Friday, October 31, 2014

Um…Let's Think About It

Norman Mattoon Thomas Quote

I hope you are planning to vote on Tuesday.  It is time to "throw the bums out." We don't want a socialist country.  I don't know why anyone would.  I believe it would be a good idea for those who do to move to a socialist coutry that is already established and leave the U.S. alone!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Sandpiper by Robert Peterson

A friend sent this beautiful true story to me today.  It is certainly worth reading and remembering. As the Bible says, "A little child shall lead them…"

                             The Sandpiper by Robert Peterson

She was six years old when I first met her on the beach near where I live. I drive to this beach, a distance of three or four miles, whenever the world begins to close in on me  She was building a sand castle or something and looked up, her eyes as blue as the sea.

 "Hello," she said.

 I answered with a nod, not really in the mood to bother with a small child.

 "I'm building," she said.

 "I see that.  What is it?"  I asked, not really caring.

"Oh, I don't know, I just like the feel of sand."

That sounds good, I thought, and slipped off my shoes.

A sandpiper glided by.

"That's a joy," the child said.

"It's a what?"

"It's a joy.  My mama says sandpipers come to bring us joy."

The bird went gliding down the beach.  Good-bye joy, I muttered to myself,
hello pain, and turned to walk on.  I was depressed, my life seemed
completely out of balance.

"What's your name?"  She wouldn't give up.

"Robert," I answered.  "I'm Robert Peterson."

"Mine's Wendy... I'm six."

"Hi, Wendy."

She giggled.  "You're funny," she said.

In spite of my gloom, I laughed too and walked on. Her musical giggle followed me.

"Come again, Mr. P," she called.  "We'll have another happy day."

The next few days consisted of a group of unruly Boy Scouts, PTA meetings,
and an ailing mother.  The sun was shining one morning as I took my hands out of the dishwater.  I need a sandpiper, I said to myself, gathering up my coat.

The ever-changing balm of the seashore awaited me.  The breeze was chilly but I strode along, trying to recapture the serenity I needed.

"Hello, Mr. P," she said.  "Do you want to play?"

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, with a twinge of annoyance.

"I don't know.  You say."

"How about charades?"  I asked sarcastically.

The tinkling laughter burst forth again.  "I don't know what that is."

"Then let's just walk."

Looking at her, I noticed the delicate fairness of her face.

Where do you live?" I asked.

"Over there."  She pointed toward a row of summer cottages.

Strange, I thought, in winter.

"Where do you go to school?"

"I don't go to school.  Mommy says we're on vacation."

She chattered little girl talk as we strolled up the beach, but my mind was
on other things.  When I left for home, Wendy said it had been a happy day.
Feeling surprisingly better, I smiled at her and agreed.

Three weeks later, I rushed to my beach in a state of near panic.  I was in no
mood to even greet Wendy.  I thought I saw her mother on the porch and felt
like demanding she keep her child at home.

"Look, if you don't mind," I said crossly when Wendy caught up with me, "I'd rather be alone today."  She seemed unusually pale and out of breath.

"Why?" she asked.

I turned to her and shouted, "Because my mother died!" and thought,
My God, why was I saying this to a little child?

"Oh," she said quietly, "then this is a bad day."

"Yes," I said, "and yesterday and the day before and -- oh, go away!"

"Did it hurt?" she inquired.

"Did what hurt?" I was exasperated with her, with myself.

"When she died?"

"Of course it hurt!" I snapped, misunderstanding, wrapped up in myself.  I strode off.

A month or so after that, when I next went to the beach, she wasn't there. 

Feeling guilty, ashamed, and admitting to myself I missed her, I went up
to the cottage after my walk and knocked at the door.  A drawn looking young woman with honey-colored hair opened the door.

"Hello," I said, "I'm Robert Peterson.  I missed your little girl today and wondered where she was."

"Oh yes, Mr. Peterson, please come in.  Wendy spoke of you so much.
I'm afraid I allowed her to bother you.  If she was a nuisance, please, accept my apologies."

"Not at all -- she's a delightful child."  I said, suddenly realizing that I meant what I had just said.

"Wendy died last week, Mr. Peterson.  She had leukemia. Maybe she didn't tell you."

Struck dumb, I groped for a chair.  I had to catch my breath.

"She loved this beach, so when she asked to come, we couldn't say no.
She seemed so much better here and had a lot of what she called happy days.
But the last few weeks, she declined rapidly..." Her voice faltered, "She left
something for you, if only I can find it.  Could you wait a moment while I look?"

I nodded stupidly, my mind racing for something to say to this lovely young
woman.  She handed me a smeared envelope with "MR. P" printed in bold
childish letters.  Inside was a drawing in bright crayon hues -- a yellow beach,
a blue sea, and a brown bird.  Underneath was carefully printed:

                   A SANDPIPER TO BRING YOU JOY.

Tears welled up in my eyes, and a heart that had almost forgotten to love
opened wide.  I took Wendy's mother in my arms.  "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry," I uttered over and over, and we wept together.  

The precious little picture is framed now and hangs in my study.  Six words -- one for each year of her life -- that speak to me of harmony, courage, and undemanding love.

A gift from a child with sea blue eyes and hair the color of sand
                   -- who taught me the gift of love.

NOTE: This is a true story sent out by Robert Peterson.  It happened over 20
years ago and the incident changed his life forever.  It serves as a reminder
to all of us that we need to take time to enjoy living and life and each other.
The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less.

Life is so complicated, the hustle and bustle of everyday traumas can make us lose focus about what is truly important or what is only a momentary setback or crisis.

Everything that happens to us happens for a reason.  Never brush aside anyone as insignificant.  Who knows what they can teach us?

                   I wish for you, a sandpiper

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clearing The Woods Of Multiflora Rose

          It has been beautiful fall weather around here the past few days so I have been taking advantage of it by working outside.  It seems our woods is being taken over by multiflora rose so I have been using our DR Brush Mower to irradicate some of it.  I love this mower!  It will cut and mulch even small trees if it can push them over enough to run up on them so it does a great job of clearing the woods of underbrush.
How the woods looks without mowing

A tangle of multiflora rose

Cleared area
        The area I've cleared so far is looking great but I, on the other hand, look as if I've been in a major cat fight.  My arms & legs are covered with scratches from those nasty rose thorns!  It seems the branches have a mind of their own.  As I'm cutting them or pulling them away from trees they reach around and attach themselves to me.
       On Tuesday, after a particularly painful day, I ordered rose pruning gloves which are made of leather and cover your arms up to the elbow.  Hopefully, they will make the job bearable because I have acres to clear if I can stay motivated and determined.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dr. Connie Williams - A Season of Awakening. . .

This certainly is an encouraging word!  I pray she is hearing directly from the Lord!

I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Beginning in 2012, there began an awakening in creation that will continue until 2019. For this is not the day of revival, this is the day of AWAKENING." I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Because it is the day of awakening for My people, there are those even in the world that would taste of an awakening.

"This is the day," says the Lord, "that there will be healings and cures and miracles for stuff that creation has been wrestling with for a hundred years.
"This is the season," says the Lord, "of the awakening, and this is the season where illnesses shall be cured."

I hear the word of the Lord concerning nursing, and things to do with nursing and care giving, and all. I hear the word of the Lord saying, "There's a new set of rules and regulations coming out about nursing and care giving that I have breathed on." Much of what has been was good but it has not been the highest. So God says, "Get ready for Me to speak to My people.

"This is the season," says the Lord, "where there will be an invention that goes into the bloodstream that corrects the innermost part of the physical body."

This period of time, this awakening, shall be the greatest pressing forward and advancement in technology, in medicine, and in issues with the blood and the blood system and the blood types. They're gonna learn how to separate the blood types and shift the blood types to bring a contrary blood in that will bring a natural healing to the physical body.

"This is the season," says the Lord, "that I will do brain surgery on My people and I shall awaken the pineal gland. I shall awaken that gland that everybody has wondered what it was there for. I shall awaken that in My people and they shall hear what the Spirit is saying.
Until 2019: Discovery After Discovery After Discovery
"They shall see the angels; they shall see My glory. What has been hidden in times past is about to be discovered and about to be made open." I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Until 2019: discovery after discovery after discovery; mystery after mystery after mystery. Uncovered. Uncovered. Uncovered."

I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Get ready for the medical field to explode, for this will be the season of inventions of cures. Get ready for major medical doctors to stand on the platform and say, 'We still believe in medicine, but we're going back to the holistic healing, back to the herbal remedies. We have lost the wisdom of the ages and we're going back.' You're going to see a combination of medicine and of holistic medicine.'"

I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Inventions until 2019,"God said, "I'm gonna concentrate on My children." ADD, ADHD: from here to 2019, there will be revolutionary cures and balances brought to the children of creation that seem to be out of step with creation; but it's not them that are out of step, we are.

So I hear of the word of the Lord saying, "I shall quicken creation to come into balance with the children that are now here in creation. ADD, ADHD, all of these things – bipolar – all of these things that have afflicted the children."
So I hear the word of the Lord saying, "All of these things that are going on with the children... Once we bring them into where they are today, into reality, they will operate properly and can fellowship with creation. They're out of time and out of season, but they had to be born during this time in order to be this age for the coming awakening."
Mysteries in the Brain Are About to Be Uncovered
I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Mysteries in the brain are about to be uncovered. There's an invention coming that's gonna inject some things right into the brain, an injection into the brainstem, an injection into the frontal lobe, an injection straight into the brain that will cause paralyzed and lifeless limbs to begin to move."

I hear the word of the Lord saying, "New experiments and new ideas with the blood system that will cause blood to circulate in areas where it's not been circulating before and people will begin to get up and walk." I hear the word of the Lord saying, "This is the day of enlightening of the children of God, of the sons of God. This is the day for My wisdom and knowledge and understanding to come forth in them and this is the season for them to share that with the hurting creation."

So I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Get ready to hear that their muscles that have been dead, they're learning how to wake them up. Nerves that have been dead, they're learning how to wake them up. Pinpoints in the brain to wake up the legs; pinpoints in the brain to open the eyes. Get ready," says the Lord, "for the mind is about to be explored. Not just for creation but for My people.

"My people who are called by My name shall step up and know which area of the brain to affect, which area of the brain to stick, which area of the brain to push oxygen into or blood into,which area of the brain that is closed off and needs to be opened up. For this is the day," says the Lord, "that fullness of health is coming forth. For My sons who are called by My name, I can trust them with this knowledge. I can trust them with this understanding."
Wisdom to the Medical Field
Get ready for controversy in the medical field because you're going to see sons of God come forth in medicine. At first, they'll be attacked, and at first, they'll be ridiculed but God said that will quickly be over because the results and the percentages and the things that they're gonna prove will be so phenomenal that there will be no denying.

"Get ready," says the Lord, "for doctors and medical people and technicians and psychiatrists to come upon the secular TV and say, 'I asked God about it and this is what He said. The wisdom that I'm sharing with you did not come from me. The Teacher, the great Teacher, the Holy Ghost, He taught me this.'"

Get ready for them to be expounding on television and on the secular news about how God woke them up with healings and remedies and cures. "This is the season of great, great discovery," says the Lord.

Dr. Connie Williams
Connie Williams International


Sunday, October 26, 2014

FYI: Elijah List's Free Streaming Radio & TV channels

Today I discovered Elijah List's free streaming Christian radio channel located on Live 365 among 7000 others!  Here is the link to Elijah Streams.

Also if you're interested, the Elijah List has a free Prophetic TV station where you can watch prophetic messages on demand.  Here is the link to the TV station. 

Cindy McGill- Anybody Got A Light - posted on the Elijah List today

"We aren't in Kansas anymore." This famous line is from The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy crossed over into new surroundings that looked unusual and overwhelming to her. We have not been where we are going, but God has. If we are not careful, we can let fear paralyze us for the unknown. But, God knows exactly what is going on and we have entered into the day of His power.

Supernatural signs from Heaven are going to be more and more visible and our job is to stay under His shadow. God fully intends for us to pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven and He is at work to answer that prayer. We must maintain our focus on the answer instead of the problems.

Isaiah 60:1-3 TLBArise, My people! Let your light shine for all the nations to see! For the glory of the Lord is streaming from you. Darkness as black as night shall cover all the peoples of the earth, but the glory of the Lord will shine from you. All nations will come to your light; mighty kings will come to see the glory of the Lord upon you.
Keeping the First Thing the First Thing
Bobby Conner has often said, "The Church is far too familiar with a God we barely know!" The way to know God is to literally carve out time with Him alone. Conferences and gatherings will connect us with each other, but time spent with God alone will develop us from the inside and we will learn to hear His voice.

A well-trained racehorse knows the jockey's every movement. The horse knows when to go left, right, faster, slower and when to stop just by the jockey's slight movement. The reason they are effective in the race is because of the time they have spent together preparing for the race. When the race is on, there is no question as to the maneuver that must happen next. A trained army knows and practices maneuvers over and over again so when the day of battle comes, there is no question as to what to do. (Photo via Wikipedia)
It's time to get the oil in our lamps and be ready to go in a moment's notice. God is perfect love and perfect love ALWAYS casts out fear.
Unity and Love is Most Important
In the days to come, we have to develop a heart of unity and demonstrate love towards one another. The battle is the Lord's. I take teams on outreaches to some very unusual and extreme places. On our teams, we have a "no disunity" policy. We cannot afford to break rank or get sideways with each other when we are fighting a larger battle on the outside.
If the enemy can get us fighting each other, he can destroy the whole team and sabotage its effectiveness, thus canceling ourassignment on the field. We esteem one another better than ourselves and learn to love the way God does. We develop one heart, one mind, one purpose and then we can partner and agree with God for what HE wants to do and accomplish our goal. (Photo via Wikimedia)

When we are in unity, not only does God command His blessing but the power of the Holy Spirit is off the charts. People we encounter get saved, healed, delivered, rescued and receive new identities and new pathways connected with God and filled with the Holy Spirit. Miracles always happen.
Keep Those Dreams and Visions Coming
Dreams are moving to the forefront as God is directing His people. A secret weapon of instruction, revealing secrets and conviction is often revealed in a dream. A God dream is impacting and the memory of the dream will play over and over again until the proper action is taken. Dreams have played a major role in communication throughout history. We don't often argue with a dream. Dreams will guide us, instruct us, comfort us and give us foresight into future things.

In our travels around the world interpreting dreams, we have heard countless accounts of dreamers who adjusted their path because of a message in the dream and averted some crazy circumstances that would have been potentially dangerous to them.

Job 33:14-18 TLB"For God speaks again and again, in dreams, in visions of the night when deep sleep falls on men as they lie on their beds. He opens their ears in times like that and gives them wisdom and instruction, causing them to change their minds, and keeping them from pride, and warning them of the penalties of sin, and keeping them from falling into some trap."

Dreams are Increasing and We have to Pay Attention to Them

God thinks differently about dreams than we do. Dreams are God's idea; it's not new age. Dream interpreters have been in the Bible since Genesis. In my journey of using dream interpretation as a bridge-building tool to reach the God-hardened, I have found that people are very, very open to tell you their dreams. They almost feel relieved to be able to communicate the impacting message that is imprinted on their souls that won't go away. (Photo via pixabay)

Joseph, in Matthew 1 and 2, was divinely warned in three dreams how to keep Jesus alive when He was getting ready to be born. These dreams were specific with clear direction and came at a time when Joseph had exhausted all of his natural wisdom on what to do. If God chose dreams as the major source of communication when Jesus was getting ready to come the first time, it would make sense that He would use dreams as Jesus is getting ready to come again.

I have recently had several prophetic direction dream: One dream was about a healing revival which will sweep the world, one about occupying high places that had been taken over by witchcraft, one about our current government and several about God's plan and strategies for the days ahead.
Listen Up!
Throughout the Bible, God has and will continue to use unconventional ways to accomplish His mission. He has a plan on how to overcome.

His ways have always been different than our ways and that will never change. He has instructions for us and we have to learn to listen to Him. Revelation 2:17"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it."

Our job is to tune out our own thoughts and listen to His instruction. The way we do that is by being closer and closer to Him. When we know God is in charge and will divinely direct us, we can move with confidence and authority.

Ephesians 6:12"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places."
Family, Friends and Finances
Family members are getting ready to come home. Spiritual hunger is increasing and family and friends we have been praying for are getting ready to be encountered with truth that will set them free. Finances are also coming. We have to get out of debt and have the necessary resources to do the work we have to do. If riches increase, don't set your heart on them. Finances will be for us to position ourselves for the coming days. (Photo via Wikipedia)

The best is yet to come. Don't shrink back or be distracted. Hold tight to God, learn to listen, and God will do great and mighty things in our midst. Focus on God who is the answer and don't focus too much on the problems that are increasing.

These are the days of God's power.

Cindy McGill
Hope for the Harvest Ministries


Saturday, October 25, 2014

The True Origin of Aids and Ebola

Dr. Horowitz is very convincing.  He seems to have done his research.

Free Online Constitution Course

        Here is a great opportunity for those of us who don't know as much about our Constitution as we would like to, or who just need a refresher course.  It would be great to get our high school kids signed up for this since they are no longer required to take a test on the Constitution in school as many of us were when we were in high school.

The Presidency and the Constitution - Hillsdale's new online on-demand course

Many Americans —especially young people —have not been educated about our Constitution. 
Learn how to preserve and pass on our heritage of liberty to future generations - Sign up for this course here
And if we allow that to continue, America will become less free and less prosperous, while our national government will become larger and more despotic.

To turn our nation in the right direction, Americans must once again be educated for liberty, based on our Constitution and its founding principles.

That's why Hillsdale College just added our newest online course,"The Presidency and the Constitution."

Sign Up Today—it's no cost to you to take this online, on-demand course at your convenience. It will teach you what you need to know in order to preserve and pass on our heritage of liberty to future generations.

Just imagine yourself being well-informed about the Constitution. . . comfortable talking with friends and neighbors . . . capable of answering questions . . . confident writing letters to the editor, or questioning political candidates and elected officials at town halls!
Top Hillsdale professors will teach you:
  • How the Founders limited presidential (and all government) power to ensure the greatest liberty for all;
  • How and why Progressives expanded the power of the presidency beyond the limits of the Constitution;
  • Whether America has moved from electing a chief executive, to an administrator of a massive unaccountable bureaucracy;
  • How Americans can begin to restore constitutional limits on federal executive power;
  • . . . and much, much more!
Best of all, you will be equipped to understand and defend the timeless principles of liberty upon which America was founded.
The Presidency and the Constitution no-cost online course - sign up today
So sign up today to have Hillsdale College teach you about the Presidency and the Constitution, which will enable you to defend the Constitution and restore liberty in America.

I look forward to welcoming you in class.

Warm regards,
Dr. Larry P Arnn
Dr. Larry P. Arnn
Hillsdale College

P.S. Sign up for Hillsdale's newest, no-cost online course "The Presidency and the Constitution" today.
The Presidency and the Constitution - Register for this online course from Hillsdale College

33 East College Street ~ Hillsdale, Michigan 49242

Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Encouraging Word Posted on the Elijah List by Garris Elkins

As I prayed about the coming of the year 2015, I saw an image of approaching waves. I saw wave after wave approaching our shoreline and crashing upon our nation. While many people are expecting waves of terrorism and disease to arrive, the Lord said:

"I want you to look for the other waves. Look for the waves I am sending. This is where your focus needs to be. The waves I am sending will overcome these lesser waves of fear and death and wash over your nation with the fruit of My presence."

As I heard these words, I knew that long awaited promises were about to be fulfilled.

Many unforeseen things are approaching the nations of the world at this time. Without hope, fear and panic can direct ourQuiver Flaming Arrows by Linda Harris-Iorioresponse to what is coming. It is our choice where we will focus our attention in this unique moment of human history.

When I saw the image of waves, I saw a powerful tsunami approaching the West Coast of the United States. This was not a natural tsunami, buta tsunami of answered prayers. When this tsunami struck our coastline it broke upon our nation with supernatural power.(Photo via Wikimedia)
Waves Of God's Presence To Our Nation
The same day God that revealed the image of the tsunami, I attended a worship service at Living Waters Church in Medford, Oregon. A song from Bethel Music, "You Make Me Brave", was being played by the worship team.
The presence of God was felt in the sanctuary in a very powerful way. My wife, Jan, asked me, "Did you feel what was going on in worship today?" I did sense something unusual. All day long one part of that song continued to replay in my heart. I kept hearing the lyrics:
"As Your love, in wave after wave
Crashes over me, crashes over me
For You are for us
You are not against us
Champion of Heaven
You made a way for all to enter in."
These approaching waves of God's manifest presence are working their way toward our nation because it is His heart to overwhelm us with His love. At some point in a previous seasonprayer was released that came into agreement with God's heart.

In the deep waters of the spiritual realm, the faith generated by these prayers has displaced fear and unbelief. Like a natural tsunami, this displacement has created the shift needed to birth a series of spiritual tsunamis that have been running silently in the deep waters of the spirit world toward our nation.

Natural tsunamis can travel at airliner speeds across the full span of an ocean. They remain virtually undetected as they travel through the depths of an ocean to finally meet the rising undersea geography of a continent releasing their power upon impact with the shallow coastline.
His Waves Release Destiny
In the next few weeks leading up to 2015, I feel these waves of answered prayer will arrive on our shores mounting up in a powerful demonstration of God's presence upon our nation. In a natural tsunami scenario you would run away in order to survive.When this spiritual tsunami arrives you will want to run toward it and dive headlong into its wave.
Waves of darkness and gloom have been forecast in great detail and some of these events could actually arrive on our shores, but God wants our attention to be focused on a different scenario. This is a time to stand on the shores of our culture and look with hope for what God is bringing our way. (Photo via pixabay)

Waves of terror, disease and fear do not carry our destiny. Only God's presence carries our destiny – this is where we are to focus our attention. When each of us discovers the depth of God's love for us and from that love, our individual God-birthed destiny, that discovery will begin to change the destiny of our cities and our nation. The waves of 2015 are coming to release that destiny.

Garris Elkins, Author and Prophetic Minister
Prophetic Horizons


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This is a life!

Telomere Length and the Importance To Our Longevity

      Are you familiar with telomeres? I wasn't until recently but I've been reading some interesting articles lately about them.  It is important to keep each other informed on how to stay healthy so I am including some information today that may pique your interest. The first excerpt is from an article entitled 8 Ways to Maximize Telomere Length and Increase Life Expectancy.  The excerpt explains better than I can  what telomeres are and how they affect our lives.

"Research has uncovered that shorter lengths of biological structures called telomeres are linked to many age-related diseases and higher mortality rates while longer telomeres are associated with vitality and increased life expectancy. The good news is that certain nutritional and lifestyle factors are associated with longer telomeres.
Telomeres are the portion of DNA that is joined to the ends of each of the 46 human chromosomes in cells. Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, one of the three Nobel Prize winners of 2009, has found a link between shorter lengths of telomeres and risk of diabetes, some cancers and cardiovascular disease, in addition to depression, dementia and osteoarthritis…"

       Here is an excerpt from another that talks about essential nutrients to extend telomere length.  Targeted nutrients naturally extend telomere length and provide anti-aging effect:

"The methylation pathway is critical to maintain DNA integrity and to prevent telomere shortening. Foods and nutrients that donate methyl groups are essential to prevent genetic mutations that result in cancer. Researchers reporting in The Journal of Nutrition found that men with the highest levels of folate in their blood have the longest telomeres when compared to those with the lowest levels. In addition to folate (800 mcg each day), vitamin B12 (500 to 1000 mcg daily) and the entire B-vitamin family are associated with longer telomeres. Sulfur-enriched proteins from nuts and seeds are also important methyl group donors.

Independent research projects have concluded that the minerals zinc (25 to 50 mg per day) and magnesium (400 to 800 mg each day) are necessary to accurately complete DNA sequencing during cell replication. A lack of these cofactors leads to DNA strand breakage, premature cell destruction and acceleration of the aging process. Vitamin C (1 to 3 grams per day) has been shown to slow the loss of telomeres in human vascular endothelial cells, an important element in preventing cardiovascular disease. Vitamin E tocotrienols (400 mg per day of a full-spectrum supplement) have been shown to restore the length of telomeres while reducing DNA damage, making it possible for a nutrient to reverse the shortening of telomeres and reverse an underlying cause of aging.

Stress and inflammation are two controllable factors that independently shorten telomere length and increase cell aging. Stress management is essential to lower the release of chemical messengers that fuel the flames of inflammation. Additionally, researchers have identified a host of polyphenol compounds (resveratrol, grape seed extract and curcumin) that lower systemic inflammation, help to maintain telomere length and extend healthy lifespan."

Learn more:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Flu & Ebola

       I, too, am concerned about ebola but I believe politicians and the news media are stirring up fear to take our minds off ISIS, etc.  A couple of weeks ago ISIS & ISIL were all we ever heard about, then ebola came into the picture.  Now that's all we hear about.
       I think we need to try to stay healthy by eating right, getting plenty of sleep, taking supplements, etc. and keep our eyes on the Lord.  I'm sure we would have much more peace of mind if we look to Him and spend our time talking with Him instead of worrying.
        I thought this from The Patriot Post added a little perspective to the panic about ebola.   Below the photo I am posting some statistics I found on the flu & flu vaccine when I searched for how many deaths are attributed to it each year.

       I am not a fan of flu shots. See this article which was written in 2005 to see how many strains are chosen to be included in flu vaccines.  
       The info below is from another website I came across.  It is interesting that 500 deaths were attributed to the flu vaccine last year.  You will notice at the end of the statistics they estimate the H1N1 flu shot saved 300 lives and prevented 1 million illnesses.  If these statistics are correct, it doesn't seem to be a very convincing reason to get a flu shot--500 deaths from complications to save 300 lives-especially since the chances of having the right strain included in the flu vaccine for that year is very slim, but that is just my opinion.  
       It seems to me we are not adequately informed about much of anything anymore--just fed a bunch of propaganda about specific things to feed panic and influence behavior.

Vaccination and Death Statistics
Vaccinations are recommended to receive in September when made available before the flu season starts in October and normally completes by May. The statistics and demographics of those that received the flu vaccination last year is outlined below.

• 6 months to 17 years – 45.3%
• 18 years to 49 years – 27.2%
• 50 years to 64 years – 42.7%
• 65 years and older – 67%

The total number of mortalities suffered from the flu vaccine last year due to complications was 500 deaths.

It is estimated that over the last three decades, associated flu deaths in the United States ranged from a low 3,000 to a high of 49,000 mortalities total up to 2006.

H1N1 Statistics

The onset of the H1N1 virus outbreak in 2009 increased statistics of deaths associated with this strand of flu. The proportion of deaths attributed to this during the 2009-2010 epidemics is outlined below.

•An estimated 61 million people infected with H1N1.      [I assume this is worldwide.]
• 274,000 H1N1 related hospitalizations.
• 12,470 H1N1 related deaths.

During this year of outbreak, approximately 20% of the population was vaccinated for the H1N1 virus. Fewer than a dozen cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome were reported post vaccination which provides a strong contrast to the last outbreak in 1976 that resulted in over 500 cases that killed 25 individuals.
Canada saw 24 confirmed cases of anaphylactic shock and one death related to administering H1N1 vaccine. However, 6 people of those had suffered the shock from the 157,000 doses in a single batch of vaccine.

It is estimated that the H1N1 vaccination saved approximately 300 lives and prevented an additional 1 million in illnesses.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Harvest Is In Full Swing

      The farmers took advantage of great weather yesterday.  They have just recently been able to get back in the fields because of all the rain we've had.
       Country Guy asked me to run out to the elevator and take some pictures since he had heard they had a record number of trucks waiting in line and he was in combining corn so wasn't able to get there to see it.  I thought you might be interested to see what harvest in full swing looks like at a grain elevator.  (FYI:  On an Apple computer you can enlarge a photo, or page, by holding down the 'Command' and 'Shift' keys and typing '+' several times. I would assume there is a similar feature on Windows computers.)

     For those of you unfamiliar with the process, these large trucks have doors on the bottom of their trailors that are opened over the pit (see white truck above).  Each door is opened in succession with the truck moving forward to empty one section at a time until the whole truck is empty.  
     The grain falls into the pit where augers move it underground to the elevator leg (the tower visible in the first photo) which takes the grain to the top of the silos where it is directed to the right tank and emptied into it. 

       I have been hearing of record yields for some farmers with the corn crop averaging near 200 bushels per acre.  Of course, as is always the case when harvest is good, the price of grain has gone down significantly, particularly corn, which is under $3/bushel right now.  Several months ago it was over $7/bushel.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


      I received this as an email from my brother so I don't know if it originated with David Letterman.  No matter where it came from it certainly seems to point out the idiocy of the Democratic platform.  Whatever happened to common sense?

#10.  I vote Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. I've decided to marry my German Shepherd.

 #9.  I vote Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the same gallon at 15% isn't.

 #8.  I vote Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would.

 #7.  I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it.

 #6.  I vote Democrat because I'm way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves.  I am also thankful that we have a 911 service that gets police to your home in order to identify your body after a home invasion.

 #5.  I vote Democrat because I'm not concerned about millions of babies being aborted so long as we keep all death row inmates alive and comfy.

 #4.  I vote Democrat because I think illegal aliens have a right to free health care, education, and Social Security benefits, and we should take away Social Security from those who paid into it.

 #3. I vote Democrat because I believe that businesses should not be allowed to make profits for themselves.  They need to break even and give the rest away to the government for redistribution as the Democrat Party sees fit.

 #2.  I vote Democrat because I believe liberal judges need to rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit fringe kooks who would never get their agendas past the voters.

 … And, the #1 reason I vote Democrat is because I think it's better to pay $billions$ for oil to people who hate us, but not drill our own because it might upset some endangered beetle, gopher, or fish here in America.  We don't care about the beetles, gophers, or fish in those other countries.

"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits"… Albert Einstein