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"This Is Your Year of Divine Justice and Favor" Lana Vawser

From the Elijah List:  A good encouraging word for 2020 given by Lana Vawser.

2020 will be a year of greater manifestation of the divine justice of God. In encounters with Jesus and dreams, the Lord has been speaking to me about His justice. I have been seeing the word "justice" and a gavel of the Lord's divine justice coming down on the earth and in the lives of Believers.
The Lord showed me injustices that had taken many different forms, but something stood out to me. The biggest injustices that many people are facing have been coming in opposition against some of the greatest promises God has released. Many of these injustices have been happening for a very long time and/or happened a long time ago, and some have happened recently, and people are still living under the ramifications and effects of those injustices. They are hindering God's people from moving forward, especially from running with strength, joy and peace into 2020.
The Lord showed me that His gavel of justice IS coming down. It's not a "maybe." The Lord is going to demonstrate TO YOU and THROUGH YOU what His power and divine justice looks like.
In my dream the other night, I saw the Lord lifting shame off of His people. These injustices that many of God's people have faced have brought such discouragement, shame, pain and heartache to the lives of Believers, but the Lord is bringing healing; He is bringing breakthrough and recompense.
"Gaze upon Him, join your life with His, and joy will come. Your faces will glisten with glory. You'll never wear that shame-face again." (Psalm 34:5, TPT)
The divine justice of God is going to be demonstrated in the lives of individuals, cities and nations. It is time for many Believers and the world to see what the divine justice of God looks like (Isaiah 61:8).
You Have Been Dealing with Spiritual Opposition
As I pondered this before the Lord I heard Him say, "It is the enemy that My people are dealing with. It is spiritual opposition."
I then began to see many of God's people trying to 'work things out' or make sense of these injustices in the natural; even trying to look for ways to fix the injustices in the natural. There's nothing wrong with working in the natural, but if we are trying to fight a spiritual battle with natural means, we will not find victory. I heard the Lord say that this must be dealt with in the spirit because it's a spiritual issue.
Not only is the Lord going to bring forth His divine justice and breakthrough for you, He is also breaking forth WITHIN you. He is releasing in you a roar of divine justice that says, "I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING ELSE LESS THAN WHAT THE WORD OF GOD PROMISES ME!"
This really is the era of bold and ferocious faith. I want to encourage you, sow your strength and sow your efforts into your secret place with the Lord; He will continue to show you what is actually happening in the spirit.
Divine Partnership
The Lord showed me there has been a "misdiagnoses" in the lives of many Believers where they have thought, "This is the reason for the injustice," but the Lord is actually going to show you what is really going on in the spirit behind this injustice. And when you see the spiritual opposition and the assignment and WHY the assignment is there, you are going to release a great roar of faith and victory - a roar that will not allow the enemy to take your land.
The Lord wants you to see His power and His strength. He wants you to see how He is going to take things down for you, but He is also wanting you to see YOUR authority in Him to use the Word of God. He wants you to use strategies He releases to you in the secret place to dismantle in the spirit what is coming against you.
This is the era of understanding the divine PARTNERSHIP between God and man; what it means to partner with Jesus, to see the Holy Spirit move upon your faith – a faith that is rooted in what HE has spoken – and then to see HIM do the miraculous.
2020: A Year of Major Favor
In the last days of 2019 and into 2020 you are going to see this declaration of the Lord over these injustices: "THE MATTER IS SETTLED."
I then heard the Lord say, "RULED IN YOUR FAVOR." You are going to step into the inheritance, promise and provision that the Lord has for you. Anything that was taken will be handed back sevenfold. Whatever was broken will be restored. Whatever was hurt, will be healed. You WILL inherit and occupy the land as you partner with Him and stand.
2020 will be a year of major increase in favor. Much of the battle and opposition that many of you are fighting is happening because of the FAVOR God is going to increase over your life, and because of the assignments that God has for you in 2020. The Lord is breaking you free from these injustices because you cannot run in 2020 and in all He has for you while you are held to these things. You are going to move into the greatest healing, deliverance and freedom of your life thus far.
You need to hear this today: 2020 isn't just another year. It is a year that is completely different to any other year that you have walked in. This is the beginning of a new era for you. All Hell has broken loose over the promises God has given you because 2020 will be a year where EVERYTHING changes. Everything will be affected by you stepping into your God-given destiny.
In the fires you have faced and the Goliaths you have stood before in 2019 your heart has been prepared. Character and humility have been forged by the hand of the Lord in the trials you have endured. God has taught you much and forged you as you have surrendered to Him and moved in obedience to His Word.
Not only will He roll out a red carpet of FAVOR, He will also roll out restoration and redemption. Through the favor that God is placing upon you, you will walk in some of the greatest restoration and redemption of your life.
He Is Weaving Dreams into Being
The Lord showed me that MANY people have been heading toward the end of 2019 and into 2020 with hope deferred. This is NOT your portion and this is NOT how you will remain.
"When hope's dream seems to drag on and on, the delay can be depressing. But when at last your dream comes true, life's sweetness will satisfy your soul." (Proverbs 13:12, TPT)
I heard the Lord say, "I am weaving dreams into being, they are about to begin."
In the last days of 2019 and into 2020 and beyond, you are going to see the Lord begin to weave into being the dreams that He has given you.
When He spoke this, what struck me in the spirit was the sense that He isn't just weaving one dream into being. He is weaving MULTIPLE DREAMS into being. He is weaving dreams He's already given you, which you know about, but He will add more. As He does this, do not push them aside thinking, "But the first dream I have hasn't come to pass yet, how can I dream about another?" Be intentional to thank the Lord and store it with intentionality in your heart, pondering it like Mary. Ponder these dreams in trust of the Lord, no matter what your heart or emotions scream. Be intentional to sit at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to speak into these places.
2020 and Beyond – a Year to Tend Many Vineyards
I had a vision and I saw many of God's people who have been faithful with the vineyards that He has given them. They have stewarded with purity, integrity and humility. It doesn't mean they've gotten everything right, dotting all their "i's" and crossing all their "t's," but their heart position and place of intimacy with Jesus has been one of purity, integrity, humility and obedience. There will be a TENDING OF MANY VINEYARDS coming to the faithful in 2020 and beyond.
In my vision, I saw these faithful ones tending many vineyards, and they were singing with SUCH JOY, having the time of their lives. The Lord then showed me that in 2019 they have had much trouble and opposition while tending the vineyards. It has been such hard work and a time of "push through," but they have continued to tend with obedience and faithfulness to the Lord, following His voice and ways.
The Lord spoke over them:
"The hard toiling is coming to an end. Your faithfulness and obedience to Me have brought you into a place of great reward and increase. Now I shall entrust you with much. The enemy attempted to ruin your vineyard that I had you place your hands, but you remained. Well done! The season has now changed and I am moving you into a place of tending many vineyards with greater empowerment of My Spirit, ease, joy, peace and favor. You shall know abundance in these vineyards like you have never known before.
"You are now moving into the vineyards of harvest and the vineyards of increase. You may have felt like you were in a famine in the tending of the last vineyards because of how hard it has been, but now in this major shift that is taking place, the vineyards you have been toiling will suddenly come to life with greater abundance and fruitfulness in exponential increase, and you will move into new vineyards you never even imagined. This is the era where My people will see how faithfulness to Me and My voice in PURITY is rewarded."
Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser Ministries

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