Resources   This website contains the talks of Tommy Tyson.  Upon Tommy's death 
       Dr. Mark Rutland was given the materials from Tommy's Aqueduct Center to create this website.
            When our children were young our family went to a summer camp called Camps Farthest Out.  We usually went to the Nebraska CFO.  As our children grew and left home, Country Guy and I continued going because it was the closest thing to living in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that we had/have ever experienced.
      Since moving to Illinois we have been unable to attend, so imagine my delight when I discovered Matt Leach of Shepherd Ministries has posted many talks from some of the first CFO speakers, including the founder, Glenn Clark, and one of my first mentors, Agnes Sanford.  The above is a link to the website where you can listen online, or download the talks to listen later or burn to a CD to share.    These people were giants in the faith, and knew and experienced many of the things that are just now being talked about as 'cutting edge' in some circles.  Every time I listen to one of these, I get re-inspired.
          I love Bill Johnson's messages.  This is a link to the Sermon of the Week, at Bethel Church in Redding, CA, where Bill is pastor.  You can listen online, or download the messages on this site, too.
        On this site I discovered talks by James Maloney, who has had some amazing things happening in his ministry, and Ian Andrews, who I had never heard before, but have since searched out talks by him on other sites because I liked him so much.  Click the arrow to launch Sermon Player once you get on the site, and a list of messages will appear.
       The podcasts on this site can also be listened to online, or downloaded.  This is where I first heard the series by Mark Virkler on Hearing God's Voice, and where I found several Ian Andrews and James Maloney talks, as well as some other very interesting speakers.
        This is a link to 3 excellent talks by Dallas Willard given at a Bible Society Conference.
       This is a wonderful resource for Bible study and Bible commentaries by Bob Utley

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