Saturday, March 7, 2015

Words To Live By

   Today as I was reading Heidi Baker's devotional Reckless Devotion I was particularly encouraged by the following two quotes.  I know they will encourage you, too.

"In life we go through bumpy patches.  It is inevitable.  But it does not need to be unfruitful.  Suffering connects us to the heart of God like nothing else.  Instead of becoming bitter about our circumstances, we can ask Father to birth a deeper compassion in us.  Suffering is a season.  Seasons come and go.  When you move into the next season of your life, take compassion, not bitterness, with you.  

Remember to rejoice."


"Never reduce your theology to your experience.  Believe every word God says.  Be thankful for everything.  And know that it is time to get out your running shoes and finish the race.  Run with perseverence and never, ever give up!"

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