Saturday, April 24, 2021

COVID-19 How Can I Cure Thee? Let Me Count the Ways by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

Please don't take the vaccine.  I continue to post articles, videos, etc to convince any of you who haven't taken it, to please don't do it.  (Any of you who have taken who might consider a booster please don't!) I beg you.  It really is a matter of life and death, I believe.  Do the research. If these posts have saved even one of you from taking the vaccine it will be worth the time I spend researching and posting.  Some doctors have estimated 50,000,000 people will die from vaccine related effects by 2025!  The only benefit of the vaccine is supposedly lessening of symptoms if you get Covid.  The chances of long term effects are staggering!  Why risk it when there are so many effective alternatives?

This is an excellent article on alternative medical solutions, not just to Covid but to many other illnesses.  I'm posting some of it here with the link to continue reading.  Many excellent cures/treatments are included and explained.  I would highly recommend bookmarking this for future reference.  

COVID-19 How Can I Cure Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

Reversing Chronic Inflammation

There already exist numerous natural medicines that reliably prevent, mitigate, and successfully treat COVID-19

While still unknown to most practitioners of traditional or ‘modern’ medicine, acute viral syndromes, COVID-19 included, can all be easily prevented most of the time. And when such viruses do get a foothold in the body, they are still easily eradicated if the patient is not too close to death before receiving any of a large number of treatments established to be effective.

Many doctors get attacked for promoting treatments as cures for afflictions that are traditionally considered to be incurable. Certainly, it is true that some treatments promoted as being reliable cures are either fraudulent or of only nominal benefit. However, failing to assert the validity of a true cure for a medical condition is just as detrimental to the health of an ailing patient as it is promoting a false cure.

Many doctors know of highly beneficial treatments that cure or vastly improve medical conditions that are little affected by traditional therapies. Yet, fear of license revocation for telling the truth about inexpensive and natural therapies that cannot be protected by patents keeps most health care practitioners from promoting those beneficial therapies.

Vitamin C, D, zinc, and selenium have a solid track record of anti-viral effects

Nothing is ever embraced, and seemingly not even permitted, that would take away large profits from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and even many of the doctors themselves. Whenever you are absolutely stupefied and cannot figure out why a valuable treatment is not being used, just take the time to identify, expose, and analyze the money trail that is involved with the prescription drugs and/or overall treatment protocol that would be displaced. [1] The reason for the avoidance or suppression of that therapy will then become apparent.

To be perfectly clear: The health of the patient must always be the primary concern whenever rendering medical care.

There already exist numerous ways to reliably prevent, mitigate, and even cure COVID-19, including in late-stage patients who are already ventilator-dependent. Some of the modalities have already been proven to work, although not in the classic “prospective double-blind, placebo-controlled trials” conducted on hundreds to thousands of patients. A perceptive clinician realizes that one overwhelmingly impressive case report where an agent or intervention promptly and unequivocally reverses the condition of a rapidly declining patient back to good health simply cannot be dismissed and disparaged as anecdotal and irrelevant.

Furthermore, it is the existence of such cases and unequivocally positive responses that makes it completely unethical to put other patients into placebo-controlled trials when the treatment is dramatically beneficial to most patients and harmless to all. Allowing patients in the placebo group to suffer greatly and even die under such circumstances can never be justified.

Unfortunately, even when multiple scientifically-sound clinical studies actually do get conducted and reported on inexpensive, nontoxic, and highly effective therapies, those therapies rarely get utilized clinically. Although there are many examples of such therapies, an especially noteworthy example of the suppression of good medicine is seen with vitamin C.

The continued avoidance of the use of intravenous vitamin C, especially in septic patients in the intensive unit, [2] stands out as a clear example of flagrant malpractice. Conservatively, thousands of ICU patients around the world, on a daily basis, would be saved or at least spared substantial suffering with a simple protocol utilizing intravenous vitamin C. And the morbidity and mortality of many different infections and toxin exposures outside of the ICU. . . continue reading here 

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