Sunday, March 29, 2015

Frank Laubach - devotional - March 29, 1937

Frank Laubach was a wonderful giant in the Kingdom.  Wikipedia has this to say about him, "In 1915 (see Laubach, Thirty Years With the Silent Billion), while working among Muslims at a remote location in the Philippines, he developed the "Each One Teach One" literacy program. It has been used to teach about 60 million people to read in their own language.[1] He was deeply concerned about poverty, injustice and illiteracy, and considered them barriers to peace in the world."

He was a mystic who wrote many books and devotionals, the most famous being "The Game With Minutes" where he details his experiment in attempting to keep conscious of God at least one second of every minute of every day.  In the Monday, March 29, 1937, entry in "Learning the Vocabulary of God - A Spiritual Diary" he elaborates further on the benefits and his desire to always be working on  this practice.

I Corinthians 15    -       Bombay
"GOD, experience proves that a minute with Thee always brings fruit, often woderful fruit; experience proves that a minute apart from Thee is wasted or full of thoughts of malice or vice.  Abide in Me as the branch abides in the vine.  It abides all the time, every moment.  Before me is an electric plug.  The moment I disconnect the cord, the light goes out.  What I got the last minute does not help.  I may still be a little warm, but I am no longer a light.  "Apart from me ye can do nothing"--say nothing, be nothing, help nothing.  So I must keep plugged in every second.  Hard but essential.  Think Thy thoughts, God, here all day--Thine, not mine. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Love Just One

       I believe in this article, Francis Frangipane gives us the key to loving as Jesus did.  Love just the one in front of you right now--and after you have loved that one there will be another.  We are prone to discourgagemnet because we look at too large a picture.  When we think of the future we see all our days looming before us when, in fact, God has only called us to live this day to the fullest.  Doesn't that apply to loving people, too?  We look at all the unloveable (to us) people in the world and feel hopeless to think we could ever love them, but how about loving just the one who has been polaced in our path today?
      Heidi Baker says that is the key to their ministry.  They didn't begin with the idea of starting churches all over Africa, they began with the idea of 'stopping for the one.'  In the process, God has used them to found over 10,000 churches.

The Ministries of Francis Frangipane

Love Just One
(En EspaƱol)
We've stated that true spiritual discernment comes from knowing the mind of Christ. Let me make this quest as practical as possible: if we would know the thoughts of Christ, we should seek to know His motives, for thoughts exist to fulfill motives. Jesus Christ came into the world, "not . . . to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him" (John 3:17 NAB). Thus, if we truly understand the love that motivated Jesus, we will increasingly hear and understand His thoughts.

Or consider Paul's words, "And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment" (Phil. 1:9). The route to true knowledge and all discernment is to possess abounding love. Let us learn to rest our heads upon Christ's breast and listen to His heart. For in hearing His heart, we can discern His love for those around us.

Yet I acknowledge that, for some, to love others as Christ has loved us remains an ideal too far to reach. Therefore let's start small and bring this task closer to home. Rather than attempting to love everyone everywhere, let us reduce the challenge and make our aim to love just one person. Now I do not mean we should stop loving others whom we already love. I mean add just one person to your heart, and release your love to that individual in a more Christlike way.

This person may be a lost neighbor or a backslidden friend; he or she might be a sick acquaintance or an elderly person from church. The individual may be a child in physical or emotional pain. (I am not suggesting you focus on an individual of the opposite sex.) The Lord will lead you. He will put one person on your heart and give you grace to grow in love.

Come to this experiment without seeking to correct him or her, unless they themselves ask for advice. Pray daily for the person. And as you listen to the voice of God's love, something inside you will flower and open naturally toward other realms of discernment. Inspired by God, impulses and ideas born of love will increase and expand to your other relationships as well. In truth, the knowledge and insights you gain from loving just one will become a natural catalyst in loving many.

Discernment will grow and mature even as you love just one.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Heritage Days on the Old National Road - June 12-14

      We are excited about the plans for Heritage Days!  It looks as if it is going to be one of the most exciting events to be held in Martinsville in a long time.  I thought it would be good to post the Press Release we sent to local & area newspapers a few days ago on my blog since many of you do not receive our local newspapers.


Heritage Days on the Old National Road will be celebrated in Martinsville on June 12-14 with a weekend packed full of fun for the entire family.   The Festival has grown each year and 2015 promises to be the largest yet with new features and outstanding musicians throughout the weekend.  

The 2015 Festival is sure to bring in horse enthusiasts from miles around, not only to see the 3rd Annual All-equine Parade but because there will be a spectacular new addition; the Draft Horse, Mule & Haflinger Show featuring stately, majestic horses & mules and their beautiful carriages in competition.

Bill and Judy Crouch, of rural Casey, have many years of experience in the show horse business and are committing their time and energy to make sure this first annual event is a success.  The Crouches have already received commitments from several owners/trainers of top hitches from across the country, including the Blue Ribbon Days team, which won the 2014 Classic Six and previous Percheron Congress competitions.   Many of the teams showing in Martinsville have been featured on the RFD-TV Gentle Giant Show.  Since the Draft Horse and Haflinger 6-hitch competitions have been sanctioned as qualifying competitions for points in the 2015 standings, it is expected they will draw a number of teams from all across the country.  There will also be an Antique Farm Machinery Class.

The spectacular Horse Show will hi-light Saturday and Sunday afternoons of the festival.   We expect several of the competing hitches will also participate in the Third Annual All-equine Parade, which will be held in front of the grandstand at the Fairgrounds on Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m.  All horsemen are encouraged to enter what promises to be a spectacular event, including individual saddle, saddle clubs, carriage, and hitches of ponies, horses or mules.  For information regarding the parade, please contact Brenda at 217-232-3232 or email at 

The Festival weekend will feature many activities in addition to the Draft Horse Show and Equine Parade.  Heritage Days will officially begin on Friday night, June 12, with “A Night of Bluegrass: Four Bands in Four Hours” performing at the new Linn Park Amphitheater, beginning at 6:00 p.m.  The Festival will feature some of the best bluegrass musicians in the area, including Firebox, Coon Holler Kids, Salt Creek, and Cornfields & Crossroads.  Food vendors will be available in the park.  Plan to bring your blanket or lawn chairs to enjoy the food and music. 
All Heritage Days daytime events on Saturday, June 13, and Sunday, June 14, will take place at the Fairgrounds.  In addition to the Draft Horse, Mule & Haflinger Show, there will be: Artisan Vendors  (all merchandise will be hand-crafted)
Demonstrations by Artisans
Native American Artifacts & Re-enactments  
Early settlement life skill demonstrations (spinning, weaving, milking, etc.)
Free Barrel train rides for the children
Equine Parade in front of the Grandstands on Saturday at 11 a.m.
Food vendors to provide all of your favorite festival foods
If you are interested in reserving an Artisan booth to sell your handmade items, please contact Norma Calvert at 713-865-0022 or 618-569-3035.

Saturday evening the community can enjoy more music at the Linn Amphitheater in downtown Martinsville beginning at 6:30 with Jake Hoult and his band and Battle Creek.  These bands play a variety of music leaning towards Country so everyone will find a favorite song filling the air.

A Community Church Service is being planned for Sunday.  The Reverend John Hobbs, from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, will be the speaker.  Reverend Hobbs has been involved in youth camps and evangelism throughout his lifetime.   

Following the service, everyone will want to enjoy lunch at the Fairgrounds and the wrap-up of the Heritage Days Draft Horse, Mule & Haflinger Show.   The spectacular 6-horse hitches are first on the show bill for Sunday afternoon.  You can walk through the barns to look at these magnificent animals, check out artist demonstrations, visit with the Native American Re-enactors, see a large exhibit of Indian Artifacts,  and browse through the artisan vendors one more time for the opportunity to buy unique handmade items.   

Sunday evening everyone will enjoy a laughter-filled evening with Aaron Wilburn, a comedian, singer and songwriter who has written over 1500 songs.  Aaron has appeared numerous times on the Gaither Homecoming Hour and has over 16,000,000 hits on his YouTube videos.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Susann Kearsley

      If you need to 'escape' with a good novel I have one to recommend.   Since my 'little adventure' these past few weeks (see previous post) I have had quite a bit of time to read and have discovered a new author--Susanna Kearsley.  I just finished her book, The Firebird, and highly recommend it.  I have discovered I can get most of her books used on so I will be ordering more.
      I can't wait to start The Winter Sea which I already have!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Good Lie

Are you looking for a good movie to watch?  We rented the movie "The Good Lie" a couple of nights ago and thought it was excellent!  I highly recommend that everyone see this movie.  Not only is it well made with an excellent cast, but it also opened our eyes to the suffering those in the Sudan have been undergoing for so many years.  It is based on a true story about 'the lost boys of the Sudan.'

It is infuriating that we have to wait for a movie to be made to become aware of the tradgedies that are occuring around the world in our brothers and sisters lives.  Our news media should be ashamed of the trivia they broadcast as news instead of being true journalists who help to uncover and publish the suffering in other countries.  We, in the West, have become so self indulgent and unconcerned about our responsibility to help those in need.

Shame on us!  And shame on our country's government for not being more concerned about the lives and welfare of these displaced people instead of subsidizing those who are not willing to work but want the government to take care of them.  It is absolutely wrong that our president and memberts of congress are supporting illegal aliens when there are those who will sacrifice everything for the opportunity to be productive and make a contribution to the world.

See the movie and let me know what you think.

Ted Cruz Presidential Announcement Full Speech (C-SPAN)

Ted Cruz boldly declared he is a Christian and will fight for a return to the moral foundations our country was founded upon when he announced his run for the Presidency.  I am impressed!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Philippians 4:4-8, Passion Translation

     I love Brian Simmons' Passion Translation.  Are you familiar with it?  It helps me to see the scriptures in a different light.   I have linked the previous statements to websites which explain the goal of this translation.   If you are interested, you can download a free Lenten/Easter devotional on the second site to get a taste of the translation. Mr. Simmons expects to have the entire New Testament finished by 2017, and then will begin on the Old Testament.  In the meantime, he has released each book as a separate entity as soon as it is finished.  So far I have purchased Proverbs, Psalms, John and Letters From Heaven.  Each one has been helpful by shedding new light on passages I have read many times before.

Today this passage from the PT seemed especially clear and meaningful to me.

Phil. 4:4-8  "4 Be cheerful with joyous celebration in every season of life.  Let joy overflow, for you are united with the Anointed One!  5 Let gentleness be seen in every relationship, for our Lord is ever near.

6 Don't be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing.  Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude.  Tell Him every detail of your life, 7 then God's wonderful peace that transcends human understanding, will make the answers known to you through Jesus Christ.  8 So keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind.  And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising Him always." 

I am adding the NIV version of Phil. 4:4-8 so you can easily compare the two.

"4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

Friday, March 20, 2015

No Longer Slaves - Steffany Gretzinger

       I first heard this song by Jonathan & Melissa Helser a couple of weeks before my surgery as I was waiting for the lab results.   It became my testimony and declaration daily.

      I am no longer a slave to fear--I am a child of God!!  It was the song I was singing in my spirit when they wheeled me into surgery.  I love the words: "You split the sea so I could walk right through it; All my fears were drowned in perfect love.  You rescued me so I could stand and say, "I am a child of God!"

It's Your Coming Out Season and Your Turnaround Year by Nellie Elaine

    My heart resonates with this word from Nellie Elaine.  In many ways I have been in a wilderness for several years.  So I pray "Yes, Lord! Let it be in my life!" I pray that not only for myself but for those of you who have been discouraged, wondering what has been happening to you and why you are in the wilderness.  I am looking forward to a major turnaround for us all!  I have also added an excerpt from Doug Addison's prophetic word for March 20 at the end.  Here is a link to the entire word.

Just recently I have been hearing the word "Turnaround." I looked up the definition and it says: an abrupt or unexpected change, especially one that results in a more favorable situation: "it was a remarkable turnaround in his fortunes."

Then I saw a huge wave. In this wave many things were being taken from God's people, and many of God's people were actually in this wave being drawn away from the shore into the deep, deep waters. They did not understand what was happening to them. Situations and circumstances were bringing them further and further into deep waters. It was in these deep waters that God was hiding these people and taking those things from them "to shape and position them" – ONLY TO bring them back to shore to display them.

It has been a time of an intense wilderness experience. Not everyone has been in this wave. Many have already experienced this in times past, and those have been the ones to forerun and carry the glory and deliver the Word. But there is a new wave of people who are being delivered via this wave coming out of the deep places and out of the wilderness leaning on their beloved.For these people there is a turnaround. (Photo via pixabay)
On Display... A Coming Out...
You actually know who you are and where you have been, and have been wondering, "How did I ever get here?" You know in your heart that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. The door is opening for you, the deep waters are changing currents below, and there is a shifting.

I see a "coming out" and not just an ordinary coming out. It is a celebration of "Coming Out." There is a global coming out for those of you who were hidden in this last season. Age has no bearing on this coming out because you have been groomed to begin to work the supernatural workings of God.

"You have thought that in that place you would have died, however, I say to you," says the Lord, "that from this place, your life has been expanded and your years increased to be the exact number of years I have determined for you and not earlier as would have been the case."

Your garments have changed to those of deep revelation and you are clothed with Wisdom and Knowledge. You have learned that in that place of preparation of new realms and new levels and promotions that it had to be just you and God. That it was imperative that you KNOW your God, and I mean really KNOW your God. The Word tells us inDaniel 11:32"THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG, AND CARRY OUT GREAT EXPLOITS." (Photo via flickr)

There was a forging in the deep waters, a trust being developed in the corridor of that journey, where a boy becomes a man and girl becomes a woman; where there is a rite of passage that tests and develops fruit and perseverance and fortitude! There is a knowing that your God is with you no matter what you see, feel or hear.

This is your season. Get ready, for you are about to be displayed! It is your turnaround! Expect the unexpected that results in a more favorable situation because your eyes are about to see that which was prophesied over you, and your ears are about to hear the sound of an abundance of God's grace.

It's time. It's time to smile, it's time to dance, it's time to rise up with wings as eagles, as you are about to take the flight of your life!

Nellie Elaine
Nellie Elaine Ministries / Itinerant, XP Ministries

Everything happens to you
The most beneficial thing for you right now is to realize that everything that happens to you is allowed by God to help you mature and grow. Once you realize this, you can gain a higher perspective on your life and the trials you are facing.
Life is never without trying times and pain. The key to it all is how you view it. If you think everything that is happening to is punishment from God, then the enemy has succeeded in short-circuiting your spiritual growth.
If you think bad things happen to you because you must have done something wrong, then you will most likely not get out of the loop of discouragement.
The fastest way to grow and mature is to realize that God loves you and is not your enemy. Begin to see your pain or disappointments as a time of learning.
You can change anything in your life right now by changing the way you view it and how it affects you. Here’s some good news for you: people who have a higher calling and great destiny receive lots of discouragement and setbacks. This is because what you will learn through it all goes into a firm foundation that God can build your tall calling on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Absolutely Beautiful!!

     This gorgeous arrangement was sent anonymously to the grain elevator for me today with a card noting 3 John 1:2 and saying 'Praying for you."  How thoughtful!  I wish I knew who sent it so I could thank them.  If it was from one you who read this blog please know how touched I was and how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness & your prayers.

    The flowers are so beautiful from every angle!  Each side almost looks like a different bouquet!  They certainly make me excited for spring!

Roseann Salanitri's March 18th Column from The Daily Rant

     Roseann Salanitri hits the nail on the head again with this column from The Daily Rant.  Will we stand with God and returtn to godly values or will we fall?

America’s Slippery Slope

Apostasy is the renunciation of a religious or political belief or allegiance. In America, where our government was founded upon the principle that our rights come from God, the implications of a religious apostasy creates a slippery slope that affects our government as well. This two prong apostasy shakes the very foundation of who we are as a people and what we expect and permit from our government. After all, it is logical to conclude that if God doesn’t exist then our rights can’t possibly come from Him. And as we have seen, our government has been more than willing to take God’s place as the author and giver of our rights – rendering the very foundation of our Constitution inconsequential.
In ancient Israel, the affects of the nation’s falling away from their faith in God resulted in God’s judgment in the form of successful invasions from their enemies. In the New Testament, we are warned that before Christ returns and the Anti-Christ is revealed, there will be a falling away from the faith. Theologians refer to this as “The Great Apostasy” (2 Thessalonians 2:3).
Can the manifestation of this prophecy be the basis for what we are seeing today?   And if so, can we possibly stand against it if it has been prophesied?
While the Bible may speak about “The Great Apostasy”, it also makes it clear that we are to stand against such things. In the Book of Revelation we are repeatedly admonished to repent, remain faithful, to persevere, and to overcome (Rev. 2:5, 10, 16, 17, 22, 26; 3:3, 5, 12, 19, 21). For Americans this also means that we are to stand against a government that has usurped God’s proper role in our lives in ways too numerous to mention. For those who still believe in one God, it is incumbent upon us to worship only Him as the giver of our rights and liberties and to stand against all imposters who would replace Him – including those in government. And we must understand what the Apostle Peter and other apostles understood when they were told to stop preaching “in that name” – that if there is a choice to be made between God and the laws of man – we ought to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29).
The choice may have been clear for Peter and the apostles, but what about a culture that believes that faith in God is archaic and scientifically implausible?
Since Darwin wrote “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured (sic) Races in the Struggle for Life” (which is the book’s full titled as published in November of 1859), atheists have waged a very effective war against the tenets of faith in a supernatural being. Darwin, with his racist theory, managed to provide a plausible explanation of the world we observe – separate and apart from the Genesis account that requires the intervention of the triune God. Darwin’s hypothesis has gained respect as the scientific standard mainly because it has been taught in classrooms around the world unchallenged – not because challenges don’t exist, but because challenges are censored from textbooks and conversations in classrooms. Consider a courtroom that only allows either the defendant’s or the plaintiff’s side of the story to be told. Would you expect a fair and educated verdict to prevail? Of course not, but we expect a fair and educated verdict to be rendered by our children that attend these classrooms and are taught only one viewpoint of origins.
To make matters worse, the churches have not taught creation as detailed in Genesis for many reasons, including that they are intimidated by the very mention of the word “science” and/or fear the ridicule that would ensue from the evolutionists. Consequently, children in America and around the world grow up believing that faith is God is for the foolish and uneducated. Consequently, we have become a nation of weak believers who have been reluctant to love the Lord their God with all our minds – fearing that an examination of the sciences would challenge our faith. Thus we have deprived our children of the true blessings of loving God fully and completely. This deprivation has not only weakened the faith of many, it has also weakened their commitment to stay faithful, to persevere, to overcome, and to repent. Consequently, they have become spiritual cowards who are unable to provide a reason for their faith and are unable to stand against the wiles of the devil. Perhaps they should be reminded that cowards are the first thrown into the lake of burning fire (Rev. 21:8).
This apostasy has given birth to an apathetic and lawless culture. What happens when a people start worshipping the creation instead of worshipping the Creator was prophesized in Romans 1:18ff. They do what’s right in their own eyes, which includes all manner of unrighteousness that they can now justify. Worse, all things become a personal choice, protected by the politically correct police. The progression of this apostasy then leads to the progression of lawlessness according the principles and precepts of God.
It has been said that legislators cannot write laws fast enough to govern a people that will not govern themselves. The progression then leads to the loss of our liberties as the government must now create regulations and laws to govern the lawless. This results in the manifestation of another biblical truth that tells us that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty – or in our case the reverse, where the Spirit of the Lord is asked to leave, liberties go with Him. It then follows that where people are willing to turn a blind eye to their own lawlessness, they are also willing to turn a blind eye to the lawlessness of their representatives. When this happens, the culture of unrighteousness establishes a stronghold in the private and public aspects of life – and it all started with apostasy.
To be sure, it takes intestinal fortitude to pull down strongholds and stand against arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God (1 Corinthians 10:5). Unfortunately, cowards lack intestinal fortitude, so the battle is upon the shoulders of those who remain brave and vigilant – upon those who will persevere, upon those who will remain faithful and ultimately overcome.
The battle lines are drawn and obvious to some but apparently remain invisible to those who are willfully blind. To be clear, this battle is not between two conflicting political ideologies. This battle is between God and the lawless one. And every human being that walks the face of the earth in these days has to make a choice: will they obey godless laws and the one who created them or will they obey God? Your decision will determine which side of the line you stand on – with God and those who worship Him, or with the cowards, with the apathetic, with the enemies of the Creator? Those who have studied and believed in the Word of God know how the story of civilization ends. Therefore, to those who stand with God, I say: be strong and of good courage for it is written that eventually we will overcome.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Adventure

I have been on an adventure the past couple of weeks.  One I wouldn't have chosen but now that it is over it is one I wouldn't have wanted to miss.

On February 23, I had a D & C to determine the cause of an abnormal pelvic ultra sound.  When the procedure was over, the doctor said he found polyps in my uterus but otherwise the tissue he removed didn't look abnormal to him but the lab would have the final say.  One week later he called to say, "Bad news--the lab report said I had endometrial cancer and that he was referring me to a gynecological oncologist in Indianapolis."  Of course, at that time I alerted 'the troops' asking those I knew who believed in the power of prayer to pray for the whole situation.  And they truly did!

The doctor said I would need a hysterectomy and possibly radiation but didn't expect I would need chemo.  He said his scheduling nurse would call with an appointment time when she was able to get me in.  When she called, the earliest I could consult with a doctor was March 16.  I was not excited about waiting that long because I assumed it would take another week or two to schedule the surgery after the consultation.  Country Guy came home that afternoon saying he thought I should go to the Mayo Clinic.  I told him I would be glad to go wherever he thought but I was not going to do the work to get there, so he began the process.  It actually only took one phone call and about 45 minutes to get the whole thing set up.

Mayo scheduled me to meet with Dr. Bobbie Gostout at 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, March 12 with surgery scheduled for Friday, March 13.  After making these arrangements we looked up Dr. Gostout who we found was the Chairman of Gynecology at Mayo and had written papers on endometrial cancer and robotics hysterectomy--exactly what I would be needing!   I had such peace throughout this process because it seemed all along the Lord had a hand in this and was directing our path.  He got me into the best hospital in the U.S. with one of the best doctors in her field in less time than I could have the first appointment in Indy.  One day I actually woke up excited to be going!

We left for Rochester Wednesday morning so that we could check into the hotel early and get a good night's sleep.  When we met with Dr. Gostout and her resident we loved them!  They were very patient and unhurried with their explanations and answered all our questions thoroughly.  When Dr. Gostout  was ready to leave she said, "I promise you I will do my very best for you during surgery."  That was so touching I got teary so she hugged me and said how she loved my tender heart.

After the consultation they returned the records to us that I had asked to be faxed from Indiana.  As we were looking them over we saw the lab result said I had Stage 2 cancer.  (I had not asked the stage previously because I really didn't want to know until I was talking with someone who would treat it.)

Our daughter arrived from Nebraska Thursday evening for the weekend.

For several weeks I had been spending significant time with the Lord early in the morning but when I received the lab results I began truly seeking Him in earnest, asking Him what this all meant.  I never expected I would have cancer.  The doctor said the same.  She said I didn't have the demographics of those who usually have cancer.  I am not overweight.  Both of my parents came from families of 7 children.  I have 30+ first cousins and not one person that I know of in our family has ever had cancer.  I feel He taught me some significant lessons through all of this which I wouldn't trade for anything,
I will attempt to share them in later posts.

The surgery took place beginning around 1:00 p.m. on Friday.  The lab report came back as Stage 1A cancer.  The surgeon said it was a tiny little cancer, totally contained, no lymph nodes were involved  and I would need no further treatment.  I have no doubt the power of praying friends & family won this great report for me.  We are rejoicing and extremely grateful to God and to those who have loved us through it.  It is not often you hear of cancers regressing in diagnosed stages in the 10 days from diagnosis to surgery!  Praise the Lord!!

The doctor released me at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning!  I rested the remainder of the day at the hotel and we drove 540 miles back to our house on Sunday.  Needless to say, I am still tired and sore, but the worst of the ordeal is over.  I am resting and recuperating and enjoying the love & great care of my husband, family & friends.  What an adventure!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tony Perkins

      I believe it is time for a 3rd political party--one that will stand for righteousness; one with a backbone that won't back down when pressure is applied; one that will represent the population instead of trying to hold on to power and position.

Columnist Tony Perkins: "Despite all the saber rattling, the American people are left with the same empty and frustrated feeling they had when the GOP was in the minority. Like us, many of them are probably wondering: why give control to Republicans if all they’re going to do is babysit the country’s demise? In the end, this is about a lot more than immigration. It’s about every issue (marriage, health care, abortion, national security, gun rights) where President Obama has substituted his personal agenda for the rule of law. Speaker Boehner insists the courts can handle the amnesty issue. But considering the courts' recent track record, who in their right minds would trust them to? The founders designed Congress to be an executive branch check for a reason. And if Republicans can’t muster the courage to stand now, when will they?"

Friday, March 13, 2015

Vladimir Volegov

    Are you acquainted with the artist Vladimir Volegov?  Here is a link to his website and some  screenshots of a few of his paintings.  There are lots more on the website if you want a feast for your eyes.  I am not an art critic, but I love beautiful things. To me his paintings are wonderful things of beauty!  I love the vibrant colors contrasted with lots of white!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kim Clement: "Watch Me in March and in the Spring – My Tempest Shall Yield a Great Artillery Against ISIS"

I like this word prophesied by Kim Clement.  Let us pray, Lord let it be so.

"Watch Me in March and In the Spring"
Prophesied on February 28th, 2015 – From The Den
"Do not fear! Do not fear! I, the Creator of the ends of the earth, despise fear. Watch Me. Watch Me in March and in the spring; I shall arise and My tempest shall yield a great artillery against ISIS and against those who stand against My people."

And so when I woke this morning, and He said to me, "What next?" it was as if God was trying to say, I'm hearing so many people all over the earth having a bad report. But does anybody think that there is a possibility of a global awakening that will raise up millions of young men and women from the Middle East that get sick of Allah, sick of Mohammed and his lies, and will bow their knee to Yeshua?

You know what? I'm not just saying it – I believe it with my whole heart. I believe that's next. I said, I believe that's next!When God said those two words, He said, "What next?" He was challenging me to see where I was.
Where is your faith? Is your faith in what you hear from CNN? Is your faith in what you hear from the news media? Or is there perhaps a message from Heaven about your children and your children's children? "What next?" is the question that God has to ask you, because if your answer is filled with faith, then you have the right answer.

Is there a possibility that God would give us even greater than what happened in Azusa Street? Do you think that God could give us something greater than the 1948 Revival? Do you think that God could give us something better than the Charismatic Movement? I think that God can do something greater than the Jesus Movement! You know why? Because I heard from Heaven, and I know that I know that I know that He is able to do it. (Photo via Pixabay)

"I want an answer," says the Lord. "I want an answer from you. You've asked Me for something unusual." You've said, "I want an unusual manifestation," and today God was waiting to see what you would write on your prayer cloth. Many of you understand that God is looking for faith. Nothing pleases Him more than faith – the belief that God is able to tear veils, to take us beyond the veil of limitation. There are veils of limitation that are placed across our eyes on a daily basis.

"What Next?... Tell Me What You Want"
We have wells before us – wells of life, wells of prosperity, but we're unable to get it because we don't have what we need to draw out the contents. We don't have the ability to obtain what's in those wells.

Today God wants to give you the ability to get from this well, that is present throughout the earth, to draw from it what you need today so that you can answer that question,"What next?"

"What is going to happen next in your life, Kim?" Well, Lord, you know.
"No, I want to hear it from you.I want to know from you what you're believing for, because if you can tell Me something ridiculous, something that is impossible for you, I'm going to do it," says the Lord. "If you have written down something that no man can provide for you, then," God says, "I'll do it for you. But you've got to try Me so that I can open up the Heavens." (Photo via Pixabay)

There is a great spirit of deception that has dropped throughout the earth, stealing by lies. You're afraid of ISIS? They're a small group of them, but because they're displayed and the images are seen, everybody's in so much fear. God said, "Tell Me what you want."
Jesus Will Do to ISIS What He Did to Saul of Tarsus
Prophesied on February 3rd, 2015 – From The Garden
I don't know if you know this – most of you probably do if you follow me – and that is that I've given prophetic utterance about ISIS, and the fact that ISIS is going to face the fact that Jesus Christ is alive and will do what He did to Saul of Tarsus. So, from Tarsus to ISIS, if you wish. There are people in ISIS now that are afraid, and Jesus is appearing to them.Somebody has to go where they are active and speak. Now there are many that do that, but in terms of a prophetic voice, I received a Macedonian call to go there.

Kim Clement
Kim Clement Center


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Excellent Analogy

I was reading in Bill Johnson's  A Life Of Miracles: A 180-day Guide to Prayer & Miracles this morning.  I loved this analogy:

    "...We have nothing without the Cross! Yet the Cross is not the end--it is the beginning, the entrance to the Christian Life.
     Suppose I had been forgiven a financial debt.  It could be said I have been brought out of the red.  Yet after my debts are forgiven, I still am not in the black.  I have nothing unless the one who forgave my debt gives me money to call my own, and that's what Christ did.
     Why is this important?  Because it profoundly changes our sense of identity and purpose.  Jesus became pour that I could become rich.  He suffered with stripes to free me from affliction, and He became sin so I might become the righteousness of God…"

     The Western church has only taught part of this equation--that through the Cross Jesus has made the way for us to go to Heaven, but missed the important message--that He provided the means whereby we could partner with Him in bringing Heaven to earth.  Did He not tell us to pray, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"?  So many people have been brought out of the red but don't realize there is a substantial sum deposited in their bank account to use while on earth.

     Lord, open our eyes to the riches of our inheritance through your sacrifice on the Cross.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"This Is Your Turn Around Year! For Such A Time As This" by Dutch Sheets

  This word from Dutch Sheets is a 'word' which resonates with my spirit.   I believe and proclaim it is about to come to pass in my life and I pray that for you, also.

As of late, a spotlight has been placed on the Book of Esther and the Jewish celebration of Purim. Even the secular media has drawn parallels between the Biblical account of Queen Esther, commemorated during this time of year, and last week's bold actions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Queen Esther broke protocol to appeal to the king in a courageous attempt to save her people from a threat of annihilation.
Likewise, Prime Minister Netanyahu—without 
President Obama's involvement—made an appeal to the U.S. Congress to intervene against the Iranian nuclear threat to Israel and the world. In Esther's day, the deliverance of the Jewish people initiated the holiday known as Purim. While last week's political events may have prompted me to write this article, the Feast of Purim has had my attention for the past few months.

In December of each year, I take time to study the Word and seek the Lord for prophetic revelation concerning the New Year. As I pressed into God concerning 2015, He highlighted some word definitions from within the book of Esther that are key to understanding and partnering with what God desires to do in this season.

According to the book of Esther, the Jewish people's existence was threatened when Haman, one of King Ahasuerus' trusted officials manipulated the king into issuing a decree for the annihilation of the Jews. Upon learning of Haman's decree, Esther, a Jewish woman chosen by King Ahasuerus to be his queen, exposed Haman's plan and appealed to the king for the salvation of her people. The king miraculously granted Esther's request and Haman was executed instead. The day after the decree of Haman was reversed, the feast of Purim began.
Time To Reverse And Overthrow
In Strong's Concordance, the Hebrew definition for the word numbered 2015 (haphak) is "to overturn, overthrow, turnaround, transform, be reversed." The following verses fromEsther 9 demonstrate the power of this concept.

"...when the king's command and edict were about to be executed, on the day when the enemies of the Jews hoped to gain the mastery over them, it was turned to the contrary so that the Jews themselves gained the mastery over those who hated them." (verse 1)

"Because on those days the Jews rid themselves of their enemies, and it was a month which was turned for them from sorrow into gladness and from mourning into a holiday; that they should make them days of feasting and rejoicing..." (verse 22)

"But when it came to the king's attention, he commanded by letter that his wicked scheme, which he had devised against the Jews, should return on his own head and that he and his sons should be hanged on the gallows." (verse 25)

The Message translation of Esther 9:25 uses a powerful illustration to convey the significance of what transpired: "But when Queen Esther intervened with the king, he gave written orders that the evil scheme that Haman had worked out should boomerang back on his own head."

I believe God is doing again this year what He did in Esther's day. God is moving us into a time of divine reversals! This is the year of the great turnaround, when God intervenes powerfully on behalf of His people and the enemy is overthrown as his plans boomerang back on his own head! (Photo via Dutch Sheets)

Of course, the Hebrew word for 2015 is not only found in the book of Esther, but throughout the Scriptures. Deuteronomy 23:5 uses the word when the curse Balaam released over the Jewish people was turned by God into a blessing because He loved them. Jeremiah 31:13 and Isaiah 61 use the word in reference to turning mourning into joy.

I believe this divine turnaround is true not only for families and individuals, but for entire regions and nations of the earth, as well. Wars will give place to harvest and areas of unrest will give way to righteousness—even in the darkest regions. There will be awakening and revivals in places where they have never existed. We must recognize, however, that the Lord is inviting us to partner with Him in releasing these supernatural boomerangs into the earth.

Time to Agree and Decree
When King Ahasuerus extended his scepter over Esther, and life and favor were released, the king invited Esther to write her own decree. The decree was to be written in the king's name and sealed with the king's seal, so that it could never be reversed. Likewise, the Lord has extended His scepter of grace and favor over us. He is inviting us to exercise His authority to make reversal decrees concerning the very things the enemy has decreed over our lives in past seasons. (Photo by Donna Smallenberg "For Such a Time as This" via

Be it sickness, poverty, divorce, depression, rebellion, or any other form of oppression, these truths from Scripture convey the power of our words:

"You will also decree a thing and it will be established for you; and light will shine on your ways." (Job 22:28)

"Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant." (Jeremiah 1:9-10)

As stated in one of my previous writings, the Lord is calling us to shift from merely petitioning the Father, to also making decrees (official orders, edicts or decisions), declarations (announcements or formal statements) and proclamations (the process of binding and loosing) as we are prophetically inspired by Holy Spirit to do so. The power of God's decreed Word is extraordinary! It releases His creativity, His salvation, and yes, His judgments! He rules through His Words, and so must we.
Time To Feast and Rest
The number 15 is also associated with remembrance, celebration and rest after victory or harvest in the Scriptures. Throughout Scripture, we read accounts of the Jewish people instituting feast days—in response to and in commemoration of the Lord's providence—on the 15th day of the month. (Exodus 12-13, Leviticus 23, Esther 9).

The Feast of Tabernacles (15th of Tishri) was celebrated in remembrance of how God faithfully brought the Israelites through wilderness out of Egypt, and into the Promised Land. The Feast of Unleavened Bread (15th of Nisan) took place after Passover. It commemorated how the Lord preserved the lives of all those who put the blood of a sacrificial lamb on the doorpost of their house. The Feast of Purim (14th of Adar and Shushan Purim 15th of Adar) memorializes the day on which God gave the Israelites rest from their enemies, who wanted to destroy them. The stories behind these feasts paint a prophetic picture of what God desires to do among us in the year 2015.
As the Lord causes the strategies of the enemy to be overthrown, He will also bring us into a season of victory, celebration and rest. This rest does not imply the ceasing of activity, but a peaceful and joyful trust in the Lord. It is the place from which we derive renewed strength to move forward.

This Scriptural passage comes to mind:
"He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power. Though youths grow weary and tired, and vigorous young men stumble badly, yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary." (Isaiah 40:29-31)

The year 2014 was one of great turmoil for many families, ministries and nations alike. As a result, hopelessness has set in, vision has been clouded, strategies have been wanting, and forward movement has been delayed. Yet I concur with the prophets who have been proclaiming 2015 as a turnaround year! Regardless of how great the hardship, betrayal, sickness or loss in 2014, this is your year of breakthrough! (Photo via Dutch Sheets Facebook)

In 2015, you will see a reversal of the enemy's decrees and strategies enacted against you. Stand confidently upon the Lord's promise of divine intervention; He has been working all things together for your good (Romans 8:28)! This year, God will cause light to break forth from darkness, turn curses into blessings, and mourning into joy (Isaiah 60 and 61)! Through the adversity of the past year, the Lord has been preparing you for the fulfillment of His promises over your life! And from this new place of celebration, victory and rest, the Lord desires that you partner with Him to help facilitate a righteous turnaround in this nation.

You were born for such a time as this!

This article is derived from Dutch Sheets' Word of the Lord for 2015: Your Turnaround Year.

Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries

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