Monday, October 12, 2020

Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide as a treatment for Covid and other Respiratory Infections

I watched an interview with Dr. Mercola and a doctor who had been using nebulized hydrogen peroxide for 25 years.  He had treated over 100 Covid patients--none of which had needed to be hospitalized--with it, so I bought the nebulizer, but wasn't sure how to dilute the peroxide to the right amount.                                        

Today Dr. Mercola's email letter included a link to an article on President Trump's treatment protocol.  In it he has an excellent little video embedded on how to nebulize hydrogen peroxide.  I tried to find it on YouTube so that I could post just the video, but it wasn't there.  I found the various treatments used for Pres. Trump mildly interesting, but was excited to find this explanation on how to do the nebulization.  Be sure to scroll down near the end of the article and watch the video.

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