Monday, December 31, 2018

Change is Inevitable.

      Do you ever look back over the previous year and wonder if you have grown and changed at all?  I wish there were some sort of indicators we could put on our door posts, like we did when our children were young, to mark their phusical growth.  Because growth in all areas of our lives is increemental and cumulative it is difficult to remember from whence we came.  It is important to remind ourselves, though, that because we have set our hearts on things of God and asked Him to change us, He surely has/is!
   As I look back on journal entries over the years, sometimes I think I was wiser then, than now.  Do you ever feel that way?  Or that I am still dealing with the same areas in my life that were a problem many years ago.  I once mentioned this to our friend and mentor, Tommy Tyson.  He said that it may seem we are going round and round revisiting the same problems but in actuality we are on a spiral, so even though we see the same problem we are facing it at a higher level.  That encourages me!  I pray that one of these days I will actually get to the top of this spiral of visiting certain problems and not have to go around again, don't you?
    As always I determine to start the New Year better than I end this one.  This year, we actually started early.  On the day after Christmas we began a 40 day no white flour, no sugar fast.  Already I can see a difference.  We were eating entirely too much sugar!  Once I get over the fact I can't eat everything I see and begin to 'eat to live' instead of 'live to eat' I really don't mind and then as I begin to feel better, I always ask myself why I don't eat this way all the time.
    Another resolution I have made in most recent years is to begin the year reading the New Testament in Chronological Order (see blog post here).  This year we bought our children, their spouses, our grandchildren and their significant others, and a couple of friends,  the Passion Translation of the New Testament (which I love).  Then I had the N.T. Chronological Bible Study printed on laminated cards for them and invited them to begin it with us on January 1.  I think it will be inspiring for us all to be reading in the same place every day.  I asked them to share with a text or email some of their insights if they could.
     I invite you to join us, also.  We could have an online Bible Study. I would love to hear what God is showing you about your life, the world, me--anything.  Accountability helps in most every endeavor to change, so I pray when you make your New Year's resolutions you will also find some who will journey with you and help you stay the course.
    Blessings on 2019!  Have a wonderful "growing" year!

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