Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Spread of Islam in America by Pastor Stephan Nash

Here is an another enlightening article from The Daily Rant:

The Spread of Islam in America

For several years now I have been convinced the two greatest threats to America are the spread of Islam and the political correct thinking (or backwards thinking) that is polluting our country and all of Western Civilization. I also believe that political correctness is the main influence upon the European and America society that is allowing Islam to spread without any checks or bounds. For instance, some believe that if you speak against Islam you are surely a racist. On the other hand, if you speak opposing Christianity, you have truly evolved into the progressive 21stcentury thinking. What’s wrong with that statement?
First of all, Islam is not a race; it is a hate-filled religion that has spread only because of the sword. Secondly, Christianity is what our country and Constitution was created upon. It is the Judeo-Christian influence in America that is under attack, while the Muslim, with their Sharia Law, is given more and more consideration in Europe and the U.S.
Do you know what the fastest growing religion in America is?  It isn’t Christianity.  According to the latest U.S. Religion Census, the fastest growing religion in America is Islam.  The data for the census was compiled by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, and the results were released by the Association of Religion Data Archives.  From the year 2000 to the year 2010, the census found that the number of Muslims living inside the United States increased by about 1 million to 2.6 million – a stunning increase of 66.7 percent.  That is an astounding rate of growth.  Meanwhile, most Christian denominations had rates of growth that were far below the overall rate of population growth in the United States, and some Christian denominations actually lost members.  Sadly, when Barack Obama once said that “we are no longer a Christian nation” he wasn’t too far off the mark.  Today, the Muslim population is estimated at over 5 million! Some estimates claim that the real number is 6.4 million!
Traditional European populations have been in decline for decades while the population of Europe has increased. The increase is due to the rapid growth of Muslims in most all the countries of Europe. Many communities in France report that 40% of their population is Muslim. Sharia Law is allowed in many of these communities!
Islam understands that they need not raise the sword in Western nations to gain influence. They only need to have a lot of babies and gradually infiltrate all our institutions with their radical Islamist philosophy of intolerance and hate.
A Member of Parliament in the U.K. recently reported that human trafficking in certain areas of London has gone unchecked because it is operated by Muslims who are enslaving young girls for prostitution. London’s police dare not tread on this evil act lest they be considered intolerant of the Islamist community.
Horizon Science Academy in Bond Hill has the usual classrooms, books and lessons to teach kids seeking an alternative to regular public and private schools. This charter school also employs seven foreign teachers, mostly from Turkey, brought to the U.S. on H-1B visas for jobs it says Ohio teachers are unqualified to fill.
Concept Schools, founded by followers of a Turkish Islamic cleric secluded in the Poconos, already is under federal and state scrutiny for possible irregularities in teacher licensing, testing and technology contracts. Enquirer investigation has found that Chicago-based Concept Schools, which runs Horizon and 17 other charter schools in Ohio, annually imports dozens of foreign teachers in numbers that far surpass any other school system in the state.
At least 474 foreign teachers, again mostly from Turkey, have arrived at Concept’s Ohio schools between 2005 and 2013. The schools are collecting about $45 million in state funds annually to educate 6,600 children in kindergarten through high school.
What can we do to keep a potentially dangerous influence its anti Judeo-Christian influence in America?
    • Be involved in your local community. Attend school board and zoning meetings when there appears to be an encroachment of Islamist influence upon your neighborhoods.
    • Educate your children about the history of Islam and the potential dangers of their influence upon your community. Compare the teachings of Jesus and the Great Commission with those of the Koran and its plan for evangelism.
    • Be trained in evangelism that especially targets the Muslim. In other words, get on the offensive! Demonstrate the love of Christ to your Muslim neighbors. Light has a way of exposing darkness.
Always remember, we are not among the intolerant; we are opposing a dangerous movement of intolerance, whose goal it is to overrun our nation and institute their laws which strip us of those precious liberties we gained through blood, sweat and tears!

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