Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Love Springtime!

      I love springtime even if it does mean lots of work.  The birds are joyously singing. The dogwoods, woodland phlox and ajuga are in bloom.  The redbuds are almost finished blooming and the iris are about to open. The woods is greening up.  The morel mushrooms are also almost gone, but they certainly were a tasty treat!

     I have been working on my gardens the past few days.  There is so much work to do to get the leaves cleaned out of the beds, plants divided, new plants added, everything weeded, the borders redug, and then to mulch it all.  I am not through yet, but I now have more than a hundred pots of baby plants ready for the Extension Office plant sale on May 7.
       Last year was the first year the Linn Park Garden Committee decided to have a table at the plant sale.  We made over $400 by selling the plants we usually threw away when cleaning our gardens.  This money was used to buy annuals for the Linn Park Gardens so it seemed like a good idea to do it again this year.  What a good feeling to know those little babies I've been digging up will go to a good home!  I always feel so bad when I dig them and throw them away knowing there are people who are paying good money for those very plants.