Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Impose Personal Beliefs on Others (The Patriot Post)

     We are quickly losing our rights to free speech and the free exercise of our personal beliefs, thanks to the politically correct 'thought police'.  I can't understand why there is not more of an uproar as they impose their beliefs on us by taking away the right to have our own.
     I personally am offended by the 'gay agenda'.  It goes against everything I believe in.  God created male & female and defined marriage as the union of the two.  If you don't believe this, that is between you and God, but allow me the same freedom. Don't try to change the laws of the country to make your sinful behavior seem normal.
     I am also offended by the Islamification of America.  The wearing of the hijab offends me.  Why is it that if a Christian wants to wear a cross in the workplace or display a Bible, that is an offense to others but Muslims are allowed to pray in the streets and wear clothing that represents their religion with no repercussions?  This country was founded on Christian principles.  We have forgotten, and become lazy and apathetic but nevertheless, it is those principles which have allowed the gay agenda to be heard and Islam to creep into every town.  We had better wake up.  These special interest groups are attempting to make their personal beliefs our own.  If we don't speak up now there will soon be enough of them to overrule ours.
      Christians are a target because they are representatives of the all powerful God of the universe. We are to be constant reminders of his holiness, righteousness and love.  (FYI: Love is not the same as tolerance.)  It is time to make Him known.  It is time for David to arise to defeat this Goliath who defies the living God. (See 1 Samuel 17).

     In case you have missed the news, below is an article from The Patriot Post which points out how the courts are ruling in favor of those who are taking away our rights.

How to Impose Personal Beliefs on Others

The Colorado State Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from a baker who was found guilty of discrimination for declining to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony in 2012. By not picking up the case, the highest court in the state let stand an August 2015 ruling from the Colorado Court of Appeals that declared baker Jack Phillips did not have a right to free speech or the free exercise of religion whenever he picked up his piping bag.
"We all have a right to our personal beliefs, but we do not have a right to impose those beliefs on others and discriminate against them," said ACLU attorney Ria Tabacco Mar, who dragged the cake baker to court. "We hope today's win will serve as a lesson for others that equality and fairness should be our guiding principles and that discrimination has no place at the table, or the bakery as the case may be."
Once again, a leftist displays a stunning lack of self-awareness. Imposing beliefs on others is exactly what the ACLU and the rest of the Rainbow Mafia are doing. In this case, they used the courts and the government of Colorado to strip Phillips of his rights and conscript his services for a cause to which he has conscientious objection. Not only that, but Phillips and his staff must submit to re-education, quarterly compliance reports and demands that he create cakes to celebrate other same-sex unions. The Rainbow Mafia is indeed "imposing its beliefs on others."