Sunday, May 5, 2024

Such A Busy Time Of Year For Me!

        I know I haven't posted for awhile but this is such a busy time of year for me.  I tend 2 parks in our small town, take care of my own gardens including weeding--which is quite time consuming since we've had so much rain--planting vegetables and shopping for, choosing and filling my flower pots for the summer, so there never seems to be enough time.  Right now it is very beautiful here with the rhododendrons in bloom so I thought you might enjoy the beauty with me.  Here are a few photos:

The hosta in the background is an Empress Wu, one of the largest hostas.  It is about 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide.  I love it!
I love the color of this iris by the front porch so included it in the photo.

Some of my pots and two of the boxes on our deck.  We had wind last night so the strands from the oak trees are everywhere.

I can't decide which color of rhododendron I like best.  Each one is so beautiful!

The rhododendrons have been planted for almost 20 years so are getting quite tall, reaching up to the second story of the house.

The planters have only been filled for about a week, but because of the perfect growing weather we've been having this spring they are already beginning to fill out.