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Wisdom from John G. Lake

       The transmission from the spirit of the thought of God through the soul is a continuous process.  The transmission of the power of God from the spirit through the soul and into the body is a continuous process.  And the real fact of sickness, the real fact of sickness is simply that somehow a portion of our body loses its correspondence with the rest of our being and is not receiving naturally and normally that sufficient measure of the life of God that other portions of the body are receiving.
The intelligent Christian has long since learned that if a portion of his body is not receiving the due measure of life from God that another portion is receiving, it is because there is not being directed to the afflicted portion of the body the due measure of the Spirit that it ought to receive, and that it is the privilege by the Spirit to take the life of God and direct it to any portion of his body that he so chooses.
The climax of such thought is not simply the mere condition of physical healing.  It is more.  Of necessity there must come a condition of health, not healing.

John G. Lake   Physicalized Christianity 11-21-1915   ( page 195)

Friday, July 29, 2016

What We Know About Donald Trump...

     I found yesterday's Mychal Massie column very interesting.  Many of these things I didn't know about Donald Trump.  I thought you might be interested, too.

What We Know About Donald Trump vs. What We Know About Obama

Donald Trump is not in office yet and here is what we know about him. Dating back to his career in Chicago and now after nearly eight yrs in office, we know Obama is muslim sympathizer, a pernicious serial liar, a bigoted race monger, wants men in women’s bathrooms, is hyper-supportive of abortion, is a neo-leninist, and we know he is married to an angry harridan who gets annoyed by “all this for a damned flag.”
The following information was forwarded to me (Mychal Massie) and is presented as received:
* Donald John Trump, was born June 14, 1946.
* He will be 70 years old on election day.
* From the Internet, he is 6’2″ or 6’3′ and weighs between 195 and 200 lbs.
* He has a full head of blond/brown hair (which is long and elaborately combed) and blue eyes.
* The Internet tells us he wears a size 12 shoe.
* Donald Trump was born the fourth of five children who were born over eleven years.
* The oldest, Mary Ann, was born in 1937 and is currently a FederalJudge.
* His older brother, Fred Jr, died in early adulthood as a result of complications from alcoholism.
* He has another older sister, Elizabeth and a younger brother, Robert.
* Donald Trump has been married three times.
* Trump’s first wife, Ivana, was an immigrant from Czechoslovakia and a divorcee who has been married 4 times in her life. She is a lifelong avid skier and worked in design at the Trump Organization.
* Marla Maples, Trump’s second wife is an actress and model
* Trump’s third wife, Melania is an immigrant from Slovenia (born in Yugoslavia) and has been a super model.
* Two of Trump’s children, Donald Jr and Ivanka, have gone to Penn. Son Eric, went to Georgetown.
* Donald Trump tells us that he is Presbyterian.
* Donald Trump does not appear to have had any interest in occults, mysticism or exotic mythologies.
* Donald Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka, and her three children are Jewish.
* Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka, is married to Jared Kushner who is, among other things, a newspaper publisher. The Kushner family is very successful in New York City area real estate.
* Donald’s grandmother, mother, first wife, and third wife are all immigrants.
* Donald Trump was born and raised in Queens NY
* Though his family was very wealthy, Trump’s boyhood home in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens was not a grand mansion. The Trump home was a larger version of the homes Fred Trump was building for his tenants.
* There are no indications that the Trump family lived among the wealthy elites on vacations or country clubs.
* Queens is the largest of New York’s five boroughs and the most ethnically diverse.
* Trump attended a local private day school, the Kew Forrest School, in Queens until about 8th grade.
* His secondary schooling was at New York Military Academy which is about 60 miles north of NYC in Cornwall on the Hudson. He was the class of 1964.
* Trump was never a “Preppie”.
* Trump never embraced any aspect of the “Hippie” movement of the time.
* Trump was a very good high school athlete – football, soccer, and especially baseball. He had potential to become a professional baseball player.
* Even in high school – Trump liked women and women liked him
* Trump was generally popular in high school.
* Trump’s boarding school room mate liked him.
* He attended Fordham University in NYC for two years and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.
* At that time, the Wharton School offered a rare program for Real Estate Business.
* Though he was of age, Donald Trump did not serve in Vietnam.
* He was not drafted due to bone spurs in his heels (4F) and also student deferments.
* Ultimately, in the draft lottery, he drew a high number.
* By all we know, Donald Trump does not smoke, drink or use recreational drugs. He’ll be the first President in more than 25 years who hasn’t smoked weed.
* BTW: Trump’s children don’t smoke or drink
* Trump makes it well known that he enjoys sexual interaction with women.
* I am unaware that Donald Trump is a recreational gambler.
* His doctor publicly announced Donald to be in excellent health.
I think that to really know Donald Trump, you must know his family background.

The Trump family story is a very American story.
Trump family history – concise version.
* Donald Trump’s grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Alsace (Kallstadt, Germany) which throughout history has been alternately French and German. The Trumps are German, originally speaking the same German dialect as the Amish of Lancaster County, PA.
* His maternal grandparents lived in Scotland.
* Freiderich (Drumph) Trump made a small but respectable fortune in the late 19th Century in the mining boom towns of the American Northwest.
* He returned to Germany to marry his childhood neighbor, Elizabeth Christ.
* The newly married Trumps resettled in the Borough of Queens NY
* Freidrich was establishing a Real Estate business in Queens when he died suddenly at age 49 (1918).
* In 1920, at the age of 15, Fred Trump (Freiderich’s son and Donald’s father), started a business partnership with his widowed mother called Elizabeth Trump & Son.
* This business was built upon the real estate holdings that his father, Frederich, had amassed (worth about $500,000.00 in today’s dollars). This is the original “seed money” of the current Trump Organization.
* Elizabeth & Fred remained close business partners her entire life (she died in 1966).
* In 1936 Fred Trump (age 31) married Mary Ann MacLeod (age 24) of Stoneaway Scotland.
* During the depression, Fred Trump built and successfully operated a supermarket (a new concept at the time) which was sold to King Kullen Co. and operates this day.
* Fred Trump made a lot of money building housing for the military during WWII.
* Fred Trump was investigated by the Justice Department for making “excessive profits” from government contracts.
* All (or nearly all) of the building of Elizabeth Trump & Son’s non-government building was residential property in Queens.
* Fred Trump died in 1999 (age 94) – beloved and worth between $250 million and $300 million. His wife died a year later.
“The Donald’s” career
Donald Trump is the greatest career achiever of the “baby boomer”generation.
Donald Trump has reached the zenith in his careers as book author, TV entertainer, sports entertainer, Real Estate developer, and currently
* Donald Trump has authored more than 18 books. At least one of them, The Art of the Deal was a top seller.
* Donald says that the Holy Bible is his favorite book. The Art of the Deal is his 2nd favorite book. And The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale is his third favorite book.
* He likes golf. Donald Trump has developed more than 11 golf courses which bear his name.
* Donald Trump has twice been nominated for an Emmy Award
* Donald Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
* Donald Trump has been inducted to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.
* Donald Trump has appeared in more than a dozen movies such as Home Alone 2, Zoolander, and Little Rascals
* Donald Trump has been a guest actor in more than 6 TV shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Days of Our Lives, Sex and the City, and others.
* Trump has been the Executive Producer of 7 TV shows.
* Trump has been the guest host of 5 TV shows such as Extra, Larry King Live, and Saturday Night Live and more.
* Donald Trump has been co-producer of the longest running reality TV show.
* Donald Trump performed in several WWE wrestling shows.
* Donald performed in Wrestlemania 23 which set attendance records and revenue records up til that time.
* In his first candidacy for public office, Donald Trump received the most popular votes for the President of the United States out of a field of experienced and successful politicians. And in most cases, he achieved this with less money than any of his opponents.
* Keeping in mind that 90% of start up businesses fail, Trump’s record of enterprise is nothing short of amazing.
* Donald Trump has enjoyed success in at least 11 very different enterprises: Professional football, Ice Skating rinks, Fragrance, Ice, Steaks, Wines, Model management, Airline, blenders, Men’s wear, Bicycle races, world class beauty contests, and many others. In some of these, such as model management, his firm has risen to the top of that particular industry.
* There are 31 buildings that bear his name.
* The largest private real estate development in New York is Trump Riverside. Drive down the Henry Hudson Blvd. – you can’t miss them.
* There are at least 12 Trump Towers
* There are at least 6 Trump Plazas.
* There are at least 11 Trump Golf Course developments
* And much, much, more in real estate.
* Trump Entertainment, casinos and resorts was recently sold to Carl Ichan.
* Donald Trump’s personal managing of the Wollman Ice Skating Rink project in the early 1980’s is the quintessential case study for MBA students in Wharton, Harvard, and other business schools. His performance there was phenomenal.
* Donald Trump’s privately held businesses have employed more than 200,000 people.
* In the casino business in Atlantic City, Trump had to do business with known mobsters – and he stayed “clean” and alive.
* Aside from his personal investments, Donald Trump has never been a Wall Street “player”.
* The Political Trump:
about 1967 – 1987 – Democrat (he was a supporter of Ronald Reagan)
1987 – 1999 – Republican
1999 – 2001 – Reform Party (he supported Ross Perot)
2001 – 2009 – Democrat
2009 – 2011 – Republican
2011 – 2012 – Independent
2012 – Present – Republican
Donald Trump was openly supportive of Mitt Romney’s candidacy.
Donald Trump does not seem to hold political party organizations in highregard.
* For the most part, his political involvement has been for practical reasons. Donald Trump does not appear to be held to political ideology.
Some take aways:
* Trump has an extraordinarily energetic central nervous system much like Teddy Roosevelt but more targeted to industry and enterprise.
* Trump’s presidency will be very energetic, transparent, and communicative.
* Trump will be a very hard working President.
* His interaction with his older brother (who everybody loved) tells me that he thinks that everybody is like him – or wants to be – or should be.
* His relationship with his older brother was a hard lesson in tolerance for him.
* Trump is the Babe Ruth of career achievements.
* He is dumb like a fox. When you think he just said something stupid – he didn’t. It’s just that you were not his target audience.
* Trump knows the people – the folk.
* His son, Donald Jr. is right. Trump is a “Blue Collar Billionaire”.
* More than anything, his TV show, The Apprentice, was his passion. He wants all Americans to have confidence (like he does) to venture.
* Donald Trump is attracted to and marries smart, high achieving women.
* The highest levels of a Trump Administration is certain to have many women – and they will be bright and assertive.
* Donald Trump’s children are very important to him. And it shows.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Addiction Conspiracy. . . by Dr. Mercola

      This article has some very interesting and concerning information about oxycontin and other opioid drugs.  If you are taking one, or are considering taking one, you might want to read it first.
      My mother was on an opioid drug at the end of her life for painful sores that had developed on her legs.  As I look back on the last few weeks of her life, I wonder if this drug hastened her death.

The Addiction Conspiracy: How Government and Big Pharma Created an Epidemic

By Dr. Mercola
While most drugs come with a long list of potentially devastating side effects, painkillers — courtesy of their addictive nature — tend to be among the most lethal. Prescriptions for opioid painkillers have risen by 300 percent over the past 10 years,1and Americans use 80 percent of the world's opioids.2
In Alabama, which has the highest opioid prescription rate in the U.S., 143 prescriptions are written for every 100 people.3 A result of this trend is that overdose deaths from painkillers now far surpass those from illicit street drugs.
In 2013, about 23,000 Americans died from overdosing on prescription drugs, and painkillers accounted for about 16,000 of those deaths.4

Drug Industry Is Responsible for Mass Addiction

Many believe the drug companies that create and sell these drugs need to be held accountable for this dangerous trend, especially since several have been caught lying about the benefits and risks of their drugs. 
As noted by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA),5 the drug industry has "fostered the opioid addiction epidemic" in several ways, by:
• Introducing long-acting opioid painkillers like OxyContin, which prior to reformulation in 2010 could be snorted or shot. Many addicts claimed the high from OxyContin was better than heroin.
In fact, from a chemical standpoint, OxyContin is nearly identical to heroin, and has been identified as a major gateway drug to heroin 
• Changing pain prescription guidelines to make opioids the first choice for lower back pain and other pain conditions that previously did not qualify for these types of drugs.
Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has had a hand in this problem, although it restricted its promotion of narcotic painkillers to cancer patients6
• Promoting long-term use of opioids, even though there's no evidence that using these drugs long term is safe and effective 
• Downplaying and misinforming doctors and patients about the addictive nature of opioid drugs. OxyContin, for example, became a blockbuster drug mainly through misleading claims, which Purdue Pharma knew were false from the start. 
The basic promise was that it provided pain relief for a full 12 hours, twice as long as generic drugs, giving patients "smooth and sustained pain control all day and all night."
However, for many the effects don't last anywhere near 12 hours, and once the drug wears off, painful withdrawal symptoms set in, including body aches, nausea and anxiety. These symptoms, in addition to the return of the original pain, quickly begin to feed the cycle of addiction.7
A 2015 article8 in The Week does a great job revealing the promotional strategy developed by Purdue, and backed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), that has led to such enormous personal tragedy. As noted in this article, 
"The time-release conceit even worked on the FDA, which stated that 'Delayed absorption, as provided by OxyContin tablets is believed to reduce the abuse liability of a drug.'" 

New Hampshire Suing Over Deceptive Marketing 

Several states are indeed trying to hold drug makers accountable for the epidemic of addiction.9
One of them is New Hampshire, where the state attorney general's office has filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, accusing the company of deceptive marketing, saying it misrepresented the risks and benefits of long-term opioid use for chronic pain.
But while the attorney general's legal team consists of three people, Purdue has 19 lawyers on the case. As reported by Concord Monitor:10
"One year after the state attorney general's office filed subpoenas against five large drug companies to discover how addictive painkillers have been marketed in the state, the pharmaceutical giants have handed over nothing more than legal briefs ... 
The current legal fight is whether the attorney general's office can hire outside help. 
All of the drug companies have refused to turn over any internal documents, as long as the attorney general's office works with hired counsel — Cohen Milstein — a firm that has litigated similar cases against the pharmaceutical industry.
Lawyers representing the drug companies have argued Cohen Milstein has an inherent bias against them because it will only get paid if the state takes future legal action against the drug companies. 
A Merrimack County Superior Court judge recently sided with the state, but the drug companies are refusing to budge ... 'They don't want us to know, that's for sure,' Boffetti said. 'We can have no resources; they'll do everything they can to prevent us from seeing the documents.'" 

OxyContin — The $30 Billion 'Widow Maker'

Since its approval in 1996, Purdue has raked in more than $31 billion from the sale of OxyContin. Sales remained unaffected even after Purdue and three of its executives pleaded guilty in 2007 to criminal charges of misleading regulators, doctors and patients about the drug's addiction and abuse risk. 
The company paid $600 million in fines and payments. The three executives, which included Purdue's president and one of its lawyers, agreed to pay another $34.5 million in fines after pleading guilty of misbranding.11
As early as 2003, the FDA ordered Purdue to pull its printed advertisements for OxyContin, saying the ads "grossly misrepresent" the drug's safety profile.12
Despite such obvious warning signs that opioids were being misrepresented and misbranded, little was done to rein in their use. More than 194,000 people have died from overdoses involving opioids, including OxyContin, since 1999. During this time, the death rate from overdoses among women has risen by 450 percent. 
Addiction among younger adults has also dramatically risen. As noted by Dr. Andrew Kolodny, founder of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP), many get caught in a cycle of addiction after being prescribed an opioid drug for a sports injury or wisdom tooth extraction.13
But the elderly are the most vulnerable group. Not only are they prescribed opioids more often than younger people, they also have the highest addiction and death rate.

Beware: Opiates Are Potent Immunosuppressive Drugs

Earlier this month, I interviewed Dr. Thomas Cowan, a family physician and founding... 
Continue reading here

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Quote from D. W. Whittle in The Wonders of Prayer published 1885

"Let us not waver in our faith in God's overruling providence, and in the reality of His interposition in answer to prayer for the deliverance and help of his people under any and all circumstances. "In everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let our requests be made known unto God," but let our first request be that we be kept in a sound mind obedient to the word, and let all of our requests close with the utterance, from a sincere heart, of the words, "Thy will be done." If this be the attitude of our hearts our prayers shall be abundantly and graciously answered, and God shall guide us from the wiles of the Evil One for the sake of His dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord, through whose precious blood we have all grace and all blessing. Amen".  By D. W. Whittle. (1885)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Republican National Convention

Have you been watching the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week?   I watched the first night only because Country Guy wanted to, but then I was hooked.  I didn't expect it to be so inspiring, especially since I haven't been a Donald Trump supporter.  In fact, the only reason I was planning to vote for Trump was because 'no vote' is a vote for Hillary and there is nothing more repulsive to me than to think such a lying, corrupt, evil person as Hillary Clinton might one day be President of the United States.

I ended up watching every night and actually looking forward to each evening.  I was extremely impressed by the Trump family!  How amazing to have articulate, hard-working kids who actually loved and were proud of their dad!  Most rich kids we read about are spoiled, thinking only of themselves and not about what they can do to help others.

By the time the convention was over I actually had hope for our country again.  It was so refreshing and cathartic to have the anger, disappointment and hopelessness so many of us are feeling over the direction our country has taken with Obama's leadership addressed.  I must say when the attendees started chanting "lock her up" after Chris Christie enumerated the many instances of Hillary's crimes I began to think that might actually happen.  I am ready to return to a country where the laws are upheld and there are no exceptions for political party, color of skin, or political correctness.

It actually seemed this week that common sense had returned.  I pray that is so.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Doug Addison's Prophetic Word for July, Part 2

Prophetic Word for Part 2: God’s Priority Is Our Calling

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This is part two of a prophetic word I released earlier this month. I am getting more revelation right now than I am able to process. Things are heating up in Heaven for one of the greatest shows on Earth. I have been prophesying that a revival is coming, in fact God is saying it is starting soon!
The Outcasts Are God’s Priority
“Last year on New Year’s Eve, I had a very powerful encounter in which I literally heard the audible cries of people who have been wounded by uncaring Christians and leaders. Then I heard (this part was not audible) the Lord say, ‘Their blood has reached my ears and I must respond.’”
In 2016, God’s new agenda is about those who have been wounded by Christianity. These are the spiritual outcasts who do not fit into typical churches. Many have been pushed away, deeper into darkness, by the very ones who hold the keys to God’s light and love.”
Ezekiel 34 Mantles
Then on June 9, 2016, I had a radical encounter and was suddenly standing in the Courts of Heaven, a council meeting was taking place—similar to Zechariah 3. God spoke to me with a thundering voice, “Son, prophesy Ezekiel 34!” I knew the meaning of Ezekiel 34 as God had spoken it to me previously with a prophecy I released in February 2013—Super Bowl: Prophetic Sign Seen by the World.
In the encounter, I was shown parts of Ezekiel 34 that are now God’s agenda for those who have been wounded by mean shepherds and fat sheep. These wounded, weak sheep are people who need God’s love—and have been driven away from churches. Ezekiel 34 goes on to say that the mean shepherds and fat sheep, who do not have God’s heart of love, are allowing the enemy to ravish the weaker sheep.
I have been bringing a similar prophetic word for a number of years. One of the next revivals is going to be in the group of spiritual outcasts who have been rejected and considered unclean by many Christians. This may include women stepping up into leadership, political parties not accepted by many Christians, those with tattoos and piercings, the ones who are into zombies and vampires, New Age people, LGBT and minorities—to name a few.
We do not have to agree with the things these people might believe and support, but what God is calling us to is to love them unconditionally. I am not saying they are unclean, but they have been rejected and mistreated terribly by some Christians over the years. Many have been scattered and driven away from the opportunity to worship Jesus. As an evangelist and missionary to the outcasts for years, I have heard literal horror stories of the damage and rejection people have received in the name of Jesus.
Many Christians Have Driven People Away from God 
“You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally. So they were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered they became food for all the wild animals.” Ezekiel 34:4–5 NIV
“‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says to them: See, I myself will judge between the fat sheep and the lean sheep. Because you shove with flank and shoulder, butting all the weak sheep with your horns until you have driven them away, I will save my flock, and they will no longer be plundered. I will judge between one sheep and another.” Ezekiel 34:20–22 NIV
God Is Looking for People to Show Love
God is the judge of each person’s heart and motives. This is a time to step up and be a light in darkness. We really can love people who have been wounded by religion and by Christians who do not love as Jesus does. This wounding is an injustice in the eyes of God and He is preparing a movement to gather the wounded ones to a safe place.
“I will place over them one shepherd, my servant David, and he will tend them; he will tend them and be their shepherd. I the LORD will be their God, and my servant David will be prince among them. I the LORD have spoken.” Ezekiel 34:23–24 NIV
David is symbolic of someone who loves God and will be a warrior to protect and draw the outcasts to God—David’s mighty men were outcasts (look in 1 Samuel 22:2). This is a time in which we need to have a heart like David for people who have been wounded and driven away from having a relationship with God.
Weak Sheep Defender Mantles
While I was in the Courts of Heaven prophesying this, I felt a mantle come on me and the heat of it has not lifted since. I heard the Lord say to deputize weak sheep defenders.
God’s heart and agenda right now is to raise up people who are willing to go after those driven away, and to be defenders of the weak and menders of those who have been wounded. A strong ministry of reconciliation is coming on those who are willing to step up and receive it.
The Cost Involved
I have been prophesying this and doing outreaches for a number of years. One of the reasons I got very sick for three years—I got healed last May—is that I was being cursed by Christians for doing what Jesus would have done and reaching into the groups I mentioned above.
I encourage you to read Ezekiel 34 for yourself. I am not focusing on the judgment of the mean shepherds and the fat sheep because God is more interested in helping those hurting. We need to become Holy Spirit M*A*S*H units (Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals) to the weak and outcasts.
July 4th Celebration in Heaven
I had yet another major encounter at 4 a.m. on Monday, July 4th. I woke up to the sound of celebration in Heaven: REJOICE THE TIME HAS COME was repeating over and over. There was excitement and the sound of celebration. I heard shofars blasting and Heaven singing.
The Lord spoke to me that this is the start of a new revival to the spiritual outcasts who have been pushed away by unloving Christians. It is the start of a new revival that will come in waves. It is a good day to celebrate!
  • The first wave is purity and cleansing.
  • The second wave is power encounters and healing.
  • The third wave is the harvest of those who have been rejected by Christians.
Signs in the Super Bowl 2013
On Sunday February 3, 2013, my Daily Prophetic Word was, “A prophetic sign from God will be seen around the world.” During the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl game that year between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, half of the lights went out for 34 minutes in the New Orleans Superdome. God spoke to me that this was a prophetic sign for Ezekiel 34.
Let’s take a look at the significance of the numbers involved and Ezekiel 34:
  • When the lights went out, the score of the game was 28-6. Twenty-eight plus six equals 34.
  • The lights were out for a total of 34 minutes.
  • The power outage sign happened in the third quarter—3/4.
  • The winning team’s score was 34.
  • Ezekiel 34 ends with verse 31—which was the exact Super Bowl ending score—34:31. 
Finally, the old generators at the Superdome causing half of the lights to go out is a prophetic sign that the old ways of doing things will not produce the full power we need right now to be a light to the world. Even the fact that the Super Bowl was in New Orleans and it involved teams like San Francisco and Baltimore—east and west coast—is significant.
God is going to move in places that we least expect. We are living in very exciting times. I want to encourage you to not get distracted by all of the things that are happening around us. The enemy does not want you to see the new things being released from Heaven right now.

Doug Addison

Monday, July 18, 2016

5 Vows For More Spiritual Power

I have been listening to a message by Ken Fish entitled "5 Vows for More Spiritual Power."  He defines spiritual power as the ability to lead, to shape people's lives, to heal those who are broken, and to buld up God's Kingdom on earth.  I have paraphrased and added my own interpretation to what I was listening to below.  These are things I truly want (& need) to remember.

The 5 vows he discussed are very important--especially in today's world because we have forgotten these things.

1. Deal thoroughly with sin.  No sin is too small.   (No excuse--call it what it is, confess it, ask forgiveness and God's help to purpose in your life not to continue doing it.)

2. Never own anything.  In other words, we are to be conduits of God's material blessings.  If someone needs something more than we do, then give it to them.

3. Never defend yourself.  Let God take care of your reputation.

4. Never pass on anything about anyone that will hurt them.  (It does not need to be told.)

5. Never accept any glory.  God is jealous for one thing--His glory.  If God gives you a gift, He expects you to use it, but don't build a ministry on it.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

What Mike Pence Brings to a Trump/Pence Ticket

This is an excellent article from Breitbart news on the strengths of Mike Pence.  He seems like an excellent choice for VP.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Doug Addison's Word for July

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Man pulling curtain of darkness to reveal a new better world. Conceptual change, two worlds, hell and paradise.
July is going to be a time of major changes. Things that God has promised you over the last few years are now going to start to take place very quickly.
There is going to be a blast of new sounds from Heaven over you that is going to open new doors, part the Red Sea, awaken dry bones and open your eyes and ears to hear in the spirit at a new leve
Not everyone will hear this spiritual sound; those who have ears to hear and have been seeking the Lord will catch this new wave.
Expect scales to fall off your eyes as God is going to reveal strategies and His plans for your next season, plans that have been hidden until now.
Higher Level Revelation
In the midst of turmoil and confusion, God is saying to keep your eyes on what He has been speaking to you—for He is working beneath the surface.
“Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.”
Revelation 4:1 NIV
There is going to be a trumpet blast and new doors of opportunity will come to you. I saw new doors of God’s glory opening over people.
July 15–17, 2016
Watch during July 15–17 for things to change fast. Dreams are going to increase, as well as angelic activity. There is a reconciliation and repayment for things that happened in 2013–2014. This will come like a wave.
July 4th Celebration in Heaven
I had a major encounter at 4 a.m. on Monday, July 4. I woke up to the sound of celebration in Heaven: REJOICE THE TIME HAS COME was repeating over and over.
Honestly, I wanted to sleep. But I heard “Get up, because there is an announcement in Heaven.” There was excitement and the sound of celebration. I heard shofars blasting and Heaven singing.
As I celebrated with Heaven for the new things coming, God spoke to me that this is the start of a new revival to the spiritual outcasts who have been pushed away by unloving Christians. It is the start of a new revival that will come in 3 waves. So it is a good day to celebrate!
• The first wave is purity and cleansing.
• The second wave is power encounters and healing.
• The third wave is the harvest for those who have been rejected by Christians.
This Is Not the End
Many people thought this was going to be the end. But it is the beginning of the working of God’s great power. It is not the end at all. It is the beginning of some of the greatest times on Earth—for the prophets of old have longed to see what you are about to experience.
“Then a voice came from the throne, saying: ‘Praise our God, all you His servants, you who fear Him, both great and small!’ Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: ‘Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.’” Revelation 19:5-9 NIV
Because of the complexity of all the encounters I had in the past month, I will be releasing a separate prophetic word later in the month with more details. It has to do with Ezekiel 34, the words I heard in heaven REJOICE FOR THE TIME HAS COME and the celebration I mentioned above. It is the start of a new revival that will come in waves. It is a good day to celebrate!
How to Prepare
July is also going to be a time of the Lord revealing cracks in our foundations and things that we need to shore up. These might be unhealed issues, things in our souls, etc.
It will be good to take time to pray and ask God to heal and reveal this month. This is not going to be major surgery. Let God lovingly wash over you.
My team and I have been going through this. I allow all the prophetic words I get to test me first. We go through and repent of anything we might have in us that is in common with the enemy. As you do this as well, it will align you to receive all that God is doing and give you greater prophetic authority.
I have never heard this much celebration coming from Heaven. Be sure to avoid getting caught up in negativity and reports of bad things. Those things are a smokescreen from the enemy to get you sidetracked.
Things are truly lining up for some of the greatest times we have ever experienced.
I will be sharing more on this in Part 2 next week.
Doug Addison

Monday, July 11, 2016

As Family We Go Story - Rend Collective

My friend, Mariann, sent me this link.  I had not heard of this group but I love their message and their heart (not to mention their beautiful Irish accent.)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We Are Home!

      We arrived home around 1:00 a.m. this morning after many hours of travel.  Even though getting there and back home is a hassle, the trip was certainly worth it! We saw wonderful sights and met great people!  My pedometer said we walked 116 miles!
On our walk to the Vintgar Gorge
      On Monday, after a pletna boat ride to the island in the lake and a climb of the 99 stairs to the chapel we rode the luge down the mountain and then hiked to Vintgar Gorge.  It was a beautiful walk through the country side and 2 little villages--a total of about 10 miles.  The gorge was spectacular with sparkling clear water!

      Yesterday before we left Slovenia, we again walked around the lake in Bled.  What a wonderful way to end the tour!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Bled, Slovenia

Rovinj, Croatia was beautiful!  Our Hotel Katarina was on its own island so we had to take a 5 minute boat trip to the mainland town.  It was very Italian looking.  Our guide told us that Venice is only a 3 hour boat ride away and supposedly on a clear day you can see Venice from the church bell tower.  We climbed the rickety steps of the tower for a spectacular view and although it was a beautiful clear day we didn't recognize Venice.  😀.  In the evening we had a wonderful boat ride around the town & nearby islands watching dolphins and enjoying the sunset.

Yesterday morning we left Rovinj and arrived in Ljubjlana, Slovenia, for a walk thru the city with an opportunity to taste some of their specialties and some free time to explore.  We popped into 2 beautiful churches to see the interiors.  The churches in every country have been magnificent!

After we arrived at our hotel in Bled we walked around Lake Bled--about 3 1/2 miles.

Today we are taking a boat to the island church (see middle photo) with the group and then plan to hike to Vintgar Gorge in our free time and then a farewell dinner with the group tonight. A great way to spend our last day!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Rovinj, Croatia

What a beautiful hike we had yesterday! Plitvice National Park was glorious!  I have never seen so many spectacular waterfalls!  I took so many photos that my new camera battery went dead by evening. (I dropped my camera in Auschwitz so we had to buy a new one in Kraków which has only caused a few hiccups--like only having one battery, the instructions written in Polish, etc,--in my attempts to capture the fun, beauty, and excitement of our trip.  The new camera is a newer model in the Canon G Series than the one I had so operating it is very similar.)

After hiking almost 6 miles in the park yesterday morning, we had a 5 hour bus ride to Rovinj--a beautiful little town on the Adriatic Sea.  Our hotel is actually a resort--Katrina Hotel on its own island about a 5 minute boat ride from the town.  Because we got to the island after 6:00 we decided to wait till today to explore the town so instead we had a wonderful buffet dinner, watched a beautiful evening sunset, and then explored the island. The hotel has a spectacular pool which is connected under bridges and because the terrain is a little higher has the appearance of joining the sea even though it is several hundred feet from the shore.

The pool went under two walkways like this.  It was so large that I couldn't get a photo of the entire pool.

Our rooms in the hotel are very spacious.  Each one is actually 2 rooms with a bath. One room has bunk beds and a desk; the other has a small sofa and a king bed. We also have a balcony overlooking the courtyard and farther out to the sea.  I could certainly stay here awhile, but we will be leaving for another beautiful destination-our last--Lake Bled in Slovenia tomorrow.  Meanwhile we have lots of places to explore and new experiences to be had today.  I'm ready!

Venetian looking streets of Roving, Croatia

View from the bell tower in Rovinj.  Our hotel is on the island.

Our hotel

I have been wearing my pedometer every day. So far we have walked 85.41 miles by taking 193,749 steps!  Amazing, isn't it?  With three days of exploring to go it looks as if we will easily pass 100 miles!

I wish I could figure out how to add photos on this iPad but there doesn't seem to be enough time. Maybe when I get home I will add them with my computer so if you are interested in seeing some of the places I've mentioned check back next week.