Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Almost Home

We have been in Rochester, MN, at the Mayo Clinic the past few days for my 1 year cancer check up.  All is well. Thank you, Jesus!

 Since we were going, I thought it would be good for Country Guy to get checked up, too, so I arranged for him to be seen by a PA in the Preventative Medicine department.  His also turned out well.  In fact, the doctor was amazed at the improvement in his triglycerides!  We believe all those supplements we have been taking are paying off because he hasn't been watching what he eats.

An amazing 'coincidence' happened during this visit. New friends of ours ended up being there at the same time we were, as the husband was having tests in preparation for prostate cancer surgery which will take place tomorrow.  We had time for prayer with them and a fun uplifting dinner, too.  Obviously, the Lord had something to do with the 'coincidence'.  I am always in awe when God makes paths to cross in such an obvious way and I keep trying to figure out why, don't you?  He is so wonderful!

We are almost home. I heard that it rained over 4 inches in the 2 days we were gone so obviously it was a good time to be gone! The forecast is for temps in the upper 60's for most of the next week with no chance of rain. Once it dries out a little it will be perfect weather for getting the rest of my spring gardening done!

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