Wednesday, December 19, 2018

In His Presence by E.W. Kenyon

I've been reading E.W. Kenyon's book, In His Presence, again.  It is profound.

His writing style is different than I'm used to because he writes in sentences--not paragraphs--causing each sentence to stand out and be considered without embellishment.  As you can see, though, they are easy to read and understand, and there's no question of the meaning.
 He has this to say on page 12:
"To see a need is to have a call to prayer.  
There are people who will be utterly lost unless you take your place. 
Unless you do your part, men will cry against you through eternity.  
You can't plead that you have too much work to do.  
You can pray while you work.  
You can't put up the plea that you do not know how; you can learn if you wish. 
For you to disobey the prayer call is for you to disobey the call of your Father.  
The prayer responsibility today is the most important thing of our lives.  
Did you ever realize that there are men and women who are defeated and are breaking down in their business, home and spiritual life because we haven't prayed? 
 Let me change it; because YOU haven't prayed?
. . . If you are a mother or a wife, and live at home, there are certain duties which you perform every day for your family.  
The greatest duty that you will ever perform for your family will be the prayer duty."

That is pretty strong stuff, isn't it?  Very convincing and highly convicting!

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