Friday, September 2, 2022

Dr. Rath Health Foundation Newsletter - September 2, 2022

 There is a lot of good information in  Dr. Rath's Newsletter today.  You may want to check some of the info out.

Dr. Rath Health Foundation Newsletter
2 September 2022

Side-effects of COVID-19 vaccines – We told you so

From the beginning of the vaccination campaigns, warnings have been issued about the unknown effects of the anti-COVID-19 vaccines. Despite many doubts and criticism from doctors and scientists, governments worldwide have been relying on mRNA- and DNA-based vaccines, blindly trusting the promises of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Government leaders and ministers have constantly repeated the mantra that vaccination protects against infection, illness, and death from the COVID-19 virus. Millions of euros have been spent on the injections themselves, but also on campaigns to convince citizens to get vaccinated – if not for themselves, then for the people around them. With slogans like “Get vaccinated for your loved ones” and “United against the coronavirus,” many people worldwide have been persuaded to trust that their government will provide scientifically correct data and advice and that it will align its policies accordingly.
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