Friday, July 21, 2023

New Park--The Woodlands

 For most of the time since the beginning of the Covid scamdemic our small non-profit committee has been working on developing a new park in our community.  We began in June, 2020.  A 5 acre (on two levels) wooded parcel of land that hadn't been used in several years was donated to our committee.  We named it The Woodlands and began by clearing brush and an old barn off the land and then started adding equipment.  Our goal was to make it a fun place for adults as well as children since there are so few places adults can have fun.      

We are almost through with adding equipment.  (Hopefully, we can add a couple more basket swings to the lower level since they are so popular).  We still have a lot to do as far as maintenance and cosmetic improvements.

I wanted you to see what we started with and the fun things we now have in The Woodlands. (Since I have been overseeing all this work it is one reason I haven't spent much time on my blog in the last couple of years.)

The old barn on the property that had to be removed.

This is the upper level land of the park before brush removal

The area after mowing & removal of brush
                                                  And below after adding walking paths

The lower level view from the street before we cleared brush and trees

The lower level view now from the street

Our first project was to add a 90 foot hillside slide which is very popular with kids and adults, too!

Next came wooden balance equipment and a basket swing

Then a 200 foot double zip line.

A portion of the hillside was cleared for a sledding hill.

Adult outdoor exercise equipment, a spider climber, and outdoor musical instruments were added.

A stairs was constructed to make it easier to return to the top of the slide

Trees have been planted to delineate boundaries and accentuate walking paths and two bridges have been built to enable us to add more walking paths.

For a non-profit that has had to rely on donations, volunteers and grants we are pleased to have accomplished so much in only 3 years.  It has been a labor of love for our community.  Many have travelled 30-50 miles to enjoy our unique park and we have had many visitors from other states which makes it doubly rewarding.  

If you would like to learn more about The Woodlands, check out our Facebook page: The Woodlands, Adventure For All Ages.

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