Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clearing The Woods Of Multiflora Rose

          It has been beautiful fall weather around here the past few days so I have been taking advantage of it by working outside.  It seems our woods is being taken over by multiflora rose so I have been using our DR Brush Mower to irradicate some of it.  I love this mower!  It will cut and mulch even small trees if it can push them over enough to run up on them so it does a great job of clearing the woods of underbrush.
How the woods looks without mowing

A tangle of multiflora rose

Cleared area
        The area I've cleared so far is looking great but I, on the other hand, look as if I've been in a major cat fight.  My arms & legs are covered with scratches from those nasty rose thorns!  It seems the branches have a mind of their own.  As I'm cutting them or pulling them away from trees they reach around and attach themselves to me.
       On Tuesday, after a particularly painful day, I ordered rose pruning gloves which are made of leather and cover your arms up to the elbow.  Hopefully, they will make the job bearable because I have acres to clear if I can stay motivated and determined.  

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