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The Flow From Heaven That is Coming is Expansive, Explosive, and Expedient" Tim Sheets

      Here is another good word that was sent by The Elijah List today from Tim Sheets.  He and his brother, Dutch, seem to be hearing much from the Lord lately.

This prophetic word was given on Friday, February 13, at the 2015 Prophetic Summit at The Oasis Church, in Middletown, Ohio. Guests were Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, and Tim Sheets.
You Are Entering a Far-Greater-Weight-of-Glory Season
Prophetic word was given by Apostle Tim Sheets:

"When iniquity was found in the rebel cherub, My glory surged throughout the Heavens," says the Lord, "and demonstrably real authority, might, dominion, and power was revealed at superior levels, branding lucifer and his fallen ones as forever losers. I will now surge in greater glory in your times – through My remnant Church. My power will now surge at greater and much greater levels, and once again the forever loser will be defeated by My glorious power. (Photo via Tim Sheets)

"My Spirit will reveal superior power and authority through My Believer champions at levels and in numbers never before seen in your times. My Spirit and His angels will be evident support releasing and reinforcing strategies that produce victories that are promised you. The world has not seen what will now be demonstrated by My remnant warriors. The Church has not done what will now be done as My power surges. For you will now enter a far-greater-weight-of-glory season; a fullness of time has come. 
Grace and glory will be multiplied exponentially and will be seen and felt experientially. It will be demonstrably real authority, might, dominion, and power. My Church will not be defeated by the loser," says the Lord.
What Will Happen When My Glory Surges For You Today?
"When it was time for My people to leave the bondage of Egypt and shift into the land I promised, My glory surged. I presented My presence in fire and cloud, leading the way to promised inheritance.

"Hear the word of the Lord, it is immutable counsel: Leave bondage and enter inheritance promised. Delay no longer! Step into a season of greater glory and receive promise, after promise, after promise, after promise. Yokes of bondage will be broken under the increasing weight of greater glory. I will increase the weight of My power and My presence," says the Lord, "and I will shatter the tethered yoke. I will lead the way.
"Rise and shine, your light has come; the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. It is now the season when glory will surge upon you in demonstrably real, tangible, and visible ways. You are entering the season of surge, after surge, after surge, after surge of My glory.

"The presence of your King will surge among you. His radiant presence will fill your sanctuaries, and the weight of His presence will break hope deferred off of His heirs with wave, after wave, after wave of glory. You will be changed by glory to glory, to glory, and to ever-increasing glory. You will be filled, and filled, and filled, and refilled as the manifest presence of the Lord comes closer, and closer, and closer. You are entering into the season of joy unspeakable, filled with glory! (Photo via Pixabay)

"When it was time to shift from law to grace at Pentecost, My glory surged. My glory became demonstrably real. My presence was revealed in fire, and in wind, and in sounds from Heaven, and My people were anointed to be heirs with power. The surge of My presence in your times, in today's Pentecost, will now increase in more and more weight, and the increased weight of who I am will release anointing in you to be who you are: anointed heirs flowing in ever-increasing grace and glory; heirs anointed to release the purpose of your King upon the earth; heirs anointed to prevail over the forever loser; heirs with ordained destinies; heirs ruling and reigning with great authority; heirs that give witness in Holy Spirit power.

"The King's presence will now surge in your midst with outpouring, after outpouring, after outpouring of power, of refreshing, of giftings, of anointings, empowering you to be who you really are – heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ; heirs on Heaven's assignment!

"Yes, it is time for a new surge of the glorious power of your God! It is time to bring promises to fullness – fully fulfilled promises," says the Lord. "It is the season for My presence to become heavier, and heavier, and heavier, and heavier! It is time for the Church of awesome purpose to be soaked in awesome glory – glory that is demonstrably real, glory that is tangible, glory that can be seen and felt, glory that is powerful, glory that is life changing!"
I Am Amping Up My Power; You Will Clearly See
I hear the Lord saying, "You will now enter the season of the amplified version. I will now amplify My voice on the earth. I will amplify the voice of My remnant. My Gospel will be amplified. My truth will be amplified. My angels are working to amplify the efforts of My Kingdom. I am amping up My power. I am amping up the miracles. I am amping up signs and wonders. I am amping up healings. The world will now see the amplified version of My Kingdom. I'm amping everything up! I have issued the orders – amp it up! Amp it up! Amp it up! The loser will now experience the amplified version; a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle! That is My word!" (Photo via Pixabay)

The Spirit of the Lord says, "I will now demonstrate the power released in the shed Blood of Christ the Almighty at promised levels. I will now shift My remnant into the life sources purchased by the Creator's Blood. There will now come a flow, and an overflow, of power from Heaven that is expansive, explosive, and expedient. The opportune advantage of Christ's redeemed Blood of sacrifice will now be clearly seen upon My people, as favoring graces have been compounded," says the Lord. "Favoring graces have now been released, multiplied anointings that will now be seen in your times."

The Lord says, "I have led My people from glory to glory, and now I will take them even higher into My presence; and now, from My manifest presence, the world will see the synergy of the ages. It will see the synergy of prayer bowls of Heaven. It will see the culminating purpose of the Cross of the mighty Savior. It will see the awesome supernatural and superseding power of the Cross. It will see the power of the Blood of Emmanuel. It will see the purchasing power of the Blood of covenant that releases ordained inheritance, for yes, you are coming full circle into another Pentecost.
"I will now demonstrate the power of My Blood that supersedes the power of the blood of lambs sacrificed in Egypt; for," the Lord decrees, "the greatest exodus in world history will not be the million souls that were brought out of Egypt. It will be the exodus of a billion souls brought out of the Kingdom of darkness and transferred into the Kingdom of light! I will have My harvest!" says the Lord.

"You will see revival roll through your land. Riders of destiny will now mount holy steeds and they will ride Me into battle. Hell has never seen the like. The Church has never done the like. My angel armies have mounted war horses to reinforce and to battle alongside My remnant warriors.

Hear the sound of thundering hosts! Hear the sound of the King among you! Hear the sound of shattering of enemy strongholds! Hear the sounds of walls that are crashing to the ground before you! Hear the victor's shout of triumph! Hear the shout of slaves that are free! Hear the shout of multitudes in the valley of decision proclaiming, 'My blindness is healed! I can see! My shackles are broken! Now I can run!' Run," says the Lord. "Run with them! Run into greater glory! Run!" (Photo by Mike De Lorenzo 

Come, Greater One!

(Interesting side note: When Tim prophesied the section about the amplified version and things amping up, Chuck Pierce jumped out of his seat. The Lord had spoken to him earlier this year that he was to read the Amplified Bible again this year. –Submitted by Carol Sheets, Tim's wife.)

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