Monday, January 31, 2011

JJ Heller - What Love Really Means (Official Music Video)

JJ Heller will be one of the headline artists performing at Elevate 2011 on June 25.  I love this song!

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Beginning Blogging

This is a first for me!  I have never tried blogging before, but I have been having quite a lot of encouragement lately to try.  So here goes...

    When people visit our house they are often surprised at the number and beauty of my houseplants.  One day, just from curiosity, I decided to count them.  I discovered I had almost 60 plants!  The reason I have so many, you see, is that it's very difficult for me to get rid of any of them. Most were given to me by dear friends and therefore have special places in my heart.  Since the houseplants love that we have so many windows in our house they continue to thrive. This means I have to divide them to keep them healthy and so they continue to multiply.  I do try to pass some on to friends, but many are reluctant, saying they just can't grow plants.  I guess that may be one of the purposes of my blog.  Anyone can grow houseplants.  It just takes a little know-how. 
     As I walk about my house, doing chores and watering the plants, each plant becomes an opportunity to remember the giver and to thank God for the gift that person has been in my life.  I remember those friends and send a little blessing their way.  I'm sure this is one reason my plants are so healthy.   Since I am often praying for the person the plant represents, I'm sure the plant gets a little of that blessing, too.
      When someone notices the beauty of these plants it almost always leads to a discussion about what kind of plant it is, how often it blooms and how I take care of it.  I believe word of mouth/mentoring is the best way to pass on knowledge so I am always happy to share all I know about each plant.  As I do this, I can't help remembering where the plant came from so I also share the history of that particular plant.  This always give me such pleasure!
     Right now my Christmas cactus, one of my oldest plants, is in bloom and has been for a couple of months.   A friend of my husband's family gave me a start of this plant from the huge cactus she had inherited from her great aunt.   It was already over 80 years old.  She gave the start to me not long after my husband and I were married in 1966 so it has to be almost 45 years old! 
     I had a wonderful experience a couple of years ago when I was able to return a new plant taken from my larger one to this lady.  Because of failing health she had moved to a nursing home at the age of 94.  One day as we were talking she mentioned how much she wished she could have saved that cactus.  On my next visit, can you imagine the delight in her eyes when I brought her a grandchild of the plant?  Here's the proud parent from which the little guy came: