Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blue Moon Conference

       Last weekend we participated in Live Streaming of the Blue Moon Conference in Franklin, TN.   We had planned to attend in person but Country Guy's back was giving him fits so when I contacted them to cancel our registration they said they would hook us up to Live Streaming.  What a blessing!  It was one of the best conferences we've ever been part of.
       In the last talk John Paul Jackson gave a wonderful explanation and many examples of our being lights to the world--as Jesus said we are (Matthew 5:14).  I thought you might want to hear this message so I'm posting a link to it here.  I know you will be blessed by it.  (If you want to hear any of the other talks and can't discover the link, email me and I'll send the rest of the links to you.  All were excellent!)
      The conference videos are only available on Live Streaming for 30 days so watch it soon if you're planning to watch it at all.  The worship lasts about an hour but you can advance the video past the worship if your time is limited.  I must say, though, that Don Potter did an excellent job of leading worship in a way I had never experienced.  It was very refreshing!
      This video gives new meaning and understanding of our purpose in life and how God uses us once we invite Jesus into our hearts even when we don't know it.
       Melinda Fish explains this same idea so well in The Accidental Intercessor, which I've recommended to you before. (See post here.)  I believe it is a very needed and timely reminder for the Body of Christ and one that God is sending us in many different ways through His servants.
    Please, Lord, open our eyes to see, our ears to hear, and our hearts to understand what you're doing in the earth today and how you have called us "to such a time as", placed us in a specific location, and given us unique gifts so that we can be a part of Your great plan and purpose.  Amen.

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