Friday, March 17, 2023

MHz Choice TV -- Great Shows

Are you familiar with MHz Choice TV?  Here's a screenshot of the home page on their website:

       We became familiar with MHz when searching for a way to watch "Montalbano" which was recommended by Catharine Austin Fitts on her Solari website.  So far we have watched several episodes of "Montalbano," "Don Matteo," and "Bulletproof Heart" from Italy,  all of "The Embassy" from Spain, and episodes of "Murder In . . .," "Alice Nevers," and "A French Village" from France.  There are shows from 31 countries on the site.  All that we have watched so far have been excellent!  Right now our favorite is "Murder In . . ." Each episode takes place in a different town/village/area of France.   The only downside is that they are close captioned but there are so many things that outweight the inconvenience of reading the conversation: the scenery is fabulous, the acting superb, and the storylines are intelligent, engaging and believable.  
     MHz is a subscription website but we feel the $7.99/month after the free trial is well worth it.  We may never watch another American TV show again and highly recommend you check it out.

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