Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Martinsville On The Move's Float

      Last Saturday was Our Hometown Christmas at Linn Park sponsored by Martinville On The Move with the Light Parade sponsored by the Firemen's Auxiliary.
     We are a little short on volunteers in our organization right now but we decided to go ahead and do the float to enter in the Light Parade in support of the Firemen's Auxiliary.  It is always fun to do once we get started but seems a little overwhelming before we begin.
     We think this year may have been our best!  One of the reasons why we could make it so beautiful was the use of the Littlejohn Grain service truck.  It has a generator that will support 10,000 watts!  That's a lot of Christmas lights so we didn't have to worry about overloading it and therefore added as many lights as we wanted.  Littlejohns also allowed us to use the heated mechanic shop to construct the float which helped tremedously since it was a very cold day.  Otherwise we would probably have quit before perfection.😀
     They also provided the trailer on which to build it, so I guess they should get significant credit for our success!

      Since the trailer had a metal ramp at the back (the rest of the floor was wood) Country Guy brought in a gate to lay across the slope of the ramp and we added a lighted angel to finish off the look.


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