Sunday, March 8, 2015

An Urgent Word for the United States of America through Vana Lawser.

     Please forward this word to your praying friends.  It was sent today by Steve Schultz of The Elijah List.  We must pray and not give up!  Breakthrough is right around the corner.

Lana Vawser:  United States of America, It Is Time to Fight!
I have had the United States of America on my heart all week and felt the Lord speak to me about this wonderful nation. I saw a lot of turbulence in the spirit and saw a great spiritual battle happening over this nation. As I looked closer I saw some "scales" and the "scales" were being tipped to and fro; and when I looked closer I saw that one side of the scales were the plans and purposes of God and all that He wants to pour out in the USA, and the other side was all the enemy wants to bring into this nation through strife, division, deceit, lies, oppression, hatred, and murder.

Below these scales I saw the verse John 10:10, "The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)," and that is exactly what I was seeing in these scales. On one side the "life" that Jesus wants to bring to the nation and the people in it through His glorious love and life, and on the other side of the scales was the enemy coming to steal, kill and destroy.

I then heard the Lord say, "United States of America is at a TIPPING POINT and it is TIME TO FIGHT."

I felt the Lord saying that the time of "contending" has arrived – the time of really taking in what the Lord has said and is saying (take His Word and pray and declare His promises into this nation). As I sensed this urgency in the spirit I felt a real excitement as I felt the Lord's heart for what He wants to do in this nation. This nation being called as one who will lead, one who will move forward in great generosity and resource for the world, and a nation of great wisdom. A nation that was destined to arise in wisdom to release to the world. A nation that would lead in creativity, innovation, generosity and demonstrating what a nation can do when they are founded on the Word and His wisdom. That it is also a nation that was destined to demonstrate to the world what a nation can do when they are bound in godly unity, and the enemy is doing all he can in this nation to bring division, hatred and steal life.
As I felt this excitement in my spirit again I heard the Lord say, "There is a fight for the destiny of the USA right now. The destiny of America hangs in the balance."

The Lord is calling His people to arise and pray for the United States of America. It is time to contend!


I saw the intercessors in the United States of America on their knees crying out to the Lord and contending for her destiny. I saw the intercessors looking into the heart of the nation and all around the nation in different areas and I could see the turbulence that they were seeing. Such upheaval and a heavy battle happening in the spiritual realm and they were fighting and fighting through prayer. I saw many were beginning to get tired of fighting and many were becoming discouraged in their contending. It was then I heard the words, "MICHAEL BE RELEASED."

I then saw Michael the Archangel, and he was released from Heaven in some of the heaviest artillery I have ever seen and a machete that was so big; and he was shining bright with the Glory of the Lord and I saw what looked like the Word of God around his waist. As I looked closer I saw that what he was carrying around his waist were all the prayers of the intercessors and prayers of the saints.
Prayers are being heard. The Lord is seeing the heart cries of His people to see His Kingdom built and established in greater ways in the United States of America and Heaven IS RESPONDING.

I then began hearing prayers for President Obama, prayers for protection in schools, prayers to stop abortions, prayers to stop the murder, the hatred, the division; all at once I could hear these prayers in my spirit. As they were prayed to Heaven, I saw them then fall like notes to Michael, no matter where he was and he was responding to the prayers.

With his machete I saw him moving through the United States of America and he was clearing away things that were standing in opposition to God and His Word. And as I looked behind him there were thousands and thousands and thousands of angels. He was leading an army of angelic hosts into the USA as His people prayed and the intercessors contended.

He was creating a pathway; a path was being made. As he made this path all the angels behind him were following him and releasing insight and greater wisdom into the nation, upon His people, and I saw larger portions being poured out on Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, and Apostles (the 5-fold ministry). In my heart I wondered what this path was being created for and straight away into my spirit came the words, "Prepare Ye the way for the Glory of God to be seen and some of the greatest visitations of God that the United States of America has ever seen."

There was such a comfort, such a love and encouragement from the Lord in my heart to encourage the people of the United States of America to NOT give up praying. No matter what you see in the natural continue to pray, continue to contend, continue to stand, for the Lord has released Michael and thousands of angels into this nation to prepare a way for the Lord to visit this nation in greater ways with His Glory. His Glory is to be seen in churches, in meetings, in the marketplaces, on the streets, and in government.

America is at a tipping point, it is time to contend!


As I saw the wisdom being poured out into the nation, I saw the government of the United States before my eyes, and the presidential office, and it is almost hard to explain but I could feel the whole building crying out for the wisdom of God. I was reminded of Luke 19:40 about the rocks crying out to testify of the Glory of God. I sensed such a cry in the spirit for the wisdom of God upon the government of the United States of America, for the White House and for President Obama. No matter political opinions or stances, there was a cry in the spirit for the people of God to be praying for wisdom for the White House and for President Obama.

I then began to hear prayers in my spirit of many of the saints praying for President Obama to have an encounter with Jesus, for his eyes to be opened to see truth, and for any deceit to fall away. Instantly I then saw the name "Daniel" before my eyes and saw a man in the spirit standing in different governmental buildings (including the White House) in the spirit, and he was standing before governmental leaders prophesying, interpreting dreams and visions, and relaying wisdom to these leaders.

I felt the Lord saying that doors of TREMENDOUS favor are going to open for many in the government of the United States of America to go in and declare the Word of the Lord. To bring wisdom, revelation, interpret dreams and visions and bring encounters into these places.

The prayers of the people of God for these doors of great favor to open were CRUCIAL. The prayers of God's people to see revival, encounters and alignment to happen in the American Government were going to create a pathway for the Lord to move amazingly in this nation. As the people of God pray, the scales would be tipped in the government to begin to see the atmosphere SHIFT and His Kingdom COME.

Hatred of the American Government was to be repented of, despite actions done and things said that may not have lined up with the Word of God. There was to be heavenly declarations spoken over the American Government, decrees of Heaven and blessing prayed over the government, as many have felt 'cursed' by the government's actions and the Spirit of God was going to move in a tremendous way.


I also felt the Lord saying that there will be encounters with Jesus in children and schools as the people of God pray. The Lord is going to visit the children and they will have dreams and visions of Jesus. They will see His Word made manifest. Blueprints and revelations from Heaven will be given TO THE CHILDREN and they will begin to speak out all they see, and there will be great breakthrough released into the United States in the areas of creativity and economy that will come through the mouths of babes.

I also saw that in these encounters children will be having with the Lord, there will be healings on the increase and testimonies of Jesus arising. Jesus meeting children in their dreams, in their homes and bringing healing to bodies and hearts. Children meeting Jesus in their dreams and seeing the Gospel truth and telling their friends and families of the Jesus they met, and salvations exploding.


People of God be encouraged as you pray; He is going to make a way! In the natural things may look dim but He is going to make a way as the people of God contend as the spiritual battle increases now.
America is at a tipping point and the Lord wants America to move into her destiny. Do not be discouraged, but know that your prayers are being heard and God is responding to your prayers. Heaven has a glorious destiny for the United States of America and the enemy is attempting to destroy it, but people of God ARISE as the victorious people of God that you are. ARISE in prayer and CALL the United States of America into her destiny.

He WILL make a way where there seems to be no way!!!

Lana Vawser   (From Australia)

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