Saturday, February 1, 2014

Are You Prepared For Emergencies?

      This is from Investment Watch blog.  I believe everyone needs to have (or be procuring) at least two weeks of food and water for each person in their household in the case of an emergency or catastrophic event.  If we would all do this, there would be no mass chaos when tragedy hits.
      I'm posting this as a reminder and a wake-up call for what the country would look like if transportation was shut down, even for a short time.

If 3 Inches Of Snow Can Cause This Much Chaos In Atlanta, What Will Economic Collapse Look Like?

Atlanta Snowpocalypse - Photo Posted On Twitter by Ryan Duckworth
This week, three inches of snow “paralyzed” the ninth-largest city in the United States, and the highways of Atlanta “resembled a scene in a post-apocalyptic world” according to national news reports.  Hundreds of cars were abandoned on the side of the road, people were spending the night in churches and grocery stores, and many walked for hours in a desperate attempt to get home or find needed provisions.  So if three inches of snow can cause this much chaos in one of our major cities, what will a full-blown economic collapse look like?  Most Americans have no idea how fragile our way of life is.  In the event of a major natural disaster, a massive EMP blast or a complete economic meltdown, our lives would change very rapidly, and most people are totally unprepared for that.
In Atlanta, a relatively minor snowfall has resulted in the deaths of 5 people, more than 100 injuries, and some commuters reported being stuck in traffic for up to 18 hours.  According to USA Today, highways around Atlanta resembled “a post-apocalyptic world” at the height of the storm…continue reading here.

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