Wednesday, September 2, 2020

In response to Billy Graham's nonsensical granddaughter by Michael Schisler

Below is a quote from an excellent article on World Net Daily by Michael Schisler, entitled

In Response to Billy Graham's Nonsensical Granddaughter.

I highly recommend you click the link to read the entire article.  The arguments Mr. Schisler puts forth apply to every Christian/person who has proclaimed they will not vote for President Trump because of character flaws.

"Elections are binary choices, and Christians need to understand that Jesus is not on the ballot. Christians have no right to demand that one half of one ticket rises to some bogus spiritual purity test while giving the other ticket a complete pass.
Things like promoting the industrialized slaughter of the pre-born, support for endless wars, financial corruption, facilitating the destabilization of our cities and all the rest of the flaws the Biden/Harris ticket exhibits can't be ignored just because one despises Trump's public persona and thinks Pence doesn't matter. Because all of these things are the 100% assured alternatives to the obnoxious tweets, the bad photo-op and the crassness..."

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