 'Go for It'!" Joe Joe Dawson,

From the Elijah List:

Recently, in a time of prayer, the Lord showed me an amazing prophetic vision about the next 4 months. The 4 months are the last 2 in 2018, and the first 2 in 2019. It's November, December, January and February. "Accelerated glory,"were the words I heard. I've never in my life seen so many people, who are believing for the Kingdom of God to be manifested on the earth, moving forward at one time.
This is Your Season to "Go For It!"
"Many of you have been building a foundation in 2018, but you are about to experience the glory at a greater level."
As I talk to different friends and ministries from all over America, every one of them is saying, "Joe, I don't fully know what is about to happen, but I've never been more excited. I've never had more things lining up for me. I've never had such an acceleration and an increase in my life, finances, health and in everything I am doing. It is like we are at the point where it is about to bust forward. It is about to break loose." So, I have been telling everybody in the ROAR Apostolic Network, "This is a season when you need to go for it! You need to throw your life into whatever God has called you to do."
Accelerated Glory
I heard the Lord say the words: "Accelerated glory." I'm talking about the true glory and the real glory. When the glory of God shows up, everything changes. Everything shifts. Transitions are made. Atheists are saved. People with infirmities are healed. Marriages are restored. It's not just that the Holy Spirit shows up; it's an accelerated glory where God comes down and the glory rests upon us.
When the glory of God comes, people cannot even minister. I know over the past few years, we've had a few services where we've had what I call, "a holy hush." I don't know what else to call it. We might have been 2, 3 or 4 hours in a service and then the glory showed up in such a way that nobody moved for 10 to 15 minutes. There was an accelerated glory. There have been times when I've been in my house by myself, working on a project or doing something, and all of a sudden, I can sense the glory of God. I will just sit down, get on my knees or lay flat on the floor. Then, the glory of God comes in. During these times I may get a vision, a revelation, or heavenly wisdom. I will feel the glory, the kabod, or the weight of God resting upon me.
My friends, over the next 4 months we are about to see this in our churches and in meetings. But the main place we will experience the accelerated glory is in our personal, private prayer time. You're gonna have moments where you feel the power, the weight, the glory of God just come in and rest upon you. During the next 4 months you're going to be able to tell people, "I spent time with God." It will not just be a regular, private prayer time. You'll be able to tell people, "I experienced the glory and the weight of God."
Sudden Solutions and Insights
As you encounter the accelerate glory, you will learn how to operate, steward and move in it. You'll be able to function with the weight of God on you. You're going to have accelerated glory in every aspect of your life. When you go to work, you can expect the glory of God to come in. Sudden solutions from Heaven will come. Sudden insights from God will be given to you. Sometimes we will have a vision, or a good thought, and we will think about it for a few weeks or months. Then we'll start working towards it. But when the accelerated glory comes, wisdom from the Lord is released and we are given prophetic insight into how to steward what God is showing us. (Photo via Pixabay)
Get ready! In November, December, January and February, you are going to enter into a Kairos season. The glory will hit you, and you will know automatically how to steward the weight and presence of God.
Shifting Atmospheres
In this season of accelerated glory, there will be times when you're at work and the glory of God is going to hit you. You're going to feel the heavy weight of the anointing. You'll have the glory of God upon you to lay hands and pray for that one co-worker, who you might not like or who may be battling cancer, and the accelerated power, presence and glory of God will hit them, and things will change. You are going to be able to shift atmospheres. You may be at a restaurant, a coffee shop, at a grocery store, a family reunion or a parent-teacher conference and be able to release the accelerated glory of God to shift things. I'm believing for people in our government to have a powerful encounter with the glory of God.
"This is a season when you need to go for it! You need to throw your life into whatever God has called you to do."
During these 4 months when the glory of God comes in, the people who do not walk closely with the Lord will not be able to speak or move, because the glory is upon them. When the glory shows up, only the true children of God will be able to speak under the weight of the glory. You're going to be in meetings and God is going to put you in elevated places to walk in His glory. You'll be able to carry the power of the glory of God.
Your Mantle is Coming Upon You
The Lord is saying right now, "You are about to have your mantle wrap around you like a winter coat. You're going to be able to walk in your mantle in the glory. You've had a prophetic word over your life but you've never been able to step into that." If you're outside and you're cold, as soon as you put on a coat you feel warmer almost immediately. Your mantle is coming upon you. Embrace your mantle, wear your mantle and walk in the glory of God. Over the next 4 months, my friends, you are going to see and feel your mantle wrap around you, and then you better be ready for the glory, the accelerated glory, of God to come upon you. You are going to be able to start walking in your calling, your purpose and your destiny.
There is Oil from Your Pressing
You are going to receive key insight, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from the Lord. You're about to walk in a greater anointing than ever before. In your past seasons, you've been pressed. You've been through trials, tests and tribulations but the pressing of the enemy caused more of the anointing to come out of you.
Whenever oil is being formed in the natural, the olives are pressed to release the oil. The more that you are pressed, the more oil will come out of your life. You've got all this oil that has come out of you from the pressing. But now is your season. You are about to see the accelerated glory of God, and it will far surpass anything you could ever imagine. The weight of God's glory and power is about to come upon you. Everything in your past has been leading up to this moment.
2019—An Even Better Year
The next 4 months of accelerated glory are actually a foundation to carry you through the next 10 months of 2019. At the end of 2017, I was so excited for 2018. As I was really getting excited for 2018, the Lord even told me then, "2018 is going to be a really good year for My children, but when 2019 gets here, it's going to be even better." Many of you have been building a foundation in 2018, but you are about to experience the glory at a greater level. (Photo via Unsplash)
My friends, I hope this word encourages you. This is a season of accelerated glory. Your mantle is coming upon you, the anointing is going to be greater and the glory of God is about to be manifested! 2019 is going to be an exceptionally powerful year for the apostolic and prophetic movements, and the Kingdom of God is going to be manifested on the earth. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Joe Joe Dawson
Joe Joe Dawson Ministries


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

False Teachers

    Are you one of those who has searched out names of people on the Internet whom you had heard good things about and who seemed to be sincerely trying to do God's work only to be confronted with extremely negative, critical, condemning articles of them, calling them false prophets, etc.?  As I have been researching my classes for Integrated Healing I have been angered, and in some cases, furious, at the lies that are being told.  I am appalled by those who are condemning many of those from whom I have learned much and who have truly inspired me to do the things Jesus called us to do.  Do they even know what they are doing?
    I haven't figured out yet who put them in charge of telling us what is right and wrong, but I believe they have much to be concerned about in that they are leading others astray and keeping them from receiving much healing.  I can't imagine that pleases God.  They are frightening people away from some of the mose effective help they could receive.  I personally have learned much and received much healing in the past through Camps Farthest Out, Tommy Tyson, Glenn Clark, Agnes Sanford, Starr Daily, Frank Laubach and many other wonderful saints of old, and I am now being inspired to desire to be a much better person, and hopefully am helping others also, through the ministries of Mark Virkler, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, the Kylstras, Peter Horrobin, Art Matthias and many others.  
      Some of my friends and I, have personally prayed for others using tools we learned from these great teachers to the effect of helping them be free of things they had been dealing with and searching for help with for years!  One was even so excited and grateful she asked me to post her story on my blog (here).  I believe it is up to each person to pray and ask for guidance and discernment about the people from whom they are learning.  I don't believe we are appointed to do that for others.  I believe God has given us a mind and his Spirit to determine right and wrong if we ask.  
      I also believe we have much responsibility in leading others astray:  In case you need a little scripture to corroborate what I'm attempting to say:
 Psalm 105:15 (The Passion Translation):  He said to them, “Don’t you dare lay a hand on my anointed ones, and don’t do a thing to hurt my prophets!”
Isaiah 5:21:  Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
        Even though our family experienced so much love and influence towards good through our involvement with Camps Farthest Out, when one of our children, who went to a Christian High School, was assigned a paper on David Hunt's book, The Seduction of Christianity, it changed his attitude.  He was at an impressionable age, wanting to disagree with parents and admiring the teacher, so doubts were planted.  As I have always tried to point out to our children, look at the fruit.  I believe David Hunt's infuence has done much to thwart God's work in the world today.  I forgive him for his influence in my family because I don't believe he understands what he is doing but I would warn others to stay away.  Seek your own path.  Jesus loves you so much he won't let you be deceived.  Would you let your own children be deceived if they asked your advice.  How much better is God our Father than our natural fathers could ever be.                                                         
      If these people who are citicizing can actually say they are doing what Christ did, healing the sick, setting captives free, raising the dead, casting out demons, loving unconditionally and causing others to do the same, then by all means follow them, but if they are being controlled by a religious spirit that does nothing but criticize and tries to control their readers then I think those who have been listening to them might want to ask what He thinks of all this.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Discouragement is a tool of the enemy!

I was reading a prophetic word this morning when this line caught my attention:

"I never call you to quit by using discouragement! Discouragement is from the enemy, and it only confirms that I have a greater calling on you than you realize. 

I believe that is a true word from God!  If you are about to quit something you have begun--maybe it is something you thought God had called you to do but are feeling discouraged and are considering quitting--think about this.  God does not use discouragement as a sign to quit something.  Discouragement is a tactic of the devil.  God does not use the devil's tools to do His work. If he wants you to quit something he will show you or close the door.  Trust Him and continue what He has called you to do, knowing it is darkest just before the dawn, so your breakthrough is probably right around the corner.  Press through!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"What Happens When Prophets MISS an ELECTION PROPHECY?" Steve Shultz,

A word from Steve Schultz, publisher of the Elijah List, about missed prophetic words:

From Steve Shultz: I want to cut right to the heart of an important matter today. Last night the elections finally happened, and while it is good that the Senate was held (so that future judges can still be appointed by President Trump), it honestly was not the "RED TSUNAMI" that several prophets prophesied.

In order for us to have integrity, we must be willing to say "we got it wrong" or "we missed it" or "at least on the surface, what was prophesied does not appear to have happened at all."
Please, as readers of THE ELIJAH LIST, please do understand that when a respected prophet (as Charlie Shamp is) gets a word wrong, that DOES NOT MAKE HIM A FALSE PROPHET. A miss is a miss. That's all! And we must be honest about it.

False prophets lead people intentionally away from God. NONE of our prophets do that. NONE of them. But sometimes a prophet we publish will miss it on certain words. Most of these misses are small, even tiny. Several prophets had stated that God would turn the map red again during this election, and rather than being a blue wave, they said it was going to be a "RED TSUNAMI."

There is not any level where a "Red Tsunami" was apparent. Control of the House was lost. This is not an inconvenience to God! NOTHING is impossible for God. It's an inconvenience for President Trump but NOT FOR GOD!

Here, in just a few words, is my texting back and forth between Prophet Charlie Shamp and myself overnight and this morning. Charlie is in Kenya during this election time.

From Steve: Charlie, it's your wee hours of the morning in Kenya. We are at early returns right now and it's not much looking like a red wave or red tsunami. Wondered if you still felt it would be a red win?
From Charlie: Hey Steve, I am still very confident in what I was shown from the Lord and am saddened by what I see in the natural. After what has taken place with the word regarding Brazil coming to pass, it's hard to concede that something was not wrong with the results of this election. However, I also have to have integrity regarding the prophetic and recognize that what I was shown did not come to pass. Prophecy is not conspiracy as you well know, and I will not try to blame-shift publicly. I don't want to try and twist the word in anyway to buffer criticism, as I feel that God will justify it in the future and we will see something unexpected come out of this. I'm grateful for you and the Elijah List for standing with me as a young prophet over the years.
From Steve: Yes Charlie, this one is quite the mystery... It's disappointing of course, but perhaps you are correct that something will yet reveal itself. My question for you this morning is—Do you feel it would be OK for me to publish what you sent me overnight? I do feel we have to be intellectually honest that, at least as far as what the eye can see, it did not appear to be a red tsunami. If we are up front, most people will respect that.
From Charlie: Yes, I am fine with you releasing it. In fact, I believe it is important as this could also be a test to where we are headed in the prophetic. Can God trust us to have purity and integrity when it comes to the prophetic? To whom much is given, much is required. We celebrate when the word comes to pass and we must make corrections, adjustments and have humility when it does not. God has challenged me not to be vague in prophetic words, but to be exact when it comes to words for nations because the Church isn't just looking, but those in the world are looking as well. 
Sometimes in personal prophecy, we can give a word and it can be out of season and some will feel like we missed it, but it eventually comes to pass. I believe it is the same with words for nations—we can hear accurately, but miss the timing and date. I just know that one missed word does not define a movement or a prophetic people. We are all growing in hearing God and honestly we don't know the full outcome of what the prophets have seen. 
I also experienced the depth of intercession that it took to birth the Kavanaugh prophetic word into the nation. It was a spiritual warfare unlike anything I have ever experienced! There is a real fight for this nation, and we can't give up or stop prophesying. The people of God need to be encouraged by the prophets and know that God is still speaking. Even more so now that some of our heroes like Prophet Kim have went to be with the Lord. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Bless you Steve and thanks for reaching out.
From Steve: Charlie, per our previous conversation earlier today, yes, let's talk by phone when you are back in the US, and we can process this through. You're doing GREAT Charlie! Whatever you do, KEEP PROPHESYING and KEEP LEADING PEOPLE TO JESUS! –end of texting conversation.

Church—let's keep praying and moving forward...knowing that God loves our nation and wants to bring unity. We need to seriously continue receiving revelation through God's prophets—for they've been given to us as an important gift to the Body of Christ. 
Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


      I must say I am more than a little disappointed this morning.  The fact that the Dems picked up 34 seats to have control of the House is disillusioning to say the least.  I really hoped and expected when people saw what they stood for, killing babies, hatred, lies, mobs, ruining reputations for their own gain, socialism, illegal immigration (Do they not know what illegal means?  They could work to change the laws if they want open borders but until they do it is still ILLEGAL) and on and on, that there would be a repudiation.  What is wrong with Americans today?
     I am so tired of the constant negativism and was hoping that would change this year as more conservatives were elected.
     When Obama became President he was given every opportunity to be great.  The Press worshipped him, as did his followers.  He could do nothing wrong even when he began to make his own laws (with his pen).  Everything about his life was excused and concealed, from his radical activism as a community organizer, to his Communist mentor and Communist leaning parents, his possible illegal birth, to no school records except those as a child in Indonesia. But President Trump and his family's lives have been under a microsope.  He has had nothing but criticism and obstruction since he came in to office.  But even so, he has charged ahead implementing the promises on which he was elected.  Why can't they at least leave him alone?  I'm not even asking for support, just allow him to do his job--which from all accounts shows he is doing more for the country than possibly any previous President with the exception maybe of Reagan.  I think there are many swamp creatures who enjoy their habitat and are trying very hard to keep him from draining it.  I believe Donald Trump is "God's man of power for the hour", and he has much to do before he leaves office in 2024.  Only a man with his temperament could withstand what he has had to put up with.
      I am also disappointed in the prophecies from men like Charles Shamp and Johnny Enlow (which I posted earlier) that said Reps would keep the House and Senate.  Johnny even prophesied a red tsunami.  I have been impressed by previous words he has given, but this one obviously didn't come to pass! I admire them for going out on the limb to say it, and I must say it kept me from being stressed about all the bad news coming in, but since they were wrong it will be difficult to take other words given by them seriously.  I know prophetic words are conditional, so maybe conditions weren't met, but I still put much hope and faith in these "prophets of God" and will have to reconsider whether I will post other words.
     What are your feelings this morning?  Are you, too, disappointed and somewhat disillusioned?  I would love to hear your comments.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Beautiful trees!

       For awhile I thought we were only going to have brown leaves that dropped off--no beautiful color this year, but I was wrong. This has been a very strange season.  We went from 90 degree weather to 50 degree weather in one day!  So not much wonderful fall weather in the 60's and 70's.
      By this time most years the leaves would all be off the trees. I must say after the last 2 rains we have had they are quickly disappearing, but yesterday was a beautiful sunny day--in the 50's so I took a walk and captured a few photos of the gorgeous trees before all the leaves are gone.  A feast for the eyes!

Two of my Japanese maples are spectacular!! The dogwood next to the maple is beautiful, too!

I took the photo below of the tree in the front of my mom's house.  It lost all these leaves in the rain and wind overnight Wednesday.  The lawn had been mowed the day before I took the photo.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

"God's Rescue Operation and the Red Tsunami Effect" Johnny Enlow,

Since there is such bad news surrounding this year's mid-term election I thought you might want to read this.  I have been very impressed by the words and accuracy of Johnny Enlow.  Ever since I read his word several months ago there would be a red tsunami in this election I have been encouraged and enabled to pray "Lord, let it be!"

A few nights ago, the Boston Red Sox finished off the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 and won the World Series of Baseball in 5 games. Also, Brazil elected Jair Bolsonaro as president. These two events are related in a way, and I will get into that. As many of you know, I believe most big sports events have an encapsulated prophetic message for us, and it speaks to the awesomeness of our God on how He pulls off that kind of thing. He is able to somehow superimpose important truths and realities into mundane sports events that grab the attention of the world. I will also speak into the present roller-coaster path of the Dow Jones.
Red Sox Beat Dodger Blues
"...He who sits in the heavens laughs at and holds in derision those who believe THEY have the power."
I have been telling my friends and family throughout the baseball playoffs that I saw no way any teams, other than the Red Sox and the Dodgers, could be the finalists for the World Series. I also stated that I saw no way that the Red Sox could lose in this year where red is being highlighted (even though the Dodgers have been my team of preference now that I live close to them). Many of you picked that up as well, based on the personal messages I have received.
All year long, I have highlighted the color red winning out in key sports events and how they spoke to midterm election wins, as well as a general advancement of Trump's God-given assignments. Early in the year, it was the Alabama Crimson Tide that won the national championship yet again, and now they are ranked number one and look unbeatable. I have shared about seeing a vision of a red tsunami wave coming in, and that message keeps being repeated. I also shared several prophetic words on the wins of Justify, the Triple Crown-winning horse who is nicknamed "Big Red."
I believe God has been revealing hidden revelation all year into what is coming through His appointed servant, Trump. This was once again made clear through the World Series. Understand as I delve into these things that the positive and negative symbolisms are only symbolisms and do not reflect on the players or the teams themselves.
Boston: Patriots and Revolution
Boston is significant as it's the city where the Red Sox are from. It is the city traditionally thought of when we think of patriotism and patriotic revolution. Accordingly, they have an NFL team called the Patriots and an MLS soccer team called Revolution. They were the best team all year and won the most games all year. They won the World Series by scoring 5 runs in game 5; 5 is the number of grace. The winning pitcher was a man named David Price, who wore number 24 and was 33 years old. That right there almost sums it all up. 
I have been sharing that we are going through a rescue from Heaven that has been paid for by the Blood of Jesus. The deep, deep darkness in our government, media, economy, arts, education, etc. is getting dealt with in an unprecedented way.
The Sleeping Church
However, by and large, the Church was asleep through their embracing of doctrines and eschatology that prioritized only the mountain of religion and focused on an "end of days" mindset. By caring only for "souls" and assuming Jesus is returning any moment, the Church effectively abandoned the 7 mountains of society and allowed multi-generational darkness to embed itself to the point that without a heavenly rescue, we would be headed into losing even the advancements on the mountain of religion. (Photo via Unsplash)
God's Red Rescue Operation 
God is executing a rescue operation in our day that rivals the rescue operation He performed for Israel when they were delivered by the Red Sea from the long-term oppression of the Egyptians. The highlighting of RED, then and now, is all about the Blood of Jesus setting the agenda. He was called "Son of David," and at age 33 He shed His Blood not just so we could inherit Heaven, but so that Heaven could inherit the earth. The Kingdom COMING is still His passion and He has an ever-increasing agenda for it.
David Price: 24 and 33
As I mentioned before, Jesus was called the "Son of David" shedding His Blood for us at age 33. David Price is 33 years old and was number 24; 24 is also the number I have been sharing all year that had to do with Justice. There are 24 elders with crowns that are around the throne of God. The "Price" for the "Justice" being released upon us now was paid for by "the Son of David" and it is what creates the red tsunami effect. Our "Sox" are going to be red as we will walk, rise, and win, not because of our own strength, but because of the Blood of Jesus that was shed for us.
There is, of course, the red vs. blue dynamic playing out directly in politics (red being the Republicans' color and blue being the Democrats' color), but this all goes way beyond that. We will discover almost as much shocking darkness uncovered in Republicans as Democrats, so let's not just think this is about politics. It really is about the Blood of Jesus setting an agenda to advance our destiny as a people, as a nation, and ultimately the world.
Clayton Loses
Clayton Kershaw was the opposing pitcher to David Price. He is an amazing pitcher and I think a quality person. However for this World Series, the symbolism he represents is not good. He represents the team trying to give us "the blues." Clayton can be broken up into Clay-Ton. "CLAY" speaks of corruption, since it is a mixture and not a pure element, and there has been a "TON" of corruption revealed and is yet to be revealed. Furthermore, there is a word "Dodgy" related to Dodgers which means "dishonest, unreliable, potentially dangerous." This has been the reality of that which is being defeated, that which is being exposed, and that which is about to be judged.
Bolsonaro Becomes President of Brazil
"...we are going through a rescue from Heaven that has been paid for by the Blood of Jesus."
I was in Brazil several weeks ago and in fact while there, Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed and almost died, having to be hospitalized for 23 days. At that time he was considered a "fringe" candidate that could not possibly win, but obviously the devil knew he was a threat. At the time he had 22% of the populace who said they would vote for him. Recently he won the presidential election of Brazil with over 55% of the vote (despite perhaps losing several more percentage points of the vote to fraud).
Bolsonaro has been called "the Trump of the Tropics" and he seems to craft much of his message after Trump's messaging. He surrounds himself with Believers, is strongly pro-life, and has said he will move their embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He is against the Paris climate treaty and he is strong on the military, law and order and the economy. He refers frequently to patriotism, and just this week he and Trump talked on how they will work together and cooperate in everything. In the world scheme of things, it is a huge matter.
Brazil has over 200 million people and, when properly functioning, is a top-5 world economy. Bolsonaro's presidency will affect all of South America positively, and his partnering in the "same spirit" with Trump will be powerful for world events. It is part of the red tsunami of the Blood of Jesus going beyond our own borders with a rescue plan. Brazil had gotten themselves in a terrible position of embedded corruption and delinquency, and they are now also experiencing a rescue plan from God. This will continue being a global reality and will go from nation to nation.
Dow Jones
Last year I spoke on how I saw the Dow Jones hitting 27,000 by October of this year. On October 3, 2018, the Dow Jones got up to 26,951.81 (which I will take as being 27,000). Right now it is going through wild swings and is under 25,000, which is frightening some people. I have learned since last year that following the Dow Jones numbers as a sign of economic health, is riddled with some contradictions in light of present exposures.
Much of the present drop has to do with several major companies complicit with the deep darkness and losing economic strength, therefore affecting overall Wall Street numbers. There are certain giant companies involved in dark monopolies that will either clean up their acts or cease to exist. In the short run, these will affect day-to-day Dow Jones numbers.
We also have an out-of-control Fed (Federal Reserve) that seems to be doing some sinister things—things designed to intentionally harm the economic numbers in order to affect the midterm elections. It is only by the grace of God over President Trump that the economy is not destroyed, as that is how desperate deep darkness has become to preserve its positions of power. (Photo via Pixabay)
However in the long run, the economy will bend toward being the strongest ever, and all numbers will agree and bear that out. The Fed will have to be reined in. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc. will also have to be reined in—but it will happen. The red tsunami that comes over them is not just a political result, but the Blood of Jesus coming in and showing who is Boss. Corrupt billionaire and corrupt trillionaire families are about to get a wake-up call from Him who paid with His Blood the price to regain ALL authority in Heaven AND ON EARTH. Psalms 2 says that He who sits in the heavens laughs at and holds in derision those who believe THEY have the power.
Things are about to change. Stay encouraged and stay expectant for the subsequent red waves generated by the Lamb's agenda on Earth. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


Friday, October 26, 2018

A Very Busy, Fun Week!

This had been a great, but very busy, week!  Last Friday at 1:30 a.m.. 3 of my grandchildren, Daniel's girlfriend and I left for a Youth Retreat in California.  It was fun and inspirational!  I loved the worship, in particular.  Here is a very short clip to let you see those amazing young people worshipping Jesus!

Before the conference began on Friday night we went to see the beautiful Sundial Bridge and enjoy the California sunshine.

During the Saturday afternoon break in the conference we drove out into the countryside to see the fire damage.  We were all amazed to see homesteads burnt totally to the ground with charred automobiles and appliances the only thing left.

Of course, being with the kids was a wonderful treat!!  On the way home Sunday, the plane that was supposed to take us from Redding to San Francisco had a mechanical problem.  It didn't get to Redding to pick us up until after our flight from S.F. left for Indy. There were no other flights that afternoon so the airline paid for 2 hotel rooms and gave us $20 each to eat and then booked us on a flight at 11:10 a.m. on Monday morning.

When we arrived at the hotel we checked with the concierge about going downtown.  She suggested getting a taxi since it would take us awhile to figure out the BART and it was already 5:00 p.m.  We took a taxi to Pier 39.  It was a fun evening.  Of course, the seals at the Pier were especially intriguing to us Midwesterners.

We watched an acrobat who was also very funny, perform some amazing feats.

We ended the evening at Boudin's for clam chowder in a sourdough bowl.  YUM!

The overnight stay in San Francisco was a wonderful bonus to an already blessed trip!  We arrived home around 7:30 on Monday night.  

And then our friends Melinda Fish and her sister, Danna Kay, arrived Thursday.  They will be here till Monday morning.  It's great to get to spend extra time with them!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Something Else to Think About in Dealing With Breast Cancer

I have been putting together a series of classes on integrated healing.  Since we are body, mind, spirit and emotions it is often necessary to heal the last three before physical healing can occur.  As I was working on Generational Sins, Diseases and Curses, I came across this amazing information in Henry Wright's book A More Excellent Way. 

"Cysts or tumors that appear in the left breast tissue seem to follow unresolved bitterness and conflict between that female and another female blood relative, such as mother, sister, aunt, grandmother.  Tumors or cuysts that appear in the right breast seem to be the result of unresolved bittrness and conflict between the female who has the tumors and another female (non-blood relative) such as a mother-in-law or a person in the workplace or a person in the church.  Although there are exemptions, this observation is holding true in over 80% of all cancer cases,  There are an increasing number of females who are being healed.  In fact, breast tumors just disappear when that woman forgives another female. "  p. 186.

This seems to me to be something to take note of and to check out.  If you, or someone you know, has breast cancer it would be good to make sure you don't have any unforgiveness or bitterness towards other women in your family or circle of friends.

What do you think?  I would love to hear if you know anyone for which this seems to be true.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

More Than Mammography: Know Your Options for Breast Cancer Testing By Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Because I continue to hear of women who say they have an annual mammogram, I decide to post part of this article on my blog.  You can read the rest of it on the website.  I also posted the link at the end of the post.

I stopped having mammograms sevral years ago after having two surgical breast biopsies, both of which were benign.  The pain, cost, inconvenience, stress and additional radiation made me realize I wasn't willing to pay that price.  It was only later I began hearing that at least 10% of breast cancers are caused by mammograms.  This and othr information certainly confirmed my decision.  Read the following and see what you think.

More Than Mammography: Know Your Options for Breast Cancer Testing

In a hurry? Click here to read the Article Summary...

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the March 2017 edition of TTAC’s Heroes Against Cancer member newsletter. The availability of the tests mentioned in this article may be limited based on your location and FDA approval.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which every year means sweeping campaigns from organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation encouraging women to practice prevention with the focus mostly on getting regular mammograms.
The focus on breast cancer this month is a wonderful opportunity for education in general, including knowing about the alternatives to mammograms for early detection.
In fact, this information is being sought after by more and more women. Statistics from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveal that close to 40% of all adults in the U.S. utilize complementary and alternative medicine – and more than likely you’re one of them.
Now the time has come to add alternative and complementary testing procedures to your cancer prevention and healing toolbox.

The Scary Truth About Mammograms

Mammograms are the go-to mode of breast cancer detection that is promoted by the established medical industry. The choice as to whether or not to get a mammogram is an individual one.
In order to make an informed decision, however, it is important to know the cold, hard facts. And the most glaring fact is that within the last year and a half, major organizations like the American Cancer Society (ACS) have changed their tune about their mammogram testing recommendations.
As of October 2015, the ACS recommends that American women get tested annually starting at 45 years of age (it was 40 previously) and that women aged 55 and older cut back to one test every two years. This change was prompted by a 2013 report published by the U.S. Preventative Task Force which recommended delaying mammograms for healthy women in order “to reduce the harms of mammography screening by nearly half.
The specifics of these harms have remained somewhat vague; the mainstream media has mostly focused on the high number of “false positives” that mammograms produce. Indeed, approximately 20% of all initial breast cancer diagnoses wind up being “false positives,” which often lead to unnecessary biopsies and even rounds of chemo and radiation – not to mention a lot of unnecessary emotional stress.
There is more to the dangers of mammograms than what is regularly being discussed, however. Mammograms expose very sensitive tissue to low-level radiation which accumulates in the body with each visit.
In fact, according to a 2006 study conducted by the University Hospital in Birmingham, U.K., “Recent radiobiological studies have provided compelling evidence that the low energy X-rays as used in mammography are approximately four times – but possibly as much as six times – more effective in causing mutational damage than higher energy X-rays.” In addition, the extreme manipulation of the breast tissue that typically happens during a mammogram may in fact cause tumors to spread.
Perhaps the most startling fact about mammograms is that in reality they do not detect breast cancer any more than a regular self-exam can.
In fact, in the most comprehensive and sweeping study on mammograms to date, researchers from the University of Toronto monitored 90,000 women over the course of 25 years. The study, which was published by the British Medical Journal in 2014 found that mortality rates from breast cancer (and from all other causes) was the same both for women who got mammograms and those who did not. It also discovered that one in five cancers “discovered” through mammograms was in reality not a health threat.
“It will make women uncomfortable, and they should be uncomfortable,” Dr. Russell P. Harris, a professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill who specializes in screenings, told the New York Times at the time, in reference to the study’s findings. “The decision to have a mammogram should not be a slam dunk.” 
No modality is going to be 100% accurate when it comes to spotting breast cancer. However, there is technology out there now which can now safely and effectively detect these cancers, sometimes years before a lump or bump appears.

7 Tests for Breast Cancer Your Doctor May Not Even Know About

#1 – Thermography 

If you’re looking for a non-invasive and safe diagnostic tool as an alternative or a complement to mammograms, then getting a thermography screening may be the right option for you. Thermography, also known as Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging (DITI), detects areas of heat in the body which can point to areas where inflammation may be occurring.
Because of this, thermography may be able to detect physiological breast cancers even when they are just the size of a pinhead.
In fact, a 2008 study published in The American Journal of Surgery found that breast thermography in particular has a 97% “sensitivity rating” for discovering malignancies, sometimes years before a visible tumor has been formed.
Thermography can be especially effective for women who have been diagnosed as having “Dense Breast Syndrome,” where mammary tissue is denser and more fibrous than normal. While thermography is covered by health insurance in many countries outside the U.S., it has yet to be covered by most American providers.
More and more alternative health clinics are offering the service at affordable prices, however, including integrative health centers, Ayurvedic centers, acupuncturists, and chiropractors.
To find a certified thermography technician in your area, I recommend contacting the American College of Clinical Thermography.

Continue reading here.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Prophecy for Retirees in This Hour: 'The Eagle Has Landed!' by Bill Yount

I like this word for those of us in the "older generation".  I don't plan to retire--but I can always use a "refiring"!    This was sent in the Charisma email newsletter today.  It is a word given by Bill Yount.

Prophecy for Retirees in This Hour: 'The Eagle Has Landed!'

I received this word in 2004, and the Lord just reminded me of it recently as I awoke with the words resounding in my ears: "The Eagle has landed!" This word has returned with great momentum and urgency as though its fullness of time has come. Let this word empower you in this season. God has so much more for us at any age. Psalm 68:28a (KJV) says, "Thy God hath commanded thy strength." God is commanding His strength into you. One translation (NLT) says, "Your God has decided you will be strong!" Remember, "too old" is not in the Bible.
Warning: The content of the following message contains very strong language that may not be suitable to those 62 years or older. Those nearing the age of "retirement" must proceed with reading at own risk. Discretion is strongly advised.
I see a divine interruption coming to the state of Florida and regions of the world that have become famous for retirement. I saw God, like an eagle, coming to this state. I saw this eagle circling around Orlando, Florida. I heard the Father saying to the angels, "We are going to Disney World!" I saw the eagle landing first upon Disney World.
I sensed the Father saying, "I am stirring up a creative, childlike faith and anointing that was similar to Walt Disney's anointing as a child. I am going to impart this anointing into the lives of older people to dream again, to invent and to create things that have not yet been seen or heard of 'witty inventions.'"
Creative Anointing Is Going to Push Back the Age Barrier
When Walt Disney was a child in grade school, his teacher asked the class to draw a picture of a flower garden. After handing in their assignments, the teacher walked back to Walt Disney's desk and said to him, "Walt, flowers don't have faces." Walt Disney responded, "Mine do!"
I sense that kind of creative anointing is beginning to come upon older men and women that is going to cause them to live longer with a childlike excitement that they have never known. This creative anointing is going to push back the age barrier of sickness, disease and infirmities, extending life to 120 years for many in the near future.
'Refiring for the Retiring'
I saw God, like an eagle, landing upon retirement centers and upon older people who have come to these places thinking they are retiring. But God says, "There's a 'refiring' coming upon the 'retiring.' This divine interruption and nest-stirring is coming upon these chosen ones, for they have great wisdom in their ages, and with their years comes understanding. I have need of them!" The fire of God is beginning to fall upon retirement centers, and their strength shall be renewed "as an eagle."
"Rocking" chairs were turning into "rocket" chairs! Even as John Glenn in his '70s was launched again into outer space, older people in this state will be launched into the harvest. Expect God to stir and shake as many are lifted off of their launching pads beginning in Florida and then beyond. I sense the Father saying, "There are some rides in the Spirit coming that you haven't been on yet."
'Fathers Live!'
I saw the initials for the state of Florida, "FL," lighting up and standing for 'Fathers Live!' —a heavenly proclamation calling forth the older men, the fathers, who have come to this state to settle down. God says, "This is not your place of rest! I am calling you to live and not die. With long life I will satisfy you and show you My salvation. I am extending to you a strong call to mentor the younger men and children in this fatherless generation. These young children and men will keep you young as you impart My wisdom and understanding into them."
I believe the Lord has chosen Florida to activate this word and to launch this proclamation internationally.
"The Eagle has landed ..." 
Bill Yount has been a member of Bridge of Life Church in Hagerstown, Maryland, for the past 40 years and is in leadership. He faithfully served in prison ministry at Mount Hope Inc. for 23 years and now travels full time, ministering in churches and Aglow circles. He is currently an adviser at large for Aglow International. Bill has authored several prophetic books. His latest book is Handfuls of Purpose. His prophetic email list is: billyountweekly.comVisit Bill's website at

Thursday, October 4, 2018

"I'm Going to Reposition and Realign this Government' Plus "Prophetic Words for the Nations" Curt Landry

An exciting word I received from The Elijah List!

NOTE: This word, given on September 28, 2018, came after Curt Landry read and prayed over a word to the House of David congregation from Lana Vawser's September 26th word posted on The Elijah List: "United States of America—The Lion of Judah is Stepping in and Breaking Delays!"
Lord, prepare our hearts for major change in our government. Lord, prepare our hearts to be able to trust You with things that we don't understand. Amen.
I heard the Lord say, "I'm going to reposition and realign this government. I'm the only One who knows the hearts of the men and women who are serving. In this season, don't speak against any of My children—right or left. For I will give salvation and a way out to each. They will either choose life or choose death. If they choose death, I will remove them from their position of authority."
"Winter is over in the spirit. Spring is here at last!"
"There are some who have been held back, as they are in the wrong position for the mantle that I am releasing now. Some have even threatened to quit and retire early. But I will visit them in the night hours with fresh anointings and fresh assignments. Just as a child is discouraged when he has special abilities and is held back by a traditional system, I have those in My government who are 'special children' who need to be raised up now. There are some who I will retire as well. They have served, and now they will be put to the side for the younger ones to rise up."
The Lord says, "Pray for Trey Gowdy. For I am releasing a fresh mantle and a new anointing, and I will move him into a very strong position because he is My servant and he has My heart."
The Lord is Changing the Sound
The Lord showed me that every place where they have had Trump rallies, those places will become places of great public revival, as in the days of Billy Graham. The Lord says, "It will start in the first strike state, in Evansville, Indiana. I am going to change the sound of the Trump rallies. There are going to be people like Dr. Troy Daily, who started the Trump rallies with prayer; but now these rallies will become evangelistic outreaches in 2020—they will go out in revival. They will become revival-driven, governmental rallies to bring the righteous together to cleanse this nation. There will not be a separation of Church and state. They will be righteous and righteous. Many will fight it, as the religious will not like it. 
"I'm changing My sound...I will send a new sound and it will be holy. There will be healing, signs and wonders, and evangelists who will actually go out before President Trump comes to speak. President Trump will take on more of a roll as an evangelist than that of a prophet, as he is doing now. I am going to soften his heart and I am going to anoint him. These rallies won't necessarily be Republican or Democrat—they will be Kingdom rallies to raise up this nation."
A Turning of Hearts and Shifting of Nations
The Lord says, "I want you to receive this now, because the atmosphere has shifted...and nothing has ever been seen like this before. Leaders, like Kim Jong-un, will come to this nation. As Malachi chapter 4:6 says that the hearts of the fathers will be turned to the sons, and the hearts of the sons to the fathers, he (Kim Jong-un) will actually receive the Lord the next time he comes to the United StatesHe will accept the Lord in the White House because of the Father's love for President Donald J. Trump to raise up his nation (North Korea). And his nation and their resources will not be squandered nor stolen by China," says the Lord. "They will become part of a new economy that the Lord is raising up.
"Don't be upset with the readjustments of the trade deals. These trade deals are from Me and not from your president. For I despise unbalanced scales—I despise bribes and tariffs. I am going to balance the sheep nations' economies so that I can pour out more on them."
The Lord says, "I will raise up new leadership in China. They will be raised up, for the Mongolians have been praying for them in deep intercession. There has been deep intercession in Taiwan. There will be a shift—that shift will come out of Taiwan. Taiwan will lead the Asia-Pacific Rim—that ring of fire. They will become an altar that will shift that region to stand and align with Israel. They will become like Tel Aviv. They will be a start-up nation and they will be equipped with power and with purpose."
The Lord says, "The nations of the earth need to see grace and they need to see compassion. The biggest test for grace and compassion over this nation will come when Iran needs our help—the help of the United States.They will need to cry out and ask us for help because there is a major earthquake coming. It will come in the area where they have their nuclear facilities. There will be a Chernobyl nuclear-type disaster, and they will cry out for help. The only nations who will help them will be the United States and Israel.(Photo via Pixabay)
"We are not to judge them, for the prayers of My saints in Iran have caused the earth to tremble. Don't underestimate what they have...for they have been underestimated. What Israel can't take care of, I can take care of easier through the shaking of this nation. The reason that I will shake it is because of the anointing that is on Cyrus. The Medo-Persian Cyrus anointing is upon Donald J. Trump. In this shifting I will give him the treasures and the hidden treasures that are in Iran. And there will be new trade deals that will be made with Saudi Arabia, because I am shifting this nation into not being so co-dependent on oil. I am shifting you into other technologies for your own good and your own health."
The Lord says, "You are going to have to be flexible in this hour. You are going to have to be flexible in this hour. Just as this past week created great anxiety and pressure for many—what was exposed, I needed to expose so that My children would cry out for help.
"I will heal the Kavanaugh family, and I will even heal Mrs. Ford. Let those who have been falsely accusing or incorrectly accusing all come into light this week. 
"I will send a new sound and it will be holy."
"The Lord loves mercy. The Lord loves grace. If the United States is to be a super power, it needs to be a super power of mercy and grace. Her strength is in her economy and in her military," the Lord says, "but don't underestimate the strength of alignment with My Word and with My covenant. For My Word and My covenant are everlasting. Don't be shortsighted," says the Lord, "for this life is but a vapor, and I am going to use this nation for the harvest of the world.
The Lion of Judah Will Rest Upon the U.S.A
"The reason that I am having you put up boundaries is to protect the righteous. For I will bring the righteous into the nation and in through the proper channels. The protection of the borders is for the order to keep the evil out. For My Word has borders and My knowledge has borders, and your country needs borders. For it is not ill-gotten, nor anti-immigration; it is anti-evil," says the Lord. 
"For I have called you to be a bright light. I have waited many years for the Lion of Judah to rest upon this nation. For My prophetess (Lana Vawser) saw correctly. There is a paw in the northeast. There is a paw in the northwest. There is a paw in the southeast, and there is a paw in the southwest. For My Lion will rest upon this nation. For I have heard the cries of the righteous.
"I will reverse Roe vs. Wade. I will reverse the removal of prayer out of schools, because I love My children more than you love your children,"says the Lord. "I will protect My children and I will raise them up in righteousness, for I have blessed this nation. I will heal your land and I will, in 2019, send My Lion of Judah into all of the native tribes in America, to visit them with the roar of the Lion of Judah that will heal them from all false identity and covenant-breaking robbery that has happened to them ever since they have been in this country." The Lord says, "I will visit them in a unique way and restore them. And that sleeping giant (the Native American people) that Dr. Billy Graham spoke about in Oklahoma City—you will see its great awakening, and it will happen in 2019."
Be Diligent—He will Exalt You in Due Season
The Lords says, "Be diligent watchmen. Be disciplined in fasting and prayer. Be humble, slow to speak, slow to anger. Listen to Me, don't worry so much about draining the swamp as you are about restructuring over the swamp. For I will put pillars in their place. I build over the swamp, so the swamp cannot touch those who walk on My pillars and My structures. For the swamp has its appointed day and appointed time, and it is not yet time for it to be removed. For I have My time and you have your time. For I always build over the top of anything that resists Me when you surrender to Me.
"Times will be tough, and battles will rage. Don't ask Me to remove pressure from My herdsmen, for they are those who will bring the lost to My house," says the Lord. "Build your houses upon the Rock. Build your houses high and lifted up, and I will exalt you in due season. Remember that your alignment is not on this earth, but from above. Trust Me. Remember, I created the flames as well as the furnace. I use darkness and light. The darkness in this hour is what I use to highlight you as My light. I will empower you with the greatest Shekinah glory and the greatest light that you have ever seen. It will even fall in the White House.
"There will be visitations. As tough as Donald J. Trump is, he will be overcome by the Holy Spirit...even on television. My fire will fall, and people will make comments that he is weak and unstable, but it will be the Holy Spirit. For I will operate in healing, power and signs and wonders through his hand. As he firmly looks into the eyes of leaders, he will release the glory of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...and I will give nations over to My Kingdom through the shaking of that hand. Lift him up. Stand in agreement. Be hopeful. For My Word says, 'Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life'(Proverbs 13:12). This is My time for the tree of life," says the Lord. "This is My window of time. Winter is over in the spirit. Spring is here at last!" (Photo via Pixabay)
Prayer: Lord, I remove all fear, hopelessness, shame and anger that was released from Hell over the United States this past week. I thank You that the righteous cannot be stopped, and I will not fear to walk in righteousness. My past is under the Blood of Jesus. I am the forgiven of the Lord. My past indiscretions have been removed by the Blood of Jesus. They have been blown by the wind of the Spirit as far as the east is from the west, and the north is from the south. I do not walk in fear of accusations, for the accuser of the brethren cannot accuse me because I am a co-heir with Christ. I am redeemed. We seal it, in Yeshua's name. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Rabbi Curt Landry
Founder, Curt Landry Ministries