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"AzusaNow 2016: Convergence of the Ages and the Harvest Glory Angel" Johnny Enlow

At various times throughout history, Christians have filled stadiums, packed out key locations, and coordinated events involving millions, yet none have seemed to lead to a sustained move of God. Many were important events in their own right, but didn't translate into an actual movement. It's important to know that, whether you're able to attend or not, I believe what will be released at Azusa Now on April 9th in the Los Angeles Coliseum will be different. A convergence of the ages will come into full synchronicity and will mark a change to life as we know it.
The word convergence is insightful, as one of its meanings is a location where airflow or ocean currents meet. The location is Los Angeles, and the timing of this convergence is April 9th, with secondary convergences occurring afterwards all across the United States and the globe. We are in a true Year of Jubilee (every 50 years), which has the uniqueness of being the 40th Jubilee since Jesus walked the earth and the 70th Jubilee since Joshua and Caleb led Israel across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. (Photo via Pixabay)
Azusa Now is a sign that we've already experienced a shift that we've been hoping for. This event will not only cause an acceleration, but will also be evidence that we're already in the throes of a divine, catalytic convergence of the ages. Yes, it's that big.
I don't think it's coincidental that the same day, on the opposite coast, 30,000 pastors and leaders will gather to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival in Washington, DC, at UnitedCry DC16. In July, another one million Christians are also expected at a prayer event in DC. All of these happening in the same year are signs that a precursor to a breakthrough has begun.
The Kingdom age has converged on us as never before! Associated with this long-anticipated season, God has impressed on me that He is sending a very great angel into our midst in the Los Angeles Coliseum on April 9th to release a multitude into the glory of harvest – not just the harvesting of souls, but also of nations.
The Harvest Glory Angel
Before I explain what God showed me about the angel, let me try to circumvent the religious uproar that often comes when anyone speaks about present-day angels.
First of all, why is it okay to speak of the devil and his cronies by their names (satan, beelzebub, baal, mammon, jezebel, apollyon, etc.), but it's not okay to speak of created angelic beings on our side? Telling about our side with some detail is designed to personalize what we Biblically already know about angels who surround us. Personalizing them serves to impact and encourage us in a greater way. To name an angel doesn't mean we're worshipping it any more than naming your child leads you into worshipping your child. It's an identification marker of importance that speaks a message of its own.
Angels are mentioned over 300 times in the Bible with over 160 of those references in the New Testament. Angels didn't stop existing or leave the earth after the New Testament. We need to stop allowing religious mindsets to steal our inheritance of partnering with angels. It's not coincidental that the Azusa Revival took place in Los Angeles (Spanish for The Angels), as well as the upcoming Azusa Now. I believe Los Angeles will eventually be known specifically as the City of Angels because of the confirmed increase of angelic activity there.
This harvest glory angel has been prophetically shown to me, as well as to a longtime friend of mine and unknown prophet. The Lord spoke to me that the angel's nickname is Harvey, obviously connected to the harvest. I was led to look up the meaning and discovered it's a Celtic name that means eager for battle. God has been progressively revealing who he is and what he's being released to do. I believe Harvey was initially activated in the Azusa Street Revival of 1906, is about four stories tall, has a golden-orange hue, and hoists a huge sickle that seems to function as an extension of who he is. He serves and works with the Holy Spirit in harvesting souls and nations. (Photo by Jennifer Page "Angel Among Us" via
My impression is that this great angel has been disappointed for a long time because he was originally sent to do much more than what he has been able to accomplish on earth. Spiritually authorized leaders, under the influence of a religious and political spirit, have prevented him from rendering his full service.
Harvey has been around since at least 1906. I was shown that he has the ability to affect our entire nation, not just through revival, salvations, and healing – but also through everything that's related to the transformation of society in every area of culture. He is heavily endowed with presence, healing, finances, creativity, and innovation and has already left an indelible imprint on our past revivals and Holy Spirit outpourings. 
This harvest glory angel has always been connected to moves and waves of the Holy Spirit. I believe he was given enough power and resources during the Azusa Street Revival to prevent our nation from experiencing the Great Depression – if he had he been given full rein. His ability to positively affect our economy is profound, especially if we realize the supernatural help we're being offered.
My friend and I were directed by the Holy Spirit to an address where the angel has been put on assignment, which we discovered was on the grounds of Vanguard University and the Costa Mesa Church. What was unusual is that this angel is stationed, not inside of a church or chapel, but within a walled area that no one can get into without a key. When we looked through the cracks, we saw it's where all of the power transformers are located for that area. 
We began to understand that Harvey is a transformation angel and has been given the ability to supernaturally generate billions, and perhaps trillions, of dollars effortlessly. After some research, we discovered that a large percentage of millionaires/billionaires live and work within a 50-mile radius of where he is stationed in Costa Mesa. I am certain that this angel's presence is highly responsible for that fact.
The upcoming activation of the harvest glory angel is going to be nothing less than game-changing. It's the Lord's joy to use a faithful and valiant angelic servant of His to display great glory. The Kingdom of God is like a treasure hid in the field. Harvey is an amazing treasure that's been hidden. He's about to have a coming-out party of sorts that will produce Kingdom funding for Hollywood movies and projects, for major medical breakthroughs, and for all sorts of new technologies and inventions. Every one of the seven mountains of society will be impacted by what this angel releases in Southern California – through government, education, family, religion, arts and entertainment, economy, and media.
Who The Harvest Glory Angel Has Assisted
To give you an idea of this angel's capabilities, the following 11 individuals/ministries are some who I believe have been greatly assisted by the harvest glory angel through the direction of the Holy Spirit – all of whom have been geographically connected within a 50-mile radius of where he's stationed in Costa Mesa, California.
William Seymour was an African-American pastor who led the Azusa Street Revival from 1906. More than 20,000 Holy Spirit-friendly denominations have exploded from those days, with a current world count of 700 million Spirit-filled Believers. I believe this great angel was specifically sent to Seymour and was working alongside him intensely during these days, but was actually sent for so much more. William Seymour and the Azusa Revival were essentially cut short by a religious spirit and an associated political spirit that ultimately disrupted the movement and caused Seymour's heart attack. My friend heard the word "co-opted." The word co-opt means to divert or use in a role different from the original one, and it seems this has happened repeatedly. This angel has been co-opted time and again from its original mission. (Photo of William J. Seymour via Wikimedia Commons)
Aimee Semple McPherson was an amazing woman of God who founded the Foursquare denomination. She came to LA in 1918 right after the end of the Azusa Revival. Her ministry was unprecedented and historic. Many still don't have a grasp of just how impacting a minister and personality she was. For years, in Hollywood and around the world, she was even more famous than the top movie stars who would come by the masses to her meetings at Angelus Temple. 
Aimee operated in the power of the Holy Spirit and saw thousands of remarkable healings, but also was on the cutting edge of creative ways to present the Gospel. I believe this harvest glory angel assisted her in significant ways and helped expand her influence into every area of society. She too was prematurely shut down through the religious and political spirits that have been strongholds in Southern California. The greatest extinguishers of the Holy Spirit's advance in California have always been fellow Christians under the perverse influence of religion and politics. (Photo of Aimee Semple McPherson via Wikipedia)
Billy Graham was an unknown new evangelist until he came and hosted revival meetings in the LA area, causing his fame to explode nationally and then across the world. I believe Harvey the angel participated in Graham's accelerated favor as he led more people to Christ than anyone in history. (Photo of Billy Graham, 1966, via Wikipedia)
The Assemblies of God is the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States and it was birthed out of the Azusa Street Revival. They now number in excess of 67 million around the globe and have led more people to Christ than any other denomination. The above mentioned Vanguard University and the Costa Mesa Church are part of the Assemblies of God. I am convinced that many pastors, missionaries, and leaders who came through these institutions received an impartation from this great angel. George O. Wood, the present general superintendent of the denomination, was the Senior Pastor at Costa Mesa Church for 17 years.
Demos Shakarian, founder of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship (FGBMFI) in 1953, was from Downey, CA (30 miles from Costa Mesa). This ministry of the Holy Spirit to businessmen was a movement that led to our present understanding of the seven mountain mandate to reform culture. Demos became very wealthy himself, and his ministry has been quite influential, which I believe was connected to the harvest glory angel. (Photo of Demos Shakarian via
Lonnie Frisbee was born near Costa Mesa in 1949 and is the single person most identified with and responsible for the Jesus Movement that shook California, the nation, and the world. Lonnie encountered God supernaturally in 1967 when he was transformed from a lost drug addict into the figure-head leader of a movement that baptized thousands right off the beaches of Costa Mesa. He was a lover of Jesus who operated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and played an integral part in the birthing of the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard denominations. (Photo of Lonnie Frisbee via Wikipedia)
John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard denomination, had a worldwide ministry which brought an entirely new model of Christianity to our generation, categorized by signs and wonders available to and through all Believers. On Mother's Day 1980, in Yorba Linda, CA (about 20 miles from Costa Mesa), Lonnie Frisbee was a guest speaker at Wimber's church. Lonnie prayed a simple prayer, "Come, Holy Spirit!" and forever changed his and the Vineyard Churches' destiny. He also pastored the Anaheim Vineyard, which is about 12 miles from Costa Mesa. So much more could be said about this, but I believe he also worked in tandem with this great harvest glory angel. (Photo of John Wimber)
Chuck Smith was the founder of Calvary Chapel and witnessed his church rise from a handful to about 10,000, becoming a movement after about three years of Lonnie Frisbee's ministry. Smith was based out of Costa Mesa and evidently helped by Harvey the harvest glory angel. (Photo of Chuck Smith via
Greg Laurie, a mega-church pastor and evangelist, was radically converted through Lonnie Frisbee's ministry. His ministry is called Harvest and he recently hosted a crusade of over 80,000 people in Arlington, Texas. He has lead over 450,000 to the Lord in his crusades since 1990. I saw a vision of the harvest glory angel slapping his hand against Greg's head, leaving a mark of his golden-orange glory. (Photo of Greg Laurie by Vitaly Manzuk via
Heidi Baker is an extraordinary woman of God who's affected the world by the testimony of what God has done through her ministry in Mozambique. As the Lord was speaking to me about Harvey the angel, I saw a picture of Heidi and this angel slapping her on the head with the same golden glory impartation. I then saw the number 59 and knew that she was born in 1959, even though I had never seen that information before. When I did check into her bio, I not only saw that she was born in 1959, but that she attended Vanguard University, as did her husband Rolland. Yet another geographical connection to this angel's station and activity. (Photo of Heidi Baker)
TBN is the largest religious television network in the world. Whether you agree with all that is broadcast there or not, the reality is that this Holy Spirit-focused ministry has been used powerfully by God in countless lives all over the world and is, not coincidentally, based in Costa Mesa.
This great harvest glory angel has been radiating from his post in Costa Mesa, CA, for over 100 years – releasing ministers, ministries, and movements of the Holy Spirit around the globe. The list I have made is just some of the better known carriers of the harvest glory of God that has been made available to us for the purpose of partnering with God in the restoration of all things.
Prophetic Word For Today: A Transformation Generation Will Now Be Released
Because we have entered into a time of the convergence of the ages, we are now going to see a generation of Holy Spirit-infused Believers released. The mantles and anointing of people like Billy Graham, Heidi Baker, Aimee Semple McPherson, William Seymour, John Wimber, Lonnie Frisbee, etc., are going to be released by the hundreds, and maybe thousands, in one generation. This means exponential multiplication. Much of that will commence this April 9th in the Los Angeles Coliseum. There's something to be said about geographic proximity. The Coliseum is about 40 miles from Costa Mesa and well within the working radius of this angel.
Again, this isn't meant to be about becoming overly conscious of angels, it's about valuing and honoring the resource that God Himself created and sent to help us accomplish His purposes in the earth. Harvey is a Kingdom asset, part of the angel armies of Heaven, sent to do and release great things. God wants us to value His angels in the same way we would value any of these above mentioned names. It's all under the careful oversight and preeminent presence of the Holy Spirit and is one of the ways He will be pouring out of His Spirit on all flesh.
Usually great moves of God are realized after the fact. This time God wants us to recognize what He's doing and our part in it as history-makers ahead of time. The greatest move of God ever recorded is upon us. Through what God will release on April 9th will be much greater than the presidency, it will connect directly to who He puts into the office of the President of the U.S. in the upcoming election. What will be released and ignited will end up settling over the White House. The DC UnitedCry event will also open up DC and the East Coast to what God is releasing on the West Coast. By honoring what God did geographically on the opposite coast, it will quickly release the new things God is doing out West into the East. It's a total catalytic convergence of Holy Spirit-centric presence and power for this nation and the world. (Photo via Pixabay)
For the same reason He chose to use Los Angeles back in 1906, He will do so again in 2016. One hundred and ten years later, He's connecting us to 110 "volts" of transformational power that will restore His correct reputation in the earth through His advancing Kingdom into every area of culture. 
The Father will be seen as the God of All of Life who cares about every problem that exists, loves us extravagantly, and displays His kindness that then leads to repentance – through His sons and daughters. These sons and daughters that have been touched by His harvest glory are so convinced of His goodness and love that those sons and daughters who don't yet know that they are His, will be drawn to the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Father that we daily walk in. May it be so!
In unity may we proclaim, "Come, Holy Spirit!"
Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


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