Sunday, November 12, 2023

Louise Eggleston Quote on Removing Cancer

 This morning I rediscovered a little booklet by Louise Eggleston, God's Blueprint for Health, Happiness and Triumphant Living, which had been tucked into a drawer and forgotten.  Below is something she said on page 10 that I think needs to be pondered by every person.  

She was commenting on one of the phrases from I Corinthinians 13:4-8, "Love is never irritated or touchy."  

She says,  "Holding a hurt in you, unforgiven and not blotted out of your memory, is the root cause of every form of cancer and arthritis.  A cancer patient is always a nice person, very sensitive to others attitudes, easily hurt, but he/she never fights back, or tells others about his/her hurt feelings; never returns any evil to the one who hurt him/her, but he/she has not forgiven it and asked God to blot it out of his/her memory.  Even in the last hour of life, a cancer patient can be competely cured, if he/she will confess to Christ in him/her, and ask Him to blot it out of his/her memory and send love and forgiveness, or some simple act of Kindness to the one who hurt him/her.  We have proved this over and over, so we can stake our lives on its Truth."

I beleive it would serve each one of us well if we searched our souls, asking Holy Spirit to reveal any unforgiveness we have against anyone and immediately resolve to get rid of it.

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