Saturday, October 25, 2014

Free Online Constitution Course

        Here is a great opportunity for those of us who don't know as much about our Constitution as we would like to, or who just need a refresher course.  It would be great to get our high school kids signed up for this since they are no longer required to take a test on the Constitution in school as many of us were when we were in high school.

The Presidency and the Constitution - Hillsdale's new online on-demand course

Many Americans —especially young people —have not been educated about our Constitution. 
Learn how to preserve and pass on our heritage of liberty to future generations - Sign up for this course here
And if we allow that to continue, America will become less free and less prosperous, while our national government will become larger and more despotic.

To turn our nation in the right direction, Americans must once again be educated for liberty, based on our Constitution and its founding principles.

That's why Hillsdale College just added our newest online course,"The Presidency and the Constitution."

Sign Up Today—it's no cost to you to take this online, on-demand course at your convenience. It will teach you what you need to know in order to preserve and pass on our heritage of liberty to future generations.

Just imagine yourself being well-informed about the Constitution. . . comfortable talking with friends and neighbors . . . capable of answering questions . . . confident writing letters to the editor, or questioning political candidates and elected officials at town halls!
Top Hillsdale professors will teach you:
  • How the Founders limited presidential (and all government) power to ensure the greatest liberty for all;
  • How and why Progressives expanded the power of the presidency beyond the limits of the Constitution;
  • Whether America has moved from electing a chief executive, to an administrator of a massive unaccountable bureaucracy;
  • How Americans can begin to restore constitutional limits on federal executive power;
  • . . . and much, much more!
Best of all, you will be equipped to understand and defend the timeless principles of liberty upon which America was founded.
The Presidency and the Constitution no-cost online course - sign up today
So sign up today to have Hillsdale College teach you about the Presidency and the Constitution, which will enable you to defend the Constitution and restore liberty in America.

I look forward to welcoming you in class.

Warm regards,
Dr. Larry P Arnn
Dr. Larry P. Arnn
Hillsdale College

P.S. Sign up for Hillsdale's newest, no-cost online course "The Presidency and the Constitution" today.
The Presidency and the Constitution - Register for this online course from Hillsdale College

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