Monday, July 18, 2016

5 Vows For More Spiritual Power

I have been listening to a message by Ken Fish entitled "5 Vows for More Spiritual Power."  He defines spiritual power as the ability to lead, to shape people's lives, to heal those who are broken, and to buld up God's Kingdom on earth.  I have paraphrased and added my own interpretation to what I was listening to below.  These are things I truly want (& need) to remember.

The 5 vows he discussed are very important--especially in today's world because we have forgotten these things.

1. Deal thoroughly with sin.  No sin is too small.   (No excuse--call it what it is, confess it, ask forgiveness and God's help to purpose in your life not to continue doing it.)

2. Never own anything.  In other words, we are to be conduits of God's material blessings.  If someone needs something more than we do, then give it to them.

3. Never defend yourself.  Let God take care of your reputation.

4. Never pass on anything about anyone that will hurt them.  (It does not need to be told.)

5. Never accept any glory.  God is jealous for one thing--His glory.  If God gives you a gift, He expects you to use it, but don't build a ministry on it.