Monday, September 10, 2012


       We went to see "2016" yesterday afternoon.  Have you seen it yet?  I believe every American should see this movie no matter what their political persuasion.  It presents a clear picture of two entirely different Americas.  After seeing the movie you can then wholeheartedly work for the ideal of the U.S.A. you want to live in.  You will want to tell your friends and get them to register to vote because, as I said, the two Americas presented are entirely different.  If you want the America in which we're heading, you will want to make sure President Obama is re-elected and vote accordingly.  If not, you will want to vote for Mitt Romney.  It is your choice, but please be an informed voter.  Don't vote for a person just because you are a registered Democrat, or Republican, or because that is the way your parents voted, or that is how the TV and newspapers are leading you.  Find out for yourself what the candidate believes and what values they live by.  Then know what you believe and vote for those who represent your beliefs.  Please do your homework.  This election is so important.
       I personally believe as Christians we cannot vote for any candidate (or platform) that supports abortion on demand.  God is the creator of life, and only He has the right to decide who lives or dies.  I believe our nation must recognize God as sovereign just as the Founders did, so that would also be a criteria to help me decide how to vote.  I'm sure you have beliefs and ideas that you want represented in government, too.
       I strongly urge you to vote in this election!  Our rights are being taken away from us right under our noses.  We must WAKE UP.

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Anonymous said...

We just saw this last night. SCARY!!!!!!! I wish everyone would watch this movie!!!