Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Clif High "Future Predictions And Living Within The Woo"

 Clif High is fascinating!  Obviously, he is a genius!  I only understand about half of what he is talking about, but I want to know more and understand better.  He gives some interesting predictions in this video.  I highly recommend it.


Patriciia Tursi said...

Maybe Clif received military for the 9/11 event rather than terrorism because that's exactly what it was. This was fascinating because I had not understood how Clif gleaned his info. Thanks. Whew. It's difficult to see that we're in the good times now, but we are. FB kicked me out last year. Don't let the B-st---s get you down.

Country Girl said...

I, too, was glad to understand where he was getting his info. I am excited to get through this 'junk' and get on to better things. I can't believe people have not woken up to the vaccine or the election fraud. Someone said to me the other day, "Well I guess it's all over since the AZ audit showed Biden got the most votes!!!! Can you believe people are still watching MSM and believing them? And a good friend who is an educated, well-traveled conservative said she was getting the booster as soon as it was available!!! What do you think it will take to open their eyes?

Stephen J Carter said...

What will it take for Normies to wake up? What stops them? B/c they're often quite intelligent. I talked with a late-60s American who said: "Well there's always controversy surrounding every new vaccine." I just laughed, shook my head & turned to talk to somebody else. What stops them? Fear, a repressed, unacknowledged fear, b/c if they own it and start waking up then they have to deal with their future health problems. It feels safer to pretend everything will be OK.