Monday, October 27, 2014

Dr. Connie Williams - A Season of Awakening. . .

This certainly is an encouraging word!  I pray she is hearing directly from the Lord!

I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Beginning in 2012, there began an awakening in creation that will continue until 2019. For this is not the day of revival, this is the day of AWAKENING." I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Because it is the day of awakening for My people, there are those even in the world that would taste of an awakening.

"This is the day," says the Lord, "that there will be healings and cures and miracles for stuff that creation has been wrestling with for a hundred years.
"This is the season," says the Lord, "of the awakening, and this is the season where illnesses shall be cured."

I hear the word of the Lord concerning nursing, and things to do with nursing and care giving, and all. I hear the word of the Lord saying, "There's a new set of rules and regulations coming out about nursing and care giving that I have breathed on." Much of what has been was good but it has not been the highest. So God says, "Get ready for Me to speak to My people.

"This is the season," says the Lord, "where there will be an invention that goes into the bloodstream that corrects the innermost part of the physical body."

This period of time, this awakening, shall be the greatest pressing forward and advancement in technology, in medicine, and in issues with the blood and the blood system and the blood types. They're gonna learn how to separate the blood types and shift the blood types to bring a contrary blood in that will bring a natural healing to the physical body.

"This is the season," says the Lord, "that I will do brain surgery on My people and I shall awaken the pineal gland. I shall awaken that gland that everybody has wondered what it was there for. I shall awaken that in My people and they shall hear what the Spirit is saying.
Until 2019: Discovery After Discovery After Discovery
"They shall see the angels; they shall see My glory. What has been hidden in times past is about to be discovered and about to be made open." I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Until 2019: discovery after discovery after discovery; mystery after mystery after mystery. Uncovered. Uncovered. Uncovered."

I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Get ready for the medical field to explode, for this will be the season of inventions of cures. Get ready for major medical doctors to stand on the platform and say, 'We still believe in medicine, but we're going back to the holistic healing, back to the herbal remedies. We have lost the wisdom of the ages and we're going back.' You're going to see a combination of medicine and of holistic medicine.'"

I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Inventions until 2019,"God said, "I'm gonna concentrate on My children." ADD, ADHD: from here to 2019, there will be revolutionary cures and balances brought to the children of creation that seem to be out of step with creation; but it's not them that are out of step, we are.

So I hear of the word of the Lord saying, "I shall quicken creation to come into balance with the children that are now here in creation. ADD, ADHD, all of these things – bipolar – all of these things that have afflicted the children."
So I hear the word of the Lord saying, "All of these things that are going on with the children... Once we bring them into where they are today, into reality, they will operate properly and can fellowship with creation. They're out of time and out of season, but they had to be born during this time in order to be this age for the coming awakening."
Mysteries in the Brain Are About to Be Uncovered
I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Mysteries in the brain are about to be uncovered. There's an invention coming that's gonna inject some things right into the brain, an injection into the brainstem, an injection into the frontal lobe, an injection straight into the brain that will cause paralyzed and lifeless limbs to begin to move."

I hear the word of the Lord saying, "New experiments and new ideas with the blood system that will cause blood to circulate in areas where it's not been circulating before and people will begin to get up and walk." I hear the word of the Lord saying, "This is the day of enlightening of the children of God, of the sons of God. This is the day for My wisdom and knowledge and understanding to come forth in them and this is the season for them to share that with the hurting creation."

So I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Get ready to hear that their muscles that have been dead, they're learning how to wake them up. Nerves that have been dead, they're learning how to wake them up. Pinpoints in the brain to wake up the legs; pinpoints in the brain to open the eyes. Get ready," says the Lord, "for the mind is about to be explored. Not just for creation but for My people.

"My people who are called by My name shall step up and know which area of the brain to affect, which area of the brain to stick, which area of the brain to push oxygen into or blood into,which area of the brain that is closed off and needs to be opened up. For this is the day," says the Lord, "that fullness of health is coming forth. For My sons who are called by My name, I can trust them with this knowledge. I can trust them with this understanding."
Wisdom to the Medical Field
Get ready for controversy in the medical field because you're going to see sons of God come forth in medicine. At first, they'll be attacked, and at first, they'll be ridiculed but God said that will quickly be over because the results and the percentages and the things that they're gonna prove will be so phenomenal that there will be no denying.

"Get ready," says the Lord, "for doctors and medical people and technicians and psychiatrists to come upon the secular TV and say, 'I asked God about it and this is what He said. The wisdom that I'm sharing with you did not come from me. The Teacher, the great Teacher, the Holy Ghost, He taught me this.'"

Get ready for them to be expounding on television and on the secular news about how God woke them up with healings and remedies and cures. "This is the season of great, great discovery," says the Lord.

Dr. Connie Williams
Connie Williams International


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