Monday, August 1, 2022

Part 24 of The Fall of The Cabal

Have you watched The Fall Of The Cabal with Janet Ossebaard?  If not, you really need to!  I highly recommend it.  Here is a link where you can find all 24 episodes.  The research is phenomenal!  It tells the story of the evil that has plagued our planet for so long and tells the story of how things seemingly unrelated are all part of the plan to destroy us.  This most recent episode is not only informative and revelatory but gives us a plan of action to take.  I especially found the info on what to do if a loved one must be hospitlized helpful.  I plan to write down the steps and questions to ask so that I will have them available to share with others who may need them.

Here is a link to part 24

Addendum later this afternoon: After posting the above I decided to go back to part 1 and watch some of the videos again.  So good!  I found this compilation of the first 10 videos which I can't recommend any more highly!  If you are trying to "wake up" but can't seem to get all the pieces to fit, this is extremely helpful.

Here is the link I watched this afternoon.

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