Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Adventure

I have been on an adventure the past couple of weeks.  One I wouldn't have chosen but now that it is over it is one I wouldn't have wanted to miss.

On February 23, I had a D & C to determine the cause of an abnormal pelvic ultra sound.  When the procedure was over, the doctor said he found polyps in my uterus but otherwise the tissue he removed didn't look abnormal to him but the lab would have the final say.  One week later he called to say, "Bad news--the lab report said I had endometrial cancer and that he was referring me to a gynecological oncologist in Indianapolis."  Of course, at that time I alerted 'the troops' asking those I knew who believed in the power of prayer to pray for the whole situation.  And they truly did!

The doctor said I would need a hysterectomy and possibly radiation but didn't expect I would need chemo.  He said his scheduling nurse would call with an appointment time when she was able to get me in.  When she called, the earliest I could consult with a doctor was March 16.  I was not excited about waiting that long because I assumed it would take another week or two to schedule the surgery after the consultation.  Country Guy came home that afternoon saying he thought I should go to the Mayo Clinic.  I told him I would be glad to go wherever he thought but I was not going to do the work to get there, so he began the process.  It actually only took one phone call and about 45 minutes to get the whole thing set up.

Mayo scheduled me to meet with Dr. Bobbie Gostout at 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, March 12 with surgery scheduled for Friday, March 13.  After making these arrangements we looked up Dr. Gostout who we found was the Chairman of Gynecology at Mayo and had written papers on endometrial cancer and robotics hysterectomy--exactly what I would be needing!   I had such peace throughout this process because it seemed all along the Lord had a hand in this and was directing our path.  He got me into the best hospital in the U.S. with one of the best doctors in her field in less time than I could have the first appointment in Indy.  One day I actually woke up excited to be going!

We left for Rochester Wednesday morning so that we could check into the hotel early and get a good night's sleep.  When we met with Dr. Gostout and her resident we loved them!  They were very patient and unhurried with their explanations and answered all our questions thoroughly.  When Dr. Gostout  was ready to leave she said, "I promise you I will do my very best for you during surgery."  That was so touching I got teary so she hugged me and said how she loved my tender heart.

After the consultation they returned the records to us that I had asked to be faxed from Indiana.  As we were looking them over we saw the lab result said I had Stage 2 cancer.  (I had not asked the stage previously because I really didn't want to know until I was talking with someone who would treat it.)

Our daughter arrived from Nebraska Thursday evening for the weekend.

For several weeks I had been spending significant time with the Lord early in the morning but when I received the lab results I began truly seeking Him in earnest, asking Him what this all meant.  I never expected I would have cancer.  The doctor said the same.  She said I didn't have the demographics of those who usually have cancer.  I am not overweight.  Both of my parents came from families of 7 children.  I have 30+ first cousins and not one person that I know of in our family has ever had cancer.  I feel He taught me some significant lessons through all of this which I wouldn't trade for anything,
I will attempt to share them in later posts.

The surgery took place beginning around 1:00 p.m. on Friday.  The lab report came back as Stage 1A cancer.  The surgeon said it was a tiny little cancer, totally contained, no lymph nodes were involved  and I would need no further treatment.  I have no doubt the power of praying friends & family won this great report for me.  We are rejoicing and extremely grateful to God and to those who have loved us through it.  It is not often you hear of cancers regressing in diagnosed stages in the 10 days from diagnosis to surgery!  Praise the Lord!!

The doctor released me at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning!  I rested the remainder of the day at the hotel and we drove 540 miles back to our house on Sunday.  Needless to say, I am still tired and sore, but the worst of the ordeal is over.  I am resting and recuperating and enjoying the love & great care of my husband, family & friends.  What an adventure!

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Sarah said...

Oh wow! That is terrible, but awesome. So glad you found such good medical care and got a positive result. I'll continue to pray for you!