Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Glorious Fall Day!

      What a beautiful day!  A little chilly if you aren't dressed for it, or active, but a wonderful day for a walk in the woods.  The leaves are still beautiful but past prime so it won't be long till the gray days of winter are here.  So I just had to take a walk.  I chased a couple of deer out of the front yard and onto my path as I began.  It seemed a good thing to walk to the mailbox first since it is over a half mile away so I could judge if I was dressed appropriately.
     When I dropped the mail off back at the house, I decided to walk on some of the paths our son & his friend, Caleb, have made for mountain biking.
     It is so beautiful in the woods, but my favorite path goes along the edge of the woods in the hayfield and wanders around the pond.
     Since I thought you might not have the luxury of a walk today, I'm including some photos for you to enjoy vicariously.

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