Thursday, June 15, 2017

Weep With Me - REND COLLECTIVE *new song*

A friend just sent me this beautiful new song by Rend Collective, so I thought I would share it with you.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gatherings At Linn Park

      If you live nearby, you may be interested in knowing what has been scheduled at Linn Park and the Amphitheater this summer so I am posting this ad that will be appearing in the local newspapers.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Great Heritage Days Weekend!

We had a wonderful Heritage Days weekend!

The Lloyd Wood Show was excellent, the food from local vendors was great and the weather was perfect.  Many people came to enjoy the evening and several asked if we would have him back next year.  At our follow up meeting last night we voted to do that very thing.  So mark you calendar's for next year's celebration.

The Horse Show was amazing!  I am always in awe of the beauty of the magnificent 6 horse draft hitches.  Such power!  I seem to prefer the gorgeous black percherons, but all the breeds are beautiful!

It was at my first draft horse show that I discovered you can actually ride these huge horses!

The mule team brought by Dr. Hunt from Michigan was amazingly maneuverable.  Here the driver is demonstrating a very sharp turn.

The horse/mule farming demonstrations took us back to the days of our ancestors. 

The goat milking was popular with the kids (and parents).

As was the donkey ride.

David Davis, a horse trainer/musician/cowboy preacher performed Roman riding and showed us some of the tricks he has taught his horses.  (For any of you nearby, he is going to give a performance/concert at Linn Park here in Martinsville on August 12.

The minis brought in the flag.

As you can see, if you love animals, there was something for everyone.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Brian Simmons: I HEAR HIS WHISPER... "You will be My hand of Love."

        I needed this reminder today from Brian Simmons.  I was about to let the 'cares of the world' take away my joy.  Sometimes I forget that my purpose and calling is to be about the Father's business.  Sometimes I need a reminder.

"You will be My hand of Love."

I bring before you opportunities to serve Me. Many times in the coming days I will open a door for you to serve and bless your family and even strangers. You will be My hand of love and My vessel of honor. Don't ignore the opportunities I bring to you. Take the moment to be a carrier of joy for you are a container of the Christ, a dispenser of the divine.

I call you to lose yourself in love for others. See My glory in every sunrise and My majesty in every sunset. Take this new year and be baptized afresh in my joy! Spread the joy to the world and take the mercy I give you and give it freely to those who offend you. This will be the year of greater transformation until you become My hand of love stretched out to heal the brokenness of others.

How many can you help this year? How many can you lighten their load and encourage? You have received My love and drank deeply from the cup of mercy that I gave to you
now give this cup to the thirsty. Become the one known for love, joy, and peacea true expression of who I am. For you will be My hand of love.

Philippians 2:13-16 The Passion Translation

God will continually revitalize you, implanting within you the passion to accomplish the good things you desire to do.

Live a cheerful life, without complaining or division among yourselves. For then you will be seen as innocent, faultless, and pure children of God, even though you live in the midst of a brutal and perverse culture. For you will appear among them as shining lights in the universe, offering them the words of eternal life.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Revival: Get Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime!" Joni Ames

     In this article Joni quotes Dr. Seuss when he says, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"  What a good word for us -- and particularly young people today! We spend way too much time trying to be like others and to fit into their ways of thinking!  Political correctness is about to swallow this generation. Let's make a commitment to 'Bible correctness' so we can help those who don't know God understand what a good, good God He is!

    Joni Ames expounds much wisdom in this word posted on Elijah List today.

Recently the Ringling Bros. Circus announced that it will soon shut down. I got excited in my spirit because the Lord had showed me years ago that those tents would be used for revivals in the coming days. Many souls would come in and the revival would contain a restoration of healing like what happened with Oral Roberts and other great healing ministries of days gone by, but yet a new thing – a massive and great new revival. Signs, wonders, and miracles for a new generation that hasn't yet seen such things. I called several revivalist friends and told them to call and see how those tents may be obtained. We are about take part in the greatest adventure of our lifetime!
"May God revive (bring back to life) all the creativity that He put in you as He revives and brings back to life your heart, mind, and spirit. What an adventure you have ahead of you as that happens!"
The word revive means "to restore life, consciousness, or strength." It can also mean to "return something to its former state." The Church often cries out for revival, but what is really wanted? I believe what's wanted is for the Church to be revived and restored to holiness and to God as Father; to be revived and restored to the purpose, call and destiny that He called the Church to walk in – before time even began.
Restored to Our First Love
When you think back to the time when you were first saved, it often brings memories of excitement, vigor, joy, and great hope. Sometimes throughout the years, the "shine" of that time can begin to get dull. Years of hope deferred can make the heart sick. The value of attending church, being involved, and enjoying yourself in doing that can even become like drudgery.
What would restore to you that feeling of first love that you had back when you were originally saved? Can we have it (or even greater joy) now that we are walking in greater fullness as a Christian? Very often, just as in a natural relationship, expectations unfulfilled can cause you to lose heart.
Yet, there is a reality of what God has done in your life that goes beyond feelings. Being revived in one's inner man goes far beyond hype and laughter. As you mature, a stable "knowing" of God's goodness in your spirit takes over. There is a seriousness that comes into play as a more mature Christian that has a level-headed understanding of His love, grace, and mercy. It's understanding that life is about growing up and learning to "hold on" even when you don't feel like it. It's not about just enjoying the hype of having something new and "exciting" going on. It's about an eternal adventure yet ahead.
Reviving the "Basics"
Perhaps the greatest revival the world needs right now is a dose of true common sense, a good work ethic, the ability to "be only strong and very courageous" and press on even if they don't "feel like it." Maybe even a dose of good manners. The Word of God commands to be only strong and very courageous (see Deuteronomy 31:6 and Joshua 1:9). It says that overcomers will inherit the Kingdom (see Revelation 21:7). (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)
I've also witnessed what I call "a sloppy grace teaching" out there that tries to say that God understands people are human and what Jesus did on the Cross covers all sin for all time. So even if we sin again, it's covered, so go do it. In other words, what Jesus did bought us the grace to sin. However, the Word of God clearly denies that. It tells us that when we willfully continue to sin, we trample the Blood of Jesus (see Romans 7). Additionally with that type of attitude, a person can heal, prophesy, and cast out demons in Jesus' name, but still end up having Jesus Himself say, "...I never knew you. Away from Me you evildoers!" (Matthew 7:23)
All of that said, the revival we need might need to begin with a revival of mindsets, a revival of proper teaching of God's Word, and a revival of healthy mentality.
Spreading the Gospel Over All the Earth
Lately, there is so much time spent on cell phones and iPads. The good news is that the Bible is still the best-selling book on the planet! Did you know that? It is said the Bible is one of the popular phone apps college students are downloading as well. Praise God! Now let's teach them how to access what they need to know in it. As well as how to spread that Good News to others.
The computer age has made it such that the Great Commission allows each and every person the opportunity to spread the Gospel to all ends of the earth. Anyone who wants to can get online and begin to do a blog, newsletter, or website to spread the Word of God and start revival.
God said His Gospel will be spread to the entire earth before Jesus returns, and the internet is truly one of the "nets" that He is using to catch fish, bring revival and reel in the harvest.
You don't have to have a PhD, ordination, or anything else. Just know Jesus, and there you go! If God could use a little rundown storefront on Azusa Street, know that He can and will use you and your testimony and the internet to catch many fish.
Use Your Creative and Artistic Gifts
He will even use your artistic gifts. As you get out there and show others what God gives you, it will spur on other skilled artisans to come forth in the beauty of the skill He has placed within them as well. Post your songs, dances, paintings, drawings, photos of pottery, designs of clothing, hair styles, or whatever skilled artistry God has given to you. Use it, along with your testimony, to reach those of like-mind and skill. You are the one who can reach, with authority, the ones in the category that you also occupy.
"I believe what's wanted is for the Church to be revived and restored to holiness and to God as Father; to be revived and restored to the purpose, call and destiny that He called the Church to walk in – before time even began."
Don't get me wrong, we can all reach everyone, but there is nothing like hearing from or seeing someone who has either been through a "similar situation as you" or has a similar mindset or skill as you. Use it for the Lord! This is how we empower one another to overcome! The Bible says we overcome satan by the Blood of the Lamb and word of our testimonies (see Revelation 12:11).
So you see, even if you have felt different or strange, you were born to be "different" so that you could reach others who are also "different." It's part of your gifting. You were not born to hide. Like Dr. Seuss says, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" As you "stand out" you will do outstanding things in the Kingdom and bring in many.
May God revive (bring back to life) all the creativity that He put in you as He revives and brings back to life your heart, mind, and spirit. What an adventure you have ahead of you as that happens!
Make the Church Great Again
Much has been said about Donald Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America great again." Well, the way to make America great again is to make the Churchin America great again. Revive it. Restore it. Breathe life into it. Bring it back to being a living, breathing, full functioning organ again. 
One way to make the Church in America great again is to bring the Holy Bible back into it instead of political correctness. Unashamedly preach and teach it and let people know what sin is and how to defend one's self against it, as well as how to get out of its snare if entrapped in it. Holiness isn't a religious-spirited thing. Holy is the first name of Holy Spirit(Photo via Flickr)
If we want revival and restoration, we must have an understanding of what is profane and what is holy. There must be a restoration of the plumb-line of holiness so that we know what our proper boundary lines are. No blurry lines. Clear Blood of Jesus lines.
Jesus died to save and protect us from sin. He didn't die and get raised again to raise sin up as an example of who and what we should be or follow. May God truly revive and bring back to life a holy and spotless Church for a holy and spotless Bride to be joined to Her King.
Get ready! We are about to witness and be a part of the greatest adventure of our lifetime! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)
Love and blessings,
Joni Ames
The Ministry of Joni Faith Ames 


Friday, June 2, 2017

A great word from Lana Vawser

Angels of Blessing and the Month of June
People of God: Hold on, hold on, hold on – for the Lord has dispatched angels of blessing to go before you and to bring recompense, restoration and increase back to you! Where the enemy has come and thought he plundered you, now the Lord has released these angelic hosts and they are going back to the enemy's camp and they are taking the spoils and bringing back all that was stolen.
"It is not surreal, it is supernaturally real!"
The enemy is being paid back for touching you. The enemy is being paid back for tormenting you. The enemy is being paid back for stealing, killing and destroying in your life. The enemy is being paid back for lying to you. The enemy is being paid back for attempting to kill you.
The Lord is rising in your defense! This past while has been so dark for so many, but I heard the Lord say that, "The level of darkness you have experienced is because of the major breakthrough that is being released in your life." It's not something that the Lord is saying "is coming," it's something that is "upon you."
There are going to be major demonstrations of increase, of the blessing of God, of recompense, redemption and restoration for you. The night has turned into day.
I saw these angelic hosts going up and down timelines and they were taking back everything that was stolen to bring back to the people of God. I saw these angelic hosts even going back into generational lines and closing doors as the people of God interceded and stood in declaration upon the Word of God.
I saw the Lord pronouncing blessing over generational lines and a line in the sand being drawn that decreed, "From this point on there will be blessing upon blessing."
Recently, the Lord spoke to me that there is a great battle on right now attempting to distract God's people. Don't look at the distraction. Keep standing upon the rhema Word the Lord gave you, for significant breakthrough and turnaround is upon you. (Photo via The Elijah Shopper. Angel Among Usby Jennifer Page)
Where there has been a dark cloud of heaviness, the Lord is decreeing a cloud of joy!
This isn't just a new "season" for many of you, it's a "new era." What you are moving into now, the land of blessing, increase, abundance, opportunities and destiny, is nothing like you have ever experienced before.
June, "The Month You Will Feel Like Pinching Yourself"
The Lord spoke to me about June and I heard Him say, "June, the month you will feel like pinching yourself." The atmosphere around me was filled with joy and the feeling of "exceeded" expectations and joy!
"There are going to be major demonstrations of increase, of the blessing of God, of recompense, redemption and restoration for you. The night has turned into day."
There is going to be so much breakthrough in joy that you will have the sense of "pinching yourself" because it feels surreal...and I felt the Lord say:
"It is not surreal, it is supernaturally real!"
There is going to be extravagant joy in June as the blessing, increase, recompense, redemption, restoration, favor and abundance of provision of the Lord's hand increases on a level many have never experienced before.
I saw June like a beautiful rose that was opening up and I heard the words, "June, the month of divine bloom."
So much is going to bloom in you, through you and for you in June! The aroma of Jesus, the Rose of Sharon, is going to increase so much in your life and through your life in June. A beautiful, deep, rich, new refreshing place of encounter with Jesus and place of deep intimacy will bloom!
Worship is Going to Lift Off the Hooks of the Past and Take You Higher Than You've Ever Been
I saw in June specifically, as God's people really press in deeply into worship (increasing our time and pressing deep in worship), hooks that have been used previously to "trigger" God's people into fear and torment (things used to hold them back, keep them on the ground, stopping them from flying), are suddenly lifting off and the Lord will take His people higher than they have ever been. He will take them higher in their perspective, their freedom, their joy, their peace, their revelation of the Word and significant increase in favor. (Photo via Pixabay)
Where these hooks have sucked the life out of many of God's people, causing a deep weariness and hopelessness of constantly being "pulled back" and a feeling of wanting to give up, these hooks will be removed once and for all! The Lord will give you greater hope, clarity, vision, joy, insight and wisdom for the future than you have ever had – to go further with Him than you ever dreamed.
Worship is a very strategic key to breakthrough always, but especially in June. Worship Jesus! Worship Jesus! 
June: The month where you will feel like you are pinching yourself because of the amazing breakthrough, healing, joy, increase and abundance that He is releasing.
But remember what He said: "It's not's supernaturally real!" (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)
Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser Ministries 


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Heritage Days

If you live nearby, you won't want to miss this year's festival!