Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reading the New Testament in Chronological Order

      Do you set aside a time each day to read your Bible?  I continue to try to get up early enough to spend some time in Bible reading and prayer every morning, but it seems there are so many things that compete for my quiet time that I have not been nearly as disciplined lately as I want to be to read a specific portion of scripture every day.  I am determined to change that.
      Over the years I have used several different Bible reading plans but I decided to do some research and find a new one to begin this week.  Since I have never read through the New Testament chronologically, I thought that would be a good plan to look for.  I found this one at  It is set up in such a way as to cause one to read through the New Testament in 3 months.
      To help me, and anyone else who might be interested, I thought I would post the entire plan today.
      As you can see in the plan below each reading is linked to the actual scripture as it appears on the Bible Study Tools site where it can also be read in several different translations, so I won't even need a Bible to begin reading.  I'm planning to use my Bible, though, most of the time so that I can add notes and insights I receive while reading.
      If you aren't already following a plan, I invite you to begin with me.  I encourage your comments on new insights discovered, difficulty following the plan, or any other related ideas.  I need all the encouragement I can get.

Reading Schedule


marcia shipley said...

Thanks I just copied off your new Bible reading.

Laura said...

Thank you, I started yesterday :) Read NT multiple times but never in chronological, should be interesting.!