Friday, April 29, 2016

From Graham Cooke's Email Newsletter

Graham Cooke:

"God is not “dealing with” our sin. He is establishing our righteousness.
He gave Jesus both as Savior, to bring closure to the old nature, and as Redeemer, to turn a sin habit into righteous behavior. Then he gave the Holy Spirit to empower us in the process of being made in His image.
God’s approach to our sin is different than you think.
It is not “get rid of this and you can become that." Rather, He says,“you are this, and you have no need of that.”
We do not become a new person by changing our behavior. We discover the person we already are in Christ and behave accordingly."

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Impose Personal Beliefs on Others (The Patriot Post)

     We are quickly losing our rights to free speech and the free exercise of our personal beliefs, thanks to the politically correct 'thought police'.  I can't understand why there is not more of an uproar as they impose their beliefs on us by taking away the right to have our own.
     I personally am offended by the 'gay agenda'.  It goes against everything I believe in.  God created male & female and defined marriage as the union of the two.  If you don't believe this, that is between you and God, but allow me the same freedom. Don't try to change the laws of the country to make your sinful behavior seem normal.
     I am also offended by the Islamification of America.  The wearing of the hijab offends me.  Why is it that if a Christian wants to wear a cross in the workplace or display a Bible, that is an offense to others but Muslims are allowed to pray in the streets and wear clothing that represents their religion with no repercussions?  This country was founded on Christian principles.  We have forgotten, and become lazy and apathetic but nevertheless, it is those principles which have allowed the gay agenda to be heard and Islam to creep into every town.  We had better wake up.  These special interest groups are attempting to make their personal beliefs our own.  If we don't speak up now there will soon be enough of them to overrule ours.
      Christians are a target because they are representatives of the all powerful God of the universe. We are to be constant reminders of his holiness, righteousness and love.  (FYI: Love is not the same as tolerance.)  It is time to make Him known.  It is time for David to arise to defeat this Goliath who defies the living God. (See 1 Samuel 17).

     In case you have missed the news, below is an article from The Patriot Post which points out how the courts are ruling in favor of those who are taking away our rights.

How to Impose Personal Beliefs on Others

The Colorado State Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from a baker who was found guilty of discrimination for declining to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony in 2012. By not picking up the case, the highest court in the state let stand an August 2015 ruling from the Colorado Court of Appeals that declared baker Jack Phillips did not have a right to free speech or the free exercise of religion whenever he picked up his piping bag.
"We all have a right to our personal beliefs, but we do not have a right to impose those beliefs on others and discriminate against them," said ACLU attorney Ria Tabacco Mar, who dragged the cake baker to court. "We hope today's win will serve as a lesson for others that equality and fairness should be our guiding principles and that discrimination has no place at the table, or the bakery as the case may be."
Once again, a leftist displays a stunning lack of self-awareness. Imposing beliefs on others is exactly what the ACLU and the rest of the Rainbow Mafia are doing. In this case, they used the courts and the government of Colorado to strip Phillips of his rights and conscript his services for a cause to which he has conscientious objection. Not only that, but Phillips and his staff must submit to re-education, quarterly compliance reports and demands that he create cakes to celebrate other same-sex unions. The Rainbow Mafia is indeed "imposing its beliefs on others."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Love Springtime!

      I love springtime even if it does mean lots of work.  The birds are joyously singing. The dogwoods, woodland phlox and ajuga are in bloom.  The redbuds are almost finished blooming and the iris are about to open. The woods is greening up.  The morel mushrooms are also almost gone, but they certainly were a tasty treat!

     I have been working on my gardens the past few days.  There is so much work to do to get the leaves cleaned out of the beds, plants divided, new plants added, everything weeded, the borders redug, and then to mulch it all.  I am not through yet, but I now have more than a hundred pots of baby plants ready for the Extension Office plant sale on May 7.
       Last year was the first year the Linn Park Garden Committee decided to have a table at the plant sale.  We made over $400 by selling the plants we usually threw away when cleaning our gardens.  This money was used to buy annuals for the Linn Park Gardens so it seemed like a good idea to do it again this year.  What a good feeling to know those little babies I've been digging up will go to a good home!  I always feel so bad when I dig them and throw them away knowing there are people who are paying good money for those very plants.

Mychal Massie's The Daily Rant - Monday, April 25 - Obamacare Horror Story: First Person Account

This election is very important.  Here is a first person account of why we need a change in leadership.


Obamacare Horror Story: First Person Account

Obamacare was created in darkness and forced upon us with the idea being that Obama and Congress knows what is best for us despite the public outrage.
Obama lied to We the People through the entire process of creating obamacare. In the aftermath of it being railroaded through, Jonathan Gruber, the chief architect/consultant in the creation of same boasted condescendingly that the entire process had been a lie and Obama knew it.
Gruber said: “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.” He openly admitted: “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes,” he said during a panel discussion at the Annual Health Economists’ Conference last year. “If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. OK, so it’s written to do that. In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in — you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money — it would not have passed.”
Following is an unedited letter presented just as I received it from a subscriber April 21. I have been asked to share the person’s personal experience complete with her name in hopes it would show the depth of Obama’s pernicious lies.
Mr Massie, My name is Melissa Ackison. I’m a small business owner from Ohio, wife and mother to two boys, one of which is leaving for the US ARMY, and we have another a child on the way. I posted this message about our experience with being forced by our government to enroll in obama care. It was shared over 200 times within hours. Please help get our message out. PLEASE let voters know what happens when government takes over by means of fines and force. YOU have the platform. I’m a REAL person living the OBAMAcare nightmare. Please tell people about us. God Bless YOU ” You guys know me-please listen to what I have to say. Think about this when you vote….I speak firsthand because my family and I were forcibly enrolled into Obama care. As business owners, we always paid out-of-pocket to have our medical insurance. I used to spend $800 a month for our medical care before being forced by the government to enroll into Obama care programs. Prior to now, my family had excellent coverage. My deductible was $3000 and all of the doctors that specialized in my rare Craniofacial bone disease i’ve been treated for since I was 14 were on my old plan as well. At the end of 2015 we received a letter from the government telling us that our plan that provided wonderful coverage, was not an Obama care approved plan. We were told we had to enroll in new medical insurance or face a $3500 fine. We were guaranteed based on my special-needs as well as some issues my son seeks medical treatment for that we would keep all of our doctors. None of those things happened. I went from paying $800 a month to over $1000 a month for insurance, my deductible is $12,000, I’m high-risk pregnancy and I can’t get any Doctor Who wants to work with any Obama care plans, my coverage is extremely limited and my co-pays are unbelievably high. The Obama care websites and databases had my husband and I spending a total of 14 hours in one week trying to correct wrong benefits, they had Royce our 6 year old registered as an undocumented citizen and canceled his insurance claiming he was not a citizen of the United States, three separate times we had to overnight packets to prove our citizenship as natural born US citizen’s in an attempt to get Royces benefits turned back on, the government workers at the Obama care agency continuously lost our proof of citizenship that we paid to overnight, Royce was unable to see any doctor or be treated for his weekly occupational therapy he receives because it looked as though we had no insurance even though we were paying 1000 a month. The Obama care government workers screwed up for so long that we lost our place in line that we waited six months to get on,at Children’s Hospital for his occupational therapy. We received a letter from the government letting us know that the two packets of our sensitive personal information had been misplaced and our Social Security numbers and identification could be compromised because of that mistake. Hours and hours we spent on the phone with the government trying to figure out what to do with no help. Many Times we spent on the phone waiting for hours, only to be cut off or hung up on because they didn’t know how to transfer A telephone call. Literally, we had a supervisor tell us the reason we get hung up on after waiting for hours is because their departments had not been trained thoroughly in how to transfer interdepartmental calls… Many of you are under the impression that Obamacare helps support people- but it doesn’t. Obama care programs will certainly help those who come over to this country such as refugees who are enrolled into medical care programs for free and on those on welfare, but it’s completely crippled my family and families like ours financially, emotionally and physically from lack of insurance coverage. Obama care is a forcible socialist medical plan. Ive worked my entire life for everything that I own and it’s completely crushed our family financially from medical bills that go unpaid as well as monthly premiums and high deductibles. Please think about families like mine before you automatically vote Democrat. If it happened to a family like mine and other families like mine, it will happen to you if this forcible medical plan stays in place. When people ask me why I vote Republican or why I would even consider Donald Trump, my livelihood depends on these programs being overturned and a Democratic candidate has no interest in helping someone like me. My husband and I are entrepreneurs and job creators, and we’ve worked unbelievably hard for everything we have. We aren’t rich and we pay upwards of $30-$50,000 a year in taxes ( on a payment plan no less) to the government on top of our now financially crippling medical expenses through Obamacare. We weren’t unable to afford a college education so we worked hard our entire lives to receive tuition reimbursement through our employers and ultimately took the step and sacrificed everything we have using our retirement plans, to open the companies we own today. There were no handouts, there was no help from the government, it was just us believing the American dream was attainable through hard work. I’ve never felt so crushed as an American as I do now. With our older son getting ready to head off to the Army in August, I shake my head wondering what type of country he will be fighting to protect. I never thought I’d see this day.
You can absolutely use my name. I think a real person offers so much validity when it comes to people understanding that there are real people out there facing these issues! I’ve worked my entire life to obtain everything I have and I’m now reaching a point of selling things and looking at assets to figure out how to pay for medical care. I owned my first business at 29 years old. My husband is the same as I am. We were raised in middle-class families and were taught that working hard was the only way to achieve the American dream. I’ve done all the right things. I’ve never taken government loans for my business or otherwise and always worked paying class by class for the Community colleges I was able to attend in my 20s. I owned my first home at 19 years old. I never thought we would be in a day and time where working hard would literally be a deterrent to survival. If using my name and people looking us up to see that we are real people who own real businesses and employee real people helps resonate or change minds, I’m completely open to it. Thank you for reading my post and may God bless you and keep you.
That Obama preened and knowingly lied to We the People complicit with Congress should warrant indictment and impeachment. Instead he comports himself with utter disregard and contempt for America. Yet, a Congress in which we have secured majorities for Republicans in both Houses has tacitly refused to repeal or impeach Obama. However, they have worked to fully fund obamacare and to ensure it is entrenched.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chonda Pierce: Spanx In Iraq (James Robison / LIFE Today)

My cousin posted this on Facebook.  I thought it was hilarious!  Thought you might like a laugh for the day.

Monday, April 18, 2016

What a Week!

       In the past week I have been to Rochester, MN, at the Mayo Clinic for my one year cancer check-up, gone to a fabulous conference at the Vineyard Church in Urbana, IL, worked one day in my gardens, met with a landscape designer to discuss ideas for the Linn Park sign, had grandchildren overnight on Saturday and sat in the hospital--first in the emergency room and then in a hospital room--with my Mom who is still there.  It is amazing the experiences once can go through in one week! As you can imagine keeping up with my blog has been pretty far down the list of priorities.
      I really wanted to write about the conference so I would remember when reading this post months later.  I especially enjoyed Jeremy Riddle and Kathryn Scott's worship.  Alan Scott and Robby Dawkins had great evening talks, but the most life-changing experience was the workshop on Advanced Healing Techniques with Ken Fish!  I had not heard of Ken before, but I intend to order materials from his website: Kingdom Fire Ministries.  The information he presented tied together so many of the things I have learned over the years from so many different streams of healing.  I am so excited to know there is someone who is putting it all together.  I LOVED the workshop!!!  If I have time one of these days I will add some of my notes from the conference, but I wanted to give you a heads up if you, like me, were not familiar with Ken Fish.
       The organizers of the conference said they will add the audio of all the workshops for free listening in a couple of weeks so if you are interested check out the More Love More Power website.

Raising Vitamin D Levels Has Shown a 67% Reduced Risk of Aggressive Cancers

If you have not been taking a vitamin D supplement or spending much time in the sun, you should take a look at this article: Raising Vitamin D Levels

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Almost Home

We have been in Rochester, MN, at the Mayo Clinic the past few days for my 1 year cancer check up.  All is well. Thank you, Jesus!

 Since we were going, I thought it would be good for Country Guy to get checked up, too, so I arranged for him to be seen by a PA in the Preventative Medicine department.  His also turned out well.  In fact, the doctor was amazed at the improvement in his triglycerides!  We believe all those supplements we have been taking are paying off because he hasn't been watching what he eats.

An amazing 'coincidence' happened during this visit. New friends of ours ended up being there at the same time we were, as the husband was having tests in preparation for prostate cancer surgery which will take place tomorrow.  We had time for prayer with them and a fun uplifting dinner, too.  Obviously, the Lord had something to do with the 'coincidence'.  I am always in awe when God makes paths to cross in such an obvious way and I keep trying to figure out why, don't you?  He is so wonderful!

We are almost home. I heard that it rained over 4 inches in the 2 days we were gone so obviously it was a good time to be gone! The forecast is for temps in the upper 60's for most of the next week with no chance of rain. Once it dries out a little it will be perfect weather for getting the rest of my spring gardening done!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

"AzusaNow 2016: Convergence of the Ages and the Harvest Glory Angel" Johnny Enlow

At various times throughout history, Christians have filled stadiums, packed out key locations, and coordinated events involving millions, yet none have seemed to lead to a sustained move of God. Many were important events in their own right, but didn't translate into an actual movement. It's important to know that, whether you're able to attend or not, I believe what will be released at Azusa Now on April 9th in the Los Angeles Coliseum will be different. A convergence of the ages will come into full synchronicity and will mark a change to life as we know it.
The word convergence is insightful, as one of its meanings is a location where airflow or ocean currents meet. The location is Los Angeles, and the timing of this convergence is April 9th, with secondary convergences occurring afterwards all across the United States and the globe. We are in a true Year of Jubilee (every 50 years), which has the uniqueness of being the 40th Jubilee since Jesus walked the earth and the 70th Jubilee since Joshua and Caleb led Israel across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. (Photo via Pixabay)
Azusa Now is a sign that we've already experienced a shift that we've been hoping for. This event will not only cause an acceleration, but will also be evidence that we're already in the throes of a divine, catalytic convergence of the ages. Yes, it's that big.
I don't think it's coincidental that the same day, on the opposite coast, 30,000 pastors and leaders will gather to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival in Washington, DC, at UnitedCry DC16. In July, another one million Christians are also expected at a prayer event in DC. All of these happening in the same year are signs that a precursor to a breakthrough has begun.
The Kingdom age has converged on us as never before! Associated with this long-anticipated season, God has impressed on me that He is sending a very great angel into our midst in the Los Angeles Coliseum on April 9th to release a multitude into the glory of harvest – not just the harvesting of souls, but also of nations.
The Harvest Glory Angel
Before I explain what God showed me about the angel, let me try to circumvent the religious uproar that often comes when anyone speaks about present-day angels.
First of all, why is it okay to speak of the devil and his cronies by their names (satan, beelzebub, baal, mammon, jezebel, apollyon, etc.), but it's not okay to speak of created angelic beings on our side? Telling about our side with some detail is designed to personalize what we Biblically already know about angels who surround us. Personalizing them serves to impact and encourage us in a greater way. To name an angel doesn't mean we're worshipping it any more than naming your child leads you into worshipping your child. It's an identification marker of importance that speaks a message of its own.
Angels are mentioned over 300 times in the Bible with over 160 of those references in the New Testament. Angels didn't stop existing or leave the earth after the New Testament. We need to stop allowing religious mindsets to steal our inheritance of partnering with angels. It's not coincidental that the Azusa Revival took place in Los Angeles (Spanish for The Angels), as well as the upcoming Azusa Now. I believe Los Angeles will eventually be known specifically as the City of Angels because of the confirmed increase of angelic activity there.
This harvest glory angel has been prophetically shown to me, as well as to a longtime friend of mine and unknown prophet. The Lord spoke to me that the angel's nickname is Harvey, obviously connected to the harvest. I was led to look up the meaning and discovered it's a Celtic name that means eager for battle. God has been progressively revealing who he is and what he's being released to do. I believe Harvey was initially activated in the Azusa Street Revival of 1906, is about four stories tall, has a golden-orange hue, and hoists a huge sickle that seems to function as an extension of who he is. He serves and works with the Holy Spirit in harvesting souls and nations. (Photo by Jennifer Page "Angel Among Us" via
My impression is that this great angel has been disappointed for a long time because he was originally sent to do much more than what he has been able to accomplish on earth. Spiritually authorized leaders, under the influence of a religious and political spirit, have prevented him from rendering his full service.
Harvey has been around since at least 1906. I was shown that he has the ability to affect our entire nation, not just through revival, salvations, and healing – but also through everything that's related to the transformation of society in every area of culture. He is heavily endowed with presence, healing, finances, creativity, and innovation and has already left an indelible imprint on our past revivals and Holy Spirit outpourings. 
This harvest glory angel has always been connected to moves and waves of the Holy Spirit. I believe he was given enough power and resources during the Azusa Street Revival to prevent our nation from experiencing the Great Depression – if he had he been given full rein. His ability to positively affect our economy is profound, especially if we realize the supernatural help we're being offered.
My friend and I were directed by the Holy Spirit to an address where the angel has been put on assignment, which we discovered was on the grounds of Vanguard University and the Costa Mesa Church. What was unusual is that this angel is stationed, not inside of a church or chapel, but within a walled area that no one can get into without a key. When we looked through the cracks, we saw it's where all of the power transformers are located for that area. 
We began to understand that Harvey is a transformation angel and has been given the ability to supernaturally generate billions, and perhaps trillions, of dollars effortlessly. After some research, we discovered that a large percentage of millionaires/billionaires live and work within a 50-mile radius of where he is stationed in Costa Mesa. I am certain that this angel's presence is highly responsible for that fact.
The upcoming activation of the harvest glory angel is going to be nothing less than game-changing. It's the Lord's joy to use a faithful and valiant angelic servant of His to display great glory. The Kingdom of God is like a treasure hid in the field. Harvey is an amazing treasure that's been hidden. He's about to have a coming-out party of sorts that will produce Kingdom funding for Hollywood movies and projects, for major medical breakthroughs, and for all sorts of new technologies and inventions. Every one of the seven mountains of society will be impacted by what this angel releases in Southern California – through government, education, family, religion, arts and entertainment, economy, and media.
Who The Harvest Glory Angel Has Assisted
To give you an idea of this angel's capabilities, the following 11 individuals/ministries are some who I believe have been greatly assisted by the harvest glory angel through the direction of the Holy Spirit – all of whom have been geographically connected within a 50-mile radius of where he's stationed in Costa Mesa, California.
William Seymour was an African-American pastor who led the Azusa Street Revival from 1906. More than 20,000 Holy Spirit-friendly denominations have exploded from those days, with a current world count of 700 million Spirit-filled Believers. I believe this great angel was specifically sent to Seymour and was working alongside him intensely during these days, but was actually sent for so much more. William Seymour and the Azusa Revival were essentially cut short by a religious spirit and an associated political spirit that ultimately disrupted the movement and caused Seymour's heart attack. My friend heard the word "co-opted." The word co-opt means to divert or use in a role different from the original one, and it seems this has happened repeatedly. This angel has been co-opted time and again from its original mission. (Photo of William J. Seymour via Wikimedia Commons)
Aimee Semple McPherson was an amazing woman of God who founded the Foursquare denomination. She came to LA in 1918 right after the end of the Azusa Revival. Her ministry was unprecedented and historic. Many still don't have a grasp of just how impacting a minister and personality she was. For years, in Hollywood and around the world, she was even more famous than the top movie stars who would come by the masses to her meetings at Angelus Temple. 
Aimee operated in the power of the Holy Spirit and saw thousands of remarkable healings, but also was on the cutting edge of creative ways to present the Gospel. I believe this harvest glory angel assisted her in significant ways and helped expand her influence into every area of society. She too was prematurely shut down through the religious and political spirits that have been strongholds in Southern California. The greatest extinguishers of the Holy Spirit's advance in California have always been fellow Christians under the perverse influence of religion and politics. (Photo of Aimee Semple McPherson via Wikipedia)
Billy Graham was an unknown new evangelist until he came and hosted revival meetings in the LA area, causing his fame to explode nationally and then across the world. I believe Harvey the angel participated in Graham's accelerated favor as he led more people to Christ than anyone in history. (Photo of Billy Graham, 1966, via Wikipedia)
The Assemblies of God is the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States and it was birthed out of the Azusa Street Revival. They now number in excess of 67 million around the globe and have led more people to Christ than any other denomination. The above mentioned Vanguard University and the Costa Mesa Church are part of the Assemblies of God. I am convinced that many pastors, missionaries, and leaders who came through these institutions received an impartation from this great angel. George O. Wood, the present general superintendent of the denomination, was the Senior Pastor at Costa Mesa Church for 17 years.
Demos Shakarian, founder of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship (FGBMFI) in 1953, was from Downey, CA (30 miles from Costa Mesa). This ministry of the Holy Spirit to businessmen was a movement that led to our present understanding of the seven mountain mandate to reform culture. Demos became very wealthy himself, and his ministry has been quite influential, which I believe was connected to the harvest glory angel. (Photo of Demos Shakarian via
Lonnie Frisbee was born near Costa Mesa in 1949 and is the single person most identified with and responsible for the Jesus Movement that shook California, the nation, and the world. Lonnie encountered God supernaturally in 1967 when he was transformed from a lost drug addict into the figure-head leader of a movement that baptized thousands right off the beaches of Costa Mesa. He was a lover of Jesus who operated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and played an integral part in the birthing of the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard denominations. (Photo of Lonnie Frisbee via Wikipedia)
John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard denomination, had a worldwide ministry which brought an entirely new model of Christianity to our generation, categorized by signs and wonders available to and through all Believers. On Mother's Day 1980, in Yorba Linda, CA (about 20 miles from Costa Mesa), Lonnie Frisbee was a guest speaker at Wimber's church. Lonnie prayed a simple prayer, "Come, Holy Spirit!" and forever changed his and the Vineyard Churches' destiny. He also pastored the Anaheim Vineyard, which is about 12 miles from Costa Mesa. So much more could be said about this, but I believe he also worked in tandem with this great harvest glory angel. (Photo of John Wimber)
Chuck Smith was the founder of Calvary Chapel and witnessed his church rise from a handful to about 10,000, becoming a movement after about three years of Lonnie Frisbee's ministry. Smith was based out of Costa Mesa and evidently helped by Harvey the harvest glory angel. (Photo of Chuck Smith via
Greg Laurie, a mega-church pastor and evangelist, was radically converted through Lonnie Frisbee's ministry. His ministry is called Harvest and he recently hosted a crusade of over 80,000 people in Arlington, Texas. He has lead over 450,000 to the Lord in his crusades since 1990. I saw a vision of the harvest glory angel slapping his hand against Greg's head, leaving a mark of his golden-orange glory. (Photo of Greg Laurie by Vitaly Manzuk via
Heidi Baker is an extraordinary woman of God who's affected the world by the testimony of what God has done through her ministry in Mozambique. As the Lord was speaking to me about Harvey the angel, I saw a picture of Heidi and this angel slapping her on the head with the same golden glory impartation. I then saw the number 59 and knew that she was born in 1959, even though I had never seen that information before. When I did check into her bio, I not only saw that she was born in 1959, but that she attended Vanguard University, as did her husband Rolland. Yet another geographical connection to this angel's station and activity. (Photo of Heidi Baker)
TBN is the largest religious television network in the world. Whether you agree with all that is broadcast there or not, the reality is that this Holy Spirit-focused ministry has been used powerfully by God in countless lives all over the world and is, not coincidentally, based in Costa Mesa.
This great harvest glory angel has been radiating from his post in Costa Mesa, CA, for over 100 years – releasing ministers, ministries, and movements of the Holy Spirit around the globe. The list I have made is just some of the better known carriers of the harvest glory of God that has been made available to us for the purpose of partnering with God in the restoration of all things.
Prophetic Word For Today: A Transformation Generation Will Now Be Released
Because we have entered into a time of the convergence of the ages, we are now going to see a generation of Holy Spirit-infused Believers released. The mantles and anointing of people like Billy Graham, Heidi Baker, Aimee Semple McPherson, William Seymour, John Wimber, Lonnie Frisbee, etc., are going to be released by the hundreds, and maybe thousands, in one generation. This means exponential multiplication. Much of that will commence this April 9th in the Los Angeles Coliseum. There's something to be said about geographic proximity. The Coliseum is about 40 miles from Costa Mesa and well within the working radius of this angel.
Again, this isn't meant to be about becoming overly conscious of angels, it's about valuing and honoring the resource that God Himself created and sent to help us accomplish His purposes in the earth. Harvey is a Kingdom asset, part of the angel armies of Heaven, sent to do and release great things. God wants us to value His angels in the same way we would value any of these above mentioned names. It's all under the careful oversight and preeminent presence of the Holy Spirit and is one of the ways He will be pouring out of His Spirit on all flesh.
Usually great moves of God are realized after the fact. This time God wants us to recognize what He's doing and our part in it as history-makers ahead of time. The greatest move of God ever recorded is upon us. Through what God will release on April 9th will be much greater than the presidency, it will connect directly to who He puts into the office of the President of the U.S. in the upcoming election. What will be released and ignited will end up settling over the White House. The DC UnitedCry event will also open up DC and the East Coast to what God is releasing on the West Coast. By honoring what God did geographically on the opposite coast, it will quickly release the new things God is doing out West into the East. It's a total catalytic convergence of Holy Spirit-centric presence and power for this nation and the world. (Photo via Pixabay)
For the same reason He chose to use Los Angeles back in 1906, He will do so again in 2016. One hundred and ten years later, He's connecting us to 110 "volts" of transformational power that will restore His correct reputation in the earth through His advancing Kingdom into every area of culture. 
The Father will be seen as the God of All of Life who cares about every problem that exists, loves us extravagantly, and displays His kindness that then leads to repentance – through His sons and daughters. These sons and daughters that have been touched by His harvest glory are so convinced of His goodness and love that those sons and daughters who don't yet know that they are His, will be drawn to the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Father that we daily walk in. May it be so!
In unity may we proclaim, "Come, Holy Spirit!"
Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


Azuza Now

        I'm watching Live Streaming of Azuza Now.  It looks as if thousands were able to go even though it has been raining.  I am so impressed and encouraged!  Isn't it wonderful so many people would come from all over the world to gather together to praise the Lord and pray for a spiritual awakening?  I looked at the major online news websites and none have anything posted on this remarkable gathering.  How sad!  Lots of news of political rallies but nothing on one of the most important events ever to happen in our country with far reaching consequences.  I so wish I was there.  Here are some screen shots:
Lou Engle, who had the vision and persistence to make this happen.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Azuza Now Live Streaming

       It looks as if Azuza Now is going to be live-streamed through GodTV tomorrow. I am thrilled to be able to participate from my living room so I will be tuning in, as much as possible.  The schedule appears to be  7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Pacific Time. (9:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Central). If you don't get GodTV as a cable channel, you can watch it on your computer.   Here is the link to their webpage:

Thought For the Day

A friend texted this thought to me this morning:  "Fear is the darkroom where the devil develops our negatives."  So true!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ham & Bean Supper & Other Fundraising

    Our committee is working on fundraising for Heritage Days--particularly for the Draft Horse Show because we have to raise over $13,000 as prize money for the various classes in the Show.  Tomorrow we are having a Ham & Bean Supper with Jake Hoult, a local young man who does a fantastic Elvis impersonation. so if you're in our area be sure to come out for a fun evening.  The event was to be held at the Linn Park Amphitheater but the weather has turned cold with a possibility of rain so it has been moved to the Martinsville Community Center.  Here's the flyer:
     We are also asking local businesses and individuals to consider making a donation, or sponsor an event, to help us fund the Festival.  For donations of $500 or more the sponsor/donor names will be listed on the website, on the back of the program to be distributed at the Festival and on a banner to be displayed on the Fairgrounds and their names will be announced during the event they are sponsoring.  If you would be interested in helping us with a contribution you can email us at for more information.

    Then May 5 we are having a 10% Night Fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse.  The Roadhouse will donate 10% of the cost of each person's meal who brings a flyer with our information to the Terre Haute Texas Roadhouse that afternoon/evening.  It takes a lot of people eating there for this to be a very large amount but last year we felt the exposure/advertising we received as a result of having a table in the foyer made the fundraiser even more valuable.

    Putting on a Festival of this caliber is a huge undertaking, but lots of fun, too, and so rewarding to be helping our community in the process!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Azuza Now

Lou Engle has called those who will to fast & pray for the 40 days leading up to April 9, when he has invited all who will to come to Azuza Now - Memorial Stadium - Los Angeles, CA.  They are expecting up to 120,000 people to gather.  Wish I could go.

A few months ago I dreamed all night long, being awakened by God five times with the Scripture Jeremiah 34:8 blazing before me. I looked it up and it said that they made a covenant to proclaim liberty to all their male and female Jewish slaves.
The context of that passage is when the Babylonian army had besieged Jerusalem. The Prophet Jeremiah had already spoken that judgment was at hand and there was no hope and the Jews were going into exile into Babylon. However, at the last minute when the Israelites made this covenant to release their Hebrew slaves, the Babylonian army withdrew from their siege. This is the power of forgiveness and this is the language of Jubilee. (Photo via Pixabay)
In this Jubilee year, if we will proclaim liberty to our brothers and sisters that we have held in bondage through unforgiveness, if we will reconcile with those whom we have wounded, if we will begin to unite together around Christ not fighting and dismembering the Body of Christ, we will see a great lifting of the spiritual siege over our cities and nation. A spirit of revival and freedom will break forth.
Years ago, the late John Wimber was seeing extraordinary miracles at Fuller Seminary. One night he subtly spoke concerns about the faith movement, and for a whole week they saw no miracles. He inquired of the Lord and the Lord spoke, "You touched My anointed." He was so tenderized and broken over this that he asked forgiveness of the Lord and the healings broke out again. What a story. We cannot afford to point the finger at any other members or movements in the Body of Christ. We can be prophets to one another, we can disagree with one another, but we must love one another.
At the Azusa Street Revival, the Spirit of God baptized all races and denominations into a spirit of love. At Azusa Now happening April 9, 2016, 110 years after the Azusa Street Revival, we are gathering to the Memorial Coliseum to make a covenant to proclaim liberty. April 9th is also the anniversary of the surrender of General Lee to General Grant that ended the American Civil War and freed the slaves. If the Church will end the civil war among us, I believe Christ will release the Jubilee of Luke 4:18"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed proclaim liberty to the captives."We are in a day of great salvation and spiritual awakening. (Photo via Pixabay)
We are calling the different races and denominations to gather together to make a covenant to release their slaves, to bless the Church, the Body of Christ, to forgive all those who have hurt us to where there have been Church splits, to bless and not curse. I believe if we do this, signs and wonders will break out that afternoon, and it could be a flashpoint for a third great awakening. Over the next month, let's unite, let's guard our lips, let's bless our brothers, and then gather to Azusa Now, daring to believe that the color line can be washed away in the Blood.
Lou Engle
Co-Founder of TheCall, Inc.
Founder, Bound 4 Life 


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rosann Salanitri Quote

"In the Democratic Party, the foolishness of the elites is supported by the foolishness of their constituents. This is exemplified in their support for Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that she is a proven liar and incompetent. Their foolishness is also evident in their collective passion to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens in order to limit crime; failing to realize that if criminals obeyed laws, they wouldn’t be criminals. They also promote Socialism without applying the logic that dictates that sooner or later you will run out of everybody else’s money. For them, it is possible for all to sit around the campfire singing Kum by yah in some kind of Utopian free-for-all where government provides for all of your wants and needs and the money for this provision is miraculously supplied without limit."    Roseann Salanitri

Friday, April 1, 2016

Dutch Sheets: "Audacious Prayer Assignments Are Coming!"

An encouraging word about our assignment to pray from Dutch Sheets:

A spirit of grace and prayer is being poured out upon this generation, awakening us to the condition of our nation, and to the truth that divine intervention is America's only hope (Zechariah 12:10). The growing realization that the One we for so long have rejected is the One our nation most needs, is leading us in the kind of humble repentance and consecration that historically, and Scripturally, precedes great moves of God (2 Chronicles 7:14.) 
As I shared in a previous blog, the Lord has pronounced this "the year of Joel 2:16," showing me that a tidal wave of prayer is beginning to sweep over America, making way for the next great move of God. The Joel 2 passage the Lord has highlighted for this year is referenced in Acts 2, starting in verse 16—another "2:16" promise for this 2016 year! Acts 2 tells of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which marks the beginnings of an apostolic Church empowered for signs and wonders. 
The Lord plans to release a mighty Joel 2 + Acts 2 move of His Spirit in America this year. And I believe that in order to accomplish this, He is going to ask us to do some radical things in prayer!
Outrageous Prayers!
Throughout my lifetime of prayer, the Lord has asked me to pray some pretty outrageous prayers, and make some extremely bold prophetic decrees. I wish I could say that in each instance I was full of faith and quick to move on Holy Spirit's promptings, but there have been times where my faith fell short of God's ability, and I questioned Him repeatedly before following through with His request.
Although my faith has occasionally been lacking, however, I have always possessed a hungry heart for more of God. That passionate longing has produced obedience (sometimes radical), which has led me into some amazing adventures with Him, helping to fuel my growing revelation of His heart and His ways. (Photo via flickr)
I recall the time Chuck Pierce and I were in Texas as part of our 50-State Tour. In the middle of my preaching, the Lord used Chuck to prophesy that if we prayed right then, Saddam Hussein would be captured within a week. 
I was shocked by the bold proclamation Chuck had just made, but with a nervous heart, I obeyed and led us all in a time of intercession. There was military personnel present, and we had one gentleman in uniform stand in proxy for our military. We prayed that God would actually anoint our military to find Saddam Hussein. 
Three days later, the news reported Saddam Hussein was found and captured by the very unit in which the military man we prayed for belonged. Incredible, but true. I wish I could say Chuck and I were in complete, unwavering faith as we prayed and prophesied, but we weren't. Chuck had just enough faith to release the prophecy, and I had just enough faith to lead the prayers and decrees. And then we both held our breath until the news reports of Saddam's capture were released! God doesn't require perfection from us, only obedience and availability.
On another occasion, after visiting and praying with a Senator in Washington, DC, he invited me to sit in on a Judicial Committee Meeting where he was to participate. It was a contentious meeting on the issue of abortion, which was almost immediately shut down by the pro-abortion Committee Chairman, silencing the pro-life arguments. The Senator invited me to stay in that room by myself and pray for a short time after everyone else had left. 
I listened to the Lord, asking what He wanted me to pray, then made this decree over the seat of the committee leader, "You have resisted God as long as He will tolerate. You will lose this seat and be replaced by another." Within two weeks, that Senate Committee Chair was removed, and someone else took over his seat of authority. Radical obedience resulted in a radical shift in that seat of government! 
Audacious Prayer Assignments are Coming to the Ekklesia This Year! 
God is going to ask us to pray some radical things this year—things that may have us thinking, "Can God really use me in this way?" And for those who may not be operating in complete faith, yet trust in God's faithfulness and are willing to obey, Heaven's answer will be an emphatic, "YES!"
God will accomplish audacious, bold, amazing things through our prayers—not because of who we are, but because of who He is! When we use our mustard seed sized faith to pray and obey, God will do the rest. His power will be released, Heaven's resources will be unleashed, and we will rejoice!
Now, more than ever, our nation needs this—our nation needs you—standing in the gap to release audacious Spirit-led prayers, bold decrees and radical prophetic acts to shift America back toward God's dream for her. (Photo via incandvoice)
We were destined to be a bastion of light and hope for the nations of the earth. And while the prognosis within our borders seems grim, God is not finished with America. 
God is going to use a Joel 2 army and an Acts 2 company to release His will into situations that need His authority. We must not depend on the government to fix our nation, nor place our hope in the next president. The Church must rise up and become the ekklesia (a legislative assembly or government) of Heaven and charge into this next prayer movement believing that if we are faithful to pray, God is faithful to respond. 
As we hear about the great surge in prayer God has planned for this year, and we see its beginnings, we must remember that most prophetic words are conditional. They alert us to what God wants to do; they are not guarantees of what He definitely will do. The Lord is offering us grace; let's get on board with His plan to turn this nation around. 
Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries

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